OUR DIVINE DESTINY – From Abraham to 2018 and Beyond

May 29, 2018 | In the News

Those who are not aware of the Earth’s Divine Destiny and who are not correctly attuned with it cannot understand what is going on at this time worldwide and they may have wild and frightening speculations about it. For humanly to understand the Divine Destiny one must believe in the Bible and this time-frame at several deepening levels.

Those who do not believe in the Bible or who accept it at one of the lesser levels of information or destiny can still understand what other levels and people believe, although they may not accept the thoughts. The Bible is very ancient and great numbers of brilliant scholars have analyzed it, but others still feel that it is simply a collection of ancient myths not based in reality.
For those persons who do not believe in the Bible the recent events in Israel are simply based upon geopolitical factors and the usual deficiencies in human nature such as to not be able to get along together, plus perhaps, superstitious beliefs not based upon reality.
Please allow me to explain the story of Our Divine Destiny for any who wish to hear it.
The story begins with Abraham, a great teacher, who God had selected to be the Father of Religions as well as a blessing to ALL Nations. The Bible contains the history of the descendants of Abraham’s wife, Sarah, but all his other wives received similar promises and have religious cultural histories separate from The Bible and the Judaic / Christian / Muslim thread.
One of Abraham’s and Sarah’s descendants, Moses, when bringing the children of Israel back from captivity in Egypt (from one of their many punishments) was shown (but not permitted to enter) the Promised Land that was to become Israel. Moses sent in spies to determine the nature of the present occupants that would have to be eliminated so the current need to mitigate, if not eliminate, the Palestinian’s is nothing new to Jewish history. This has been over a 2,000 year struggle.
The present most benign and tempered approach is called the Sinai Solution, a diversion I did not make up here. Among the descendants of Moses, who had conquered The Promised Land, there was one considered to be the wisest. This was King Solomon who designed The FIRST TEMPLE and who purchased the land for it as well as materials to build it. It was Solomon’s son David who actually built Solomon’s Temple and who established the Throne of David upon it.
It all came to naught because the Jews displeased God and He sent Nebuchadnezzar to punish them. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Solomon’s temple.  (According to the Hebrew Bible, Solomon’s Temple, also known as the First Temple, was the Holy Temple (Hebrew: בֵּית־הַמִּקְדָּשׁ‬: Beit HaMikdash) in ancient Jerusalem before its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar II after the Siege of Jerusalem of 587 BCE and its subsequent replacement with the Second Temple in the 6th century BCE.)  Later God directed Ezra and Nehemiah to rebuild it.
The prophecy in the Book of Daniel says that seventy weeks (not direct calendar weeks) from the going forth with the order to rebuild the Temple, the Messiah would come. There were numbers of Jews who understood the timetable from the Daniel Prophecy and because Jesus was present at the time of fulfillment of the weeks and some came and asked Jesus if He were the Messiah. He simply told them to read and understand the Book of Daniel, where these prophecies were recorded. It was on that basis that some recognized Jesus, but while many Jews were aware of the prophecies, they mostly rejected Jesus as the Messiah because He did not fulfill their aspirations of sitting upon the Throne of David and establishing the Jews over everyone else.
For centuries since, Jews of all variations have pointed out that the Messiah was to gather them together, but the opposite happened in the time of Jesus. At the time of Jesus the Jews were together in Israel, but under the persecution of the Romans who eventually destroyed them at Masada, where the Jewish leaders all committed suicide. After that the Romans removed Israel from the map, (as the Muslims threaten to do so today) and renamed the area Palestine (a Roman word).
There were many other Jewish “proofs” that Jesus was not the true Messiah such as Jesus was a Nazarene while their traditions said “No good would come out of Nazareth” as well as that only those accursed die on a tree. However, Jesus the Christ was crucified and this is taught by rabbis to young Jews to this day – that they may “know” that Jesus was not the Messiah.
Jesus responded at that time that, whereas Isaiah had said that the Messiah would gather the Jews as a mother hen gathers her chicks beneath her wing, that He would have gathered them, but that they would not gather. Moreover, He assured them that the Second Temple, which had been rebuilt in accordance with the seventy week prophecy and from which He had driven the money changers, would not be left with one stone on top of another.
The New Testament records the Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Book of Revelation, wherein He addresses the Seven Churches (local churches used as archetypes of the Seven Religions of the World). His Message was so important that ALL Religions and Cultures were addressed in it.
These were not just past religions but what were then as well as future religions, and a large portion of The Book of Revelation is devoted to the Muslim Religion, which recognizes Jesus Christ, the role of Mary, and the Judaic / Christian relationship to Islam through the Prophet Muhammad.
Just as the Jews did not recognize Jesus, the Christians did not recognize Muhammad or those that came after Him, because each religion felt itself to be the best, last, (and only). Each of the religions after Jesus saw the prophecies regarding Jerusalem and the Temple as applying to themselves. Each of these religions at our present time, see themselves as the proper custodian of the Holy site Jerusalem and have the aspiration of building the Third Temple there.
Some Muslims may see the present Mosque/as the fulfillment of that aspiration and this is partly why temple mount in Jerusalem is considered the second most holy site in Islam, although the term Jerusalem never appears in the Koran.
