Sagittarius 2010

Nov 21, 2010 | Special Messages

Newsletter – SAGITTARIUS 2010


Embracing people and their knowledge is my path to the future.


Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing amidst the most Rainbow like beautiful energy. Visualize yourself standing in the most beautiful amber-golden mist. It is important to feel very comfortable within this golden energy that takes on the shape of your energy field, beginning to rise up and connect you to your Spiritual Chakras. Take a deep breath.

See within your mind your Blessed Higher Self – your Universal Body Self contained within the four levels of your Aura, and with that vision—claim yourself to be a powerful being by repeating the Ascension Invocation for the 8th and 9th Chakras within your mind. Claim yourself as a powerful healer, creator, and co-creator of this world, working alongside the One that Creates All; co-creating your life, your miracles and your preferred existence upon this plane. Activate this beautiful amber/golden energy that you are enveloped within as you draw within the power and the strength to practice your intention by accepting the higher energetic vibrations and moving yourself into a whole new power of thought by allowing the Divine Will of the Supreme God Light to be integrated into your entire Universal Being. Take a deep breath.

Now imagine a most beautiful silver energy manifest on the inside of the amber/golden energy, insulating the three original levels of your Aura, providing your amber/golden shield with a liquid silver energy. Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that you are an expression of fluid love as you become the flow of unconditional love towards the self and all others. Remind yourself of the feminine aspect of the Universal Body that always supports you in the highest and best way for you to remain flexible, and in so doing, embrace the Fifth Dimension harmonies, the flexible side of your personality, by allowing the Creative God Light to create within you the energetic vibration that is needed for you to transform your life.


The Sun has entered SAGITTARIUS

The sign of SAGITTARIUS is signified by the Archer or mythological Centaur and gives you cosmic relief after the ordeals of the intense Scorpio energies. An optimistic and enthusiastic demeanor sustains your one-pointed efforts and sparks a renewed sense of daring and adventure in the outside world. While your path can include sports, long-distance journeys, and philosophical inquiries, steer clear of the temptation to be a dilettante—an amateur in many fields but master of none. As you strive towards truth and wisdom, it is easy to see the universal picture but ignore practical details and then complain about hard work. The fires of this sagacious sign can entice you with illusions of greatness or turn your gaze towards clear, long-range aspirations. It is up to you to see each goal with precision, reach it, and be willing to go on to the next one.

You’ve got more energy than you know what to do with as the energy planets come together in your sign this month, Sag. You are full of inspiration and eagerness to act, with opportunities opening to match your ideas. Others are as excited as you are about your vision and things to come, and they are willing to lend their support. Your new cycle of personal empowerment begins now. This is the time to firm up your plans for the coming year. Expect a complete change of lifestyle as you embrace your good and walk the path of success into your future.

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.

ANIMAL: THE OWL— Magic, Omens

Time and Space

Does the truth emerge?

Casting out deception,

Silent flight.

Owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic, both black and white. Owl is called Night Eagle on several medicine wheels. Traditionally, Owl sits in the East, the place of illumination. Since time immemorial, humanity has been afraid of the night, the dark, the unseen – waiting fearfully for the first crack of dawn, welcoming the morning light. Conversely, night and Owl are friends.

Owl hunts its prey at night. Not only can Owl see in the dark, but it can also accurately pinpoint and identify any sound. This gives it a great advantage when seeking food. Owls are the night hunters. Some native people are fearful of the Owl and call its feathers “deceiver feathers”. An Owl’s feather is silent. You cannot hear Owl when it flies, but its prey definitely knows when it strikes, for its beak and talons are razor sharp.

Owl is oftentimes the medicine of sorcerers and witches. If Owl has come forth this month of December 2010, you may be drawn into magical practices and perhaps begin to explore the dark arts. There could be some strange world events, or silent but deadly and unexpected acts of aggression. You should be forewarned never to practice any black arts that may tap into and take away the energies of another person. Owl is the symbol for wisdom. Owl can see what others cannot. When others are deceived, Owl sees and knows what’s there.

Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, had a companion Owl on her shoulder which revealed secret truths to her. Owl could light up Athena’s blind side, enabling her to speak the whole truth as opposed to a half truth. So know that from now on, no one can deceive you about what they are doing, no matter how they try to disguise or hide it from you.

You may be a little frightening to be around, since so many others have ulterior motives which will be revealed to you. You can see right through them! You may frighten them and reflect their blindness, for you cannot be fooled. Owl medicine people know more about an individual’s inner life that that person knows about themselves.

So—as 2010 comes to a close, we are being asked to use our powers of keen insight and observation to look into some life situation. Owl is befriending you – and aiding you into seeing the truth. Owl can bring you messages in the night through dreams or meditation. Pay attention to these signals and omens. The truth always brings us further enlightenment.

