Opening To Your Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity: Book Three

Opening To Your Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity: Book Three


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The Level Three Classes of working with your psychic energies or sixth sense bring you into a new area of Spiritual awareness; that of raising your vibration, while letting go of fears, phobias, and addictions. Your inner belief system creates energetic responses to all events that occur around you. This energy brings the result of either uncertainty or strength.

Learn the different areas of vibration that can affect your entire body as well as your Spiritual Body System. Work with your Akashic Records and Cellular Memory, while raising your Energetic Blueprint (through the 9th Chakra). Begin to magnetically attract people, events, and situations that reflect the real you and fulfill your life destiny. Learn that you can actualize what you visualize and the art of creating a positive lifestyle.

Know that your Soul Mate is already within you. Past generations have left an impact in your cellular structure which you can access to enhance your life. As Rumi said — “True lovers don’t just meet somewhere, they’re in each other, all along.” You will work with the new 5th Dimension frequencies, past, present, and future lives, your personal Guides and Angels, the new Spiritual Chakras and Divine Seals, and the powerful Circle of Light. There are many magical benefits when you commit to your Spiritual advancement. Book Three throws a Light on how to raise your vibration, manifest your desires, attract your Soul Mate, work with your Akashic Records, and create the fulfilled, balanced, and joyful life you deserve.


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