Aug 28, 2010 | Special Messages


By Elizabeth Joyce

Experiencing and using regression as a tool for healing has been used for centuries. Regressions help you heal current emotional ailments, such as vertigo, fear of failure, and some physical illness, as well as helping you understand current relationships.

Soul travel, astral travel, the out-of-body experience is different than a regression, but the same, because you are using the Universal body for both experiences; you Soul travel when you are having an operation and perceive yourself out of your body, watching the experience. You Soul travel when you dream of visiting France or Italy and plan your trip.

Many energy healers Soul travel to give distant healing to others who are living far away. A Reiki Master sends the seals and an energetic stream to someone at a distance, but they can also sense they are standing by the person, and give the energy to the Universal self of the client. Their Universal body goes to the client’s Universal body and gives the client a healing session.

When I was a child I hated going to the dentist. I developed a way to stop my fear, as well as not fell the pain. I used the Little Person concept, without realizing I was naturally having an out-of-body experience. The moment I sat in the dentist chair, I would close my eyes and picture myself sitting on the windowsill, looking back at me. I would stay there until the dentist “woke me up” to tell me he was done.

Every time I did this, my body would become numb, like your hand going to sleep. When I had to drink the water to rinse out my mouth, I could not feel or hold the glass. The dentist would have to help me. Eventually he became curious and asked me what I was doing. He got a big kick out of it. At the time I was about eight years old, but I still do that mind exercise when I go to the dentist.

Past Life Regression is the process of remembering your prior lives, while Soul travel (OBE) is the ability to explore any place on the earth or within the Universe without using your physical body.

A Past Life Regression session, processing uncomfortable subconscious memories, is healthier than continuing to allow them to negatively influence your present life. Regressions can help you understand your current, painful relationships in this lifetime.

Steps to prepare for your first Past Life Regression

  1. 1. Meditate and learn how to quiet the mind before you do a regression. This will help you relax and accept the process. It is also beneficial in lifting fear from the experience of either a regression or an out-of-body experience.

    2. Understand and get familiar with your Universal Body. This is the part of you that Soul Travels in the Out-of-Body experience as well as travels back in time to review all of your past lives.

    3. Have no fear of Soul Travel – know this is natural and you are safe. All of your previous lifetimes are stored within your cellular memory, as is your physical DNA makeup.

    4. Don’t allow the emotions to hurt you – even though someone you know today wronged you in a past life hundreds of years ago, understand the reason for Soul lessons.

    5. As you prepare to regress, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and surround yourself with a spiritual, protective White Light. Know that this light energy will protect you from coming to any harm.

    6. Accept the first thing you see as the beginning of a past-life experience. Don’t question or begin to reason or argue with yourself. Trust the process. Notice as much detail as you can with whatever comes to mind.

    7. Forgive – yourself and others – this is the main focus of a past life regression.

    8. Let go of any and all expectations. A conflict you are experiencing in this life may have been building up over several past lifetimes. For example, your brother may be you son, then your father, and finally your husband – bringing specific emotions and lessons up to the surface to be healed.

    9. You are not making up a story-you are re-living a past life experience. Trust yourself and your body that this is true. Be aware of your feelings inside as you do the regression.

    10. As you watch the lifetime, sense that you are in the front row of a movie theater watching a show. This will help you if any painful emotions come up.

    11. A replay of past life events brings the opportunity to see the results of past actions, helping you to make more empowering choices in this lifetime.

Sometimes people cannot go to the end of the lifetime in one session because of the details and the emotions the memory triggers. They will run out of steam, or want to wake up if they are not ready to face what is being brought up. When they come back into their body, the practitioner can remind then they are safe and protected.

In my classes, I take the students into two past lives, and we go right through the lifetimes. This way they can experience death and rebirth, which does two things. 1) It lessons your fear of death. 2) It deepens the belief of afterlife. In other words, this experience proves there is no death, as well as sets you free from many traumas and phobias.

The Near Death Experience teaches you that you are Spirit and you are truly the Universal body self; the Light body. You instantly comprehend the true value of experiencing life in the physical world and how to be in the world but not apart of it. (John 17:6) You realize that your Soul chose to return back to Earth for more lessons. You have a second chance in this lifetime to develop a more spiritual perspective in life and find the joy through love and service by helping others.

An out-of-body, near-death-experience is different from a chosen out-of-body experience. When people come back from their NDE experience their lives are transformed and their lives become very different because they realize the value of love and forgiveness. Those Souls who die before they have this inner realization, have to wait for their next incarnation and repeat the life, hoping they remember the Truth sometime during the next life.

At times, while sleeping, people have visitations from the dead. This is another form of an OBE because your Universal body is outside of you, experiencing a telepathic conversation with someone who has crossed over. People will say, “My father came to me in a dream,” or, “My mother came to tell me she was okay and safe, I am so relieved.” When a psychic speaks with the dead, they are having a telepathic conversation with a Universal body. Actually, this experience is more common that we realize.

It is believed there have been a few individuals that have had enough power to “double” their bodies, consciously appear at the same moment in the earth in two different locations, known as bi-location. At the same time some are able to do this while appearing in a second location in the next higher dimension – they would be invisible to the eye, but their energy could be felt. Often this occurs with distant healing. (Read: Ascension—How To Access The Fifth Dimension )

Universal body communication: It is possible to appear in front of someone that is awake, communicating with their Universal mind. They may not be able to see you, or may just feel as if they imagined you were there, seeing only a wispy part of the Universal body. However, they might actually begin thinking about you, and even hear in their mind the words you are communicating to them. Those in a lower dimension would never imagine that you were actually in their presence.

You can also meet an unconscious fragment of an alive person during out of body travel, while they are awake. This type of meeting would not be in the physical earth, but would instead be in a higher dimension. You would be able to directly communicate with them however, their conscious mind would have little or no knowledge of the meeting.

Life goes on whether we are in a human body or our more refined form, which is called the etheric or Universal self. We are all going through this same process— think how much more progress we could make if we were aware of what we are here to study in this life— our life’s purpose. This knowledge, which is coming to each and every one of us over the next two years, before 2012, enables us to develop the ability to make better choices in our present lifetime, and to enjoy living each moment more creatively and lovingly, no matter what our circumstances.

Souls continue to reincarnate as various human beings in different time periods and environments. This knowledge brings the lesson that involves understanding what it is to be human in all circumstances, from all perspectives. Karma not a result of reward and punishment, rather a perfecting process of the Soul, and every experience has a positive outcome because there is always a chance for Soul growth.