2011 is the “Year of Discovery.” What’s in store for you? Perhaps Owl can bring you some of the answers.


AMBER: Fossilized resin from prehistoric pine trees. Exerts a positive influence on endocrine system, spleen, heart. Healing, soothing and harmonizing. Electrically alive with solidified golden light. Stabilizes kundalini awakening. Activates altruistic nature. Spiritualizes the intellect. Creates inner peace.

TOPAZ: Gold topaz: Tissue regeneration, strengthens liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive organs, nervous system. Detoxifies body. Warming, awakening, inspiring abundance. Blue topaz: Tissue regeneration. Strengthens thyroid gland, enhances metabolism, creating emotional balance. Cooling and soothing. Creates peace and tranquility. Brings creativity and self expression. Helps with writer’s block. Enhances psychic perception. Helps with communication with your Blessed Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

RUNE of the Month—Perth


Something Hidden—A Secret Matter

The heretic of the mystery Rune Initiation points to that which is beyond our frail manipulative powers. This Rune is on the side of Heaven, the Unknowable, and has associations with the Phoenix, that mystical bird that consumes itself in the fire and then rises from its own ashes. Its ways are secret and hidden.

Deep inner transformation forces are at work here. Yet what is achieved is not easily or readily shared. An integrity is involved that may be masked, disguised, or secret. After all, becoming whole, the means of how to achieve this, is a profound and mystic secret.

On the side of the earthly or mundane, there may well be surprises; unexpected gains are quite possible. On the side of human nature, this Rune is symbolized by the flight of the eagle. Soaring flight, free from entanglement, lifting yourself above the endless ebb and flow of ordinary life to acquire a broader vision—all this is indicated for the time of December, 2010, two years away from the Galaxy alignment at 2012. This is the Rune of question.

Another in the Cycle Runes, Perth signifies an intense aspect of initiation. Nothing external matters here, except as it shows you its inner reflection. This Rune is connected with the deepest stratum of nature and being, which is the bedrock on which your fate is founded. If need be, let go of everything, no exceptions, no exclusions. Nothing less than renewal of the Spirit is at stake.

There is a warning here of expecting to much, or expecting things to continue on in the ordinary way. For the old way has come to an end, and you cannot repeat the patterns of the past and not expect to suffer. This Rune puts you on notice to call in your scattered energies and concentrate on your own life in this moment, your own requirements for growth. More important, Initiation teaches you not to focus on the outcome of your actions and desires. Do not bind yourself to the memory of past achievements which will rob you of a true present. Staying in the moment and acting out of the now is the only time when self-change can be realized.

Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.

This has always been the section for Healing Requests. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request. What is needed is the name and birth date of the ill person, along with a diagnosis, if possible. What are you asking to be lifted? When you place your request in the Healing Circle of Light—located in our Prayer Room, – know that as soon as you make your Prayer request and Healing request – you will begin to see positive results!

(We have had thousands of responses. Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!)


Discover the secrets of your Astrological Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign and read them all together, for monthly guidance and direction.


The New Moon in SAGITTARIUS on December 5th brings the encouragement and motivation to take risks and start out on a great adventure. This is the BEST day to give thanks for your many blessings throughout the past year. With this new energy, luck is on your side, and it is a good bet that you will land on your feet. As the darkest day and longest night of the year approaches, the joyful energy of this New Moon will light up the skies as well as your life.

The Full Moon in GEMINI on December 21st brings a Lunar Eclipse and the Winter Solstice. Enjoy the mid-winter festivals and celebrations. Light candles, have a bonfire feast, dance, sing, and commune with loved ones. This Eclipse is an especially powerful point in time as it effects matters of the general public. This can bring conflict in trade as well as sudden death of great, powerful people. This energy finally stabilizes on Christmas Day.

SAGITTARIUS: Polarity: Masculine Sign: Mutable Element: Fire
Planetary Rule: 9th House/Jupiter Body: Liver-Hips-Thighs FOCUS I See

The Sun has entered SAGITTARIUS

Jupiter, your ruling planet, will travel in three signs through 2011. In the first three weeks of January this energy will focus on your home and family. This may be just the incentive you need to finish all those domestic projects you have been putting off lately. Set aside a day or two to get your place in shape; clean out closets and storage spaces and donate whatever you no longer need. Find a way to put your personal stamp in a special area of your home—a space you can call your own. Even if it’s just a comfy chair, lamp and table with enough space for your pile of books and perhaps the TV remote.

Jupiter will do some great things for your social life after January 22nd. This influence will be on children, creativity, your special talents, and how you spend your leisure time. A new romantic interest could walk into your life before June opens. If you’re committed, plan on several special evenings alone together, as well as enjoying many weekends just for two.

