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Apr 3, 2024 | Numerology

Your Personal Year and Your Personal Month’s Message 2024
Numerology is the concept that all of life, known and unknown, is shaped by vibration and a specific creative moment of universal energy. As this energy moves and flows, it takes the shape of the wind, the sun, the ocean, the dove and all physical embodiments. From this flow and the energies describing it, you can interpret a life direction for your own individuality. You can see your purpose, your goals and your obligations. Your name and your date of birth represents a chemical formula which directs your Karmic Pathway represents completion, not new beginnings. You can gain a lot of information pertaining to your lover, your parents, your children, your in-laws, your boss, etc. by learning these numerology cycles.

Your Personal Month: Your Personal Month pertains to the year you are living in from January to December, Regardless of the month and day of your birth. We each have a monthly vibration as well as yearly cycles. So, first find your Yearly Cycle number, then read the monthly vibration for that yearly cycle. Calendar – Months – Numbers: January…. -1, February….-2, March…….-3, April…….-4, May………-5, June……..-6, July……..-7, August……-8, September…-9, October…..10=1, November….11=2, December….12=3

How to Figure Your Personal Year for Monthly readings: To find your yearly cycle: add the Personal Year Number, which is #8 for 2024, to the Calendar month and birthday. You will be surprised and astonished as to how this will reveal what you are doing and what you will need to do during the current month.

EXAMPLE: March 16 Birthday = 3 + 7 (= 10=1)

(Then add the year – 2024 = 8, then the year plus your birthday number  8 + 1) This Birthday is a  #9 Personal Year. Now add the number of the month and day of your birth to the number of the current year   (1 + 8 = 9) Scroll to the #9 Personal Year and read your message for each month. January, February, March, etc.

Personal One Year: The #1 year brings the planting of a seed; new beginnings with a promise for growth and reward. You are capable of executing the most difficult things. You are now entering the first year of a nine year cycle which will shape your life and progress through the next decade. This year you will be tested as to the strength of your character to see if you are prepared for the next round of life experiences. The feeling and desire to move forward, to improve situations, to do something about your present condition, to get on in the world, will influence your thoughts and desires. Possessions will wear out and need to be repaired, renewed, revamped, remolded, requiring time and planning. Even our character needs remolding on occasion. A One Personal Year is a year of renewal.


This will be a busy month, both eventful and forward moving. Now is a good time to “forge ahead” with your personal plans as Progress is the focus for April. After the routine and practical duties of March, the freedom, now coming up, will seem like a new life, giving you more opportunity to do what you want to do, and to do that which you could not give your attention to before. Even though many venues of interest are opening up, you are apt to feel an inner unrest along with some uncertainty. This is likely to be against someone or some thing in the environment, which you cannot completely change all at once. Arguments can gain very little and quarrels delay the progress of the month. Things have a way of taking care of themselves when not made too important. Changes in living conditions or occupation may be made if so desired. New contacts and new interests lead to new ways and means for your future. Be prepared for surprises and the unexpected, testing your ability to adjust to them; and to bring out your resourcefulness. Legal matters regarding the old should be given careful thought, and can be to your advantage if you are thinking straight. Freshen up your home along with your associations. Travel and meet new people. Make April a progressive month.


Personal Year Two The waiting and planning for new growth. Spiritually, this year shows you how to have faith and how to work with others. You gain belief that the creative forces are there and helping you from behind the scenes. Your approach to this year will be very different from last year. Your self-interest, determination, and initiative are no longer needed. Your focus and inner direction will still be underlying all that you do, but success and results will be now and not delayed. Through diplomacy, cooperation, and unity that you establish between yourself and those you are depending on, you will experience favorable results. In fact, all through the two year cycle, agreements and harmonious relationships in business or human association depend on your willingness to share, when mutual benefits are required. Your future, your next seven years will reflect all that you do now. The need for tactful approach in all dealings and undertakings is vitally important. Remembering to exercise patience when delays seem to hold up progress is the background for your ultimate success.


