HAPPY THANKSGIVING — November 27, 2014

Nov 27, 2014 | Special Messages


A Thanksgiving Message from Elizabeth Joyce

Horn of Plenty

Thanksgiving warms the heart with a heightened awareness of God’s supporting love, as we gather in our kitchens or another welcoming location, and offer our gratitude to the Divine for our blessings, both seen and unseen. As we acknowledge our gifts flowing daily from Spirit’s bountiful hands, we especially think of our loved ones, family, and invisible angels and guides that surround us. The Angels and Spirit deeply appreciate your devotion, dedication, and the many ways you reflect kindness, caring, and love to others, which causes them to stop a moment and be thankful as well.

In the course of our every-day living, it is easy to forget the One who sustains and motivates our every impulse, because our mind is busy with external, practical matters. Spirit is hidden behind our various manifestations of creation. Yet, with the keener insight of our Inner Helper and the guidance of the Soul, strengthened by our daily meditation practice, and the cultivation of a grateful heart, we can penetrate this disguise and realize that God is everywhere. God’s all pervading influence is in every breath, in every tear, in every thing whispered in your ear. When you are in tune with this Oneness, as one tunes into a radio, then you will receive the messages and blessings of Spirit.

Whatever our circumstances, if we strive to appreciate even the smallest thing that gives us joy, like baking cookies or a pumpkin pie for others, we begin to recognize the gifts, bounty, and loving intent of the giver as well as God’s interest in our well-being. When we fill our consciousness with proof of God’s ever-present bountiful flow, we realize that we are all connected with an inexhaustible source of strength, wisdom, and creativity we can use in any situation.

Our ego’s illusion of self-sufficiency is replaced by humility and surrender that opens wide the entrance to our hearts, to welcome and allow God’s Divine Power to flow unimpeded into our lives. Knowing that we have limited resources to draw upon, we need not fear any obstacles that arises and can face them with full trust in God and see them as a part of the plan for our Soul’s progress, and give thanks.

In giving gratitude and feeling this thankfulness deep within, we cease to be passive of God’s grace, and become active givers of the gift Spirit desires most – our love. The more we express gratitude – inwardly to God with our thoughts and prayers – and outward by serving His children, the more reason we have to be thankful, knowing that the Infinite Heart of God responds to that offering of our devotion.

On Thanksgiving Day, as you take the spiritual initiative to express to Spirit your steadfast appreciation, in action, and through your inner communication, I ask and pray that your relationship with Spirit will continue to deepen until you behold your life and all of creation in this world, and all the other worlds, will permeate into the living vision of reality of Gods presence. When you merge into the Oneness, you will know true peace in the heart.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth Joyce