Stargazing—April 19th though April 24th, 2010

Apr 19, 2010 | Special Messages

10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


Elizabeth will be discussing what is coming up in 2012. How this time is very special, and similar to what happened in Atlantis when it fell. The planet Earth is living in a hostile environment. Will 2012 be the end of violence or will the planet Earth come to a violent end? We will be offered a choice, to prevail together or perish. The changes will be both painful and difficult. Based on Elizabeth’s new book, Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension, she explains that all of us have the ability to trancend to new levels of insights and awareness.
Nations, governments, and cities must change ranks and help each other. The world of science is changing as spirituality and science come together and intertwine, becoming one unit. Fear will be prevalent as the money exchange changes, and the stock market comes to a close. This could be a very quick transition into the higher energies:

The financial centers and banks fail
Inclement weather
Food shortages
Wars, wars, and more wars
The realization and proof of life elswhere
New diseases as the energies change
Disasterous Earth changes
Our sister galaxies


What can we do as the Earth goes through her cleansing? Be sure to get the book, find out what can be done, what to expect, and how we can all rise above it. Be prepared for the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show on May 21st!

Stargazing Week of April 19th through April 24th, 2010



The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Be careful of your actions this week, Air Signs, especially on Monday. Don’t text message or chat on your cell phone while you’re driving or walking across a busy street. Your sense of direction will definitely be skewed! The Moon in scattered Gemini squares erratic and unpredictable Uranus on Monday and you’ll feel discombobulated as you go about your day. Your domestic side will kick in when the Sun enters your home zone on Tuesday. You’ll feel the urge to stay in your own backyard for a change. You will find it hard to be realistic when your ruler, Venus, squares nebulous Neptune on Friday. You won’t take a practical view of your life circumstances, so it might be a good idea to leave problem solving for a later time. On Sunday your sense of positive optimism will return. A friend may invite you to be part of his or her sports team.


Your Love Week—Air Signs: After a social weekend or not enough quality time with your partner, Monday’s focus is home and heart when the Moon enters Cancer and opposes Pluto. Consider planning a family or buying a house. Even if you’re not aware of emotional pain, Chiron is active on Monday as it trines the Moon and sextiles the Sun. Be seen, heard, and healed. Share the love with at least one other person, and build on this relationship through Wednesday while the Moon opposes Pluto. Be careful on Wednesday to avoid blurting out intimate details in public. Confidence and intuition might fail by Friday, but keep shining your light and playing to your strong suit at the Venus-Neptune square. Venus settles friendly arguments or serious domestic disputes between a Friday night sextile with Uranus and Saturday morning trine with Saturn. Venus will also be in Gemini when the Moon enters Sunday afternoon. It’s a fine time to be coupled. If someone makes a strange proposition on Sunday, play along with open eyes.


The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You Fire Signs are usually very blunt and forthright. That’s fine, but you also need to consider the social niceties as you interact with others. You’ll become a bit of a worrier this week, because the Sun is quincunx stern Saturn on Monday, and you’ll begin to fret more than usual about your life. Remember to not let fear rule you and your life. Be careful not to unwittingly offend an associate. You’ll decide to jazz up your regular routine on Tuesday. You may try a new hobby or enroll in an exercise class. Clear a place on your mantel this weekend! On Thursday your emotions will be triggered when you encounter an associate you tangled with in the past. You still harbor resentment toward this person, so give yourself permission to vent your feelings and then move on to other matters. Venus enters Gemini and your sector of rivals on Sunday and you’ll win any competition you decide to enter.