Duty and responsibility are required now so you don’t get behind with important matters. You may be judged by how you meet these requirements. They appear in business, and especially regarding home and family affairs along with loved ones. A warm heart and sympathetic response to the needs of those around you bring you great rewards and more harmonious relationships. Lovely things and warm responses will be the result of your own efforts to improve your surroundings and be helpful to those who depend on you. Clear up all conditions which no longer serve you or that you no longer use at the present time. You will gain peace of mind this way. This could become a challenge not easily accomplished. Especially if you have not cooperated with others with the true desire to bring about a better understanding along with a desire for the good and rights of others. Some of these responsibilities will have to do with doctor’s bills, legal affairs, etc. Your character and what you ask of life and others is important again, even more so than ever before. Please remember to be kind.


Personal Three Year: A sprout is showing. Some green leaves are coming to the surface. Fertility begins, showing that there is a lot of unseen energies helping to create your goals. Patience and devotion will bring success. This year belongs to you, even though you may be involved in the affairs of others. We are never entirely free from duty and responsibility. However, there comes a time now and then when we have the need and right to think about our own affairs and what we want to do and about what seems personally important to us alone. Otherwise, we would never find our real selves or discover our own true worth. Life would be dull if entirely dominated by the demands of others. This is the year to believe in yourself and the ideas that you have been carrying in your heart and mind, but may never have expressed. At least dream about them. Dreams have a way of coming true in the most surprising ways!


April could be a trying month unless you are thoughtful and exercise self-control. You may feel that others are taking advantage of you and there is a need for poise on your part and deep consideration of the problem brought about by your personal decision. Others may be annoying, but you may also be confused and too emotional to think wisely right now. You may feel alone and hurt by what others do, but later in the year you will find it was unintentional, so do not make a mountain out of it. Get the right basis for understanding, and keep out of the affairs of others as much as possible, for arguments and too much talk may make matters worse. There are unexpected gifts and nice things to be gained through inner realization and faith in life and yourself. Keep your own counsel this month. Think quietly and carefully. Wait and watch. Too much emotional feeling will bring negative results and cause health problems. Nothing is gained by forcing the issue. April is a time to project into the energies what you want to get out of life, and then hold to it.


Personal Four Year: The seed is growing, needs to be watered and weeded. This is a year of effort and hard work. Money begins to come in as well as others helping you to establish foundations. Align yourself with others and come to agreements. Focus your efforts for ten times the success. This is the Year of Opportunity for a Number Four Personal Year and it brings a serious tone. It is one of the practical periods in your life and not a time for dreaming and personal indulgence. Dreamtime is over. It is now time to set goals and build foundations. This is a building year based on steady application to assure the results of your labors. It is time for thinking in terms of order, system, good management, and economic procedure to establish a stable and secure future. The progress of the year may seem slow, but time will be needed to establish a firm foundation upon which your future depends. This is not necessarily a problem, but simply one of those times when it is entirely up to you to develop and know where you stand in life and how to be practical about it. All of your affairs, living conditions, family matters, and business activities should be given economic consideration to establish stability and a firm base for future growth and dependability. A lot of application and attention to details will be a part of the yearly and monthly requirements.


You will feel more free this month and more able to go ahead with the work or plans which is practically a necessity, if you are to get the freedom and money you desire. You should feel happier, too, or at least be conscious of a mental release as a result of finding the way to manage and arrange your financial affairs, at least for the time being. This is a good time to buy, sell, or trade, and to put your mind into getting the things done which will put all your business, home, and family affairs on a better basis for management, use and security. There may be papers to sign and any legal matters should be clearly understood; it is wise to make sure that all details concerning legal matters or agreements are in first-class order. The way may not be perfectly clear, there may even be some need for improvement, and there can be a problem about getting things done. Analyze everything carefully and keep a clear head, and be prepared for surprises or unexpected things which call for good management and first-class endeavor. This is no time to trust luck or chance, for there is likely to be an undercurrent of opposition or possibly delays and this calls for your focused attention along with your best business efforts. Good judgment, efficiency, and executive ability combined with good common sense are important now. Some things are not to be fully accomplished, but advancement should be apparent.

