Feb 23, 2017 | Stargazing


Night of the Long Knives, (June 30, 1934), in German history, purge of Nazi leaders by Adolf Hitler. Fearing that the paramilitary SA had become too powerful, Hitler ordered his elite SS guards to murder the organization’s leaders, including Ernst Röhm. Also killed that night were hundreds of other perceived opponents of Hitler, including Kurt von Schleicher and Gregor Strasser.

I don’t know why the title came my mind. The referenced event occurred ten years before I was born, so I certainly don’t remember it. I don’t remember having ever been taught about it – but history does ryhme, and it certainly fits, because here we are again.

WE live in such amazing time. We know about Caesar, two thousand years ago, but there are many centuries that are blank to you in between, that we couldn’t mention anything that happened in that particular century.

What is happening today, historians will still study, and children will be taught about, two thousand years from now. We stand too close to it, to comprehend it, or to think about it as it will be thought about in the millenia to come. Some future writer of fame equal to Shakespeare, will write about The Donald as William wrote about Julius.

The GREAT event of THAT day was the coming of Jesus. Like so, today. But, while the Angel said to Daniel (9:22), “I am now come forth to give thee skill and understanding”, as the previous president said, “That is above my pay grade.”

Instead, I shall deal with “THIS Day of the Long Knives”, as the PTB (powers that be) seek to remove The Donald. “Et tu, Brutus?” No, “I have not come to praise Caesar, but to bury him.”

Today’s Mark Antony may be the early Democratic candidate for president, in the election just past, James Henry “Jim” Webb, Jr., who has stated:

“There is a campaign going on- on the Hill, in the media, in the academiato personally discredit not only Donald Trump but the people who are around him,” who recognize that the PTB are trying to discredit Trump.

AND for any who find what he has stated, to be news, let me add what will also obviously be astounding news:
Next week: Monday will be followed by Tuesday – which will precede Wednesday.

The S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) by the PTB, Establishment, and MSM (main street media) for smearing any individual they wish to get rid of, has been to accuse them of some sexual peccadillo. Even prior to the election there was used the bus tape of locker room talk. I definitely come from a different generation, because while I have never used that word myself, I have heard it hundreds of times in locker rooms, barracks, and by a general class of males as an aspersion against those who don’t join in their standards.

There were those who felt that from the bus audiotape they had the self-confessed evidence that The Donald was a serial sexual assailant, and should be charged. For the last year I have heard of many people being accused of sexual assault. What it turned out, in many cases to be, astounded me. A cultural difference between now and the day of my youth. Then “No”, didn’t mean no. More like not yet, and don’t insult me by not keep trying. I guess it would be incomprehensible to modern women, the ancient Italian custom of respectably “saluting/pinching” the derriere of attractive women on the street, but the youth of that day would have gasped at the practices of young people today. We may not have heard the end of this if current proceedings reach the level of spotted blue dresses being the justification for impeachment.

More recently, through some links with British Intelligence or former CIA operative, knowledge has supposedly been obtained that The Donald participated in Golden Showers – (if you don’t know, don’t ask, and hopefully any reader 2,000 years from now would have no concept of), but this is a ridiculous accusation against a known germaphobe who reputably doesn’t even like to shake hands. Not to be puritanical, (well, yes I am a bit), but I was equally astonished about how common such things were when I read them in Early Greek Literature in my college days. And yet, those who are shocked at such discussion, watch late night comedians, and similar sources, with a ‘sophistication,’ that seems to me totally degrading and obscene and more often than not – profane. To me it seems totally hypocritical.

Now, the fallout thrust has become to make out that somehow Trump and Company have become Nazis or Communists, or Nazi Communists, whatever that means, that cannot be trusted with the government of the United States because they are involved in some overall plot with the Russians to overthrow the United States, and that this has been their intent from the outset for which they had the most direct and foremost cooperation of the Russians in effecting the defeat of Hillary. I can much more easily buy the Easter Bunny and Saint Nick and that Tuesday will be skipped next week stories.

Nevertheless, I can assure you, that if we get past assassination, social collapse, (I hope you are watching Venezuela for that), and nuclear WW3, that this is all going to end up in impeachment.

I have been following the Flynn details in considerable depth, but I have just become disenchanted with the total unreality that is out there. Flynn was the chief engineer of Section Three, and hence a major target. Can you believe, Section Two monitored and taped his phone calls? Surprise! Surprise!

Take note Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, we do it to ourselves, so no offence meant.

What it does show is how strong the hidden Section Two remains. Trump is not out of the woods on that. There are a lot of alligators in that swamp and they are becoming more ferocious. The Donald is aware. As for you and I, any security we had in that way – is long gone. Just step over here and let us check your genitals. Personally, if I were a woman, I would prefer an admiring pinch of the derriere.

I have been waiting for some big announcement to come out of the meeting between Trump and Netanyahu, about Jerusalem. Apparently not going to happen. I think it would have been a good ploy. Would have taken everyone’s mind off anything else. Oh, well. The nastiness is just going to increase.

What we have going on here is a psychological battle against a narcissist sociopath. I have spent many, many hours for the last couple of weeks reading deep, deep technical information on this subject. Kindle says I am only 20% through the book that I am reading.

I don’t think the old factions will win on that score – although they might prompt The Donald to some insane action. Not likely. The Master of the Deal has been under insane pressures before. Nevertheless, the situation doesn’t give warm fuzzies to the Russians or Chinese. If anything, they probably are in sympathy with The Donald – and are concerned that his loss – is their loss. It makes the whole situation very destabilizing for them as well as for us.

