Oct 4, 2010 | Special Messages

Newsletter – LIBRA 2010


I find renewed strength from going within.


Every heartbeat is God’s name to me. Every breath of life is ecstasy. Every night is bliss and I awaken in your company. Then dawn plays a symphony revealing to me my personal reality. Every life is a living God to me. Every thing is an expression of God’s personality. Every kiss is God’s romance and every love is embedded in God’s originality.

I hear, breathe, sing and speak of God. Each day your plan reveals it’s universal truth. From the past to the future, connected is how each day shall be. Speaking thy name, I will dwell on you eternally

—Yogi Bhajan

The Sun has entered LIBRA

Airy Libra is the only Stargazing sign that is not represented by a human or an animal symbol. The scales of justice symbolize the need to balance feminine and masculine principles and reminds us to apply the laws that enable diverse people to mingle amicably. This happy equilibrium can flower only if harmony and tranquility are found and well cultivated. To achieve Libra balance in this autumn cycle, reinforced decisiveness is needed over all other attributes. Try to discover your treasure cove, your place of calmness, of inner serenity and artistic genius, but avoid the shadowy pathways of idle fantisies and superficial dodges from responsibility. Living close to your loved ones, building strong family ties as well as close friendships, will give you peace of mind that an external world cannot guarantee.

Home, family and the domestic scene are your major themes for 2011, along with a possible new home or refurbished one, an active social life and opportunities to shine on the job. Jupiter has moved into serious Capricorn and travels through your Fourth House of home and the Mother. This fortunate planet will prompt you to relocate, remodel or redecorate, or rent or buy a new home. You’ll also enjoy many happy moments with family while entertaining your friends. Include potential networking contacts in this mix because one or more of them will come in handy later on in 2011, to advance your career aims. Also, you may have a desire to improve your domestic skills; you might develop an interest in gourmet cooking or delve into interior decorating, refinishing furniture or gardening. Whatever you choose to do for your home this year, it is sure to bring you many hours of satisfaction and pleasure.

(This information goes for LIBRA Sun Sign – Moon Sign,as well as the Rising Sign.)


Based on the Rune (Harvest) and Animal (Fox) October brings a beneficial outcome to your endeavors. However, there is a warning not to allow this temporary state to “go to your head.” Watch your Ego so that you do not enrage family members or suffer from anyone else’s jealousy. Become a fly on the wall, unseen like the fox, and watch others as you move upward with your own plans, in your own quiet way.


From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.



Where are you?
Under the ferns?
Becoming the forest,
So I can learn?

Are you watching,
Invisible to me?
Trying to teach me?
To become a tree?

Reddy the Fox has many allies in the woodlands, including the foliage, which offers protection and much medicine. Fox is seemingly able to vanish admist the lush undergrowth of the forest. This flora is Fox’s ally. The ability to meld into one’s surroundings and be unnoticed is a powerful gift when one is observing the activities of others.

Another natural gift of Fox is the ability to adapt to winter by changing color, like the chameleon. Its rich, white winter coat allows Fox to blend into the snow when the leaves no longer linger. Fox medicine involves adaptability, cunning, observation, integration and swiftness of thought and action. These traits may include quick decisiveness, and sure-footedness in the physical world.

Fox’s ability to be unseen allows it to be the protector of the family unit. If danger arises, Fox is johnny-on-the-spot. Nanih Waiya. Great Spirit in the Choctaw tongue, honors fox with the duty of keeping the family together and safe. This is accomplished through Fox’s ability to observe undetected, without making others self-conscious. Fox is always concerned with the safety of family members and is an excellent tailsmen for those traveling far afield.

Fox has chosen to share his energy with us throughout the month of October 2007, so take this as a sign for you to become like the wind, which is unseen yet it is able to weave into and through any location or situation. and you would be wise to observe the acts of others rather than their words at this time. Use your cunning nature in a positive way; keep silent about who and what and why you are observing. In learning the art of camouflage, you need to test your abilities to pull this off.

One test exercise that may be helpful to you is deciding to be invisible. In doing this exercise, you might try to visualize your body as a part of your surroundings, full of the colors of the location you are in. See in your mind’s eye yourself moving with stealth and grace, unheeded by others. If you do it right, it works! You can leave a party unnoticed or become as unobtrusive as a piece of furniture, watching the developing drama of the subjects you are studying.