Personal Five Year: From now on you will expand your growth. Things are firmly established and you move forward. Use discernment. Be cautious and remain alert. A good year for romance, travel, and money. People will come and go. Definitely a time of progressive action. This year has many things to tell you. It is a time when new projects can be undertaken and when new interests are likely to come into your life. The year will have a strong bearing on your future, as the Number Five Personal Year is a year of progress and growth and demands that you be alert and “up-to-the-minute” as to what is going on in the world of progress and opportunity. As this year opens, you will sense, subconsciously, that new opportunities and new conditions are in the air waiting to be taken advantage of. They may appear as changes, even ups and downs, or perhaps as the unexpected. You are again given the opportunity to move forward, rather than to “stay put” in the old routine of last year. To go with the flow of progress, as they say. So put your best foot forward for general and all-around improvement in your lifestyle. The trend of positive events during the year comes in the nature of new opportunities and experiences. Change of environment, new relationships, new ideas, new contracts, new plans, more freedom, more enterprise and variety, color the events of a Number Five Personal Year. These changes may not be drastic or difficult, just a freshening of interest, even taking you into the public eye, travel, or a group activity. Even so, the old is related to the new in some way and will be a part of the progress. Your work this year will be to relate and combine the two for more success and a broader field of interest and activity.


Future advancement depends on how you get along with others in April. Others may be difficult, but avoid resistance and condemnation, for this will only bring matters to a standstill. Endeavor to see things in a positive light; look at both sides of the proposition or decision in order to bring about the best results. You may still feel some confusion after the winter months. Things may be disturbing to you because you now realize that the old conditions are no longer satisfactory and must be done with. You may be able to bring matters to a head now, if you try. Take a stand, for it is possible for you to make an adjustment both within your mind as well as with practical matters. Even though you may feel a bit disgusted about others, you can reorganize your plans, improve your health, and bring more satisfactory results where others are concerned. Many circumstance may seem trying for the time being and you may be very disappointed, but do not allow this to upset your plans, for next month you will see further ahead and be able to plan more definitely. Refuse to quarrel or argue. There is a need for an agreement which calls for tolerance and good will. Attend wisely to any legal matters. You could be away from home temporarily for a short trip, and find something different for a time, during April.


Personal Six Year: Flowers, flowers, flowers. The buds now bloom on the rose. Your business prospers and you work hard. This is a year of family duty and responsibility. You may need to care for someone who is ill, quiet others, and make matters clear. Also, watch your health. You are now in the upward climb of your present nine-year cycle. The results of your efforts, work application and planning should begin to present themselves. A great deal of attention should be given to the ways and means by which your results may be attained. This will depend upon how you approach the work with others. Service is the keynote to results in every way and in everything you do. The Number Six Personal Year is your duty year and you should keep this in mind throughout the year. Try to make all responsibility interesting to yourself, and the demands upon you, a privilege instead of a requirement. In this way, warmth and good fellowship will make everything worthwhile, with many pleasing returns for your efforts. Your future depends on your ideals, standards, and good will towards others and you will gain by placing these assets in the forefront. In other words, in this special service year, to think only of your own well being and personal desires could bring disappointment and regret later on in your expectations and desires for success and happiness. Working together for the good of all is the foundation of human endeavor and part of the theme for a Number Six Personal Year.


In April many things of a different nature enter into your life. There is an idea you can catch hold of, or it may be an old desire that comes to the surface. This is the time to take action and move forward, to do the things that are necessary to bring about the improvements the year promises. There will be a lot to do. You will be busy making arrangements to better manage your present opportunities. There may be a few air castles floating around, so avoid plans not taking tangible form until later in the summer or fall. Outline a blueprint of action and be sure to get off to the right start. Overcoming down moods is a sure way to assure this. There is a demand in April for you to know what you yourself want in your relationship with others, and to face and accept the duty and responsibility which is a part of your dream and vision. Adjustments are likely to be a part of the month’s experience, and again harmony and good will are important. Do not take on too much responsibility now in your desire for go forward. Estimate and appraise again the worth and value of everything now and in the future. You may have many irons in the fire, interesting and instructive, all which will keep you very busy.

