EARTH CHANGES—This Weekend's T Square

Jul 28, 2010 | Special Messages

Many people have been asking me what I thought would be happening to the planet and within the planet during this dangerous and upsetting Cardinal T Square. Here are a few possible predictions:
Three Gorges Dam in China may give way completely due to the flooding of the Yangzte River. This would flood out Shanghai and the Zheiang Province.  Three Gorges Dam is the largest Dam in the world.  (This was predicted this last Spring as well as a year ago.)
There is a possibility of Terrorist Attacks in London, Paris, New York and Chicago, as well as in our friendly skies. Please use caution throughout August.
Every community along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts of the United States is at risk for the direct impacts of a hurricane. The five most vulnerable cities this year are:
Atlantic City, NJ
Savannah, GA
Tampa Bay, FL
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
New York City – The shape of the coastline, where the Atlantic Ocean points ominously at New York City between New Jersey and Long Island, makes it especially vulnerable to storm surge, since a hurricane passing just to its west would focus the water rise into New York Harbor.  The city itself is mostly surrounded by water that could flood critical infrastructures during a lengthy aftermath, and it is populated by several million people, making evacuation a huge challenge.
This doesn’t include the Gulf cities and states – Galveston, TX is in danger of being completely immersed under water, as well as the lower part of Houston, TX.
In reading the list of hurricanes – two stuck out to me. EARL and IGOR, with MATTHEW as a running third.  We’ll see which one does what. The Atlantic is quiet for now.
Upper California and Vermont/St. Lawrence River can expect  earthquakes in the next six weeks or so.
A second volcano in Iceland may erupt this weekend. This would truly be a disaster and ground aircraft for quite some time.
Also, I have mentioned that New Zealand and Indonesia could have tsunami’s.
That’s it for now, enough!  The important thing is not to allow yourself to get caught up in anger, rage, revenge, or family and personal upsets. This time will pass. Begin your prayers, meditate, do what you can for others, and stay calm and safe.