Stargazing and the Full Moon – Sept.19. 2013

Sep 19, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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Week of Sept. 16th – Sept. 22nd, 2013

This summer was so difficult time for me, and I have not been able to keep up with the weekly Astrology forecasts. I lost my identical twin sister and her husband, who died five days after she did. Then I lost one  of my favorite cousins, and lastly, just this past week, my foster daughter passed. She had a rare melanoma, was diagnosed in June and passed in September. That one was such a shock.

Hopefully, that is over with and it’s back to work as we enter the Fall months. The Harvest Full Moon in Pisces on September 19th reminds us of the importance of delving into our imaginations  and our Soul which brings on the need to  retreat. If we’ve been busy  and overwhelmed, while we are in the energies of Virgo, by to-do lists, projects and necessary obligations, the opposite polarity of Pisces kicks in this week to get us back into the big picture where the mysticism resides.

  The traditional ruler of Sagittarius, the Luck planet Jupiter, is halfway through the constellation of Cancer, emphasizing feelings, home, family, children, birth and nostalgia in general. The question now is what is it that nurtures our soul? If we’re prone to any workaholic tendencies, this strong polarity of Pisces will show us this addictive tendency and the shadow will ask us what we’re hiding from? In other words, how do we use work to hide out from the deeper emotional blocks and upsets roaming around the depths of the oceanic floor of the unconscious?

Expect layers upon layers of fantasy, projection, fears and other imagined phenomena to creep up on you during this time. Chances are, your emotions and sensitivity are exaggerated during this time, so be sure to have plenty of outlets to express your fears and your feelings. It is best to do a daily meditation practice to stop yourself from  projecting them onto others or acting them out in a destructive way.

The ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is often referred to as the “waiting room” energy of life. We may feel in suspension between seasons as we wait for the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox on September 21st. This is the time to balance hard work and focus your  attention to process the bigger vision while sitting in the precarious unknown, waiting for signs, symbols and other messages from the Divine. A huge transformation is also in process as Saturn in Scorpio works with the North Node of fate and Pluto in Capricorn, known as god of the Underworld. It’s Karma baby, and you can expect to dive deeply soon into yours! The alignment of Saturn and the North Node, is telling us that it is about stepping into larger karmic responsibility on the planet. You may have some mixed emotions such as “bring it on” and/or “let me outa here.!” Whatever your experience of this 11-ish year cycle, know that it is still in play at the Harvest Full Moon on the 19th and at the Autumnal Equinox on the 21st.

Only there is more to add to the picture, and all this activity is just setting us up for next year. Venus and Mars are tied into planetary patterns going on now, and they have to do with relationships, finances, values and ambition. All of these aspects of life are in the initial process of being restructured through next May, 2014.

Best to pay attention now because it is only going to heat up with the Oct. 18th lunar eclipse, and spiritual destiny node moving into the favorite signs of Venus and Mars (that being Libra and Aries) beginning next February. This is about changing relationships, including the most important relationship—YOU.

At this Harvest Moon, Mars is in Leo asking you to open your heart and play. Venus is in private Scorpio preferring not to show her vulnerable side, instead, plumbing the shadowy emotional depths. One day (or moment) you can be on a passionate high, and the next you are in the emotional swamp. Know that this process is about helping you look at what and who is important to you because a lot is going to change in your life by next May 2014. However, it is best for now to enjoy the beautiful Harvest Moon.

  The Full Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo, calling on opposites to resolve or conflict. The Virgo Sun represents our need to bring order into our day-to-day routines, patterns, and habits and reminds us that we need to take care of our physical health in order to maintain harmony in our lives. The Pisces Full Moon awakens us to our need for spiritual health, and calls us to infuse our physical lives with meaning, purpose, and direction through our spiritual vision and practices. Oppositions provide a call to bring balance and unity into our lives through acknowledging the polarities of our life path and discovering the spectrum of ways that we can experience both order and imagination, clarity of purpose and vision, and dedication and tenacity with intuitive awareness and insight.

Some major lessons and changes around the way we experience, understand, and perceive love are coming to a head right now. Saturn’s transit over the last year, into the deep realms of our unconscious, has broken up whatever has been lodged tight under our awareness. Many of us are aware of major disruptions in our lives, that call us to move into a new direction now. The close connection of Venus and Saturn, is causing some changes and upset around those who want to move ahead, and those who are clinging to the past holding onto what was.

When Venus and Saturn move through the North Node, as they are getting ready to do, we stand before the gateway to the future, the yet-unopened door, and we wait, trembling at the thought of what it would mean to move forward. We may find our thoughts are racing ahead of our ability to keep up with the actions that are called for. It’s time to ask yourself, “What is holding you frozen in place? What is keeping you from moving on and testing the waters of a new way of thinking, acting, doing, being, and loving?” Again, we are living in the questions, and the questions, even those we think we have answered, are not what guides and informs us. The questions come out of our own fear, concern, and uncertainty. Remember this, once the plain has taken off the journey has begun; to become sidetracked or distracted because of fear or lack of confidence would be disastrous for all.

  We have what we need. We know who we are and what we want, and now is the time to continue the journey forward without waiting any longer for signs, or ‘things to fall into place’, or a better time and more this or that. In some area of your life where Saturn is journeying (and has been for the last year), and now Venus is transiting, we learn what we are made of. We learn our capacity to love and be loved, and our capacity to take all the lessons of love forward with us, despite our inability to satisfy our longing to ‘know it all’, have all the questions answered before we can see we’re already on the right path, and we have everything we need. Look to your chart/life, and notice where Saturn, Venus, the North Node in Scorpio are located, and then notice where the Full Moon in Pisces is. This Full Harvest Moon shines on and favorably benefits that area of your life at this time.

Early Wednesday morning, Mercury sextiled Mars, so some good news may arrive, or some project may be finished up. Also on Wednesday, the Venus-Saturn conjunction occurs in the late afternoon. Coming as it does, just before the Full Moon, it picks up on the energy and is infused with the power of Full Moon energy. We should begin feeling a deeper, more committed and realistic expression of love and partnership. We experience the depth of passion, love, devotion, and commitment as we also recognize more fully what sacrifices, compromises, and changes that may be ahead for us.

The Full Moon in Pisces on Thursday is also called the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon can fall in either September or October, depending upon which full moon is nearest the Autumn Equinox. Falling as it does in Pisces, this year’s Full Moon comes just a few days before the Sun moves into Libra, and the Autumn is ushered in the Northern Hemisphere. Time to get the harvests in, clean up, prepare for the coming of Autumn, and the shift into the darker, deeper days of the approaching winter months.

Also occurring on the evening of the Full Moon in Pisces is Mercury’s (Libra) square to Jupiter (Cancer). The Full Moon in Pisces is sure to be fortunate for you in whatever area of your life the water signs rule. Jupiter in Cancer, Venus, Saturn, the North Node in Scorpio, Neptune, Chiron, and the Full Moon in Pisces are sure to shine deeply into the spiritual, imaginative, romantic, creative, and inner areas of your life where they line up for this Harvest of Inspiration and Love.