Spiritual Poetry

Sep 1, 2010 | Resources


For Priscilla Evelyn (Chris)

The glowing warmth of summer
Disappears as the Sun goes down.
My Spirit is revived
Although it died with the changes
That the sharp, chilly air of Fall brings.

As the flaming Sun of Summer is set,
The river grows high and the wind strong.
Alas, it’s time to dress, square your shoulders,
And walk through the changes of Fall.

—E. Joyce  (9/1/2013)


Oh great and mighty Jupiter,
Your blessings I do seek,
Your angels and guides send to me,
Good Spirits rich and sleek.
Good nature spirits and higher vibrations
Sent by God, your comradeship I love.
For bounty, success, and good fellowship,
My thanks are sent above.
Spirits powerful and great
Your riches I share in fun
And friendship true,
Prosperity descends on me,
My thanks sent deeply to you.
And now my Light is shining bright,
Rich and green for all to see.
Good fortune is my Law of Life,
I give thanks – and so it is!


God is the foundation of health, prosperity,
wisdom, and eternal joy.
We make our life fulfilled and complete
when we have daily contact with God.
Take the time!

Give your attention to the Almighty Power
that is giving you life, strength, and wisdom.
Pray that unceasing truth flow into your mind,
unceasing strength flow into your body,
unceasing joy fill your Soul.

Take a deep breath—feel the Shakti energy filling you
through the Crown Chakra
and flowing through your entire being.
Become One with the Spiritual energies
of your Blessed Higher Self.
Know your strength, know your path,
and walk it as a son or daughter of God.

—E. Joyce (9/21/2010)

Becoming Timeless

We are of the nature to grow old,
Now we can reverse aging.
We are of the nature to have ill health,
Now we can control and maintain our health.
We are of the nature to change,
Now we can go forward and backward in time,
Becoming Timeless.

My actions belong to me,
I cannot escape their consequences.
My thoughts and actions
Are my character and godliness.
I stand in my truth
I am healed and complete through my actions,
Becoming Lovingly Responsive.

Thank you Deepak!

—E. Joyce (4/19/1995)

The Oneness

The Oneness that I call God,
Whose presence I have recognized,
Whose pleasure or displeasure I have sought,
Has been seeing His life through my eyes.

He hears through my ears,
His breath comes through my breathing,
His intuition I have felt,
Therefore I know!

I know that this body
Which I had thought to be my own,
Is really a Temple to God.
I did not realize this before.

I did not know that this body
Was a Shrine to God.
Not knowing that God experiences life
Through Mankind

One is always seeking God
Somewhere else.
In some person or energy
Apart and aloof from this World.

But all the time,
God is in Oneself!

—E. Joyce (1/17/1997)

Victories and Sorrows

Your entire life lies behind you
When you stop and review the past.
You see the learning and the joys
Remembering the bittersweet victories and sorrows

You know now that all experiences
Revealed great lessons and all of your born days
Are held in the moment, when you realize
Living the Past is what it took to bring you HERE.

Observe it all, bless it all, release it all.
For in letting go of the pain,
When releasing your fears through salty tears,
You’re healing the feelings of failure, rejection and betrayal.

You can reclaim your True Power
With TRUTH and LOVE buried deep within your heart.
Step through that Gateway now…
And be thankful to Fate for bringing you here.

I want to say “Thank you,” to Spirit
For your goodness and your care
There are some who will call it Energy,
And some who call it Prayer.

But – there’s something to this Spiritual Force!

It’s reverent, peaceful and freeing
To know the journey that you are making
It’s for me as well as for you
Embrace it, enliven it, enjoy it.

Live Only For What Brings You Fulfillment

—E. Joyce (12/21/1994)

I AM The Ocean Of Life

Spirit leaves you with a Peace profound,
Yet Spirit shall return again and again.
This will continue until we all reach a
New Spiritual Understanding.

A New way of Life and Existence
Where hearts of men are Enlightened
And Spirit becomes Supreme
As the Guide and Director of our Choices.

It is written in the Gospel
that what God has done,
You can do even greater…
For you are a part of the Flow of God.

You can reach and connect
With the Supreme Divine.
Open wide the doors of your Love—Charity—Compassion
Reach upward for the Supreme beyond understanding
Herein lies the Truth of Life.

—E. Joyce (7/14/1993)


I remain locked within the wings
Of my Beloved Master.
Held in the arms of Christ’s

Listening to His symphony of creation
Beholding the hidden wondrous vision.
Yet not oblivious to all of you
I watch your movements with a single eye.

I behold you with mothering tenderness
As you walk with life through the tall grass
Smelling the crimson rose with delight.

When the blush of love brings you pleasure
I feel you caressed with an enfolding breeze
To relieve your worries and fears.

You will be wrapped in the sun’s warmth
When the chill of loneliness strays into your heart.
When you gaze at the ocean wave
You look into the eyes of God.

Unite with your Beloved on the altar
of the Horizon.
Canopied with the silver rays of azure
Come into the warm, hazy sanctuary.

He shall not speak except through your reason,
Not scold except through your conscience.
Be persuaded through the power of your Love
And your heart’s longing to seek the Christ only.

With the song of your Soul,
enjoy His Love alone.
Forget me watching if you will
But not my Beloved.
For in remembering Him – you cannot forget me!

—E. Joyce (5/23/1992)


For my Mother

Bring back the memory and the scent
Of meadow lands with dew at sunrise.
Oh, bring back again to my heart’s content
The warmth of spring and pleasures of summer tides.

Spring is with us at last, again
With blooming buds and flowers.
We have missed you, as a long lost friend
Yes, springtime gives us fragrant hours.

As the aroma of flowers in bloom emanate the season,
It’s realized there is a time for all things.
Our seasons give no promise of return, or reason,
Without us willing it, they come and pass by with wings.

June comes and
Suddenly the summer burns,
But sadly at sunset, the winter returns.

—E. Joyce (4/20/1991)


If only everyone would choose
To make up their minds
To be gentle, loving and kind
At all times
We would begin to save this Earth.

Perhaps the word violence
Would be removed from the dictionary.
And the history of the planet
Would begin to change.

This would open up
A vast array of possible futures..
Diminishing Poverty – Strengthening Communities.
Creating a greater realization
Of Human Potential.

Each one of us has the responsibility
To create this future.
It’s simple – it’s enough to think
“In my own life, I vow to become non-violent.”

Good things catch on quickly.
However – in the coming Millennium
Unless we choose to think,
Choose to believe,
and live this new life style.

In such a limiting world as this one,
It will not happen!

—E. Joyce (3/26/1991)

The 1990’s – A Spiritual Renaissance

Today I have been preparing for the Ray of God.
Reflecting on the questions I want answered.
When shall I meet the White Light vibration again?

During this day, I have felt the warmth of its
Pure Love vibration.
At every pause of activity, with every breath,
I have felt the Love.

Like the force of the oncoming tide.
When the rising waves fill every opening,
Every nook and cranny of my Being,

Then I AM rising and falling
within this huge, deep swell,
Becoming ONE with the Force of Love.

—E. Joyce (1/1/1990)