Love is all You Need, Along with A Little Luck—Webinar

Feb 9, 2015 | Special Messages

 All you need is love heart

Lucky Shamrocks

Do you ever feel like everyone else has it better than you? You see all those engaged, married, successful, healthy, happy people, and you start feeling bad about yourself. It’s called Fear Of Missing Out — and it can cripple you with anxiety, fear and frustration. Time to shift your mind and emotional focus! You can have all the abundance, love, and success you desire. You just need to tap into your inner self and find out when your luck is strongest so you can act on it to manifest your desires!

Jupiter, the planet that rules good fortune, plays a bigger role in your life at certain peak times. One is called your “Jupiter Return,” and knowing when this happens is the key to realizing your potential for growth and fulfillment. It is determined by your Astrological Chart, your fingerprint in life. If you want to bring more prosperity into your life, find out how and when Jupiter empowers you the most. Learn how with the Tele-Seminar/Webinar and Elizabeth Joyce, on Wednesday evening, February 18th, the New Moon. The New Moon is when you can manifest your desires for the upcoming month — or further out. Create your own reality with some information and exercises offered at the Webinar.

7:00 PM Eastern
$25.00 for the MP3 file after the class

Understanding how to put the planet of opportunity to work for you can create what the Jupiter’s promises and blessings are all about. Not only will this class/workshop show you how and when to direct your life down a more joyful path, but it also reveals when you will experience your Jupiter Return, and work with the major energy in your life that you can access and use to change your luck!

Remember, good luck doesn’t just come out of nowhere — you have to put yourself in a position to receive it.
February is Heart Month – time to open your heart to receive.