Personal Seven Year: Faith is required of you as well as inner development. This is your year of solitude, spiritual awareness and soul growth. You could obtain a high office or get married. Help others forget their troubles. It is a most important time for self-awareness. Down through the ages the number seven has been associated with the occult, spiritual and mystical. However, it is often called the lucky seven in relationship to material interests and activities, symbolizing the unexpected. As you make this year’s progress toward your future success, you are likely to touch or even include all of these interests in your life this year, in varying degrees, for the development of your character, better understanding of yourself, your emotions and your personal spiritual nature. You may wonder about these matters. You may even be dis-inclined to consider or continue with so-called religious interests as a necessary part of your work or for success with business affairs. But after all, each personal year of every nine year cycle is a step towards a better understanding of yourself as well as your ultimate goal in life. The Bible tells us the Lord created the world in six days and on the seventh day He took a rest. You are likely, in this Number Seven Personal Year, to feel an inner desire to be done with a lot of the work you carried on last year and the endless responsibilities. The inner drive you will be feeling at this time is to change your way of thinking, feeling and responding, and to live on a higher plane of thought and action.


Even though a Number Seven year is your sabbatical year and should give you more time to be alone and on your own, it will be a busy year in many ways. Right now, during April, you will be aware of this and find yourself doing many things, a good many of which are not too important. You should begin to realize this now and do everything with patience and cooperation, and it will be better if you take the proper amount of time to get these things done and to work out the details tactfully with others. In the matters which are important to you, be sure you know what you are doing and why, and don’t scatter your energy. Look underneath the surface, for outwardly you may not see the right direction to go. Perhaps a little more time is needed. There are details to attend to in getting ready for the personal plans which you have in mind for May. This is a good time to take up a study and to begin some kind of mental or spiritual training. The love affairs of others and also your own emotional problems may take on a new color and interest and give you something to think about. You could meet people who are different and prove interesting and helpful, although these contacts may not be permanent or lasting. All during this month, keep moods and your disposition under control and refuse to be hard to understand because of the way you are thinking or acting. It seems a good thing to say very little about what you are working toward until the end of this month or until May opens up. Look after your health and give your glands and nervous system a boost, for this will help you keep well and get more enjoyment out of the many tasks you have to do.


Personal Eight Year:Now you are ready to display your growth, your business, and achieve results for your efforts. Corporations, organizations, groups and others help you move forward. There can also be personal loss as a close friend or family member leaves your life. Someone you have depended on in the past, perhaps due to a marriage, job transfer, college or move. The vibration of the Number “8” makes people seek you out on matters of business and promotion. You appear to be at home with this new power and all that it entails. It is obvious to others that you are in control and know exactly what you want. This year you are concerned above all with matters of this world. You have been to the mountaintop and you know that here is where the action is. You seek a complete and thorough initiation into the things of this world. “8” finds you attracted and driven towards large-scale management and business, desiring to have and control your own life situation and to be successful. You like wealth, politics, power, and the mainline scene.


Last month should have shown you the general trend of affairs and the way your plans are going to be set up for awhile. This month is important, for the bigger results which the year promises should be in the air or giving you inspiration and courage. This month gives you a chance to follow your personal desires and to do things for yourself, especially along the lines of art, music, inspiration and activities in which your heart and deeper nature are interested. But remember that a Number Eight personal year is not a time for impulse or foolish action. You need to exercise good judgment and efficiency and to again estimate your ability and opportunity to get immediate results. In this way, you will save yourself mental strain and anxiety, especially so if you look well ahead and are satisfied to get results step by step. There is nothing wrong about this focus; it is simply to get you to look into the details and to get a true perspective. Do not sign away future rights in any arrangement to get temporary results right now. There is much at stake, and you need to stand up for your rights but continue to add inspiration and creative imagination to your work and to the plans you are undertaking. Have the courage   to take a step into a new direction if you feel the need, but manage both the present and the future, for they are both together right now. There should be pleasure, entertainment, and maybe a trip as a result of the month’s activities, and you are likely to spend some money. Do not be extravagant, but do something to add color and inspiration to your daily undertakings. April is a good month to write letters, attend lectures and activities which represent culture and the finer things of life.