From another Shakespearian play –
much of what goes on in the “news”
is “Much Ado About Nothing”.
That is just where we are in this period of time.
People two thousand years from now will understand it –
even better than we who are here experiencing it.

The eclipse this weekend (Feb. 26, 2017) and the one in August will bring in the energy that tells the final tale.

The Veils are Parting — Leading the way to Truth

The events of the last three months have dropped the veils on the Shadow Government as never before. Here I will summarize what I have learned over the last three months. There are three Sections of control areas fighting each other for our country’s control.

First Section:

Neocons – New American Century –
Clintons – Obama –
Wall Street bankers –
Fed Reserve –
Soros – Koch Brothers –
Builderbergers –
State Department previous upper powers –
Various Think Tanks and similar organizations –
that we call The Establishment –
Controllers of the MSM.
The policy makers of the Shadow Government.

Second Section:

Seventeen Intelligence Agencies.
Disrupters and assassins of governments around the world – and monitors of communications world-wide.
Maintainers of torture sites –
instigators of coups and crises.
Collaborators with Military Industrial Complex – and the Pentagon.
The “Teeth” of the Shadow Government.

Third Section:

Discontents in the Second Section – who were ousted over last few years.
Two hundred named and listed outsiders –who were organized by Flynn and backed Trump, joined by sympathizers that remained undetected in Second Section.

First and Second Sections realigned with plans to disrupt Trump and the Third Section, even before The Donald’s inauguration. Even back then they had plans to impeach him by way of massive disinformation (Fake News) propagated through the MSM.

The issue about the DNC emails became not the terrible information in them – but who had the audacity to release them.
So, blame everything on Russia.

Try to show Make America Great Again – America First – to be an evil plot by Trump and Putin to take over America and through/like Russia turn it into an Authoritarian Communist state. This is total hogwash.

Conversely, the PTB with their MSM – have demonstrated that they will continuously malign everything associated with Trump in order to demand his impeachment because of his supposed ineptness and inexperience on the global international scene, along with his pursuit of his business interest and perhaps even his supposed insanity, all of which is continuously trumpeted in the MSM. The supposed remedy for this – is to return control to Obama, the Clintons, McCain, Kerry, and all their cohorts in the US Congress – because if Trump, with the aid of Russia, – had not stolen the election – then Hillary would be president – which was actually the will of the majority of those who voted.

The danger of failure to accomplish this – and to return control to the experienced First and Second Sections is that through his ineptness, Trump will bring the world to nuclear war with – Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc. Such is the argument, which I find entirely fallacious, but that makes no difference – because when elephants battle we ants can only try to hide in the grass.

Trump and Putin have both stated that their greatest concern is nuclear war. They may be pushed into it by Section One (particularly) and Section Two, which has established the total surveillance state over the American people.

But, none of this should worry you or me, because we should realize that The Plan is God’s. While there will be economic, financial, monetary, and social collapse, culminating in nuclear WW3 followed / terminated by The Great Catastrophe – it is Divine Destiny.

The purpose is that in subsequent centuries humanity will turn away from its evil ways and will continue to progress towards knowing and serving God. That humanity will come to see the Beauty of His Creation – and will learn to help their fellow creatures to also see and participate in it.

Today, while we cannot share the Greater Picture with many others – we can still try to give them a sense of what is happening on a day to day basis – while we ourselves remain centered and calm above the tempest and turmoil of the raging waves of current events – knowing and working for the Divine Destiny which remains God’s Purpose.

Planned breakthroughs is science and technology.

Most people are aware of the planned Mission to Mars and China’s plan to put a permanent base on the Moon. In other fields there is the Giant Collider and the Genome Project but the project with the highest current funding priority is Time Travel and particularly Time Travel in Space.

In 2022 the LSST, which has the Decadel designation of being the highest priority device is scheduled to begin a ten year mission in space and time travel that would totally change many perceptions/conceptions that we have about the Universe. In that time, it is scheduled to travel through only ten percent of the visible universe and will be able to move back only through that narrow ten year band of time. Still it is something that is so paradigm changing that I can only compare it to the flight of the Wright Brothers, and despair of communicating its nature or significance to anyone else, when I think of the rejection I received when a month or two ago I tried to explain about earth bound time machines.

If the world remains at peace, so the mission can take place, it would then take another dozen years to do a preliminary analysis of its data. By then, I will 90 years old. Hah! I don’t expect the world to remain at peace, and I suspect it will take twenty years, or a hundred and twenty years, or even two hundred and twenty years to restore science to its present level if we go into WWIII.

My true expectation is more towards the lesser number, but in any case, it is nothing that I expect to live to see. My grandmother told me years ago that I would see the beginning of the “last days,” and my children would live through their end. However, we can certainly see that the world as yet – (as the saying goes) hasn’t seen anything yet.

We need cool heroes today, we don’t need hot heroes. By cool, I mean non-violent; I mean those who can be forceful, intelligent, just, and insightful, and speak up loudly and clearly but without getting angry—without indulging in bigotry, judgment, or hatred.

People are afraid that if they let go of their anger and righteousness and wrath, and look at their own feelings—and even see the good in a bad person—they’re going to lose the energy they need to do something about the problem. But actually you get more strength and energy by operating from a place of love and concern. You can be just as tough, but more effectively tough, through the power of LOVE.