Predictions for Quarter 4, 2021 – and Beyond

Sep 7, 2021 | Predictions|Special Messages


2022 The Year of Action, Thunder, and Shocking Change. However the changes begin on September 6, 2021 with the Virgo New Moon. A huge shift is looming in the U.S. economy and financial system, which will reveal itself in a dramatic way, this October. This is not surprising, since roughly half the U.S. population was born AFTER 1981… and we simply haven’t seen anything like this in roughly 50 years. What exactly is going on? The worst thing you can do is to sit idly by and do nothing.  You need to begin to prepare now. Elizabeth shares with us some of the events that are on their way, and most of all how to protect your family. loved ones, and income.  More to come…


There is a lot going on in astrology and energetically the last quarter of 2021.  I had said this year was the year of expansion with a possibility of war beginning at the end of the year.  We’re going through a breakdown and release phase, as we head toward the loving reality of the Fifth Dimension, and it can seem troublesome and painful. True transparency seems to be creeping in slowly, one step at a time. This has to happen so we can build and live our lives differently, because we all know what mankind has done to this planet. Our consciousness has to be raised up as we begin to take responsibility for our decisions, what we do, where we go, who we hang out with, our creativity while opening up our capacity to love and serve.

The upsets begin mid-September between 9/15 and 9/20 . September will be a pivotal month for our leaders and our country. The transit of Mars in Virgo will heat matters up.  There will be dramatic changes between this time (Sept.4th) and Oct. 22nd. This is a time when Uranus is very powerful – brings health, healing, and a resurgence of the virus. The virus becomes more intense. A lot of science news comes out involving some new discoveries of just how this virus works and what the real dangers are.

The last two weeks in Sept, into the first two weeks of October we will learn more about it and begin to conquer it. There will be so much change with our discoveries, science and health and healing.

After Sept. 15th we will begin to learn how to handle our money and the economy. Some bank laws will change, making the world struggle with crypto currency. BITCOIN can grow as well as many smaller crypto currency companies. Now remember, I am not a financial expert by any means; I am just telling you what I see astrologically.  So remember this timeframe.

Mercury retrogrades on the 27th in Libra, the sign of balance. This is a time when we go back and reassess our decisions. It can feel as if things are terrible, the worst ever. Everything in the universe follows a rhythm and vibration. Nothing really happens by accident, but upsets and quick surprising changes wake us up to see the truth. To see where we, or others are off the path, especially with our world leaders. We are in the “great awakening” when radical change brings truth through our internal awareness. There are a lot of cover up and lies that will be revealed and many illusions and lies will surface; corruption and deceit that has been going on for centuries.  Spiritually – it all happens for a divine purpose.

Who killed Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe? What really happened in Vietnam? No one knows

We went through a long lockdown. What did we learn? We learned about our home, our family, how they function and how they think. We shared and got to know each other. There were many blessings with this experience. We supported our elderly and helped our neighbors.

People began losing trust with our government as well as belief in world leaders. How have the crises really been handled? We found that there is no such thing as a savior and faced the truth that we will have to be more self-reliant. Honesty, trust and caring are the keys to a balanced and koving life, alomg with respect for others, their thoughts and differences. Without respect no one can have a balanced life.

I had mentioned in one of my weekly Stargazing Reports (always on You Tube) that around Sept. 2nd we would have water and flooding. Then the hurricane came up the East Coast. Neptune rules water and Mars opposed Uranus during that storm, bringing in severe flooding.

September brings more health crises, trouble in the entertainment industry with several sad disappointments, deception and deceit revealed, more lock-downs. Scandals are uncovered in Hollywood that can get pretty ugly.

Another area is the CEO’s and president’s of corporations. Their leadership shenanigans will bring out some shocking and disappointing truths.

A lot of upsets and more secrets will come out in the area of social media, especially at the top of such companies. Unfortunately this has become a cut-throat, vicious, and unhealthy business. These people have not been honest or trustworthy and have actually broken the law many times. Cutting off people writing and thoughts is against our rights to free speech. Especially since criminals can say and do as they will, especially when exploiting children. The internet, which is a wonderful media exchange, has been invaded by people who think they are in control. Well, Uranus is about to give them a big surprise, and I’m certain they will not like it at all. The revelations will be mind-blowing.  These events will actually be breaking apart the social media monopoly.