Personal Nine Year: The end of a cycle. Your work is done. Be cheerful and fulfilled. Use integrity and pardon others. Forgive and forget and let go for love’s sake. There may be a tinge of sadness as you let go of the past. However, this also is a good money and romance year. You will get a full sense of unconditional love as matters are brought to completion. People are supportive and you feel rich in resources. The Number Nine Personal year will bring many of your affairs to a head. Between January of this year and January of next year you will realize a completion and also a fulfillment of some of your desires. You are now closing a cycle of experience, one that you began nine years ago, leading to a new beginning and a new start next year. This completion is not a failure or sorrow. It is in reality a reward, for through it you open the way to new opportunities and new interests in life. During a Number Nine Personal Year you must be ready and willing to let go of the old and undesirable in your life in order to make way for the new and worthwhile. It is important to make a definite effort to be done with things which have no further value. If something you are trying to hold on to asks for freedom or desires to get away, be understanding, for if you try to hold it, it will get away anyway, especially if the life-force energies see fit to make this change. Be tolerant, compassionate, and forgiving, and then you will find that this will be one of the most wonderful years of your life. You will gain the reward of love, sympathy, understanding and fulfillment of your plans which will bring financial gains as well as loving appreciation from others. The Brotherhood of Man is also a keynote of a Number Nine Personal Year. Number Nine is the number of love which is unconditional, impersonal and universal and belongs to us all. It cannot be claimed for one’s self alone. As the year passes, respond to the silent urge to do good works for humanity or the world in general. Do this without thought of personal gain and reward. This year belongs to those who promote civilization and work for the betterment of mankind. This endeavor begins in the home by the way we treat or family members, our friends, and our self.


April is a practical month and will bring many facts to the surface. You are apt to be forced to face some economic conditions in a very definite manner. This could be due to business interests and to the fact that you know in your mind that you cannot go on in the old way. You will be forced to face practical considerations and may consider a move or a change of residence. Even though you may feel annoyed and slightly discouraged, there is an opportunity present to rearrange the business and emotional affairs, which have need adjustment for some time. Concentrate on getting results and be willing to do what is necessary, even if the results are not exactly what you had hoped for. Matters having to do with property, legal papers, and agreements call for the best possible management and good judgment. The work done now should form a basis for progress during the next few months. Some of this may concern finals and endings, which your Number Nine Personal Year represents and demands. April may seem a bit too practical for you, more demanding than you were prepared for. You may feel alone, entirely on your own, with no inspiration. You may turn from one plan to another, uncertain which one is best. In the end you should find the opportunity to do what you desire, even though more planning and time will be needed. This is a busy month, with much to do and a financial interest to be considered. Avoid impatience and do not allow your emotional unrest to interfere with good common sense.

Life would be beautiful more often if people were not so difficult to get along with. Very often the problem is as much our own doing as theirs. This is because most people do not understand the rules for human relationships, which are the basis for harmony and happy companionship. The guidelines for your Personal Year shows you how to interpret and solve many problems you will be facing because of timing and life cycles which continue throughout your lifetime. Unless people understand differences in experience and desires during personal life cycles, relationships may end in broken dreams, a drawing apart, or divorce court. When you talk things through and realize the differences are because of cycles and timing, a deeper understanding can develop which will enable you to have a greater respect for each other. You can easily get along if you have the same Personal Year as another. Even people who are not deeply in love can have a good life together. In every relationship this knowledge can add more fun, color, sharing, and happiness to your lives together. So every year, on New Year’s Day and on a monthly basis, greet the newly approaching time with the satisfaction of knowing what is expected of you. All year long you can know and understand why certain experiences come to you and how best to handle them. Allow your character to mature and your interests to expand. It is often said that “timing is everything” and so it is. Whether you are a business person, an artist, a housewife, a teenager, or have a professional career, remember, you were given these guidelines at your birth from the moment you took your first breath!

Have fun as you calculate and compare everyone’s numbers. Lot’s of people are interested in this life tool. Numerology can be used in many different ways to enhance your lifestyle.

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