LEO 2023

Jul 20, 2023 | Monthly Astrology

Prepare to take a bow. That long, difficult task is almost complete.




Every heartbeat is God’s name to me. Every breath of life is ecstasy. Every night is bliss and I awaken in your company. Then dawn plays a symphony revealing to me my personal reality. Every life is a living God to me. Every thing is an expression of God’s personality. Every kiss is God’s romance and every love is embedded in God’s originality.

I hear, breathe, sing and speak of God. Each day your plan reveals it’s universal truth. From the past to the future, connected, is how each day shall be. Speaking thy name, I will dwell on you eternally.

Yogi Bhajan

May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance.


AUGUST brings vacation time and a plan for new beginnings. It’s time for your prosperity to begin. Based on the Rune (Breakthrough) and Animal (Wild Boar) chosen as the vibration – August, 2023 brings bold contact between Jupiter and Pluto. This event will affect the nation as a whole, as well as individual, for the short or long-term. Do not try to hang on to the old ways or grieve over your past. You will be disappointed and possibly create losses if you try to do so.Let go and stay in the moment. You are creating a new reality, and that means that the old paradigms must be released, bringing you to a new plateau, so that by early September you’ll be well on the way to a brand new cycle as well as life style.

The Sun has entered LEO

The fiery sign of LEO has an inside track on love, power and the Universe. One of the best routes you can take is heart-focused meditation. Anything you can do to enhance the purity of your ideas and creativity will bring you rewards. Developing and using your creative abilities creates an energy flow within you that triggers that same flow to others when they encounter the work you have done. Music, acting and temporal forms of artistic expression that involve an audience as you create, brings you an especially potent technique. Engaging in sports activities brings joy and enthusiasm and at its best, brings playfulness to both spectators and players. Taking on a leadership role will challenge you to bring forth your best, Leo. Working and playing with children can also trigger spontaneity within for the benefit of everyone involved. Children respond the best when someone is able to touch their minds and hearts to draw them out. Their relative openness, especially when young, will allow you to open your heart as well. No matter what you do, if you realize that by giving to others you give to and improve yourself, you will always be on the right track.

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.


Wild Boar teaches us
to confront without fear,
Ripping apart the denials
and lies that appear

Testing courage, finding truth,
It’s medicine will remain,
A part of every human path
marking the victories we attain.

Although the warrior was accustomed to the sultry heat of his bayou homeland, he was shaking as if from a cold draft. The Council of Elders had caught him telling a lie.  The punishment for this offense  was banishment from the tribe.  To restore his honor among the People, he would have to face the Wild Boar with a knife as his only weapon. If he failed he would die, torn apart by the raging tusks  of the fiery-eyed beast. This prospect filled him with dread.

Then the Spirit of the Wild Boar came to him in a dream; it was enraged that the young man had broken his warrior’s vows by lying.  It told him that he would first have to face and conquer the self-important and deceitful beast within himself, if he hoped to survive their combat. The young warrior vowed to honor the truth from that moment forward; he faced the Wild Boar that day and killed the beast. The warrior kept the tusk of his adversary as a life-long reminder to always confront the weakness within himself.

There are several varieties of Boar, and this powerful medicine if the Warrior Clan apples to al of them. Its medicine teaches us to confront human weaknesses and to change them into strengths. The human spirit is empowered through Wild Boar’s willingness to confront fears, the challenges at hand, and uncomfortable circumstances. Courageously standing tall, without running from the situations that life presents, is powerful medicine indeed.

The Wild Boar is the animal energy for August, 2023.This month you are being asked to confront anything or anybody that you have been avoiding. Pay attention! Embrace your warrior nature and find the courage to confront your fears. Are you possibly being asked to confront a personal weakness or career challenge?  Is it time to finish a project that you abandoned thinking it might be too difficult to accomplish? Confront your feelings regarding some situation that makes you nervous or causes discomfort and bring yourself the peace of closure. 

If you have been procrastinating, Wild Boar is reminding you to quit avoiding the inevitable. In all cases, it is insisting that you be fully present and mindful of what is happening and why. You already possess the courage needed to confront all that life offers, you just need to remember where you hid all that courage. Challenges don’t simply vanish. Unless you actively embrace your issues, you cannot reclaim your spirit’s energy. Half the battle is won through the warrior’s willingness to acknowledge and to accept the whole truth at all times.


PERIDOT: Balances the glandular system. Aids in tissue regeneration. Has beneficial influences on the heart, pancreas, spleen, liver, adrenals and purifies the body. Strengthens bloodstream. Brings overall balance of the mind and body. Aligns the subtle bodies and increases intuitive awareness. Reduces stress. Stimulates the mind and thinking process. Accelerates personal growth. Opens new pathways to new opportunities. Helpful when going through sudden change or crisis.

ONYX: Relieves stress and removes negative energies. Balances the male/female polarities. Strengthens bone marrow. Aids in detachment. Enhances emotional balance and self-control. Creates desire for higher inspiration and brings it in. Works with the seven chakras and our attitudes, depending on the color of the onyx.


RUNE of the Month – DAGAZ

Transformation, Daybreak   

Dagaz is the final Rune belonging to the Cycle of Self-Transformation. August of 2023 will mark a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, along with a complete transformation of attitude, 180 degree turn. For some, this transition is so radical that they no longer continue to live the ordinary life in the ordinary way.

