Re-Establishing Your Connection With Your Soul

Jul 25, 2019 | In the News

Reestablishing Your Connection With Your Soul
By Elizabeth Joyce

Open my eyes to the world – the world that shines in You.

For my life that’s shining free – I give all I am to Thee

Oh open my heart to the world.

— William Vitalis

It’s time to reestablish your mind and body with the energies of your Soul. Once you have established this connection within, through focused meditation, it will strengthen you as well as help to guide you as you walk your path.  The petals of your Soul are opening, along with the NEW Spiritual Chakras, and a brilliant amber Light is pouring into the center of your being; into your aura, body and heart.

Sometimes we don’t really realize what our inner being is, our unconscious, and all that it holds. We go through life, we have our ups and downs; our loving days as well as our sad days. We can bury things, desires, or memories of past events. We figure that we cannot do much to change it, and all of a sudden, that which we have held within us and thought about for years and years comes up again and manifests. It seems like a coincidence and you ask yourself, “How did Spirit know? How did the Universe know that this is what I’ve been thinking about or secretly desired?” Of course Spirit knows, because it’s held in the part of your being that you cannot see. It’s tucked away in your heart. Spirit always knows your thoughts, prayers, and desires before you even ask.

The Universe answers the desire in its own time and its own way through a vibration of Light. If you feel like you’ve been in the wrong job, or you don’t have the right career or perhaps the right partner, or your discouraged about what’s going on around you, SIT and take the time to reconnect and establish your Soul-mind connection. Ask for purity, clarity, and face the Light. Face the Love and warmth as it beams in to you. This can be difficult for some people because they do not understand how all of this works.

For anything to manifest, it must happen on all levels. By that I mean that if you’re ready for a new job or new relationship, Spirit begins to “clear the pathway” for that manifestation immediately. However, what we don’t usually think about is that the object, place, or person coming into our lives must be ready for the change as well, so that all can be in balance. The Natural Laws of the Universe and always clear and balance.

People have allowed themselves to become a recluse, being alone, or not being listened to; that’s why the computer and electronic devices are so popular and prevalent. When you are being abused you forget what it’s like to have the cosmic Light and love come in. When the Light does reach them, they doubt it or try to find a motive, or find an excuse to defile and change the purity of the Light. They make assumptions that muddy the pond so the White Lotus Blossom rising up through the mud gets splattered on, decreasing the power of the Light beam and perhaps snuffing it out by not accepting it.

Try to realize that the Cosmic Light is your breath, the Cosmic Light is the breeze that flows across a field. This Light flows naturally around and through your physical body and encircles your entire being. It even can clear your Aura, if you can get yourself into a meditative state and raise your vibration. There are many simple and wonderful ways to do this. This Light is the caretaker, nurturer, and affectionate devotee to your Garden of Light. You’re the creator, you have planted the seeds to grow with your life decisions.

Whatever you have experienced in life is because of your stream of thought and decisions. Take a look at your thoughts and decisions over the past six months or so, then see what you can do to bring them to a healthier, higher, living space. This is why people get discouraged. They feel like everything they want doesn’t come. But, instead of truly believing that it all can manifest, they throw in blocks and doubts.

It will never happen.

I’m not deserving.

Maybe it will happen or maybe it won’t.

I’m tired of waiting.

I give up!

When you think that way what happens is the vibrational current of energy gets confused. It doesn’t know whether to come towards you or to dissipate, and you create something called a block.  A block is just as sacred as what your wish is, and has to be honored in the same manner. It honors you while you can’t seem to make up your mind. Therefore you create a block that stuns you, and you are not able to move forward.

Remember, the energy, the Cosmic Flow, Holy Ghost, or mind/body flow, whatever you want to call it, is here to support you and help you overcome the blocks of your desires. It helps you to comprehend the TRUTH of the Creator, which is always to please you; always to bring you Love and support. The energy is on the Earth to lift you up, to give you strength, to bring you up to the highest level of vibration that you can endure. Also to bring in that which you are talented with and what you desire. It is your mother, your father, your sister, and your brother — The supporting family of Light around your Soul.

Your Soul is your Soul, or God-center. You became a person that manifested on Earth through a decision with your Soul. The Soul shines through all of the Inner Planes of your Body/Mind/Spirit, and sometimes we don’t know where these planes are, or how deep they are. Every word you utter, every thought you have, every experience you live through creates an imprint on your Soul. When Bette Midler sang, “God is watching you, From A Distance,”  I wondered if she realized how true that beautiful song is.

The time has come for us to have the courage and focus to develop the unity of our Soul with our Earth bodies in order to establish a line of connection. In that way, we’ll be able to receive constant guidance through this next decade as well as through troubled times.

The key here is receiving messages, not through channeling or “someone from the other side,” but to actually align and be in tune with the messages or whispers of your Soul through the grace of Spirit. You will go beyond the Astral Plane into the depth of the entire Universe. There you will connect with the “Golden Thread of Wisdom.” (Grammie Hemphill) This alignment explores the depths and foundation of your life and all past lives. It enables you to experience the inexhaustible wellspring of information and realize how the Divine can be interwoven within your nature.

Throughout your life your will focus upon the mechanism of self-change, and begin to integrate unconscious motive with conscious intent. As my teacher, Louise Hay, always taught; you must first draw from the well of the Divine to nourish and give to your self. Then there will be more than enough to give to others. You will begin to feel a sense of “family solidarity” with every breath, every feeling, and every word or action. Yes – we are all truly One.