Monthly Tarot Message by Signs 2014

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While in deep meditation a Tarot Card is pulled as the month changes energies, to guide each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac for the coming month. Click on the card which represents your Sign of birth – your personal Astrological Sign. You may also click on your rising sign for further guidance and direction.


Below are the twelve signs along with their corresponding monthly Tarot card and message.


Relationships are emphasized as October opens. be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others around you. Go out on social dates with your mate. Conflicts can arise of your desires are different from those of your partner. When the October 8th Lunar Eclipse brings your emotions to the surface, be tactful. At month’s end you will want to show what you can do on the work front. You can make progress between the 24th and 31st if you successfully complete the tasks that showcase your abilities. Situations concerning your finances and intimate life can crop up at the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd. This influence can last as long as a year. Conserve resources, use money wisely, and make your funds go further. Set aside cash for emergencies, and don’t buy things that will wear out fast or that you might lose interest in.


October focuses on your work and health issues, Taurus. Don’t eat too many sweets. Add a touch of beauty to your work space or home. A flowering plant or family photograph can brighten your mood. Patience is a keyword in October, while Mercury is retrograde. The October 8th Full Moon Eclipse can stir up feeling about a relationship you had forgotten about. You may suddenly take action and do something about it. The October New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio focuses on your relationships and emotions can become intense. When choosing a friend or partner, pick someone you’d be proud to introduce to your parents, boss, and your spiritual guides.


If you plan to travel in either October or November, verify all plans. Errors and mistakes can occur while Mercury is retrograde. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse urges you to pursue specific goals and the October 23rd eclipse in Scorpio can bring you a new job or more work. Other new things are on the way as well. Perhaps a new love, new home, a raise or creative project. Between the 10th and 23rd you can express your affections clearly and this is a good time for social events. You are reminded to do good health maintenance, because you have to have good health so you can work and earn a living.


This can be a confusing month for you, Cancer. You need to rethink some issues, redo some work, and review your priorities. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse will be helpful to your work, and if anything unexpected happens, it will be helpful to your work. Your home life becomes easier and you could find a new love at the October 23rd Eclipse in Scorpio. When things become emotionally intense, you can become wonderfully creative. At month’s end it’s time to enjoy life and enjoy your creativity. Your nurturing nature attracts all kinds of people, including those who are emotionally needy. Set firm boundaries to prevent lazy people from taking advantage of you. It’s time to do more socializing and entertaining.


October can be a good month if you focus on learning, gathering facts, and refining your communication methods. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse asks you to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of the people close to you, especially when you make decisions for them. After the 10th you may think about matters that you thought were behind you. The October 23rd Solar Eclipse ushers in a year of financial change for you, Leo. Make it a habit to set aside some cash every week for emergencies. You may have some tedious obligations and a heavy workload between the 23rd and mid-December. Protect yourself from colds and infections. You can improve your home and personal life at month’s end.


This is a very busy month for you, Virgo. If you plan to travel during this retrograde period, be sure to confirm all reservations before leaving. Money is important to you at the October 8th Eclipse. You may receive a social invitation or buy something nice for yourself. Pace yourself the week of the eclipse because aspects will be difficult for your sign. Home and family are emphasized until the 26th. After that, creativity will be at a high point. Stay in touch with supportive friends and remain open to new ideas. You can express yourself through hobbies, games, love, or entertaining. Have fun!


You are very busy this month, so be sure to get enough sleep. October can be one of the most creative and romantic time of your year, Libra. You express yourself creatively and attract love and great things. YOu are kept busy with phone calls, e-mails, errands as well as your oldest son. be careful what you say or put into writing. During the days immediately before and after the October 8th Eclipse, you gain insight into a relationship, either business or emotional. At the October 23rd Eclipse, you need to use some caution. Use money wisely and look for new sources of income. Your home is a busy place at month’s end. You may be working out of your home, taking care of a family member, or trying to solve a personal problem. Watch out for accidents, fires, or break-ins. Choose your companions wisely because they influence your thoughts, values, and reputation.


Time to slow down this month, Scorpio. You can read, rest, and do quiet activities. Conflicts can arise if your financial priorities are different from your partners. If you look for new sources of income now, you could get lucky. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse brings a change with your health. You could be tempted to have a secret affair or do something shady. If you do anything illegal or illicit, you will probably get caught! After the 24th is a good time to move forward with new ideas and plans. The Eclipse on the New Moon on the 23rd brings love, success, and creativity. Go for it! Be flexible in your thinking and don’t allow a stubborn attitude to prevent you from finding success and happiness.


October brings activity, physically, mentally, and psychologically. Be careful, because you may be accident prone. Avoid and heavy, physical work. Communications may be awkward while Mercury is retrograde between the 5th and 25th. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse can bring excitement and fun. You could receive some surprising news! Your social life gets a boost through the 23rd. Spend time with people who encourage you to be your best possible self. The Eclipse on the 23rd brings opportunities for research and spiritual development. Be sure to include quiet time in your daily schedule. If you are always on the “go” physically and mentally, you risk the chance of becoming burnt out. Be sure to take time to relax and refresh your mind/body and soul.

The Chariot

As October opens, you are busy behind the scenes, Capricorn. You need to slow down a bit and get some extra sleep now, as your energy is low. Do some quiet activities, such as research, meditation, and reading. Get serious about your priorities, especially for 2015. If friends and colleagues are asking too much, set some boundaries. The Full Lunar Eclipse on the 8th may have you feeling a bit emotional about a family member or your domestic situation. The second eclipse on the 23rd helps you to achieve a goal over this next year as well as bring you some new, close friendships. You are always hard working and you need to bring some fun relationships into your life. Be open to making changes as you go through the many years of transformational changes. (Pluto in Capricorn)


Three of Disks

Though you may be feeling a bit frustrated while your ruling planet, Uranus, is retrograde, you have good energy to pursue your personal and professional goals. You can be active socially if YOU do the inviting. Be sure to set boundaries if friends and family members want too much from you. Communication can be difficult, as well as errors in documents until Mercury turns direct on the 25th. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse can make you feel melancholy about your living situation, relatives, neighbors along with your oldest son. Anything can happen, so if you are caught off guard by a surprising and unusual event, try to flow with it and don’t over-react. The October 23rd new Moon Eclipse brings you new career opportunities. During the next twelve months, you can improve your career status, your image as well as your professional reputation. At months end you can find a way to relax and smell the roses, at least for awhile, until you decide what your next move should be. Your life situation will change completely over this next year, for better or worse. You may switch to a different life path, or become more interested or less interested to your worldly ambitions. It’s entirely up to you.


October is not the time to begin any new creative project, Pisces. However, the Libra energy, which rules legal matters, can help you to get loans and pay off debts. You also could receive more satisfaction than usual with your intimate relationships. If you plan to travel soon, be sure to confirm all reservations before you leave. Also, be sure to back up all your computer files while Mercury is retrograde. You don’t want to lose and important information! From now through mid-December, you could gain a fresh interest in travel, educational classes, plays, concerts, and cultural events. You may meet some new people at these places. Your ideals, education or beliefs become more important after the 23rd. Your financial condition is in a changing process over this next year, Pisces. Make it for the better by eliminating all credit cards, work with cash only, and begin to save your money. Now!

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