Receiving Cosmic Consiousness Weekend Seminar

Nov 14, 2013 | Special Messages

Following The Cosmic Path
Developing Your Spirituality and Psychic Development

A weekend seminar for developing
Spiritual Growth
November 16th and 17th, 2013


NEW DATE:  JANUARY 18-19, 2014

The Aura is a colorful energy surrounding all living things. It is a powerful vibration for both personal and global transformation.

At this weekend seminar you will learn the keys to increasing the Light within your aura, working from your heart outward. Developing this Light will bring you abundant blessings. Through the new Spiritual Chakras, new techniques, meditation, solar gazing, kundilini yoga breath exercises, you will learn to purify and expand your Aura Field to accelerate your consciousness and move from a sense of limitation to unlimited realities and cosmic awareness.

To become healthy, wealthy, and wise we must first enter into the State of Being where all life is felt and embraced as sacred. This work takes you far beyond the lower mind, into the mind of science, manifestation, changing your life path from “everything happens to me” into the dynamics of “I am the creator of my reality.”

The Light Worker knows that one is free to choose his desires, and makes these decisions with courage, detachment, and sometimes, with just a touch of madness.

Join Ellen Pellgrino and Elizabeth Joyce as they work with you and your essence-making you healthy and beautiful within and without.

Saturday and Sunday
January 18th and 19th both days
Beach Club Estates Spa
161 Rose Drive
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY  11779

Abundance Exchange:
$150.00 per day
Both days: $300.00

We will send you a schedule, as well as the choice to join us for lunch before the class,
once you have signed up.

Elizabeth Joyce

Ms. Joyce and her teachings have had a life-enhancing impact on thousands of people. She teaches that there is such a thing as emotional rubbish and it is produced within the living-space of the mind. It consists of pain that has long since passed and is no longer useful in your life. Learn how to separate the useful from the unnecessary, and begin to dispose of your emotional rubbish. Remember. all of our problems seem very simple once they have been resolved. Elizabeth says. “Never hesitate to weep over ancient sorrows, or to feel the joy of new victories.” She will bring you new teachings that promise to awaken and revitalize your Soul.

Ellen Pellegrino

Ellen Pellegrino, Owner of the Spa at Beach Club Estates, Ellen has worked on beauty and healing others ever since she was a child. She is a natural healer and delivers her messages and healing energies directly from Spirit. She will be teaching the breath and kundilini yoga exercises, as well as working on many of the attendees. Ellen always let’s you know that “You are not what you see or feel because…you are better than that. You are Divine!” She will be working her beautiful Goddess Magic throughout the weekend.

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