While learning from Fox, you might also gain confidence in your ability to know instantly what will happen next. After observing for awhile, you will become aware of a certain predictability in given situations and be able to quickly make your move. Fox medicine teaches the art of Oneness through its understanding of camouflage. This applies on all levels, from rocks to God. With Fox medicine, you are being asked to see all types of uses for oneness.

Much like the clowns at the rodeo, Fox can keep the raging bull from stampeding a friend or family member. Fox can use silly tactics as a brilliant camouflage move. No one could guess the sly power behind such ingenious maneuvers.


OPAL: Brings tears to those who wear it, unless born in the month of October; then it brings good fortune and luck. Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands. Aids eyesight. Creates emotional balance. Enhances intuition. Contains the full spectrum of colors and resonates with all Chakras. Helps bring conscious connection with the Blessed Higher Self.

ADVENTURINE: Variety of quartz. Calms nerves, reduces fluid retention, helps weight loss and strengthens kidneys. Purifies the body. Enhances calmness of mind, aids creative self-expression. Brings physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Helps banish fears and phobias. Excellent for meditation, inspiration, peace, calmness, love. Cleanses the throat Chakra and Solar Plexus.

RUNE of the Month – Jera – Harvest


Fertile Season, New Beginnings, A Fruitful Year Brings Completions

This is the Rune of beneficial outcomes. It applies to any activity or endeavor to which you are committed. Receiving this Rune encourages you to keep your spirits up. Be aware, however, that no quick results can be expected. Always a span of time is involved; hence the key words one year, symbolize a full cycle before the reaping, the harvest or deliverance.

You have prepared the ground and planted the seed. Now you must cultivate with care. To those whose labor has a long season, a long coming to term, it offers encouragement of success. Know that an outcome is in the keeping of Providence. Jera is a counsel to preserve.

Remember the farmer who was so eager to assist his crops that he went out and tugged on the new shoots. There is no way to push the river; equally you cannot hasten the harvest. Be mindful that patience is essential for the recognition of your own process, which in its season leads to the harvest of the self.

Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.


This has always been the section for Healing Requests. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request. What is needed is the name and birth date of the ill person, along with a diagnosis, if possible. What are you asking to be lifted? When you place your request in the Healing Circle of Light—located in our Prayer Room, – know that as soon as you make your Prayer request and Healing request – you will begin to see positive results



Discover the secrets of your Astrological Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign and read them all together, for monthly guidance and direction.

The New Moon in LIBRA on OCTOBER  7th brings in an excellent time to start something important. This energy brings new beginnings with legal matters, contracts or lawsuits, and influences judges and attorneys. It brings a “green light” for romantic relationships, as well as for the start-up of romantic relationships.

The Full Moon in ARIES/TAURUS on OCTOBER 23nd brings in a highly productive time. It also is a time for you to deal with the relationship issues that were made apparent at the September Full Moon. Emotional relationships will need to be balanced, and may be forced to the depths of crisis and transformation. Although this can be challenging, especially during the energies of Scorpio, it is a necessary part of the life cycle.

LIBRA: Polarity: Masculine – Sign: Cardinal – Element: Air- Planetary Rule: 7th House / Venus – Kidneys-lower back – appendix – FOCUS: I balance all of my conflicting desires.

Mars and Venus are both in Scorpio!



The Sun has entered LIBRA

As 2011 begins, you could receive an important job offer. With luck on your side, take a chance and negotiate for more. This is a good influence if you are looking for romance or a new love partner. The timing is ideal for you to begin to get back in shape. Join a gym, walk during your lunch hour, take a class, or learn a new sport.

Others bring you luck through June of 2011. You’ll be especially good with communication at this time and can convince others to see things your way as long as you approach them with charm and Finesse. Just don’t take promises too seriously because people may not follow through, no matter how honorable their intentions.

Saturn in Libra urges you to reflect and assess your life and your accomplishments as well as your success and challenges. What you learn this will serve you for many, many years to come. Now is the time to set a plan and think about what you’d like to achieve over the next seven years. This is not the time, however, to begin any new endeavors ; rather is is a time to prepare for the future by looking at the past, including lingering family matters that may require resolution.

Saturn in your own sign is not an easy transit, nor is it the most difficult. This planet requires hard work and responsibility, both of which lead to growth and rewards. Don’t expect instant gratification however, it can be several years before you will reap the benefits. Just because you  won’t know the outcome now doesn’t mean you should not do your best. Build good karma, have faith in yourself as well as your abilities.

