It's Almost New Year's Eve 2013-14

Dec 27, 2013 | Special Messages


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Predicting the future along with its timing is one of the most difficult things to do. The future is not a set thing, so please remember that we can always change our own future.  The energies show us that instead of destruction there will be a big change in the world concerning life-styles We will not be able to live the same as before, there will be new structure of society, and we will need to begin to live in harmony with nature. This happens over a period of time between 2012 and 2017. Some political secrets come to the light as early as January 2014, and this year will be a year of uncovering that which was hidden, as well as a year of building foundations for a greater security.

In many areas there will be excessive snow and a longer winter than usual, extending into mid-April. However winter is mild in the East Coast.

Expect a very wet and flooding spring, and a hot, hot summer creating excessive solar radiation. Everyone must be careful at the beaches, in sunlight, as well as in the lake regions.

In the mid-west there are sudden storms and tornadoes, creating severe weather.

I have predicted that in 2013 there will be a major clash between Islam and Christianity, acted out with germ warfare.

A Cruise Ship is stuck between icebergs between Australia and New Zealand – Antarctic. This presents embarrassment for a country who should not even be in those waters.

Word comes in about biological warfare and genocide in the Middle-east.

Canada begins to realize a better economy, and American begin to purchase second homes there – Vancouver – Montreal.

By the end of 2014 there will be a radical shift on how the world is run!

July welcomes the respite from our financial concerns, beginning July 8th. We will see some powerful effects and a come back in weakened markets, especially real estate. There is a rare combination of celestial events that brings a positive impact on our financial market and the overall world economy. The European financial system will reorganize and fluctuate, but winds up bringing strength.

Obama’s presidency go into sharky waters over the next few months. The public will be up in arms regarding some financial decisions the oval office makes, especially about Obamacare. Watch your back, Obama.

There is more war talk concerning Syria, and some tragedies, however the war escalates more in November, December.

There could be a strong storm or earthquake or Tsunami in the Pacific Ocean in November, the 4/5th, 18th, or 24th – possibly affecting Japan, Philippines, and/or Southern California.

Predicted in December 2013: From dangerous pollution, a new virus will spread across China through the water/food supply before Spring. Thousands will die and the others will be chronically ill. This is a virus that attacks the nervous system directly, and becomes communicable.

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Following are the current tendencies for 2014

2014 brings a continuing clash in the Cosmos. There has been an on-going square between Uranus and deep, dark, unrelenting Pluto. They continue to irritate each other in 2014, especially in April and December. Freedom of speech vs. censoring on-line information for security reasons will continue to be an issue, and more than likely will not be resolved in 2014.

The discipline planet, Saturn, leaves Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius in December, 2014, but not before creating havoc with political and religious scandals. The activity between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn will be especially potent this year. You need to be willing to take stock of what is not working in your life, and let it go! Chin up, you need only to eliminate that which is obsolete or useless. These two planets are not known for their gentleness, so good-byes are a definite possibility for all of us.

On a larger scale, secrets in worldwide institutions will continue to be uncovered, challenging our faith and dependency on The System. The good news is that by the time Saturn leaves Scorpio, much of what is no longer appropriate in the society we’ve grown into, will have been tossed out. Expect several new laws on controversial subjects.

Jupiter in Cancer asks us to liven up our lives and expand our horizons. He’s moving through the home and comfort area (Cancer) strengthening our family ties, and the security of our home and real-estate. The foreclosure epidemic in the United States should continue to taper off.

In July, Jupiter enters Leo, a sign of entertainment and theater, as well as the heart within us. Celebrity lifestyles will be in the news, and several rather dramatic scandals will keep our media well fed for months!

Mars spends eight months in Libra, a sign Mars is not very fond of. Libra loves to compromise and reconcile, but fiery Mars prefers to inspire assertion, action, and aggression. As a result, the public will be feeling like they must speak their minds, regardless of the consequences, especially with regard to relationship issues, and those matters we have been keeping secret and hidden. Libra thrives in partnerships, but Mars is a lone wolf. Finding a happy medium will definitely keep us all busy in 2014!

Your mission this next year is to figure out what you need to change, and use meditation and your intuitive guidance to get the job done.

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