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Newsletter—SAGITTARIUS 2013


I relinquish the turmoil in my heart, and will not be afraid
to go where the Universe leads me. Welcome 2014!



There comes a time when you seek to comprehend the true meaning of PEACE, and how you as an individual may find that peace, a peace which the world can neither give you nor take from you.

This is one way. Visualize the blazing Star, still, and yet full of life and light. Identify yourself with the Star, with the center of that Star. Allow your energies to go into the still center of that Star. Within that center you will find that all the anxieties of material life, all the struggles that you encounter in daily life, will fall away from you. In the heart of the Star is deep, eternal peace, and within this peace you are united with those whom you love.

On a daily basis give yourself time to enter this Star Temple, this calming scene. Go into it, away from the noise and turmoil and tumult, the fears and anxieties of the material plane. There, within the center of this Star, find divine, holy peace. Hear within your Soul the music of the heavenly spheres, the music of the Holy Word, the audible life stream which flows from the heart of the Creator.

Be still now, within your mind and body. Listen inwardly. Beneath all sound, beneath all thought, in the deep silence at the heart of creation, you will hear the harmony of God.

—Elizabeth Joyce — 12/02

When the power of LOVE replaces the love of power,
then we can begin our Spiritual path of inner Awakening,


The Sun has entered SAGITTARIUS

The sign of SAGITTARIUS is signified by the Archer or mythological Centaur, and gives you cosmic relief after the upsets and ordeals of the intense Scorpio energies. An optimistic and enthusiastic demeanor sustains your one-pointed efforts and sparks a renewed sense of daring and adventure in the outside world. While your path can include sports, long-distance journeys, and philosophical inquiries, steer clear of the temptation to be a dilettante—an amateur in many fields but master of none. As you strive towards truth and wisdom, it is easy to see the Universal picture but ignore practical details and then complain about the hard work. The fires of this sagacious sign can entice you with illusions of greatness or turn your gaze towards clear, long-range aspirations. It is up to you to see each goal with precision, reach it, and be willing to go on to the next one.

The Sun moves into this outgoing, enthusiastic fire sign for most of December, and it’s all about pushing beyond limits, borders and boundaries. World traveling Sagittarius is represented by the Archer, who shoots his arrows out into the world—usually several at the same time, and in all different directions. This is a time for exploration and expansion, with a potential for over-extension and over-indulgence, especially since it’s the Holiday Season.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is considered the most lucky sign in astrology, naturally attracting and spreading good fortune and easily bouncing back from any of life’s misfortunes. The American holiday Thanksgiving, falls during the Sagittarius season, reminding us that by noticing what we’re grateful for, we generate more abundance and blessings. Remembering that Gratitude often brings Abundance.

2014 will be quite an interesting year for you Sags. You will be kept on an even keel with just enough changes for you to go outside the little box we all create for ourselves. Saturn reminds you that 2014 is a year for towing the line, while Jupiter shouts that’s it’s time to learn, grow, and prosper. If you are willing to grab the initiative, abundance is here for the taking. In mid-2014 you will finally lay the foundation for achieving some important personal goals. Although you may be misled about some true feelings of family and friends, you have the ability to overcome any problems that should arise.

2014 promises to be a forward looking year and you can make it so by grabbing the tiller and take charge of steering the ship!

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.

If I could see the world
Through your tiny eyes,
Maybe I would know
How to scrutinize!.

Every detail carries weight,
And true to its purpose,
Has its perfect place,
To stop the wandering and
Three ring circus!

Mouse says, “I will touch everything with my whiskers in order to know it.” Paradoxically, this is both a great power and a great weakness. It is good medicine to see up close and to pay attention to detail. It is bad medicine to chew everything into little pieces.

Mouse has many predatory enemies, including birds, snakes, and cats. Mouse is food for many, so it has a highly developed sense of danger at every turn. So-called civilization is a highly complex set of components which calls for more and more highly organized skills and scrutiny every year. Mouse is a powerful medicine to have in these times. Things that may appear insignificant to others take on enormous importance to Mouse.

Mouse people will frustrate and anger many others at times because they appear to be nit-pickers. Mouse people will spot the lint on someone’s skirt, even if it matches in color. They will try to convince you that the simplest task is fraught with difficulty. They are fixated on methodology. They sort, categorize, and file away information for further use. They may seem like they are hoarding, but this is the farthest thing from Mouse’s mind. They are merely putting everything in order so they can explore things more carefully at a later date.

The Shaman Chief tells us that without Mouse, there would be no system or organization of knowledge. Mouse knowledge ended the Renaissance Man and awakened the age of specialization. Mouse knew from the very beginning that “there is always more to learn.” One can always delve deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

December, 2013, has brought to us the medicine of Mouse. You may be fearful of life but very well organized, with a compartment for everything. You should try to see a larger picture than the one that is staring you in the face. Develop a largeness of Spirit. Try to become aware of the winds of change, the rain, the sun, and the great dance of life. Realize that even though you may live in Santa Barbara, there is also New York. There is a moon, a solar system, a galaxy, and an infinite Universe. Jump high, little friend, and you may see the Sacred Mountain.

December and the time of Sagittarius is telling you to scrutinize. Look at yourself and others carefully. Maybe that big hunk of cheese is sitting on a spring awaiting a deadly trap! Perhaps the cat is in the pantry waiting just for you. Maybe someone to whom you have delegated authority, such as a doctor, lawyer, or the plumber, is not doing the job faithfully. This message from Mouse is to see exactly what is in front of your eyes, and then, act accordingly.

