June 19th New Moon

Jun 16, 2012 | Special Messages

New Moon—June 19th and the Summer Solstice

June 19th

June gets off to a rousing start with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 4th. Eclipses have a bad reputation, but because this one occurs in light-hearted Sagittarius, you’ll be feeling optimistic. During the six months following this eclipse, important things may happen in your life in the area where Sagittarius affects your chart. Mars is still in Virgo, attracting attention to details, duty, and the need for clear thinking. To gain the greatest benefit from this energy, you have to be as efficient as possible in matters related to Virgo. Be sure to meet all deadlines, and arrive on time for work and your appointments.

The cosmic energies will peak on June 4 when the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Gemini Sun. You’ll get a big reminder that, as important as the cerebral focus of last month’s Solar Eclipse was, you’d better not forget to tend to your emotional state as well! Adding fuel to the flames, Mars will directly oppose this eclipse, possibly resulting in some rather heated discussions and arguments. Fortunately, if you can channel your energies toward accomplishing important tasks, most of those argumentative energies will dissipate.

Also on the 4th, Mercury and Saturn will work together to ensure that practical matters go off without a hitch and that serious conversations produce useful results.

By June 5, your world becomes a boiling as Venus and Mars square off against each other, throwing relationship dynamics completely off kilter. One of you will likely end up far too assertive, while the other will try to counter that with an overly submissive attitude. Do whatever it takes to be sensitive to each others needs, and if you succeed, you may even experience a boost in passion!

Venus is making a rare transit across the face of the Sun on the 5th. Consider how your life force and values are aligned or need realignment. On the worldly level, this can bring new ideas to manifest money or relationships. On the spiritual level, you are realigning to have spiritual purpose be a focal point in your daily life. When you are spiritually aligned with your actions in the mundane world, you receive much more help as compared to feeding the emotionally addictive desires of your personality ego.


The Gemini New Moon on June 19th, following the May 20th Gemini Eclipse, stimulates you to begin to open your mind and strive to go beyond limited, outdated thinking. If you are willing to go beyond your fears and anxieties, put forth the effort to visualize, you can create a new reality. Become a part of the incoming shift in planetary consciousness. You will find that amazing things are possible.

June 21st

The New Moon comes just one day before the Summer Solstice at 29 degrees Gemini. This degree aligns the Earth with the Sun, Moon, Orion, and the center of our Galaxy. The Summer Solstice is the beginning point of the build up to the end of the Mayan Calender, December 21, 2012, except we are on the opposite end of the energies. There is an ARC being formed between the Gemini and Sagittarian energies, creating a cycle of completion.

Simply put, this is a wake-up call. Ways of thinking, value systems, and how we treat others has changed since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of that powerful energetic change. It shows us that it is time to strengthen your connection to your inner guidance to help you to make wise choices in the months ahead. As the Earth Changes, political, environmental, and personal inner changes take place, allow your Inner Guides to guide and strengthen you in the months ahead.

The old ways, morals, responses, and thinking are falling away, and most people who represent this thinking will not let go without putting up a fight. Be both loving and practical in the months ahead. Dismiss your fears, move the out of your reality, leave them out on the doorstep to disappear in the wind. Allow yourself to move into a new paradigm of thinking and being. Be assured that your fears will move out when you are serious about moving forward in spite of them.

The first of five cycles with the challenging Uranus square Pluto begins at the Summer Solstice and stays with us through the Spring of 2015. On a personal level these new Fifth Dimension energies will help you to revolutionize your value system as you move into a higher alignment with the Universe. This is known as Ascension.

You will release your false values and beliefs in order to get into this higher state—a higher alignment with the Universe. A good way to accomplish this is to take the August 24th-26th, 2012 retreat with Elizabeth Joyce, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Bangor, PA.


Restructuring Saturn in Libra ends its retrograde period, since February, 2012, to help you move in a forward direction. (June 25th) You are bringing yourself into a positive place regarding your work, activities, and relationships that are out of balance. As you move through the difficult and changing summer months, be assured that many firm choices will be made by the Fall Equinox in September.

On July 3rd Mars moves out of its long stay with Virgo, so if you haven’t done so already, clean out your closets, garage, and basement. Time for a tag sale.

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