STARGAZING—April 18th to April 24th, 2011

Apr 18, 2011 | Special Messages


Week of April 18 – April 24, 2011

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The biggest worry on your plate this week is communicating with others. An opposition forms between the Moon and Mars early in the week, getting things off to a rocky start. You have a hard time getting your thoughts across. One thing is for sure, the Moon/ Mars opposition that forms at the beginning of the week throws you off balance. You’re tired, stressed out, and your mood takes you all over the map. It’s not easy to keep your cool and stay on top of everything! If you’re single, you’re going over and over the events of a past relationship, and you’re getting more and more lost in a labyrinth of emotion and doubt. But don’t worry, you’ll come out of it in the end with more maturity, and more knowledge of yourself and others. Things are tough on the love front. A wicked misunderstanding sends a budding relationship into the danger zone. Wow, how did that happen? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and step into a Stephen King novel? Couples, you seem to be immune to the bizarre tension in the air, but just the same, you’re required to make an effort in order to improve your complicity. Venus enters Aries towards the end of the week, bringing some excellent news for you. A joint project, perhaps involving marriage, a new pet, or a baby, brings you closer and puts stars in your eyes. On the job, however, the difficulties are flying at you. Obstacles, touchy colleagues and unpredictable clients and bosses really throw you for a loop. You often feel like you’re speaking Chinese to a group of Norwegian tourists. Your colleagues, clients, and bosses understand everything but what you’re trying to get across, and you have no idea which direction your reputation is taking. Finally, your finances are doing well thanks to Venus, who decides to leave you a gift before moving into Aries on Friday.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Others might call it lust or addiction, but you’re living in an exalted state of love. Whether the other person can’t keep his or her hands off you or barely knows you exist, you’re where you want to be. You might have to decide whether to be a friend or lover. Maybe your feelings are conflicted. Maybe you’re afraid to ask certain questions. If you don’t know how the other person sees you, drop a hint or lead the conversation. Whether you’re looking for a little fun or a longer commitment, you can’t operate in the dark – even if that’s exactly what you want to do! Be brave and take a first step. So how’s work going? Are you returning calls and keeping dates? Whether or not this thing has a future, you need to get a grip. Make sure you will land on your feet when the temporary madness ends.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The week ahead of you looks like an obstacle course. A Moon/ Mars opposition plays troublemaker in your social life and doesn’t forget to throw several upsets and challenges your way, when it comes to your various projects. Socially, disappointments, conflicts, betrayal and other surprises are par for the course and your emotions are not spared in the fallout. The obstacles are flying at you from all directions: Perhaps you have the impression that you’ve been bitten by the bad-luck bug. Ouch. For starter, on the job, someone fiercely ambitious bowls you over to throw themselves into the spotlight. Don’t let them think you’re a doormat. Defend yourself and show them what you’re made of. In the love department, if you’re single, you’re likely to meet someone you like, but their heart is anything but easy to conquer. In fact you’re making herculean efforts just to catch their attention. Someone from your past wants a piece of your time, and you’re not sure how much of it. Couples, you suddenly find yourself really jealous due to the repeated absences of your other half. The thought that they may prefer someone else’s company to yours has got you coming out of your skin. Take a deep breath, and take the time to sit down and talk about it. t On the job, you’re sure to find tension. Jealousy and rivalries come out into the open and it’s hard to know who to trust in the career jungle. Financially, your wallet is under the influence of Venus until Friday, and this is turning you into quite the spendthrift! Slow down and put some of that cash away. However, all is well, as Pluto is on the case!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Should you factor someone else into your plans and decisions? If you share an understanding, the answer is yes. If you’re still living in a fantasy, take care of yourself regardless of what your dream lover “thinks.” As you bend over backward to impress that certain someone, think how this looks. Are you charming or smothering? A little more distance could make you a lot more desirable. And if the one you want doesn’t reach out, maybe he or she isn’t the right one. Be kind to friends who tell you something for your own good, even if they’re wrong. The right word at the right time opens your eyes to something you need to see. If you’ve been single a while, you understand the value of taking a chance. Sometimes it’s luck, but mostly it’s about knowing the right time to say the right thing. Discover a new, unexpected meaning to getting lucky. Patience!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Beautiful Venus is in Pisces until Friday, and she’s bound and determined to shower you with gifts before moving on. For starters, she’s doting on your love life. Singles, if you haven’t yet unearthed your soul mate, she gives you another chance. Yes, you run into someone who makes your heart beat wildly. Someone mysterious and attractive turns your head. There’s passion in the air, but it may be accompanied by emotional danger, so keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you. It’s all too delicious. Couples, the discovery of a secret in connection with your family or partner provides a mild shock at the beginning of the week. Fortunately, the Sun moves into Taurus midweek, to help you keep your emotions under control. You’re able to take a step back from the situation, to reflect and better understand what’s going on beneath the surface. Moments of tenderness and complicity come out of nowhere, catching you by surprise. It’s all too delightful. Venus moves into Aries in time to usher in the weekend, and you couldn’t be happier to take full advantage of your two days off. On the job the atmosphere is lighthearted, pleasant and relaxed. You’re enjoying it, and not at all trying to catch the spotlight, prove your worth or work wonders. On a financial level, things are looking up. Venus may be leaving Pisces, a water sign, at the end of the week, but when she joins Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, your finances get a boost. Go ahead and splurge on a little treat over the weekend. This is going to be one weekend to remember!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Why play games? If that’s your thinking, you will probably wear your heart on your sleeve this week. There are no secrets when everyone knows why you’re here. It would be great if others were honest in return, but you have to take care of yourself. Call it infatuation or obsession, but there’s only one thing on your mind. If someone else feels this way about you, maybe you will disappear together. Is some third party left out in the cold? Are you breaking a heart or making an enemy? If your dating or sex life is cracking the social framework, beware of the consequences. They may not matter at the start of a lasting relationship, but for anything less, think before you act. When you change your style or outlook, consider dating a different kind of person. Maybe you will find love when you realign your expectations. Anyway, it couldn’t hurt to shake things up a little.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

