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Jun 9, 2022 | Predictions

June Predictions 2022

I have been walking you through 2022, almost month by month. Now we are half-way through the year. It’s June, the month of the Summer Solstice. This is a month where we feel like we can get “back to life.” It’s a Lucky Month as well.

Somewhat more normal than the past few months and years. Graduations. Weddings. Vacations, travels.

However, the economy is a mess – and then we have the worldwide weather forecast, along with some possible political surprises.

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Let’s get back to the exciting month of June.

Mercury turned direct on June 3rd – and was one of the major proponents of the economy doing downward. The stock market, along with cryptocurrency and bitcoin are ruled by Mercury, and this energy has really done  a number on our accounts.

I have noticed that everytime Mercury turns retrograde – as well as when it turns direct, the cryptocurrency is affected. This time. When Mercury went retrograde – the coins went down – and as it turned direct their value began to go up again.

Now, I’m aware that everybody is predicting a market crash and depression is on the horizon. Well – not yet. The market will go up. In the first two weeks of July – the planets are all so strong – just watch. The market will have some surprising events, very positive – as well as the economy – it will begin to even out.

July 2nd is pretty much an amazing day. Every planet will be in it’s own ruling sign – except the Sun. (The Sun’s ruling sign is Leo – (and it’s coming up). Jupiter – in Pisces, used to rule Pisces– Venus in Taurus – Mars in Aries – Mercury in Gemini – and the Moon will be in Cancer.  WOW!!

But otherwise July 6th is the luckiest day in July. The Moon is in Virgo – aspected fully by Jupiter. If you want to start something new – that’s the day to begin.  Amazing!  Mark that day on your calendar.

Now – Mercury turned direct last Friday – June 3rd – and Saturn turned retrograde on June 4th –  in Aquarius.  This brings us a turn of events – there will be a turnoff events this upcoming week – if not right now. This will probably be negative because of where Saturn is sitting (on a small, dark star). Its goal as a demonic star – it represents losing one’s head. This is a change of leadership. I think it has to do with the Supreme Court for the USA. I sense that the Biden administration will be replacing two more judges before 2024. This energy brings delays and setbacks. I think it may have something to do with the Ukranian War as well. This is a very strong energy – and remember I’ve been predicting the fall of a world leader.  (In December 2021 I predicted Putin had cancer and would have physical problems in the summer months.)   Putin’s chart shows me that something is going on with his body right now.

I had also stated that peace talks would begin in the Ukrain the third week in June – but actually – this may be why I’m seeing a relief – calmness and peace the first few weeks of July. Something positive is happening in June regarding this.

Don’t get too comfortable though – because as Mars moves deeper into Aries – some new problems arise. Lots to do with travel and the economy. Air Travel – flights – gas prices – all this is going on, creating delays, cancelations, etc.  But we do have a breather. June and most of July – it will be quiet until about July 17th.  That’s the day Mars moves into a negative aspect.

Mars hits a negative angel with Uranus and brings upset.  Problems with leadership will arise – and someone is going to have to change course, (It could be because of Michigan and the coming blackouts, as well as with the war.)

The New Moon and Full Moon in June are very important.

We just had the New Moon and the Full Moon is on June 14th – Flag Day.  Remember we had a Full Moon on May 16th?  Well – That Full Moon was at the very first degree of Scorpio – and this Full Moon will be at the very last degree of Scorpio. UhOH!  29 degrees – this is vitally important because the last degree of a water sign presents a challenge – a knot to untie– something is not working too well. I was taught that this degree feels  like someone who’s drowning – you cannot get control. Water signs bring in water.  This degree is located in the tail of the Scorpion and is said to be one of the worst positions of the zodiac. The stinger of the Scorpion is very venomous and poisonous.

Example:  Nobody is looking at the friends of Jeffrey Epstein. Because they are guilty as well – they are tuning in a deaf ear.

Nobody is looking at the major drug problem we have in this country and all over the world. However the shootings are becoming daily. We do not have a gun problem in this country – we have mental health issues and now – along with no punishment for crimes.  There are many more deaths from drug overdose than the virus. The media is still talking about the virus and not putting their attention where they should. I’ve been pointing out this information the entire year because Jupiter and Neptune are in the same sign – Pisces.

