World Renowned Psychic Warns of Great Destruction

09/07/2017 09:02 am ET Updated 41 minutes ago

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the World’s most renowned psychics on my radio show Mission Unstoppable on The Good Radio Network, and what a life Elizabeth Joyce has led. She is known around the World for her predictions, readings, and teachings.

Elizabeth and I spoke about her new book, Unlimited Realities, (available on Amazon and soon to be a major motion picture) which chronicles her early life up to today, and begins with her being born an identical twin in a family that already had one set of identical twins. Elizabeth differed from her twin and other siblings in one profound way- she was born with the caul over her face, a superstition that suggests that child will be graced with both good luck and the gift of second sight.

It was Elizabeth’s grandmother, Grammie Hemphill, a Shaman, who first explained to Elizabeth at the age of eight, that she had such ‘gifts’ and that one day she would use them for the good of mankind. Elizabeth honed her skills and has become a powerful seer and healer who has helped the police many times in solving cases of missing people as well as being the channel for profound healing in others.

I highly recommend you pick up her book today- it’s an amazing life story that will change how you view, life, death and the Universe.

Elizabeth reached out to me yesterday because she is extremely concerned for the residents of Florida and wants to WARN THEM to EVACUATE NOW, while there is time.

On September 1st, 2017, Elizabeth predicted “that Hurricane Irma will skim Key West and plow Miami putting Trump’s Mar a Lago under 10 ft of water. It would then move up the coast hitting Savannah, totally wasting Hilton Head Island and totally destroying Charleston, SC. She stated that the destruction will equal what which the city suffered in the civil war.”


These are not end of times as some folks are thinking but they are the beginning of the end of things as we know them to be, and we will have to see how it all plays out.

September 2017, will be a challenging month, but because Mercury Retrograde ends and the Full Moon on September 6th is conjuncting Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces , the veil to the other side is thin and those things you truly desire, can be yours through meditation, manifestation, gratitude and sincerity. Let’s all bring forth new insights for the good of all mankind. Use your intuition – You will know what to ask for.

Elizabeth states that September is a Fated month and her predictions include changes in World Leaders. This September will be one for the history books.

Look for the weather to continue to play havoc around the World. It will become colder, with increasing storms, hurricanes and high winds will continue to bring rain to North America. Elizabeth predicts 3 BIG Storms are likely to hit Miami, South Carolina and Jose with be joining with a punch.

On or round September 16th, Elizabeth says that there will be two weeks of upsets and disturbance. Governments will be unstable as World leaders are taken off the chess board so to speak. ‘”We will be saying goodbye to Kim Jong as well as Donald Trump, whom she predicts will leave office because of a medical condition.

Watch for the Queen to announce that the crown will bypass Prince Charles and go directly to Prince William.

What can YOU DO to help during these times? PRAY! Our prayers help balance the energies and can make a huge difference in the outcome to help preserve life, property and more.

Please remember to look out for those who can’t help themselves. The elderly, our animal friends, livestock, zoo animals, as well as those who are challenged with a myriad of conditions.

If you aren’t a believer in predictions, take precautions anyway. The life you may save, could be your own.

You can find out more about Elizabeth Joyce on her website.


Author:        Frankie Picasso- founder of The Good Radio Network