If you’re a parent, expect to be busy with your children’s activities, and if you’re hoping to become one, Jupiter could bring you a wonderful surprise in 2011. This is also a great time to begin a new exercise program or learn a new sport. Once you get started, your interest will quickly accelerate.

After June 4th expect your workload to increase and also expect opportunities for advancement. Be careful, space yourself, because you are going to want to do it all. Curb your enthusiasm a little and if you have a choice, be selective about which projects you accept. Optimism makes it easy to take on far more than you can realistically accomplish. Be careful about what you promise to deliver and when. If you’re in the market for a new job in 2011, send out resumes in June, July, and October.

Many new people will be entering your life, Sag. and their purpose is to teach you something through knowledge or example. People from the past are likely to re-appear and you’ll form some close ties with others. Clubs, organizations, and teamwork offer you opportunities to learn and grow. 2011 will be lively, bursting with opportunities for romance, socializing, and leisure-time activities. More than ever you’ll be ready to dash off on the spur of the moment when life beckons, and if you’re single, dating opportunities will abound.

If you haven’t already, you could move before March 10th, or perhaps move again. Family changes are coming up and any matters under discussion could be concluded now , with an adult child, roommate, or relative moving in or out. Look at your home with a critical eye. Does it need some new decor? Painting, remodeling? Use this time to make it the place you would like it to be.

With all this new activity, you can be certain that communication will be in focus in 2011, Sag. You will have some new thoughts and ideas, and you should be able to find some creative solutions to effectively create your ideas with award winning charm. This effort also carries over to writing and public speaking as you’re careful to fully explain all the pertinent points; it can be easy to possibly skip over some details. The same applies to other areas of your life with instructions and directions. Read, ask questions, and use your GPS.

Be careful with home and family matters this year. There can be confusion surrounding family members, and you could be susceptible to leaks and flooding. Be cautious if you are planning to purchase property; what appears to be ideal may prove to be just the opposite. Invest in a pre-purchase home inspection and get insurance to cover any possible eventuality.

In 2011 you’ll experience some ups and downs with income, and also have the opportunity to greatly increase your earnings. This will require careful planning and “following the rules.” Live within a budget, cut back your spending, limit debt, build your savings and conserve investments. The sooner you get on this page, the greater chance you have for a positive outcome. As you gather your yearly information for Income Tax, look it over carefully. You may be surprised to learn that there are many places where you can trim your budget.


 Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

Time spent with relatives over the Holidays with friends and relatives could be less than enjoyable, in spite of your enthusiasm. Consider, instead, inviting a few people over to your place. Mercury turns retrograde December 10th. Expect Holiday decisions and mailed cards and gifts to be delayed. Your mind has been quite troubled lately, but December promises a period of emotional relief. Though solutions will not simply fall onto your lap, you need to take action in order to completely overcome your troubles. Start by counting all of your blessings, starting with the things you are grateful for. They will show you the way to resolution. Don’t party till dawn on New Year’s Eve.

 Taurus (4/21-5/21)

You’re ready to stride towards achievement of your goals and desires. The challenge is you may find it tough to decide what you want, especially in your career and the outer world. Meditate first – then take action. Mercury turns retrograde on December 10th complicating travel and long-distance communication. This energy can affect your finances. Carefully check all your statements, keep gift receipts, and pay bills early. You may have been feeling like you are missing out on something, or losing something that should be yours, but be assured that your situation will improve as December progresses. Learn to pay more attention, and show more appreciation to what is around you. Slowly but surely, things that are worth keeping, along with the ones that are truly yours, will stay with you. Those that are not good for you will naturally fall away. New Year’s Eve brings you a new freedom, Taurus.

 Gemini (5/21-6/20)

Mercury turning retrograde on December 10th plays havoc with any type of payments, so keep all receipts. If you pay bills on-line make sure to follow through and that the payment is properly received. If you need or want a loan, or want to change or apply for new credit terms, best to put it off to mid-January, 2011. While this month is a time for merry-making, be careful not to let yourself get carried away by lavishness or persuasions which will not do you any good in the long run. Be mindful of where your energies and efforts are spent, and stay sober when making decisions. Mistakes committed at this time will seriously strain relationships and create some blocks needing decisions as 2011 opens. Be careful not to trigger misunderstandings with those close to you during the Holidays.

 Cancer (6/21-7/22)

Expect complications with travel plans over the Christmas Holiday weekend. To prevent loss, be careful shopping, socializing, or when on the road. Mercury retrogrades December 10th, which can trigger multiple misunderstandings that lead to conflict. Compromise and be sure to take a rest when needed. Opportunities that you thought have been lost before are not truly lost—December, 2010, will bear more promising opportunities which you will easily be able to handle. However, make sure that any commitments made are carried out, in order to avoid regrets later about how you could have handled things. Be reminded that lost opportunities do not always come back and give you another chance. Also, be sure to re-read all e-mails before you hit send!