A Moon/ Mars opposition forms at the beginning of this week, which takes direct aim at your bank account. Your financial situation gets a blow that knocks it out of balance, obliging you to mastermind a plan for patching things up. Fortunately Saturn is watching over you, and brings help in the form of excellent advice and support from friends, family and colleagues. Also, you begin this week with a good dose of fatigue. You find it next to impossible to concentrate, you tend to be pessimistic and are easily discouraged. The slightest obstacle really takes the wind out of your sails and this is felt especially on the job, where you’re much less productive than usual. . Are you single and still shopping? When the Sun enters Taurus mid-week, your horizons widen and your future looks much brighter. Get ready to welcome all the positive surprises in store for your heart! Be careful now, because if you’re single and still searching for your soul mate, Pluto puts you on your guard when someone tries to move too fast for your taste. You slam the romantic brakes on and fast! Couples, you enjoy Venus’ protection up until Friday. Tenderness, understanding, serenity—it’s all yours to savor and share. You couldn’t be more demonstrative and tender. Your partner knows what a great catch they’ve got. Life with you is wonderful. On the job, nothing truly out of the ordinary happens. You knock out your usual tasks and enjoy the company of your colleagues. Financially, all is okay, but tread carefully. Mid-week the Moon brings along some unavoidable expenses, but you’re able to take them in stride.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The moment is right to make your move, depending on what that move is. A nice gift or innocent kiss seems harmless enough. But if you’re after a bigger prize, be absolutely sure the other person is playing the same game. If you misread the situation, go with simple apologies instead of beating yourself up. Nobody wins when that happens! Just when you’re giving up, somebody shows interest. Can you forgive this game of hard-to-get? If not, say goodbye and look elsewhere. If you still see qualities that attract you, stick around. There might be other battles of will in your possible shared future, just in case you seek a conflict-free good time. Do what’s comfortable for you instead of what looks right to someone else. It’s the best way to enjoy the first bloom of romance. Whatever the outcome, this week provides a major lesson about good romantic timing.