The prophetic dates in the Bible are very clear for those who wish to see them although one must remember that from the Jews point of view there is no prophecy in the Old Testament about Jesus. For the Christians and Muslims those prophecies not only existed but clearly foretold the time of His Return and that afterwards there would be a great disaster called Armageddon, the final battle of which “no man knoweth the hour”.
The same singular prophecy to which Jesus referred to in Daniel as evidence of His Mission also supposedly foretold His Return in 1844. This date is called the Great Expectation and also The Great Disappointment, when once again the fulfillment was not as the expectants’ (this time the Christians and Muslims) expected.
(The first Advent Christian Association was founded in Salem, Massachusetts in 1860. The church’s formation is rooted in the Adventist teachings begun by Baptist preacher William Miller of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. For many years, Miller studied the prophecies recorded in the Old Testament, especially the Book of Daniel, and the Book of Revelation from the New Testament. After many calculations, he announced in 1831 that the Second Advent would occur in 1844. Thousands of people believed him and sold their possessions. His followers called the Millerites, waited for the coming of Christ and the end of the world and were greatly disappointed when his predictions proved incorrect.)
Nevertheless, MARVELOUS things occurred at that time. It was the watershed of history. The world looked one way before — technologically, politically, socially and so forth — and entirely different afterwards. For centuries and millennium it had looked one way with horses and horse delivered messages. The change in that year began the invention of the first electronic device and all the marvels we have seen in less than 200 years later from our satellites and Internet.
Central to our theme and subject of what is occurring today – is that in 1844 Turkey, of the Ottoman Empire, issued the Edict of Toleration, for the first time allowing Jews to return legally to Palestine. (The Ottomans, urging to stop the persecutions of the Christians, eventually had an effect on the persecutions of Jews.)
In 1917, during WW1, the British issued the Balfour Declaration; in effect re-establishing Israel by making Palestine a homeland for the Jewish people. All was not simple. Jews were still rejected throughout the world and although Hitler tried to ship loads to Britain, the US, and Canada, that effort met little success.
It is a horrific story to study and most everyone knows what happened in the holocaust. But the struggle persisted and subsequent to WW2 (in 1948) Israel was re-established with the US being the first country to recognize it. Which is logically consistent with their belief that the Messiah has not come in the first place to gather them together as a mother hen would gather her chicks. This did not upset or concern most Jews, because most Jews are not what they call religious. In fact many are atheists and proudly proclaim themselves so.
Christians and Muslims can sympathize with the Ultra-orthodox Jews, because they are in agreement that Christ has not returned during that climatic event called Armageddon, when in the Muslim view, Christ shall return along with Muhammad and all the earth will become Muslim. The Muslims feel so strongly about this that they would join the Ultra-orthodox Jews in destroying Israel and many feel that a world wide Jihad must be brought on to accomplish this. They are doing everything within their power now to hasten it.
So it all surrounds Jerusalem and, in the eyes of some, the issue of the Temple there. Others see the current problems as revolving around oil, the Syrian pipeline, struggle for geopolitical control of the Middle East, and similar issues. These are but external coincidental issues that surround and confound the affairs in Jerusalem, as it struggles forward to its Divine Destiny. There will be no unity of agreement as to what has occurred, as to what is occurring, or as to what will occur.
The Great Last Battle of Armageddon and The Great Catastrophe will bring about a worldwide call for World Unification in Jerusalem with the realization that it cannot be given to the Jews, Christians, Muslims or any other group, because these people would continue the conflict. Many of these same entities will call the unifying power (a reformed UN or whatever) the anti-Christ, because it does not satisfy their desires, or their dogmatic explanation of the Scriptures.
In any case, these are the affairs that face us at the moment. The US (under the leadership of President Trump) has established its Embassy in Jerusalem and the other powers that be in the area such as Turkey and Iran, say that the embassy and Israel must not be permitted to stand.
The Purpose of it All
Many question the purpose of it all. They ask if God sides with one nation against another. The answer is yes. Ask the Jews how they made out against Nebuchadnezzar, Hitler, and many others. But to what purpose? The purpose is to improve humanity. Many people have a child like self-centered view of reality. They see one planet – one nation – one religion – even one political party – as being the ONLY right one.
As an individual grows with Spiritual understanding, their horizon expands, and they realize the Universe is more than really big. Higher, Divine understanding reveals that what we perceive is an illusion of the underlying Universal reality. One, who spiritually progresses, will also progress eternally. They will come to understand that the worlds of God are infinite. They have as little understanding about the next life as they had in the womb about this life.
Because the worlds of God are Infinite as well as beyond our understanding of space and time, there will be throughout eternity ever more to comprehend. We live in an amazing time of history when especially dramatic events are occurring. How fortunate we are to witness them and to have the opportunity to comprehend them. Some of the events happening now are of great significance and the limited arguments between religions, political parties, or academic pundits are of no eternal significance.
May this information lead you into the true world of the Soul so you can learn to verify information coming through the Soul by using correct Divine principles. A quantum leap forward in this process is not to be deceived by a multitude of false channels, facts, and data, but to learn that the Spirit within can and does verify and define principles behind the genius knowledge it brings.

(Read: Seeding and Nurturing the Garden of Your Soul — by Elizabeth Joyce – (found on Amazon.com)