heart-loveYour Love Week—Fire Signs:
If the single life drains you, consider settling down this week. The Sun and Moon minimize your distractions Monday when they leave Gemini and Aries. Bosses, parents, or in-laws might sink your romantic agenda with a Sun-Saturn quincunx, but a Moon-Pluto opposition helps you impress your lover or create a winning online dating profile. If you’re talking long term at Tuesday’s Moon-Jupiter trine, your intended might not be ready. You’re king or queen of hearts as the Moon transits your sign between Wednesday and mid-Friday. Don’t demand too much on Wednesday. Keep lifestyle or religious discussions friendly on Thursday and Friday. Just because you want someone doesn’t mean he or she has to be exactly like you. Well, a Taurus might resist and retrograde Mercury could muddy the waters, but you’ll get what you want anyway. Venus enters Gemini late Saturday, but the Virgo Moon puts other responsibilities ahead of love. The Sun-Moon trine sustains your charm into the weekend, although it might fail you in Sunday morning’s Mercury-Mars square. Be a good sport!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Intuitive Neptune helps you to pick up easily on the vibrations around you. Water Signs. On Monday your sixth sense will be especially strong. Pay attention to your hunches. You have a canny ability to size up the people you interact with. You’ll be able to spot any tricksters that come your way. Don’t take anyone you meet at face value. You’ll assess your hopes and dreams when the Sun enters your sector of what you wish for on Tuesday. You’ll certainly receive a lot of attention when dazzling Venus sextiles bold Uranus in Pisces in your sector of self on Friday. You may discover that you’re the flavor of the week! You’ll join a new group on Saturday and kick your social life up a notch. Mix and mingle this weekend. Your wires will be crossed when you attempt to get in touch with a friend on Sunday.

heart-loveYour Love Week—Water Signs:
You could be dating or hanging with unusual company on Monday. But as Chiron enters Pisces with its strange ideas, you can see how like attracts like. Don’t ignore your wellbeing this week, Water Signs. On Monday you’ll notice an ailment isn’t getting better. Consider consulting your doctor about any health issues. With Mercury’s storm continuing into its retrograde, your ideas about romantic action are somewhat unreal. Daydreams cloud your judgment Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning while the Moon opposes Pluto. Your vitality will sag a bit when the Sun enters ponderous Taurus on Tuesday. You’ll need extra rest, so try to get plenty of sleep. Clarify your relationship goals as the Moon trines Jupiter on Tuesday and Uranus on Wednesday. Maybe you’ll get what you want, maybe not. The object of your desire could be unavailable as the Moon transits Leo between Wednesday and Friday, although you’ll get lucky when it conjoins Mars early Thursday – if you’re in the right place! Deep conversation is hard work on Thursday and Friday, but at least you aren’t the only one struggling while Mercury retrogrades. Friday is a hot date night if you’re dating an Earth Sign. Be strong if an old flame reappears on Sunday. Don’t let him or her burn you again. You will contact a former associate on Saturday. Your companion has changed since you last saw him or her, so be prepared for quite a few surprises. Keep it light on Sunday. Intensity could really kill the mood.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You’ll be rather unsettled this week. The Moon in scattered Gemini squares Saturn in Virgo on Monday and you’ll be unable to chart the right course of action in a complicated situation in your life. Sort and sift through all your options before you come to a conclusion. Earth Signs, remind yourself to let sleeping dogs lie this week. Don’t meddle in a matter that isn’t in your own best interests on Monday. Legal matters are favored on Friday, and your persistence will pay off in a court case. You’ll find the courage to stand up for yourself and your own ideas. You know you have the right to live your life the way you choose. You’ll need to help a family member on Sunday. Check all of your text messages and e-mails before you hit the send button on Sunday. Get ready to provide a shoulder to lean on!

heart-loveYour Love Week—Earth Signs:
With Mercury retrograde and Saturn also moving backward into Virgo, be careful in love and friendship. Focus on monogamy between Monday and Wednesday, or look carefully for Mr. or Ms. Right. Whether you’re brokenhearted or stealing someone’s heart, spend quality time at home early this week. On Monday the nurturing Cancer Moon conjoins Ceres. And by its Wednesday sextile with Saturn, you could write a book for the lovelorn and the optimistic (same book, actually). Meanwhile, blow off the predators and teasers. During Thursday’s Moon-Mercury square, turn down the heat before you turn someone off. You’ll find the right person or people Friday night under the Virgo Moon, and nobody disappoints you when Venus trines Saturn the next morning. Now you know where to turn if things get bad. Love gets interesting mid-Friday through mid-Sunday. Confidence and comfort amplify that sexy charge you’re feeling with other Earth Signs, and verbal communication may become less important. But don’t forget honesty and directness. You’ll need them next week.