Sep 8, 2009 | Special Messages

lotusThe Site is back. I know it has been a few months, but we have worked very hard on this end to upgrade and update this website. The predictions begin with August, in the new magazine. Any subscribers to the older magazine will have to re-subscribe for the new one.
Please share your comments—allow 4 hours for them to be posted, and you can respond to each other, The format is different but the results are the same. Yes, the comments are monitored, as they always have been, but they are posted as written, except to grammar editing, However, I do not post “sales” comments or “sexual site” comments. We had a great group sharing here, and I would like it to continue.
I am writing a new book, ASCENSION—Accessing The Fifth Dimension, and it took the entire summer. The experience has been well worth it, and this book will become a mainstay of information for all of you, especially over the next three years. I will be completing the September magazine articles this week.
OK—so what are the concerns we are facing this Fall?
The present nuclear threat window seems so defined, immediate, and hazardous, although I do not think it will occur this year. However, I do see Iran moving into Israel, which will be quite an unfortunate site, globally speaking.
Three times in the past – I have felt certain that events were about to culminate.
1. The end of the millennium (based on prophecy)
2. The Gulf War – when the US / Bush attacked Iraq – and I thought that all that Iraq talk was just a cover – and that they would actually attack Iran. However, the oil fields were taken over by the USA.
3. When Sharon pulled the Jews out of Gaza – I thought he was getting them inside the castle walls – in preparation for his attack on Iran. His stroke interfered with his plans – whatever they were. (Funny how the Divine works)
So here I am with a new expectation – that may be no more accurate/reliable than the previous ones. (Not that events and intentions didn’t happen “behind the scenes.”)
Most of the communications that I get from people on the subject
is that they are expecting “The Big One” in 2012. But from my millennium experience—and observation of prophecy—and the world—things just don’t happen—when we expect them. They happen like a thief in the night, and usually before the expected time (The energy happens before the astrological line-up). Hopefully the Divine will NEVER allow this to occur!
I have come to the conclusion that perhaps we are not supposed to know the future—unless it’s in Divine Order, because the future will be according to God’s will. If we were to know the future—we would want something different—and therefore be in opposition to God’s will. Perhaps people would shut down, nothing would be accomplished, and stagnation of the human race would begin.
Not good. Therefore the timing will be —when people aren’t expecting it—and I don’t put my trust in waiting for 2012 expectations. That’s all just “New Age Hype” as well as money-making projections. Wonderful things are coming in that regard, as we have the opportunity to improve ourselves as well as our race. Obviously, my expectations with this can be just as wrong but in regards to timing—however, I believe that I am is in sync with what is happening.
Obama_2008September is probably a very bad month for OBUMMA (Obama)  but in October matters could get worse. Obama’s big health care bill is really not going well. That’s because it’s a sham and more harmful to the population than helpful. This is the CENTRAL piece of legislation for his administration—because:
He didn’t pull out of Iraq and Iran -as he promised—but actually did the opposite.
He didn’t stop and expose the torture programs—but actually did the opposite.
Didn’t resolve the Missile Crisis with Russia—but actually did the opposite.
Didn’t reduce the world nuclear arsenal—but actually did the opposite.
The list just goes on and on regarding –
home foreclosures
job creation
corporate plundering
military / industrial complex, etc., etc., etc.

