STAGRAZING — Week of June 30th – July 6th, 2014

Jun 29, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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Readings with Elizabeth Joyce

Week of June 30th — July 6th, 2014


July begins on Tuesday, and Mercury turns direct as well; this will be a month of liberation. Even though it is summer and a sluggish holiday period, you should always be learning and growing.

If misunderstandings have occurred recently, Mercury’s forward dance on the 1st offers a chance to make amends. Any frustrations associated with important deals or the signing of contracts begins to melt away, too. Progress can be made at last!

However, it doesn’t mean that all tensions vanish, as finances still need a careful appraisal. Try to avoid impulse purchases, especially if it’s a big-ticket item, as you could regret it later. Wait until after the 8th to sign papers.

This week looks promising for contracts and partnerships. It is possible that new job or promotion can come through. You may also notice some advantageous contract possibilities.

July will have some strong financial connotations for everyone, because of some new laws coming into effect; particularly about money that comes through others, banks, inheritance, your life partner, parents, etc. You could gain on some well-placed investments or obtain that mortgage.

Change is always a part of the life flow. You need to modify your life now. Determine what you need to do to be a whole personality and look to your personal heavenly Guides to help you. This will provide you with information from “friends in high places.”

Looking for new resources of earnings will be a pet project that begins this week. Take your activity and turn it into second earnings or look for an associate to help you with a job. Do not go it alone or you may find it difficult to succeed. Look for connection to associates who think like you. Remember, you are not really seeking opposites and conflict to come into your life.

Use all the tolerance and strength you have to keep the status quo in July on an even keel. July is typically the holiday month and you will need to keep the serenity with your close friends and relatives. Bargain and ask for discounts with your accommodations, but adhere to your price range and your budget.

Money will be in the back of your thoughts all month long; do be realistic as Venus goes through Capricorn. Negotiate cash issues before taking off on visits or holidays. Make sure loans and financial obligations are paid off and keep a careful eye of your credit rating. If you are very cautious these 31 days will end on a good note.

Over the 4th of July weekend you may be meeting someone new, who you could spend your life with, or deepening your current love relationship. Thankfully, the weekend brings stress relief and an unexpected invite that you might enjoy.