Neptune rules drugs, escapism, and guess what else?  Oil and gas. Neptune rules all fluids. As it cojoins Jupiter – the problems escalate and the prices go higher. This will be going on for quite some time. Mars is also joining this energy – ruling the transport of items, products – food as well.  This affects the  prices of everything – diesel – oil – gas – travel – everything.  Shipping – transport – essentials. Especially baby formula and food.

As I said – the other side of Neptune destroys, brings drugs and this can destroy a nation. Back in 1856 when Jupiter came together with Neptune in Pisces – there was the Opium epidemic in China that dehabilitated China over so many people being addicted.  SO – don’t think this is a light matter – this is really deeply affecting the world.

Then Mars aspects in Aries on June 27th – and things will begin to move a lot faster.  This will affect the transport of things – and things will get better from the end of June through the 3rd week in July – then look out (again) because we will begin to have some major issues – especially as the pre-mid term elections heat up. Bad weather and electric short outs as well.

Also in June – Venus leaves Taurus and moves into Gemini on June 25th.  In Taurus there is passion – in Gemini there is the wandering eye.  Breakups. Watch the news – there could be many breakups with Hollywood and Government figures. Even in your own life – watch out. Venus also rules vehicles – cars – airplanes – ships – this could be a difficult time – especially around June 25th.  Computers as well, especially as Venus is changing signs.  Radio and TV.

So – what are we looking at here?

In June things will improve – things will be getting better –
The War improves
There could be cause for celebration
The economy improves – the markets will not stay down
The markets improve in July –

then we’re in for a major roller-coaster ride in August –

So – during this down time – really, really be appreciative of family. The things you love and enjoy. And – most important – this beautiful, beautiful planet. The more you  put that energy out there – of love and appreciation – the faster our planet will heal.

We’re lucky enough to be here on this beautiful planet – especially this time of year


When we get to this next Full Moon on Tuesday, June 14th, you will find that we cannot deny the facts anymore. You can’t blame outside sources for inside problems.

You can’t blame problems of our economy on the war – you cannot blame shootings on the guns – you cannot have lack of order and control and enforceable laws – you must have them to have a healthy community – the facts are coming more and more clear –

At the end of July through the end of the year – we will reach a climax about these matters. There’s going to be a major clearing – and I will keep you posted as we move through this energy. I call this last 1/3 part of the year – the windup – the beginning of the end.

It’s like blowing up a balloon. Everything is building

And building
And building

There’s going to be an event that clears the air.

Many people who have been feeling that there have been many injustices will feel that justice is beginning to take care of matters. FINALLY!

Keep the prayers for balance and clarity going

And PLEASE  enjoy this time of calmness.


The Gemini New Moon on  May 30th

We are still in the energies of the last two eclipses, especially the Scorpio Super Moon eclipse on May 15-16th at one degree.  The energies will continue to vibrate over the next 6 months. It’s not over yet. Remember what I say about astrology – its all a process – and cannot be pinpointed easily.

Uranus is sitting on the karmic nodes of the world axis – and will endure some hard aspects, bringing in some shocks and surprises. Earthquakes, volcanoes, political, and financial issues, particularly around currencies and cyber coins – because its in Taurus – and that’s a long running transit. Uranus doesn’t move out of Taurus until 2026. However, Uranus brings us clarity – it’s about the higher mind, awakening, and ascension.

I think we will see another awakening wave around this upcoming New Moon. This is due to Jupiter moving over the zero point of Aries – which is the very first degree of the entire zodiac, This energy has vigor – a life force and it brings a whole new start. An entirely new adventure. A burst of creativity. So look at your chart to see where this energy falls for you.

You can book a reading with me to gain further understanding as to how this energy will affect you. (E-mail me at

Jupiter has an orbit – so if you go back to June of 2010 (I began to write Ascension – was on Coast to Coast) or January of 2011 (planned the cruise with Dannion Brinkley) those are the two months  –  when Jupiter was at 0 degrees of Aries. The events may not  have happened in those months but the energy set-up began – a sense of expansion and growth, liberation or recognition – depending on where Jupiter was falling in your chart.   There will be an echo of that event happening again – a freshness with it – a newness that we’re moving away from staleness or feeling stuck. Away from the old, into the new.