Because the timing is right, the outcome is assured, although not from the present vantage point, predictable. Rely now on inner trust, although the moment may call for you to leap, empty handed, into the void. Confront and vanquish your refusal to allow right action to flow through you. In each lifetime there comes a moment, when, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. With this Rune – Breakthrough – your warrior nature reveals itself.

If Dagaz is followed by the Blank Rune, the magnitude of the transformation might be so total as to portend a death, the successful conclusion to your passage.

A major period of achievement and prosperity is introduced into your life with this Rune. The darkness is behind you; daylight has come. However, as always, you are put on notice to be mindful not to collapse yourself into the future or behave recklessly in your new situation. A lot of hard work can be involved in a time of such transformation. Undertake it – and do it joyfully.

This has always been the section for Healing Requests. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request. What is needed is the name and birth date of the ill person, along with a diagnosis, if possible. What are you asking to be lifted? When you place your request in the Healing Circle of Light—located in our Prayer Room; know that as soon as you make your Prayer request and Healing request, you will begin to see positive results!

(We have had thousands of responses. Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!)

Dandelion in 3 piece mirror representing the past, present and future


The August 1st Full Moon in Aquarius brings a time to let go and go your own way. If you’re in an old-fashioned group dynamic – have courage to accept a failing system and move on.

The August 16th New Moon in Leo brings a time to put your full force into making your work dreams come true. Ambitious, productive energies are on abundance.

The August 30th Full Moon in Pisces sits close to Saturn in Pisces, creating feelings of melancholy. It’s time to grow away from your child-like visions of the world and embrace personal responsibility with a realistic approach to life.

Mercury retrogrades August 23rd through September 15th, 2023

Polarity: Masculine
Sign: Fixed
Element: Fire

Planetary Rule: 5th House/Moon
Body: Heart, Upper Back
I Am Magnetic


ramAries (3/21 – 4/20)

August begins and ends with a Full Moon in two different signs, The first half of August favors travel and vacations, The last part of August favors outstanding accomplishments at work. You gain recognition with your leadership skills.

bullTaurus (4/21-5/21)

If you’ve been wondering when to schedule a vacation, early August is the time. A each bash with good pals is perfect and brings a nice change of scenery. Planning gat away time brings problems at month’s end because three planets, including Mercury in Virgo, turn retrograde along with a Full Moon in Pisces.

twinsGemini (5/21-6/20)

Love speaks in August, and you arrange a romantic dinner with your sweetie mid-month. Bond with your family as you schedule a movie night with input from everyone. Time to assess and revise your financial interests at month’s end. Expect disruptions and uncomfortable discussions at the Full Moon in Pisces.

crabCancer (6/21-7/22)

Make arrangements to pay bills and school tuition mid-month because three planets retrograde at Augusts end. With two Full Moons in August you could opt for two vacations in very different places. In early August you head for the beach, either the short or a beautiful lake. At month’s end it’s a far away trip just for fun.  Vegas anyone?

lionLeo (7/23-8/22)

August is the month you shine and show off your management skills. Treat your partner or family to the beach or water park mid-month Shop for school supplies or electronic equipment before the 23rd, when three planets prepare to go retrograde. Be sure to proceed cautiously with money matters at month’s end.

Virgo (8/23-9/22)

As August opens, you spend time with your sweetie enjoying music, dining and charm for a delayed long weekend. Friction affects the rapport of a business partnership at three planets retrograde after the 23rd. Serve take-out at a family gathering and movie night at month’s end,

scalesLibra (9/23-10/22)

A demanding work month has you ready to collapse and relax as August opens. Midmonth your boss treats the group for dinner at a beautiful location. Everyone is thanked for a job well done. Expect money disagreements with your partner at the Pisces Full Moon at month’s end.

eagleScorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

August can bring up some emotional issues with the two Full Moons. Many a Scorpio is paying tuition for private school or college mid-month; double check on dorm and housing conditions. Don’t begin any new projects at work at month’s end as three planets are going retrograde; wait until mid-September.

archerSagittarius (11/23-12/21)

August brings an older person sending you flowers. You fix your partner an elegant meal to warm things up mid-month. You accept your boss’s invitation to a ball game and enjoy the communication. You are grateful for the acknowledgement you receive for your quality work performance. Expect unforeseen problems to disrupt your routine at month’s end.

goatCapricorn (12/22-1/19)

August brings a decision of whether to splurge for a vacation or purchase that new vehicle. After postponing vacations the past few years, you’re ready to gather kin and friends for sun and fun. While crunching numbers you find the extra cash to do both! Stay home at month’s end to rest and recover.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

 Money talks in August. Mercury and Mars in your 8th House focus on taxes, debt, joint funds, and savings for most of the month. Be sure to shop for school supplies and electronic equipment before the 23rd when three planets begin to turn retrograde. Plan a special holiday adventure for the Labor Day weekend.

Pisces (2/19-3/20)

As August opens, you are planning for that Labor Day vacation. The venue is resort oriented with multiple activities for every age. Invite friends to join you for a casual movie midmonth. Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo on the 23rd, effecting your partnership decisions. Breathe through it and don’t let the upset get out of hand. Take the time to double check reservations and plans for that Labor Day holiday at month’s end,

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