December Predictions 2013_Heads UP!!!

Nov 30, 2013 | Predictions|Special Messages


December brings a time of push, pull energies. The energetic time leading up to Christmas day are more powerful that usual. A transfer of power is at hand, and we just may not like the effects. You will feel the walls shaking in a very definite way all around you this month. This shake-up will be felt in all areas of your life, but the net effect would be to hurry the changes that have already been looming on the horizon, particularly those changes that involve personal or political differences. This all can be done nicely, through a process of formal agreements.

One term for this type of effect with a Jupiter-Saturn trine (Cancer-Scorpio) is known as “ritual transfer of power.” It can show up easily to make someone like a party leader or Prime Minister or cabinet minister step down. On the other hand, in the United States, any event like this involves plenty of venom, back-stabbing, and secret power plays. Struggles in such situations are likely to occur between Dec. 6th and 12th, and the after the 22nd through the end of the year. This can work out to be a concerted effort, or a time of nastiness to those who have stayed to fight. One way or another change will come this month, but don’t count on it being permanent, as another change comes in mid-February. Then the Speaker of the House may also exit, Stage left! Personally, it’s best to call on your Angels and Guides to assist you at this time of change. They are always present and truly can work miracles!


Sometime between Dec. 6th and Dec. 31st — Queen Elizabeth will announce that she is advocating the throne of England – placing Prince William as the new King. This decision has to do with her health and Prince Charles’ health as well. I fondly call this “Camilla karma.” (Hmmm…wonder if this decision can actually hold up.)

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