Endings and beginnings are so clearly marked in astrology. Mars moves into the warrior sign of Aries on May 25th and stays there (The Texas school shootings) until July. The whole time Mars is in Aries it’s going to add an energy – a focus – and a determination to whatever Jupiter is doing for you. By May 29th they come into conjunction – and that is very much about fighting – fight for causes – fighting for your future – an issue that has more meaning for you than what has gone before. There will be a tremendous energy and focus, fiery energy that just wants to it’s thing. This has a strong physical energy and it just wants to achieve its focus.

Please remember that Mercury is still retrograde – until June 3rd – so be careful that you check all the details because this is surging forward and we must make sure we check everything before we get into it – but whatever it is – it’s fiery energy. We’re going to see a lot of energy this year that we have not experienced before. In the Pisces water energy we had water (The under sea earthquake in Peru-Bolivia. Flooding – some tragic flooding in Southern Australia and South Africa.)

Now we have fiery energy. Fiery words, fiery behavior, out of control fires. It’s going to get “hot” out there – right up to the mid-terms. Especially with the lies and illusions.  Let us use this energy to move forward with DRIVE and focus – in very positive terms.

The conjunction between Mars and Jupiter – which is very tight, almost exact – on May 30th – when we have the New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini.  Mars and Jupiter join up and both planets are connected to freedom, truth, and also in the case of Jupiter, Justice.  This is when Memorial Day is celebrated in the USA.

As we look at the New Moon in Gemini – particularly look at the house where the planets fall in your chart.  Gemini is about our mental functions – it’s about our thoughts – our ideas – our self-talk and our unconscious thoughts rolling around our heads.  Like:

You’re not good enough
Smart enough
Pretty enough

All that kind of negativity that we’re not conscious of inside our hear. I’m very aware of – since my work with Louise Hay – that’s about 60 % of the thoughts we have today are exactly the same kind of thoughts we had yesterday, and 60% of those were the thoughts we had the day before.  So we need to up our game here and get beyond that repetition of going around in circles.  There is a real call here to become more conscious of our thinking – more masterful. We can only achieve our focus and intention if we are conscious of our thinking.  This is the only way personal ascension can happen.

Gemini is a mutable sign –  it’s like shining a light through a prism and the light splits and becomes divergent. Although Gemini energy is extremely creative it can become scattered  and distracted here and there. This is part of creativity – but we need to bring it back into focus and to be on-track with what we’re creating.

Gemini is also linked to Social Media – it’s one of the signs – along with Aquarius – and voting systems as well. We may see some cyber attacks happening because there’s an important Uranus conjunction happening this month as well.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini – which is still retrograde until Friday – June 3rdin the sign of Taurus. We have a very tight square between Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini.  This brings in more censorship and control with communication and equally some new social media platforms coming out.

As for outer space transmissions – Mercury is in the same degree as the outer planets – Saturn, Uranus. Neptune, and Pluto.  We will be getting a lost of downloads – a lot of information at this time.

Something interesting here – Mercury has retrograde back to the point of the Scorpio lunar eclipse on May 16th – which causes an echo. It will bring back into focus whatever the subject was at that time.  It was revelations, disclosure, lies exposed, Hillary’s trial about her Russian Hoax for example. Go back and check out what was in the news.  This energy is also about “loosing your head” or decapitation – and we will see leaders of countries being replaced – or losing their power.

Mercury in Taurus can be pretty blunt – tell it like it is,  We are given strength in that by Pluto in Capricorn being in a close trine with Mercury.  Speaking truth – with conviction – depth – and power.

The Saturn aspect help you to know that your projects and ideas are workable now – for the long term. Saturn is about hard work and structure – what we’re building for the long term.

There is also a triple conjunction here between Mercury, Uranus, and the North Node (Karma).

Mercury tends to be lower mind – our daily thinking – coming and going – thinking – neighbors – chatter – twitter is a great word for this energy.

It’s also linked to our feathered birds.