Oil, gas, and fuel will break apart. The prices of oil and gas will go up because there is now less of a supply.

I am giving out all of this news so that many of you can pray, work with the energies, help spread healing, help, and kindness. These actions actually may avert some of these events from happening.  Our consciousness and our actions have brought about all these upsets. The consciousness in the USA is about to explode. Sadly, most people don’t change until they are forced to do so. Well, it looks like they will have to.

What’s happening and why? Through many of these events, we gain self-betterment along with empathy and understanding. With that new energy and way of thinking, perhaps some of this darkness can be averted.

We have two eclipses coming this fall that will affect the USA and the world. It greatly affects Joe Biden’s astrological chart. Uranus will soon be squaring Saturn in mid-December.  The Lunar eclipse on November 19th at 29 degrees Taurus will conjunct Uranus and square both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius while opposing Mars in Scorpio. That’s violence. That’s war! This energy can begin earlier or a bit later than that date. I have always said, “The energy happens before the action.” So the thoughts and planning will strengthen in mid-October as several planets turn direct, and the event will occur closer to the date of the eclipse.

According to President Biden’s chart, his energy will decline just as these events are happening. His body is letting go of strength and is weakening. Biden may not be able to finish his term. This is already in process, beginning 18 months ago, but becomes more focused and harsher in December and January.

Beginning October 19th when Mars trines Jupiter and opposes Uranus, the storms and struggles begin. Our enemies could attack, health issues take center stage, accidents of all kinds occur as well as sudden, unexpected events; could be weather issues, or communication failures; i.e no internet or cell phones. Keep vigilant and watch what’s happening in the US and around the world.

I had said that China will invade Taiwan right after the winter Olympics, but this could begin earlier.

The energy in December is very heavy. The December 3rd Solar eclipse affects the homeland. This energy is with us from that date through    January 16th; and affects Joe Biden’s health as well as possibly cyber attacks. It can be very dramatic because of the emotional energies of the Moon. It could bring some upsetting concessions between the USA and other countries.  I do know this – that 2022 holds some bad and dangerous energy. It will be more challenging than we have yet experienced.

Great losses in the USA including possible readjustment of the dollar.

Truth comes out regarding the media, and  how they have held back the truth from the American public as well as around the world.


Open enemies appear, possible acts of terrorism.

On New Year’s Eve and New Years Day there will be violence. This incident will reveal many lies and hidden circumstances that have brought these acts about. January 4th and January 8th  bring death, change, accidents, and open enemies. The Moon – Mars – Saturn always brings war.

Let’s do a recap.

Between Sept. 15th and Jan. 15th there is upheavals and many upsets coming, world leaders, weather, finances, and general safety.

The grand finale of 2021 at New Year’s will change the world as we know it today.

You need to get mentally and spiritually prepared to get through this.

It’s the anniversary of Pluto conjuncting the rising sign of the chart of the USA.  How did we do since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and what do we need to change?

This energy has been brewing for a long, long time but has been well covered up. When it’s all over – when all is said and done – we will have a better world.

We have to prepare and look within to save ourselves.

We are reminded that each and every one of us has the divinity of God within us.

We need to begin to look within ourselves – meditation

To take our own power

To connect to our divine essence daily


This is what’s happening NOW!  This is the reflection of how we’ve been living. You don’t have to believe me. You need to become free of the fear. The true deception is negativity, deception, lies, and total ideas of others to keep you in fear. It’s the same lies over and over again. Did we really need other people to tell us that there are other people in other worlds on this planet? Do you think we’re the only ones in the universe. You can get past it. The matrix is dissolving. You need to feel it in your whole being for it to be your truth. There are no limits. Full disclosure.

You can fly through this and prepare for 2022. You cannot avoid this because the consciousness of the earth is changing. We have choices and this is critical. You can begin now to change your life on this planet.

Our world has changed and we can never go back to the lower density.

When you’re on the flow – things happen out of the blue, there is no fear, there is nothing but giving in love. You have to go into a different space in order to ascend.

