The Holiday Season is upon us, as well as an early winter.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We may never be remembered for
doing great, great things in life,
but if we do all little things with Love,
we will never be forgotten by a few,
and will be remembered with warmth and a smile.


The Best is yet to come
And won’t it be just fabulous!




Oh great and mighty Jupiter,
Your blessings I do seek,
Your angels and guides send to me,
Good Spirits rich and sleek.
Good nature spirits and higher vibrations
Sent by God, your comradeship I love.
For bounty, success, and good fellowship,
My thanks are sent above.
Spirits powerful and great
Your riches I share in fun
And friendship true.
Prosperity descends on me,
My thanks sent deeply to you.
And now my Light is shining bright,
Rich and green for all to see.
Good fortune is my Law of Life,
I give thanks  to Thee.
The entire Universe!

May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance.



Oh great and mighty Spirit, there comes a time when you seek to comprehend the true meaning of PEACE, and how you as an individual may find that peace, a peace which the world can neither give you nor take from you.

stargazingThis is one way. Visualize the blazing Star, still, and yet full of life and light. Identify yourself with the Star, with the center of that Star. Allow your energies to go into the still center of that Star. Within that center you will find that all the anxieties of material life, all the struggles that you encounter in daily life, will fall away from you. In the heart of the Star is deep, eternal peace, and within this peace you are united with those whom you love.

On a daily basis give yourself time to enter this Star Temple, this calming scene. Go into it, away from the noise and turmoil and tumult, the fears and anxieties of the material plane. There, within the center of this Star, find divine, holy peace. Hear within your Soul the music of the heavenly spheres, the music of the Holy Word, the audible life stream which flows from the heart of the Creator.

Be still now, within your mind and body. Listen inwardly. Beneath all sound, beneath all thought, in the deep silence at the heart of creation, you will hear the music and harmony of God.

-Elizabeth Joyce 12/02

May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance.

The Sun has entered SAGITTARIUS


The sign of SAGITTARIUS is signified by the Archer or mythological Centaur and gives you cosmic relief after the ordeals of the intense Scorpio energies. An optimistic and enthusiastic demeanor sustains your one-pointed efforts and sparks a renewed sense of daring and adventure in the outside world. While your path can include sports, long-distance journeys, and philosophical inquiries, steer clear of the temptation to be a dilettante – an amateur in many fields but master of none. As you strive towards truth and wisdom, it is easy to see the universal picture but ignore practical details and then complain about hard work. The fires of this sagacious sign can entice you with illusions of greatness or turn your gaze towards clear, long-range aspirations. It is up to you to see each goal with precision, reach it, and be willing to go on to the next one.

Sagittarians have more energy than you know what to do with as the energy planets come together in your sign this month, Sag. You are full of inspiration and eagerness to act, with opportunities opening to match your ideas. Others are as excited as you are about your vision and things to come, and they are willing to lend their support. You can work on your impatience levels by using your great sense of humor to laugh at circumstances, as well as yourself. Otherwise, you could end up taking your frustrations out on others and dampening their enthusiasm for your plans.

With Jupiter now in it’s own sign, Sagittarius, the plant of fortune brings you abundance and blessings throughout all of 2019. It begins now! Please remember that in your leadership role, it is up to you to do – to set the tone.



Wunjo is the Rune of the fruit bearing branch and quite appropriate as we enter the months of Harvest. The term of travail is ended and you have come in to yourself in some regard. The shift that was due has occurred and now you can freely receive its blessings, whether they be in material gain, your emotional life or in a heightened sense of your own well-being. This is an alchemical moment in which understanding is transmuted from knowledge. The knowledge itself was a necessary but not sufficient condition. Now you can rejoice at having been carried across the gap by the Tao, the Holy Spirit.

Joyousness accompanies new energy, energy blocked before now. Light pierces the clouds and touches the waters just as something lovely emerges from the depths. The Soul is illuminated from within at the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, the meeting of the waters.

There is a new clarity, which may call for you to renounce existing plans, ambitions, goals. It is proper and timely that you submit, for Wunjo is a Rune of restoration causing the Self to become properly aligned with the Blessed Higher Self.

Things may be slow in coming to fruition. The process of birth is long and arduous with fears for the safety of the child within. A crisis, a difficult passage, if ever so brief, may be at hand. Consideration and deliberation are called for, because light and shadow still exist and are intermixed so doubt and sarcasim may interfere with joyousness if this period is not understood as a timely process for your Soul growth. So stop your anxiety and ask yourself whether you possess the virtues of seriousness, sincerity and emptiness. To possess these virtues is to also have tranquility which is the path to clarity, patience and perserverance.

Seen in the light of truth, the pathway of life is a test. Stay focused in the present, remaining sincere towards others, trusting your process, and you will know that you cannot fail.