September's Focus

Sep 6, 2011 | Special Messages


This is an important month for relationships. September emphasizes logic, order, perfection, practicality, hard work, and attention to details. It’s time to analyze things and work on any imperfections. When the Sun moves through Virgo, you tend to become aware of the shortcomings of others, and may call attention to them.  Such criticism may add stress to any relationship. To avoid any kind of problem, praise others positive actions and admirable traits, instead of constantly pointing out their faults or what’s wrong.

There is a bright side to September. The energies enhance clear thinking, communication, and other mental activities. This can help you put into practice all your mental and physical resources. The Earth energies are especially helpful for students and people who work in clerical, technical, educational, secretarial, computer, or scientific fields, or for any job that requires precise thought or movement. Example: music, dance, gem cutting

Matters on the home-front will be tense the first seventeen days of September. If you have been ignoring personal problems, they will become apparent and demand attention. Tension eases up after the 14th, and after the 24th you are in a cooperative frame of mind. The Sun moving into Libra on the 22nd brings a balanced approach to everything as well as a sense of fairness.

After the 18th a sense of pride, children, and creativity are emphasized. This can be helpful with all kinds of relationships, whether personal or business. Bottom line? During the next four weeks, try to strengthen the bond of affection and friendships with your loved ones and peers.

We can expect hurricanes, tornadoes, and financial woes at month’s end. Stay close and work with your family unit as well as your community.


Week of Sept. 5th – Sept. 11th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Positive thoughts will fill your mind on Monday Air Signs. Self-doubt will vanish. Think before you speak on Tuesday. Words said in haste may cause a rift in a relationship. Your schedule will change without warning on Wednesday. Unpredictable events will jostle your agenda. Domestic matters will need attention on Wednesday. A real estate deal might be put on hold. Be prepared for unexpected events at home. A friend may take advantage of your good nature on Thursday. Maintain healthy associations with others. Think about setting new boundaries with this person. Don’t believe everything you. You’ll need to create a new budget on Saturday. It may be time to start saving income. It’s a great time to tell someone special how much you care. Concentration will be difficult on Sunday. Consider engaging in physical activity. Taking a walk may settle your mind.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Responsible behavior is always wise. Be careful about taking on obligations that aren’t yours. Someone might expect you to act as though you’re in a relationship even when you aren’t. If you want to be with this person, make it happen. If you’d rather not, make this clear. You only think you made a fool of yourself or hurt someone’s feelings. He or she wants to see you again! Pay attention to what’s actually happening instead of following a script in your head. Friends and family might guess that you’re having a special moment, but there’s no need to share the information. Find out where you stand before shouting it from the rooftops. Don’t talk trash about a bad date or failed crush. Even when someone is wrong for you, it doesn’t diminish his or her value as a person. Stop judging and open your heart. Being a good person is more important than being sexy or packaging yourself as ”marriage material.” Friends and family might guess that you’re having a special moment, but there’s no need to share the information.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll be ready to roam on Monday. The Moon in Sagittarius sextiles Neptune. You’ll be eager for new experiences. You’ll want to engage in risky business. Consider the consequences before going out on a limb. A loved one will be very demanding on Wednesday. Try to be patient with this person. This relationship may need some adjustment. Take time to work out issues with loved ones. Be prepared for life’s little annoyances to occur on Thursday. Try to go with the flow. You’ll be in a daydream frame of mind. Mercury in Leo opposes Neptune. You may decide to escape to fantasy land. Have a ticket back to reality handy! Curb your customary bluntness on Friday. ! You’ll need to make a difficult decision on Saturday. Your choice will affect the future of another. Be diplomatic when interacting with others. You may consider changing jobs on Sunday. It’s time to utilize your full potential.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: When you’re attracted to someone – especially when it’s mutual – nothing else exists. Meanwhile, the world goes on around you. It’s OK to drop out of the dating scene, but friends will worry if you vanish without a trace. Don’t assume too much when you’re crazy about a person you barely know. There’s no way he or she can live up to every single fantasy. Or is there? Whether you’re seeing someone who lives nearby or in another town, make a personal appearance instead of sending another text. It’s a romantic way to show your interest, especially if you’re bringing flowers or a gift. And the more actual time you spend with this person, the more realistic you can be about him or her. Those private fantasies could turn out to be embarrassingly ridiculous or better than you ever imagined. Being more open about your interest will help you solve these mysteries. Stay in touch with your support system in case you end up disappointed.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You’ll be in the spotlight on Monday. Strive to look your best when leaving the house. The urge to splurge will be strong on Monday. Leave your credit cards at home before hitting the mall. Your ruthless side may emerge on Tuesday. The Moon conjuncts Pluto. Don’t burn any bridges behind you. Evaluate your ambitions on Wednesday. Remember, you’ve evolved recently. It may be time to compose a new list of aspirations. Your intuition could be off-kilter on Thursday. Rely on logic in all situations. A loved one may be down in the dumps as well. This person may need a good listener. A wish may finally come true on Friday. Communication will improve in a relationship when Mercury changes signs. Think about discussing your needs with a loved one. Positive energy will surround you on Sunday. You may need time alone. Look for a quiet nook in which to unwind.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: If someone winks or whistles, you’re there. Maybe you don’t care how this looks, but others definitely notice when you’re a slave to lust. Sure, it’s a turn-on when someone laughs at your jokes or happily spends money on you. But getting physical doesn’t always line up with some deeper emotional truth. You’re looking for love and probably something else, too. Romance might get tangled up with other issues. If that’s what you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to slow down. The right person for you may not be your most obvious choice in the heat of the moment. This could be fantastic if you’re with someone who shares your interests. If you’re just ships passing in the night, that’s OK, too. A little human warmth could really clarify things for you. A casual date might offer the deepest nugget of wisdom you ever heard. You’d be crazy to settle for the wrong person now. Be true to your priorities.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Unexpected blessings may come your way on Tuesday when the Moon trines Jupiter in Taurus. A pot of gold could appear under a rainbow. Inspiration will be on tap. Pay heed to your inner messages. You’ll project an alluring aura to others on Wednesday a the Moon trines Venus in Virgo. Admirers will flock to your side. Call on your common sense. Strive to be practical in all circumstances. You’ll be tempted to indulge your appetites on Thursday. Try to practice self-control. You’ll decide to transform your life on Friday. It’s time to become the person you’re meant to be. Get ready to reinvent yourself! Relationship issues may arise on Saturday. Don’t sell yourself short when dealing with others. Remember that you’re special! A certain situation will work out in your favor on Sunday. An associate may ask you to join a business endeavor. Consider saying yes. The venture may prove to be lucrative.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: If you’re not having enough fun, maybe the people you’re dating are too serious. Do what you can to make them smile, but don’t settle for commitment if you’re not ready. Use your best lines on someone who appreciates them. You’ll say anything when you want that certain someone. Watch out for making yourself believe in the impossible and don’t overrate yourself. Regardless of what your hormones say, some people are better as friends than lovers. But even when you know the other person is into you, a cheap date is better than going over the top. Instead of flashing your cash, let your personality sparkle. Who you are is ultimately a bigger selling point than what you have. Just be discreet when you’re looking to connect in a public place. One or both of you might have reasons to keep anything new under wraps for the time being. An angry ex or possessive wannabe has no place here!