Predictions Break…

It is not often that I post predictions in the middle of the month, on an approaching New Moon. However, something’s up! This is important and will be effecting the rest of 2009. Three things are about to come to our attention in the next few weeks.

michelle_obamaHere she is folks! Our First Lady, Michelle Obama is facing a scandal. She has been removed from public view and is no longer speaking at public events. What is this? The witness protection program? Why is the White House keeping her out of sight?

What happened back in Chicago when she was an attorney for the hospital? Who did she remove from medical care or perhaps even more? What were her thoughts and actions regarding our country, and her place in it? What did some of her college essays and papers contain regarding her thoughts about our legal system and this country? The truth comes out over the next six weeks. And one more thing—why does the news media shy away from this subject? It is rumored that no one dare broach this subject. Well…..(more in my September predictions – join the on-line magazine, Psychic Vision Plus.)



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