CRYSTAL: Amber and Blue Topaz

amberAMBER: Fossilized resin from prehistoric pine trees. Exerts a positive influence on endocrine system, spleen, heart. Healing, soothing and harmonizing. Electrically alive with solidified golden light. Stabilizes kundalini awakening. Activates altruistic nature. Spiritualizes the intellect. Creates inner peace.

Blue topaz: Tissue regeneration, strengthens liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive organs, nervous system. Detoxifies body. Warming, awakening, inspiring abundance. Strengthens thyroid gland, enhances metabolism, creating emotional balance. Cooling and soothing. Creates peace and tranquility. Brings creativity and self expression. Helps with writer’s block. Enhances psychic perception. Helps with communication with your Blessed Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

RUNE of the month

Water-That which conducts

The urge toward unconsciousness, toward the past and immersion in the flow of feeling, toward the Mother, the womb’s security – all of this is inherent within the Laguz rune. Unseen powers are active here. The creative and fertile powers of nature. The attributes of Laguz are water, fluidity, the ebb and flow of tides and emotions, careers and relationships. It fulfills our need to immerse ourselves in the experience of living without having to evaluate or understand. It speaks to the desire for comfort and the satisfaction of emotional needs, the lunar side of our nature. For while the Sun strives for differentiation, the Moon draws us toward unity and merging.

This Rune often signifies a time for cleansing, for revaluing, reorganizing, realigning. A Rune of knowing and psychic power, it may call you to study spiritual matters in readiness for deep self-transformation. For a man, success now lies in contacting his intuitive knowing; for a woman, in attuning to her own rhythms. A Rune of the self relating rightly to the Higher-Self, it signifies what the alchemists called the conjunction, or sacred marriage. In fairy tales, it is the end where the hero and heroine live happily ever after.

Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.



This has always been the section for Healing Requests. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request. What is needed is the name and birth date of the ill person, along with a diagnosis, if possible. What are you asking to be lifted? When you place your request in the Healing Circle of Light—located in our Prayer Room; know that as soon as you make your Prayer request and Healing request, you will begin to see positive results!

(We have had thousands of responses. Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!)


Discover the secrets of your Astrological Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign
and read them all together, for monthly guidance and direction.



The December 2nd New Moon in Sagittarius brings an open door to new and exciting adventures. Prepare for wonderful new beginnings but please stay in your truth. Simply, say what you mean and mean what you say.

The December 17th Full Moon in Gemini brings the unexpected. As the energy intensifies, we may experience a resurgence of sudden change that could take the form of global disruptions or earth-based eruptions.



Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

December brings a possible move, sale, or purchase of property as well as an inheritance. Expect more career challenges mid-month, but all works out. Plan some home improvements in time to entertain for the Holidays.

Taurus (4/21-5/21)

December increases the odds for good news for your mate and for you. This lucky influence is good for close relationships, business, and personal. Enjoy a warm and loving Holiday. Expect some clashes at New Year’s Eve. Think calm thoughts and consider the source.


Gemini (5/21-6/20)

December brings great news at work; a promotion, upgrade, raise, or desired contract outcome. Be careful celebrating at Holiday time, catch a ride if out socializing and avoid disagreeable acquaintances. Reminder – right after New Years—Your job has a high priority and the workload gets heavy over the next six months.

Cancer (6/21-7/22)

December brings uplifting moments with children and creative endeavors. Use your creative side to maximize your budget, make gift baskets, cookies and more for friends.

Leo (7/23-8/22)

December brings creativity as you decorate for the Holidays, invite family and friends over and make warm memories. The last week brings a let down; if you were expecting a promotion, raise or bonus, you could be disappointed. Don’t expect to get the go ahead on anything major as 2014 opens.

Virgo (8/23-9/22)

December brings Holiday decorating for friends, coworkers and relatives’ visits. A dating relationship could cool. This is not the time for romance or investments and major purchases. New Years Eve sparks memorable moments with longtime friends.

Libra (9/23-10/22)

December is one of your favorite months of the year. Your energy levels get a boost, which can trigger a nice year-end bonus or raise. With Holiday shopping you can be thrifty yet generous. Expect some frustrating delays at New Years and throughout January 2014.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

December brings plans for a vacation trip and along with a learning possibility. Education options enhance your career in 2014. If you’re considering commitment over the Holidays, it’s best to hold off until the end of January 2014. Money improves and flows over the next six months. Happy New Year Scorpio!


Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

December brings a time to pamper yourself. Time to review what you’ve accomplished over the year and begin to write your New Years Resolutions. With thrift and careful shopping, you can enjoy a nice Holiday. Money eases up in early 2014.


Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

December quiets things down a bit. Listen to your inner voice and learn to trust it. Career networking is good, but in a quieter environment. You have more responsibilities and deadlines over the Holidays; make it a priority to balance work and family time.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

December continues the active social life. The pace slows down a bit so you can enjoy family and friends. Holiday socializing will be at its best. Your job efforts are rewarded at month’s end. Take advantage and network and develop new career contacts. Be careful on the road and around the house at month’s end.

Pisces (2/19-3/20)

December brings close family ties together. Join family and friends for special Holiday events as well as enjoy an unexpected Holiday bonus. Friendships that were rocky during the year may continue to be so. Watch your spending and avoid any high-ticket items for Holiday gifts.

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