You have to get ready for a different reality. We can see what we have done to the planet. 2022 will be the year of action. We now know that we cannot live the way we have been. We have to consciously change the way you use products and don’t support any of your enemies or dangerous products. i.e. plastics, big banks, corporate business who have sold us out.

Is there something you can do to help the planet? Yes:  Remember that God is not in

Politics’Race Relations Entertainment



Institutions – Colleges – Government – Corporations

Although 2022 can be painful because of some very fast changes that seem to take your freedom away – something wonderful will be happening at the same time.

God will protect His children. Worldwide.

Declare your need for healing as well as the worlds need for healing.

Pray for families

Pray for the border

Pray for those trapped behind enemy lines

Pray for your enemies

Have compassion for their lack of knowledge and wisdom



Ask the Lord to embrace you and surround you with the Holy Spirit

Know that as the raindrops fall – and they will fall

They are raindrops of gold – the true gold – the gold from the Holy Spirit

As the drops touch your lips, know while they wash over you – that they are coming down directly from God and His angels

Lift up your hands to the heavens

BE THANKFUL AND IN GRATITUDE. Your are touched, blessed and surrounded by the power of GodSurrender to that truth. Ask God to

Fill you with His Spirit

Ask God to Fill you with compassion, mercy, and grace

Pray to God to use you at His will

Let Thy will be my will

How can I make an amazing difference in these times?

When we break through thus fear it’s because you have overcome and broken through

God is preparing a Harvest – beginning on this New Moon in Virgo and the beginning of Rosha Shauna

Don’t be afraid of anything

You are a child of God

Walk away from your inner traps, fears, doubts, and people who put you down. This is the Year of Action – 2022  Yes – there will be a lot of things happening around you. But you are never alone – and always protected. Communities will be established – the Blue Bell Communities Where people will gather in love and kindness –and wait for these days to pass.

We are now on the precipice – walking our path – to the Rein of Glory. Spring Rain 0 Mercy Rain will fall on the people’s lips.  People will be set free ad have inner transformations. They are surrounded with the Holy Spirit. Their words carry a sword. Tell everyone that the long nights are coming to an end. Tell everyone about the new freedom

A Season comes first – creating shelters – worldwide – from the Most High – there are two sheeves of Harvest. Go out and love the people. Work on opening the people’s hearts. Begin the stage of the greatest harvest of Souls – for the next two year.s

This next year – 2022 – will be very different energetically

You will begin to feel very removed from the outer world

There will be wars and rumors of wars

New demands mad on society

Fear mongering and outright lies

Financial problems and realignments

Changes in our everyday living

Just know that the breakdown is happening

All Evil is being rounded up and removed

Going through it can be difficult

Don’t hang on to the past – bless it and everyone in it – and let it go – let it all go

This next year brings

Faith in families – strength in family ties a new infusion and deep spiritual awareness

Other worlds – other lives and existence.

New living worlds will appear – worlds with life on them

Stand up tall – on your own 0 allow your inner self to be guided by God and the ange

This Revelation will be intensified – by the provision on Grace

Many will feel this but many won’t

All Souls who make the choice and take action will be healed – in an instant

The Rain comes and you will be protected

Learn and embrace the NEW Spiritual Chakras – the “Light will be on your forehead” so you can be recognized.

The Earth will be rejuvenated – trees will grow in the deserts

Seasons will change = the Earth will be cleansed and healed by outside forces not of this Earth

The Blue Bell communities will thrive

It’s all happening now

People are seeking the teachers to help them

There are thousands of them

The Lightworkers

2022 is the year the Lion will roar

A loud cry comes from the center of the Earth and humanity

Last week in the Ukraine 250,000 people marched in the streets Praising the Lord – God

It’s all happening and it’s all good.

“Come to me my Lord

All in you made new

Come to me my Lord

Nothing outside of you

All the worlds by your hand come together

We’re all protected in your care.”

William Vitalis










Our aim can be




  1. Glasses of water
  2. hours of sleep
  3. wondero of the World
  4. digits of annual income
  5. days of work

4,         wheeler

  1. bedroom house
  2. beautiful children
  3. Sweetheart
  4. stress and tension


I know who I am

I know what I am

I know how I serve.


Proceed with courage

Practice caution and alertness

Pray for Grace.