Expect changes and the unexpected with the close relationships in your life. Some ties you considered long-lasting will come to an end, and new people will appear, sometimes as if by magic. As a Libra, you have difficulty  letting go, even when you know it’s for the best, but this is a part of Saturn’s lessons in self-reliance. This does not mean that a committed relationship will break up, because change can be renewing, positive, and strengthening. Many Libras may marry over this next year.

At times people will appear seemingly out of nowhere, most likely for some purpose, to fulfill a need in your life. They will disappear just as quickly, once their mission has been completed. Love-at-first-sight relationships could happen to Libra’s in the near future. However, you’ll want to be cautious about commitment because what begins in a flash can end in a flash, especially in 2011.



ram Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

A few long-term relationships may end now, by choice or circumstances. When this happens to us it is usually because they have fulfilled the role they played in our life. Venus retrogrades Oct. 8th, which slows down the family income over the next six weeks. Pay bills early. You can make use of this time by reviewing your budget and investments. Hold off on major spending, including Holiday spending, until mid-November. October is perfect for family discussions over the budget and with little effort you can reach workable compromises and satisfy everyone.

bull Taurus (4/21-5/21)

Focus on the future and refuse to be discouraged if someone tries to derail you. Venus retrogrades October 8th so prepare yourself to be discouraged over personal and professional plans. Think of the next six weeks as a time to regroup. This is not a time for romantic commitment or to establish a professional partnership. Hold off until early December, when you could have a change of heart.

twins Gemini (5/21-6/20)

Continue to be wary of mixing friendships with money, and be cautious about investments. Any risky moves can bring sizable losses. October brings a slow down at the workplace, which is true of other ties as well. This is not the time for a commitment or for any weddings. Postpone both until the end of November.

crab Cancer (6/21-7/22)

Find an outlet for your frustrations and try to curb your impatience. Listen and open your mind to compromise. After Venus turns retrograde on the 8th, hold off on considering partnerships, business or romantic. Dating relationships are unlikely not to click and people in general will feel more distant. Be cautious with investments and postpone any major financial decisions until December.

lion Leo (7/23-8/22)

October brings the energy of moving forward. Domestic plans and projects may not go exactly as planned. Go with the flow and allow things to evolve as they will. You’ll get ahead a lot further if you take suggestions from a pro rather than a family member. Your work life perks along as usual with no hassles.

virgin Virgo (8/23-9/22)

Develop a plan, put it in writing, and stick to it. In October life begins to settle down. Venus turning retrograde on the 8th can make it tough to get the information you need because people will be less helpful and somewhat aloof; especially neighbors, relatives, and those at a distance. Settle in with a book when you call customer service because you will be on hold for a long time.

scales Libra (9/23-10/22)

Think carefully and deeply before you act. In October money matters will need your attention, so plan to pay your bills early. You also can use this influence to organize financial records, review your budget and boost your financial knowledge. Your life is finally getting back on track!

eagle Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

October brings some minor frustrations. Some relationships, especially romantic ones, may cool, and you may distance yourself from others for no apparent reason. Doing this gives you a chance to evaluate specific ties and your overall approach to the relationship. You’ll also tend to be impatient with others and yourself. Take a seep breath and go with the flow.

archer Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

On a practical level, it’s time to throw out the junk and have a garage sale. In the process you could find a valuable collectible. After October 8th, don’t be surprised if you spend more time alone, out of your social circle.  Take it! It’s time to catch up on your sleep, devote time for your favorite activities, and re-center yourself. If you have a pet,  now is the time to schedule a medical checkup, as well as one for yourself.

goat Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

Life is more calm in October than it has been in recent months. After the 8th your social life may slow down and you may decline invitations to spend a cozy evening at home. The workplace may also be affected. You may want to work solo, but be sure to keep others in the loop.

water-bearer Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

In October life returns to normal, however, your career plans may be put on hold. This can make it tough for you to connect with the right people. Try anyway. Although you many not see immediate results, positive developments show up as December opens.

fishes Pisces (2/19-3/20)

Mercury moving through your house of open enemies reminds you to be on the lookout for thieves and dishonest people. Don’t let someone sell you that Brooklyn Bridge! The New Moon on the 7th gives you access to other people’s resources. This will be an emotional process. Sharing your resources now could lead to others sharing theirs with you after the 28th. You could be presented with an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime after the Sun enters Scorpio. Go after it with gusto, Pisces! Even if it’s only a dream, give yourself permission to do it – BIG!

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