Prophecy for Today — April 2021

Apr 1, 2021 | Predictions|Special Messages


Prophecy is a word of many meanings, but it is commonly understood to mean “knowledge of the free future.”  How will God act in the future and how will mankind use his free will in the future? What events will result with the mixture of both forces?

A doctor outlining the course of a disease to his patient is not gifted with prophecy. Neither is an astronomer, foretelling the year, month, and day of a comet’s return or an asteroid’s path. They are dealing with scientific facts in which a given cause produces certain effects or how some part of the universe acts in accordance with certain scientific laws.

The free future is known only to God and to those to whom He chooses to reveal it. Neither the Angels, the Saints, the Ascended Masters, or Our Lady herself, knows future events dependent upon God, or man’s use of free will — unless it is revealed and made known to them.

With that said, I am coming forth as a Private Seer. I am bringing forward many private revelations and it is not necessary for you to believe what is being given. There is no guarantee that every word found in my writings is infallible; especially when it comes to prophecy.  The recipients of prophecy may be angels, devils, men, women, children, heathens or gentiles. It is not necessary that a man be gifted with any particular disposition in order to receive the “Light of Prophecy” provided his intellect and senses are adapted to putting forth clear information that God reveals to him. Although moral goodness is usually identified with a prophet, it is not necessary in order to obtain the gift of knowledge.

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APRIL 2021

This will be a month of enormous change. This world is changing – across the board. The astral energy represent a need for the people to make a difference and help others. Many wonderful and growthful discoveries are about to be brought forth. Undercurrents are happening Back stage. We have all been picking up on “fake news” along with purposeful propaganda. Lies told to benefit the few.

Now is the time that the people around the world are beginning to take back their power. We have allowed the Media and governments to rule over us for too long. Your emotions will fluctuate and change this month.

To break away from all of these outdated and outmoded patterns is dangerous and upsetting. To get there is not easy. New beginnings is like the birthing process. You have to close your eyes, grin and bear the pain, and then cry for joy when you have accomplished your rebirthing.

Undercurrents show us that we are no longer in the dark. April is a very eventful month. Mars leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer on the 24th, to bring us a little peace. 

The lockdowns are building to an explosive level. Thru the 13th of April we will see warlike energy. There could be several terrorists attacks around the world.

Corona virus problems are coming to an end. We will be back to normal by next spring.  Many have lost jobs. People needed the stimulus checks and some businesses will never reopen. There is lots of help and healing that’s coming out So many discoveries in space are coming out creating fabulous new technologies and healing.

Now we are moving on to other worldwide issues, financial, and leadership problems. Economy will shift in April. The stock markets will fall. The Stock Market will need to begin to rebuild. Planets will not be supportive. A shift but not a crash. Travel – hospitality  – will do well. Technology and oil will improve.  Cripto currency is the future – a way to exchange money excluding banks – its all changing – going into a certain direction. Get out of the banks as they are undergoing an irreputable change, crash, and rebuilding that will effect your retirement and 401K funds.

The weather will be out of control. Storms – emotions – drowning – flooding – tornados – earthquakes.  This is in the minds of the people – with frustrations, anger, and hostility. Turbulent minds bring turbulent weather.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 20th and Mars moves into Gemini on the 24th – this is profound as these powerful planets move into each others sign. – everything having to do with truth in the media will be exposed. All will come out mid-April.

As the truth comes out – people will refuse to believe the facts.  You will need to stay strong in your beliefs. If you remain unsure – go within – ask your guides and higher self. Then you will know.

This will be happening everywhere around the world. Not just in the USA. There has been corruption that has been going on for so  long – and at the full moon on April 26th there will be much revealed and so serious charges and arrests.

So in April, what is happening will be far more stressful than what we have had in the past.  We need to focus on being there for others, and supporting them in their responses, as we all pass through these challenging times. There are many that are simply not aware that we all have been lied to and played.

The only way we can be there for others in a helpful way is to release our “stuff.” Old contracts, old behaviors, old beliefs, while adjusting and adapting to what and where we are now. Then we can lend a hand and be there for others.

April opens a window for you to open and grow. No more asking am I ready? Am I prepared? It’s going to get more chaotic out there and we need to stand our ground in this battlefield of life while holding out a hand for others to pull them through this mirage into a place of safety, inner growth and wholeness.

Jupiter moves into Pisces in early May. Pisces represents endings – a lot is coming to an end. This will create the change that comes into the world. You can and will change your life by going within and using your own power.

MARCH 2021

March will be a fast, stark month, with many things coming out into the open that you never thought possible. The quiet times are over. Matters that have been kept hidden for many years will begin to unfold and be revealed. The weather will be tumultuous as well, and very unpredictable. Many mysteries will be shockingly revealed.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 13th, conjuncts both the Sun and Neptune, unraveling the lies and hidden matters all over the world. The truth comes out, but not as much as between June and August. There’s going to be a split in the media. They are the wealthiest source of information worldwide and control everything. They control what we think, they color matters anyway they wish, and try to control what we believe, how we look, while making tons of money from it.

There will be an uprising coming from the common man. Great new media centers will arise with honest and truthful information, shattering the deceit and lies we have become used to and accepted. The people globally will begin to realize all of the games and partial truths, bent to serve the elite, that have occurred, and will no longer tolerate it. Although the current media brags about transparency, there really hasn’t been any. The upside is that it’s very refreshing to see the “little guys” come together, in force, to split open and create this much needed change. People are taking back their power, and as they do so, more and more corruption is exposed.

Right after the Spring Equinox but before Holy Week, there will be several explosive events. 2021 is a very warlike year, especially with the media, the post-election and inauguration, and the Capitol event, which was a physical attack.

This is the month when we will learn the truth about the Corona virus, what has been really going on, and it will be explosive. It’s important than you realize that most of the news you have been hearing is propaganda. The people in power tell you one thing, and the other side tells you something different. Stay centered, make your own decisions, and always listen to what your gut is telling you. Listen to your dreams and what is within your heart. You will “know” what is real and what is untrue as a natural impulse or feeling within.

There are too many people that have been disenfranchised and are very unhappy. The United States will create a split in March, which will continue around the world. People will realize how the government has let them down and will begin to take action. They will see how many of the recent changes really don’t work. In essence this is a good thing. This regime had to take power in order for this to become evident. The new ideas don’t work, disruption occurs, and will eventually bring about more cooperation with others and peace, but not for a few years yet. There’s a lot more disruption to come.

As we approach April, our banking situation, the stock market, and food shortages come into focus. The stock market has been doing okay, but is projected to fall at month’s end and become very volatile. Also Real Estate has picked up because so many people are leaving the cities. Good investments are land and crypto currency at this time. Although crypto currency will take some powers away, it is here to disrupt the current banking system and create some important changes within our money system.

March 25th – 26th is a time of explosive events concerning our food supply and financial affairs. The news media will be full of stories concerning problems in this area. 

At the end of the month, on the 30th and 31st, the intense weather begins and continues through the month of April. Also, there’s a lot of confusion concerning the major changes that are occurring this month.

The strongest message for March 2021, is that the world will have changed and nothing will be the same as before ever again. This is a month that will be remember for years to come.