Chakras and the New Spiritual Chakras

Feb 25, 2016 | Resources

Understanding and getting familiar with the CHAKRAS – your seven energy centers –  and Opening the Spiritual Chakras – 8th to 12th.

First let’s take a look at the Seven Physical Chakras – then we can learn how to use them, help them clear and spin in balance, and keep us healthy while aligning us with the energy of the Divine.

Beginning to open the Spiritual Chakras

The ROOT Chakra – located at the base of the Spine



Rules the Kidneys and the Spinal Column – Sutras: Foundation, Security, Strength

Holds the Kundalini energy for meditation.

Vitalizes the Kidneys and feeds the life giving system – the will to live – and the fundamental instincts for survival. Stores our Chi energy

Crystal: Jasper, Clear Quartz

For grounding: Kundalini energy is stored here, transformation can occur when these energies are aroused and allowed to rise up within you and penetrate each Chakra above. The energy joins the Shakti energy at the Heart Center, continues on and leaves the body through the top of the head – or Crown Chakra. As this happens, spiritual growth and awareness of other levels of energy and perceptions occur.

The SPLEEN Chakra – Located at the Spleen between the hip bones.



Rules Gonads, Sexual Organs, Sacral – Lower back – Sutras: Purification, Receiving, Creativity

Located between the Asis bones of the hips. Vitalizes the sexual life organs of reproduction and processes prana (or oxygen) from the atmosphere which then vitalizes the entire system of major and minor Chakras.

Crystal: Topaz, Carnelian

For health, sexual energies, digestion, and purification. This energy can be used for creativity, spiritual awareness and integration. It also influences our self-esteem.

The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – The largest Chakra on the body – Located at the navel



Rules the Pancreas – Adrenals – Stomach – Gall Bladder – Nervous System – The Sutras: Will, Integrity, Desire, Intention

Vitalizes the sympathetic nervous system, which activates our involuntary muscles and gets the body ready for activity. (Adrenaline) This Chakra can bring to us joy, sadness, gut feeling reactions and heightens emotion.

Crystal: Emerald, Black Obsidian

This is the male creative force or YANG energy in the body. It brings to us our desires, other people, and controls our emotions and physical power. The Solar Plexus energy helps to create our future and causes us to have our gut feeling reactions; or ;psychic impressions;. When out of balance or holding negative energy, it can cause us to think and act in unhealthy ways.

Creates the possibilities of choices. What are the consequences of my actions and how will they be effected? Take a different choice than your conditioned response by following your intuition and integrity. Witness your body’s energies – do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? When we choose actions that bring happiness to others the energy that returns to us is happiness and success. This is a very important Chakra and houses our will, intention and integrity, as well as our “gut feeling reactions.”

THE HEART CENTER – Located at the Heart



Rules the Thymus – Circulatory System – Blood – Sutras: Love, Peace, Harmony, Laughter

Vitalizes the life stream through the pumping of the heart center, and controls the circulation of the blood. The heart feeds all cells within the body structure. Vitalizes the veges nerve, the largest nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system. When open it helps us remove fear blocks, and brings compassion in the form of spiritual love. Through our Heart Chakra we can feel a connection and sense of oneness with others

Crystal: Rose Quartz, Amber

Unconditional Love, self-acceptance, and the place where Spirit can guide us to higher levels of being and loving. The heart is the Mother in all of us. Kindness, Forgiveness, Love, Peace and Harmony .

THE THROAT CHAKRA – Located at the Throat Center


Rules the Thyroid, parathyroid – Alimentary Canal – Lungs – Sutras: discernment, affluence, acceptance

Located at the base of the Throat, between the shoulder blades. Vitalizes the lungs and voice. Communicates the concrete thoughts received from the Solar Plexus.

Crystal: Sapphire, Turquoise

Self-expression, communication, affluence, discernment. This is the Mother Chakra and begins the three YIN or female energy chakras of the body. You can inflict pain or kindness with the voice. What is more important to know is the voice represents our intention. We will decree a thing and it will be so. Therein lies the mystery of manifestation. As Louise Hay states in the book You Can Heal Your Life, where thoughts go, energy flows; Our life experiences comes directly from our thoughts, then speaking it, then our actions. Inherent within every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment. The voice had great organizing.

THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Located at the center of the Brow Ridge



Rules the Pituitary – Left Eye – Nose – Sutras: Knowledge, Wisdom, Freedom (when conntected to the 9th Chakra – opens pineal and pituitary glands – and then connects to the 6th Chakra (Third Eye).

Vitalizes the cerebellum (or lower brain) and central nervous system, which consist of the brain fibers connected at the base of the brain and top of the spinal cord – or 9th Chakra, and anchors the conscious stream from the etheric body.

Crystal: Ruby, Lapis

Knowledge, truth, freedom of the etheric double, intuition. The Third Eye helps you to see all circumstances around you, and is the key to wisdom and controlling/directing the Life Force energies. While meditating and working the chakra energies, colors, pictures, feelings and an inner knowing will come to you through the Third Eye. This is the ultimate power center for healing others, and allows you to Astral Project or work with your etheric body (your double) at will.

THE CROWN CENTER CHAKRA – Located at the top center of the Head



Rules the Pineal – Connects to 8th Chakra – 6 inches above the head – Right Eye – Sutras: Bliss, Infinity, Immortality

Vitalizes the cerebrum (or upper brain) and anchors the etheric stream into the physical body. It is the direct connection to our Higher Self and brings reverence, knowledge of Infinity, insights from the Spiritual Self – or Etheric Double and brings dedication to God from the Spiritual Will.

