Opening To Your Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity: Book Two

Opening To Your Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity: Book Two


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I have designed three levels of classes for others to learn how to open up their minds, hearts, and inner self to experience the wonders of what is called the other side. In the past, these spiritual energies have not been available to all, but only to the chosen few. Now, the time has arrived for everyone to become aware of this connection and reap the rewards by using this higher energy in their daily and spiritual lives. Book II of my Intuitive Awareness Classes leads you forward by teaching the secrets of opening up to your Blessed Higher Self as well as the Angelic and Spiritual forces that be.
In these pages we will look at the higher energies. Book One introduced us to Metaphysics, the invisible energies and their initial use. Book Two brings in the ways to work with these energies, once you have built your body and spiritual strength up to be able to work with these forces safely. You will work with the basics of Astrology, past, present, and future lives, setting a condition, creating a positive outcome, going out-of-body, and learn how to manifest as well as receive messages and direction from your guides, angels, and Masters from the other side. There are many benefits of talking to our departed on the Other Side, while sitting at a Séance.
The writing of this book is motivated by many people who have asked me how to build up and strengthen their intuition and live a peaceful existence, free from fear. Each chapter has a description and checklist of how best to access the energies described within. What strategies, meditations, prayers, and exercises one can use to tap into the higher realms, receive news from their departed loved ones, or to understand their emotional pain and experiences on this planet, is explained.
You will gain the knowledge and awareness of how the cycle of life works, and be able to continue on your personal path, while maintaining good physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual health; the Housework of the Soul.


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