 Leo (7/23-8/22)

Do not spend more that you should on family, friends, and fun over the Christmas and Holiday Season. Scale back and live within your budget. Home is at your best over the Christmas weekend, so invite your friends over for dinner. Mercury turns retrograde on December 10th, triggering problems on the job when decisions are delayed or reversed. Happiness abounds for you throughout December, Leo, and there is simply no time and space for anxiety and fears. Your good energies will easily repel any negative ones directed at you, and your strong spirit will drive away unwanted people and circumstances. Enjoy your life, and always remain grateful for every blessing that is given to you; this attitude will multiply your happiness even more. Even though you are short of time over the Holidays, be sure to set some aside to go over necessary paperwork. Confirm all social dates as well.

 Virgo (8/23-9/22)

Mercury turns retrograde on December 10th, so be sure to confirm dates, driving directions, and get your Holiday cards out early. This energy can also trigger mix-ups with Holiday gifts, so hold off till January to purchase electronics. A few things on your mind have been causing you to feel sad or burdened lately; however, there are several things coming in December which will win you over and lift you out of any unhappy state. While your troubles may not completely disappear, you will be able to deal with them more cheerfully. With this in mind, focus on the things that will lift up your spirits and help you get through any trying times.
Libra (9/23-10/22)

Mercury turns retrograde on December 10th, which triggers upsets with family members, children, and mechanical problems. Personally check out the household appliances, and your car. Hold off until January for any big-ticket items, and confirm the return policy for any electrical Holiday gifts. Tink first before you speak, Libra; some issues which may arise during December may make you feel overly emotional, causing you to want to point a finger at someone, or make false accusations and assumptions. If you speak or act without thinking, you might need to make apologies in order to reclaim your dignity. So try to hold back your words, and speak up only when you feel calm and clear-headed. Meditate for clarity, then speak or act, and the results will be more positive.

 Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

Meditate and delve into your subconscious. Images will emerge at odd moments, and you could feel inspired. Mercury turns retrograde on December 10th and you can expect mix-ups and misunderstandings as well as the possibility of a dead battery. Postpone major purchases until mid-January or buy an extended warranty. Pay bills and get your cards out early, then sit back and relax. This is the perfect time for you to observe the balance between work and play. While you may not be physically working, your mind may still be preoccupied with work details. Make sure that when you leave your work behind, you completely leave it behind. There is no point being physically present in a leisurely activity if your face shows that your mind is in a state of unrest because of work.

 Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

Haste is the problem so slow down and curb your impatience. Do the same with others, and soften your words. Mercury turns retrograde on December 10 th triggering mix-ups with bill payments and accounts, while advising against the purchase of electronics or major appliances. Prepare yourself for pleasant things ahead, Sag. and expect a lot of gains coming your way this month. If you are tired and weary, sit back and watch your efforts pay off successfully. Unexpected ease and pleasure await you. Be careful when making wishes, because what you wish for can easily come true right now. If you are experiencing any blocks or difficulty, there will be an unexpected shift of circumstances towards the better before New Year’s Day. You may have some interference with your personal plans. Wait till New Year’s Eve, when it gets all sorted out.

 Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

You have a way with words now, and gain positive attention. Plan ahead and closely keep track of your schedule so you can keep up. Mercury turns retrograde on December 10 th. Your best bet is to go with the flow and stop trying to push forward. Do not let your fears hold you back. You might have some plans or great ideas in mind, but are afraid to proceed and take action. It is wise to be cautious, but never let your fears hold you back completely. If you spend too much time feeding your worries and fears, you are increasing the chances of being unsuccessful with your plans. Be clear about your intentions, proceed with caution, and learn from your experience. The Holidays bring a busy lifestyle, but slow down enough to prevent distractions which can lead to mishaps. On New Year’s Eve you could be with the right people at the right time, enhancing your career.

 Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

Mercury turns retrograde on December 10th and you need to take extra precautions to prevent a cold or the flu. Be sure to confirm all dates, times, and places so you don’t miss out on a social event. You might encounter some difficulty getting people to move according to your plan; but do not be too harsh on them. They want to be able to contribute and stick to agreements made, but they have their own difficulties to deal with. It would be good to cut others some slack right now. After all, these people still want to be able to do their best for you.

 Pisces (2/19-3/20)

Mercury turns retrograde on December 10th, and personalities and egos may clash. Keep your eyes open this month – you are likely to encounter people with whom you can form valuable and long-lasting friendships with. Be open to possibilities and try to be more sociable. This will help invite the right kinds of people to your life. To ensure a healthy connection and relationship with them, pay attention to your role as their friend. They, in return, will help cultivate your love for life. Avoid any people you’d rather not see over the Holidays, even if someone pressures you to join the crowd. Consider hosting friends and family over New Years.

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