Crystal: Diamond

Immortality, Angels, Grace, Communing with the Divine Forces, Self-Realization. Through the Crown Chakra you can literally reach the heavens or other energy realms. You can rise through the center of your head and astral travel with your Guides. You can project healing, and pure, unconditional love energies anywhere in the Universe. This is where the power of prayer becomes reinforced. This is the center where you bring in the Spiritual Forces through Shakti Energy to purify the body and join the kundalini energies in order to reach a nirvana or total purification and recalibration of the cellular structure and DNA system of the body. You can erase karma through Divine Grace brought through the Crown Chakra into the Heart Center.


In viewing the 7 Chakra system, the colors appear from the first Chakra (Root) to the seventh Chakra (Crown), in a specific order. This should be very familiar to you as they are identical to the colors of the rainbow, except that the green and yellow vibrations are switched. Each color expresses a range of frequencies that fall within specific wavelengths of radiant information. The colors of the visible light system are just above Infrared and below Ultraviolet. The Chakras are specifically designed to act as one level of a tuning antenna, aligned with a note on the scale of seven. They intercept specific wavelengths of energy containing radiant information and bring that information down into the density of the body structure to utilize. Additionally, more refined tuning occurs at the molecular level, as genetic receptors receive information at an even greater level of vibration frequency.

The spin rate of the Chakras is a part of the fine tuning of this system. The higher chakras spin faster than the lower ones. There is a direct relationship between each individual chakra center and the specific ranges of energy within the human/creation Matrix. The chakra is the interface point, the energetic organ linking various aspects of the physical body to its non-physical counterparts…i.e. the Matrix Grid.

Through this resonate relationship you have access to the entire range of creation, an Infinite Grid, of information can be accessed through the body/chakra system. Using the interface points of the Chakras, you become a part of all that you see!

For Example

The seventh chakra interfaces with an Infinite Grid of radiant energy – information – light frequency – as well as a higher HOLOGRAPHIC expression of itself and is the doorway or passageway to the etheric body and the NEW Spiritual Chakras. It is through this interface that the reality of the human experience becomes apparent. The human being is not the individual and independent being as we perceive. Rather, it is a continuation of energy seeking expression through multiple energy vortexes of expression. The body is connected to one level of an interlocking series of grids, connected to the Hierarchy, with each system sustaining its own range of energy information. These grids, having seven sections or sets of vibrations, with seven levels of knowledge in each section, are ranges of experience referred to as Dimensions.

In aging or illness, the Chakras begin to collapse into the body and slow their rate of spinning. the ancients knew of this and designed rites or rituals of mantras and meditation techniques to maintain the vitality and spin-rate of the chakras. Recommended as a daily meditation practice, these movements are not aerobic in nature, through they may be performed quickly and are used in Tibetan Monasteries as a mode of prayer, meditation and physical maintenance

The radiant energy of creation penetrates to you and within you on a daily basis, incessantly. Wave packets of information, coded as geometric patterns of subtle energy carried upon waves of a broad spectrum of light contain knowledge and insight along with ideas and creativity – through Light! Every second of every day you are asked to process this information, determine what is useful to you and what is not, and store what is useful in a portion of your mind, body, spirit complex where the pattern of the memory will reside. Much passes by you, and much is absorbed as you grow along your personal timeline and open up to the Matrix Grid. Any and all knowledge is accessible to you, instantaneously

The key here is to remember that all wavelengths of energy information may not be used by the body. Each chakra, through its spin rate, is in tune to vibrate within a specific range of frequency. These frequencies determine which portions of light are meaningful to your vibration rate and growth. The chakras, and the associated grids, respond only to the information to which they are tuned, allowing all remaining information to pass. It is through the resonant receptors of the genetic code that the body, individually and as a species, is able to tune the chakras, and access the living information of light as it passes through the body

All information of creation is available to you. The information may not be meaningful, however, until we are able to bring it in to the body through the re-tuning of the Chakras.

Individuals learn to assimilate information, unconsciously and the information is received through the Hierarchy of the subtle bodies.

The system, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the information, begins to temporarily store data within the buffer zone for the body to access and use at a later time.

The buffer zones will continue to store the information until they reach saturation and can hold no more. At this point, the buffer zones are vibrating as a specific tone that moves into resonance with the sleep centers of the brain, releasing serotonin and inducing a need to sleep within the body.

The sleeping process allows the body to process and empty the information accumulated within the buffer zone and assimilate the energy into the Matrix Grid of the body. To the places where the life experience dictates that the information should fit. The fittings will change throughout the lifetime as new experiences will allow for re-evaluation of previous experiences and a re-organization as to how they should fit into the system and life patterns.

As the body learns to vibrate differently, resonating into the higher Matrix Grids of information, the body will require less sleep. You may be experiencing this in your life at the present time. Collectively and individually, you have already learned to vibrate much more rapidly than you did even last year. Initially, as you learn the chakra system and begin to work with the meditations, the sudden increase in cellular vibration may be accompanied by a perceived need for more sleep, especially if deep seeded emotions have been awakened. This need for extra sleep will dissipate as the body settles into the new patterns of vibration and assimilation of information

This process may be seen as a double-edged sword. As the emotions become dislodged, forgotten and sometimes painful memories begin to surface. The higher vibration of experience will allow for them to be resolved quickly, and this resolution restores balance, or healing. The increase in vibration allows chakras to rotate at a faster rate and process the information in instant time as they are occurring. The net effect of this, living in the moment, is that the body will be asked to store less and demand less sleep time to process your daily events.

This information on CHAKRAS and Your Body enables you to learn the meaning of each Chakra, what gland it rules, and how to open the Chakras for Spiritual Development and Clarity. The guided meditation on side two is superb and opens up the Heart Center! If you do this Guided Meditation on a daily basis for several months, your third eye will open and you will balance your body, and begin to know the power within yourself.