I Am Safe — It’s Only Change

Nov 16, 2017 | In the News|Special Messages

Change is coming as we approach the 2017 Holiday Season. Not only is Mercury retrograde through most of December, but Saturn moves from a free-flowing fire sign into a hard-core earth sign. On the darkest and longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, Saturn moves into it’s ruling sign, Capricorn, for more that two years. Capricorn represents governments, corporations, businesses, and institutions.

As we enter this new cycle, notice what’s going on in the world; struggles with high officials, our planetary safety, and worldwide financial struggles are everywhere. Old conditions and habits are coming out into the open to be destroyed and eliminated, especially in the entertainment and political areas.

When Saturn moves into Capricorn, it joins unrelenting Pluto, and together, until 2020, will ultimately disrupt and restructure the foundation upon which we and other countries have built our culture. Other astrologers are saying that we are about to enter the terrible twenties. That is because drastic change and restructuring can be painful at best.

2018 will bring us some significant events that have already begun. There is a saying in astrology, “the energy happens before the action.” Many of the new changes approaching us as we close out this year and enter 2018, are big enough to change everything around us, our community, and the world at large.

As 2017 draws to a close, some of our well-known leaders will be exiting the planet. We begin with George Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, the underground leader/boss Soros, and perhaps Queen Elizabeth to name a few.

People will be coming together to support common causes and their distress with them. The Me Too example of women who have been emotionally and sexually abused is one step towards uncovering some dark secrets. Remember, Pluto rules sex, transformation, and death.

The Uranus/Pluto Square that has been going on since 2012 plays a part in the upcoming changes as well. Aries is fast and revolutionary and Capricorn is slow and methodical. Once again, the Sun and Venus move into this square range the last few days of 2017. On New Year’s Eve we begin 2018 with a Scorpio Moon, digging out the truth, along with this revolutionary and evolutionary square, which will set the tone for the entire year of 2018.

Let’s begin with what lies ahead of us this winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though the influence of El Nino is present, there will be colder weather, as has already begun in November. There will be extra high-powered winds, and more snow and rain than usual, bringing mudslides with towns and property all but disappearing.

Disease will flair up as well, from past weather conditions. There is stagnant water in lower Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the islands affected by the hurricanes. These waters are poisonous and will be spreading a new type of influenza. The flu season will be intense, beginning in mid-December. This infection is fast moving and affects the lungs. Please begin to send prayers for healing of this condition.

After November 17th things heat up across the world. With weather it’s tornadoes, earthquakes, natural disasters, winds, and unrelenting storms.

The economy is on an upswing until mid-2019. However, gas prices will rise again this next Spring to around $6 a gallon.

We are entering an internal time of awakening. We will be given the opportunity to change from within. We must come out of this hate, judgment and anger phase that has led to mass murders and harming others.

With Jupiter in Scorpio along with the Moon on New Year’s Day, 2018 brings us a great awakening and shake up to get to the truth. People will not play along with the social rules and politically correct agenda. Scorpio digs deep to get to the truth, and bring in a higher clarity. The young people bring us a new awakening, and new ways of dealing with Earth’s pollution. As we look into our inner selves, we discover some amazing insights that bring forth new and stunning high tech ideas for advancement.

Actions and matters will be exposed in government that have never come out into the open before. There will be a breakdown in the government system as this occurs, as well as a review of history. In the early Spring, a group will try to impeach President Trump without success. Hillary Clinton will face criminal charges and her foundation comes to a close.

North Korea’s threats calm down after a major crisis. This is FATED. Matters must come to a head in order to have a healing. North and South Korea will finally unite in peace and live well among each other. The North Korean population will have to be re-educated in order to know that others don’t need to have punishment, only love, compassion, tolerance, and understanding.

The softer, feminine side will begin to emerge. More compromise as people come together. Women’s issues are brought to the light as well as more women coming into power. Also more films, music, and TV Shows that represent the feelings of people. This will establish a higher consciousness.

Love Yourself through Change Candle/Heart GraphicPeople will sense a feeling of unity and oneness. If I do it to them, I am doing it to myself. People will no longer feel separate. This can generate cults or groups with a sense of purpose.

As we go into the summer months, the year 2018 will have a very hot summer. This can be a very dangerous time for the world. With a major breakdown in government and some major issues with leaders, anger and aggression can get out of control. This can cause violence, anger and some major difficulties, especially in the cities.

By the fall of 2018 – people will be calling for a sense of peace and security based on current events.