Feb 12, 2011 | Special Messages

February is the month of love and giving of the heart. You may be asking yourself, is this a lasting love? When will he tell me that he loves me? How do I know if it’s real? Is this one my Soul Mate?  Well — FIND OUT with a psychic reading by Elizabeth Joyce. We are offering a Valentine Special, and the rates have been dropped dramatically!

Elizabeth is now giving 1/2 hour readings, as well as the full hour readings. She is also offering you the 1/2 hour reading with an in-depth writing about your life karma. This offer is limited, so get your reading scheduled TODAY!

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Will someone remember you on Valentine’s Day? Are you too busy to care? How is your health, your relationships with family members and close friends? What’s ahead for you over the next few months and throughout 2011? Is something missing in your life? Are you waiting for that new job or promotion? How’s your finances? Does someone in your family need some spiritual healing?  FOR these answers and more, sign up for your reading appointment and call Elizabeth Joyce and make your reading appointment with the new special rates.

Has someone passed that you would like to contact? Do you miss someone who has crossed over? Did you forget to say or do something for them? For possible contact and greater insight, schedule a Divine Contact session with Elizabeth Joyce.

Sign up on line and then Call:  201-934-8986 between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM Eastern.