With just everything Obumma has said —the opposite has occurred, so he needs at least one big win and he picked Health care to be it but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. (Thank goodness—has anyone read the embedded laws within this sham of a program?) Not that we don’t need changes, we do, but not at the cost of anyone over the age of sixty-five. “Out with the old and in with the new” does not portend to people’s lives!
Remember when I predicted that people would deny voting for him? Well folks—it’s starting to happen–along with a lot more that was predicted by me last year!
Not only are things going badly in September for Obama in the US legislature—they are also going badly for him at the UN. The challenge there is to expose/stop Iran’s nuclear program—and that is VERY UNLIKELY to happen. Even for sanctions (which are non-meaningful) against Iran –(they don’t care – they have Russia and China) Obama would need at the very least the abstentions of China and Russia in a Security Council vote – and how likely is that to happen? The best that he can probably attain—is to prevent it from coming to a vote at all.
For all the talk about the US economy improving—it is simply dying at a slower rate. That’s the focus for November! Its last breaths are getting more and more shallow. Great bragging about fewer people being laid off this month—than last—when the reality is there are fewer and fewer people to lay off. Obama promised job creation—but the opposite is happening—and the statistics are worse than lies. More and more people losing unemployment insurance eligibility—so this is announced as unemployment “lessening”. What a sham. This country is being raped by the “powers that be!” If our dollar value disappears, and soon it may just do that if something isn’t done, millions of people, both in the USA and overseas, will suffer greatly.
The government statistics -the stock market—the dollar exchange rate – are (in my opinion) all manipulated. I watch them—for an indication that the controllers have lost control. If they do accurately reflect events—then the world is doing the opposite of what I think it is doing.
The dollar exchange is charted against a basket of six currencies:
1. Euro (EUR) The European Common Market
2. Yen (JPY) – Japan
Which held last elections last week—and the new Japanese government says that it is going to diversify its holdings away from the US dollar.
3. Cable (GBP) (Great Britain Pound) Cable is the code for the UK Pound
4. Loonie (CAD) which is the Canadian Dollar. They also have Toonies – and so it is true that Canadian money is becoming like Loonie Toons.
5. Krona (SEK) Sweden
6. Franc (CHF) France
Not all of these currencies carry the same weight in the basket – but it looks like all nonsense to me – any way.
The world’s biggest holder of US currency—China—is not mentioned above. Nor Russia, Brazil, India, which comprise the BRIC the largest single counterbalancing force to the BIS (the Bank of International Settlements) and the true setter of Western currency ratios/values.
So what is a dollar worth in the world? Well, one hundred pennies. But—if you mean in relationship to other world currencies—then that is whatever the other countries (with the big dollar holdings) say it is.
As far as I am concerned—it is all smoke and mirrors—and the illusion can end—at any time. According to the Astrology (which never lies) it’s about to. The illusion they are casting is worse than going for a psychic reading or attending a “fixed” séance! Now who’s living in a dream world?
Not to worry, however—Obama has reappointed Bernanke as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Another NO-CHANGE, and the Bush Oil Policies, which saw Trillion Dollar Bank/Corporate Bailouts have seen no change either.
So September seems surely a sauntering south as Obama talks—about how things are getting better:
in Iraq
in Afghanistan
in the economy
in society
in the UN regarding Iran
in relations with Russia, China, Mexico, Venezuela,
and the world.
“What a maroon,” as Bugsy would say.
October may be where it all hits the wall. Expect an upset between the 15th and 31st (Halloween). It has often been a bad month for the economy (quarter for predicting corporate profits and all). Forget any shopping for the Holidays.
Israel awaits for the world to see where the UN/Iran thing is going as the Pakistan/Afghanistan situation continues to accelerate
and North Korea continues its rumblings
and Venezuela and the African oil developments move more towards China
and Russia becomes ever more alienated from the US / Israeli policies
and the monetary markets move further away from the dollar
and the financial world continues to crumble
and the world economies continue their downward spin
It may not take much of a match to light a conflagration
Health care program or not.
The following has been a prediction—but also just a realistic stating of statistics.
It is very dangerous being president of the United States. Almost ten percent of the US presidents have been assassinated. That is far more dangerous than enlisting and being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.
In fact there have been assassination ATTEMPTS on more than one-third of the American presidents. (Undoubtedly assassination threats total in the hundreds and thousands.) The present most loved (and most hated) president – since Lincoln – stands in those statistics, whatever parallels you wish to draw between Obumma and Lincoln (The audacity—he doesn’t even compare—sorry)! Wake up everyone—the worshipping dream is over! Get real…for God’s sake.
Should an assassination occur this fall—the US would plunge into race riots compared to which the combined affairs of Rodney King and Martin Luther King would pale in comparison.
With such a disruption in the US, Iran would question and doubt that someone was tightly in charge in the US—and possibly launch an attack against Israel through its surrogates of Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria.
Hezbollah would see this as a great opportunity – to use from Israel’s north Hezbollah’s much enhanced missile armory that Iran has donated to it since the previous Lebanese/Hezbollah conflict with Israel.
Hamas would, in support, greatly increase its monthly rocket attacks from Israel’s south—and Syria would think it the great opportunity to settle its Golan Heights aspirations.
Israel would have to take all this on—but it would simultaneously go after what it sees as its greatest existential threat—and the source of the above problems—the nuclear situation in Iran.
This is a pot that has been bubbling—more than simmering—for the last several months. Highly placed European experts reported this week that Israel hijacked the Russian ship to prevent a missile shipment to Iran.
Russia has since promised to quickly send advanced missile defense equipment to Israel’s mid-east enemies. It was reported last week that “Someone” torpedoed an Iranian ship carrying rockets and such armory. A couple of weeks ago—Saudi Arabia reported intercepting another such ship. Last month Israel moved nuclear armed subs through the straits (supposedly a first). And in the previous months Israel destroyed a Syrian convoy – and what was reputedly a Syrian nuclear site. Bombing of Syrian and Iranian targets – automatically brings Russia into play and probably the USA as well.
Pakistan/India will then see the need to use or lose their nuclear assets. With all that going on North Korea will settle its South Korea scores—and China may well take care of Taiwan.
Remember – what I have said could be the instigating situation in the USA and some may figure the US will just be too busy to intervene—but soon everyone will have all their nukes flying around.
That is my view, Man will destroy himself—by fire. Even Nostradamus predicted that.
But there are certainly counter views. This coming week—Newsweek—will say:
“Obama should learn to love the bomb.” They seem to think that a nuke world is a nice world.
Yeah—and let’s all get “CHIPPED” while we’re at it!

There are of course alternative views to the alternative views:
but the real question, as always must be—what is YOUR view—whether we face a SERIOUS window—in the next 60 days or that we will NEVER have a nuclear war?