lotusThe Site is back. I know it has been a few months, but we have worked very hard on this end to upgrade and update this website. The predictions begin with August, in the new magazine. Any subscribers to the older magazine will have to re-subscribe for the new one.
Please share your commentsallow 4 hours for them to be posted, and you can respond to each other, The format is different but the results are the same. Yes, the comments are monitored, as they always have been, but they are posted as written, except to grammar editing, However, I do not post sales comments or sexual site comments. We had a great group sharing here, and I would like it to continue.
I am writing a new book, ASCENSIONAccessing The Fifth Dimension, and it took the entire summer. The experience has been well worth it, and this book will become a mainstay of information for all of you, especially over the next three years. I will be completing the September magazine articles this week.
OKso what are the concerns we are facing this Fall?
The present nuclear threat window seems so defined, immediate, and hazardous, although I do not think it will occur this year. However, I do see Iran moving into Israel, which will be quite an unfortunate site, globally speaking.
Three times in the past – I have felt certain that events were about to culminate.
1. The end of the millennium (based on prophecy)
2. The Gulf War – when the US / Bush attacked Iraq – and I thought that all that Iraq talk was just a cover – and that they would actually attack Iran. However, the oil fields were taken over by the USA.
3. When Sharon pulled the Jews out of Gaza – I thought he was getting them inside the castle walls – in preparation for his attack on Iran. His stroke interfered with his plans – whatever they were. (Funny how the Divine works)
So here I am with a new expectation – that may be no more accurate/reliable than the previous ones. (Not that events and intentions didnt happen behind the scenes.)
Most of the communications that I get from people on the subject
is that they are expecting “The Big One” in 2012. But from my millennium experienceand observation of prophecyand the worldthings just don’t happenwhen we expect them. They happen like a thief in the night, and usually before the expected time (The energy happens before the astrological line-up). Hopefully the Divine will NEVER allow this to occur!
I have come to the conclusion that perhaps we are not supposed to know the futureunless its in Divine Order, because the future will be according to God’s will. If we were to know the futurewe would want something differentand therefore be in opposition to God’s will. Perhaps people would shut down, nothing would be accomplished, and stagnation of the human race would begin.
Not good. Therefore the timing will be when people aren’t expecting itand I don’t put my trust in waiting for 2012 expectations. Thats all just New Age Hype as well as money-making projections. Wonderful things are coming in that regard, as we have the opportunity to improve ourselves as well as our race. Obviously, my expectations with this can be just as wrong but in regards to timinghowever, I believe that I am is in sync with what is happening.
Obama_2008September is probably a very bad month for OBUMMA (Obama)