Uranus is linked to our higher mind.  Higher ideals – downloads – insights – galactic energy – Invisible beings. Now that’s not such a crazy idea – we are made of Stardust. Even scientific professors say that.  Here on earth we have thought of ourselves as Humans and anything else – such as Light Beings as way out there – and very different. However – we came from there – we came from the galaxies and this whole period of time 2022-2025 – this whole period of revelation and evolution – is realizing this is not something new – but remembering our galactic citizenry – and stepping back into it and bring ourselves up to a higher level. This is what Ascension is all about.

What this triple conjunction will bring in is a lot of new ideas, insights, technology, downloads, for the benefit of our future collective destiny.  All related to nature, animals, food, food supplies, agriculture, caring for the earth,  — finance, wealth, money, currencies, crypto currencies, digital banks, ‑— Uranus – digital    Taurus – earth, money

We will see a ;ot more of these issues on-line as well as the whole issue between centralization and decentralization. This New Moon in Gemini has so many positive aspects – it becomes very exciting – suggesting new levels of thinking, new ideas.

Completing the triple solar system support – we have Neptune in a close sextile  — this is about your creativity, your imagination. Putting all these together — this is about an upgrade in our thinking system.

Really be relentless in what you want to create.  Meditate – walk in nature – feed your project – play ARDAS – be unrelenting in what you’re going to create in th world.

Another aspect of the new world coming – Jupiter is moving over that Aries Zero point as well as Mars on June 25th.  Finding a way to regenerate – land, even though it’s laid in waste – for whatever reason – finding a new kind of food – dwarf plants – bring us another level of consciousness; another level of being that we’re moving into.

We’re moving into another level of being – which is very exciting.  We are watching the old collapse. I have talked about this as far back as 2016; the movement of Pluto through Capricorn, and how the old will be swept away to open up the energy of the new – when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024.

The new is coming in at a higher level. Taking away and removing anything that isn’t for our highest good. We are able to vibrate at the quantum level.

We are moving into beyond time. The energy is coming in from beyond our galaxy – into the fine, clear energy. Way beyond the Astral Plane – way beyond. The Archangels are bringing us closer to the mind of God and all of creation – for us to assimilate – understand – and work with. This energy removes anything unbalanced.

I am acutely aware that there are thousands of dark things happening around the world. Death, war, destruction, violent weather – it’s very overwhelming. But we can work energetically – and it does make such a difference.

If we can erase and remove the dark and evil and love in the good – then we can change the consciousness of the collective. We can do it – but we must have focus and intention to do it.  We can become master of our minds with this Gemini energy. So many planets and asteroids are at the Zero point.  (Greg Braden wrote about The Zero Point years ago) This brings us a new energy and a new earth.

The beginning is the scariest part. Meeting new people – doing things you haven’t done before =- obtaining our goals – don’t allow yourself to become obsessed. Step into your new life – let go of the past – love your new awareness – our new future can be fear – “I don’t know if I can move forward or how.  Start facing your fears – look at what you’re afraid of – and move forward. Don’t let the ego come in. Conquer it – you don’t need to “one up” anything. Be a peacekeeper and a conqueror.

I have a dear friend in Texas who calls me a Rock Star. Well – I’d like to be known as a Rock Star of Love. We can do so much – help children, animals – relatives – friends- the emotionally ill – the sick and maimed. Love  isn’t weak and watery. Love is a fire and brings us the strength and will to do the impossible. Love is a warrior energy – which is what we will be seeing this month of June – and ongoing.

So – step into this energy – we’ll start a world wide club – “Rock Stars for Love.” Let’s Do It!

At this point in time, Nov. 2021, we are in the eye of a hurricane. Nov. and Dec. leading into the darkness and difficulties of 2022 is a very important time period. The eclipses and transits are huge.

In astrology, the most common saying is “As above, so below.” This tells us that the astrology heavens can help to guide us through the happenings on Earth. What we see in the skies is what we can expect here. Mars on the Sun or Moon represents war, violence, endings, and aggression as well as accidents and problematic weather.  I am always telling my students, “The energy 2022 happens before the action.” So the aspects take place in the heavens, and brings in the energy for the action to take place. What energy is ahead for the world for the end of 2021 and the opening of 2022? In this video, Elizabeth Joyce describes what coming in detail.