Capricorn 2017/18

Dec 17, 2017 | Monthly Astrology

Newsletter – CAPRICORN 2017/18

2018 Has arrived!


Knowledge is my pathway and brings freedom and success.


Now withdraw into the rose center of your heart. Meditate on the perfect rose. The rose of twelve petals lies at the temple of your heart. It’s petals are opening to the sun – every petal gleaming and glowing with the light. There is an ineffable Light in the heart of the rose.

Become enfolded within these petals, in a soft pearly light. You are within the temple of the rose, the Sun pours down into the heart—opening up the doorway to all empowering, unconditional Love. You are a part of this radiance and one with all of humanity, within the heart of the ROSE.

Allow the light from the Masters show how to live divinely and to rise above the dualities of this world and find peace within. Become a giver of peace and love to others. By dwelling on these higher energies and striving to emulate the qualities expressed, you will open your heart to absorb more deeply the Spirit manifested in all God-united souls. Let the strength that upholds the Universe filled your being filling you with everlasting love. Smell the fragrance emitting from the center of the rose and fill yourself up with the radiance of the Universe.

May God grant me Health, Protection, and Guidance.

The Sun has entered CAPRICORN

The sign of CAPRICORN in many ways, is the most misunderstood and mysterious sign of the zodiac. Following the Winter Solstice and the full moon closeness to the earth, you can reach the summit of material achievements or suffer the pangs of myrterdom. As your mind opens to spiritual laws and teachings, apply what you learn in a pragmatic and businesslike manner and sidestep the isolation that afflicts many born under the earth sign signified by the determined Goat and the legendary Unicorn. Keep on relentlessly moving up your private mountaintop to worldly prominence. While conservative work methods are the golden rule, don’t get trapped in a crystalized lifestyle that prevents flexibility and invites emotional rigidity. When you take command of the dynamic thinking process and concentrate on objectives with clarity, executive leadership will crown your valiant efforts.

(This information goes for CAPRICORN Sun Sign – Moon Sign
as well as the Rising Sign.)

Based on the Rune (GATEWAY) and Animal (MOOSE) chosen as the vibration for the December/January 2017/18 brings: strong winds and winter weather, more earthquakes and a strong flu season.

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.


Moose — Self Esteem

help me honor
The gifts I can give
And recognize my worthiness
As long as I live

Moose is found in the North of the medicine wheel, as is the Buffalo. North represents the place of wisdom. Self-esteem is the medicine of Moose because it represents the power of recognizing that wisdom has been used in a situation and that recognition or a pat on the back is deserved.

Moose is the largest member of the deer family and has great strength. The call of the male moose is an awesome thing to hear on a musky spring night. His pride in his maleness and his desire to share his seed with a Moose cow are displays of his sense of self-esteem. The bellow of a male Moose can be viewed as a positive force, since it represents his willingness to  tell the world about his feelings.

This tell the world trait contains a joyfulness which only comes with a sense of accomplishment. there is no greater joy than a job well done. This trait is therefore not a seeking of approval, but rather an enjoyment of sharing because of the spontaneous explosion of joy that comes from the deepest part of one’s being.

The wisdom woven throughout this scene is that creation constantly brings forth new ideas and further creation. Moose is telling us that joy should be shouted with pride. The wisdom in doing this shouting is  that JOY is  catching.  In a sense, the bellowing is a way for us all to lighten up and give ourselves or each other a well done, bravo, well done!

Moose medicine people have the wisdom to know when to use the gentleness of the Deer and when to activate the stampede of the Buffalo. They understand the balance of giving orders to get things done and having the willingness to do things for themselves. The wisdom of Moose medicine is akin to the Grandfather Warrior who has long since put away his war paint and is now advising the young bucks to cool their blood.

Moose medicine is often found in elders who have walked the good earth and have seen many things on their Earth Walk. Their joy lies in being the teachers of children, and in being the first ones to give encouragement. This is not to say that Moose medicine people do not use their wisdom to warn as well as to give praise, because they do. Moose medicine people know what to say, when to say it, and to whom!

The elders are honored in tribala law for their gifts of wisdom, for their teaching abilities, and for the calmness they impart in Council. If you are wise beyond your years and have the gift of Moose medicine, use this gift to encourage others to grow. There are may facets to the wisdom of Moose medicine.

January 2018 brings Moose into the vibration for the opening of a new time to get serious and remind us about tapping into our strength and endurance in the coming months. If you have reason to feel you’ve accomplished something on your life journey then be sure to jump for joy. This may be a habit you have broken, a completion of some sort, an insight on a goal, or a new sense of self that you have fought hard to earn. This is a time for feeling harmonious pride, and of recognizing those who have aided you in this process.


GARNET:  Strengthens, purifies, vitalizes and regenerates bodily systems, especially the bloodstream. Has strong connection with the Root Chakra. Balances hemispheres of the brain. Aids in tissue regeneration. Attracts positive energies into the Aura. Amplifies thought forms. Aids with your personal illumination. Solar energy, male aspect. Brings you self esteem, inner strength and stability.

 ROSE QUARTZ:    Aids the kidneys and circulatory system. Has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra. Increases fertility. Eases sexual and emotional imbalances. Helps clear away stored up energies of anger, guilt, fear, resentment, jealousy. Cools a hot temper. Reduces stress and tensions in the body. Helps to bring in forgiveness and compassion. Absorbs “Love Thoughts” and transmits them back to you with a higher purification. Known as the Love Stone.

RUNE of the Month—Thurisaz


Place of Non-Action

With a gateway for its symbol, this Rune indicates that there is work to do both inside and outside of yourself. The Spirit of Transformation guards the gate of the personal world, looking out as well as in, symbolizing the abiding urge to transcend the limits of the little self. The Gateway is at once a portal and a frontier between Heaven and the mundane. Having this Rune during the energies of Virgo,  completes a cycle that brings new beginnings and is a recognition of your readiness to contact the luminous, the Divine, to illuminate your experience so that its meaning shines through its form.

Thurisaz is the Rune of non-action. This Gateway is not to be approached and passed through without contemplation. During the time of Aquarian energies, you are being confronted with a true reflection of what is hidden within yourself, what must be exposed and examined before successful action can be undertaken. This Rune’s strength lies in its ability to wait.  This is not a time to take decisions. Deep transformational forces are at work with this Rune.

Visualize a gateway on a hilltop. Your entire life lies behind you and below. Before you pass through this Gateway, pause and review the past; the learning, the joys, the tests and tribulations, all you have experienced and all it took to bring you to this place, this moment. Bless it, release it, and let it go! For in doing so, you will reclaim what is truly yours, the powers within the Universe.

This has always been the section for Healing Requests. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request. What is needed is the name and birth date of the ill person, along with a diagnosis, if possible. What are you asking to be lifted? When you place your request in the Healing Circle of Light—located in our Prayer Room, – know that as soon as you make your Prayer request and Healing request – you will begin to see positive results!

(We have had thousands of responses. Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!)


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The January 1st Full Moon in Cancer brings a winter Supermoon that is always larger than a summer Supermoon. Get outside on New Years night and see this one. It will be so large it may look like it’s touching the Earth. The two trines from Neptune and Mars will energize the ocean tides as well as the energy tides within you.

The January 16th New Moon in Capricorn brings the awareness that it’s time to take a look at your career and how you project yourself into the world. Time to look at your past goals and readjust them to the present moment. This is when you can write out your 2018 resolutions.

The January 31st Full Moon in Leo brings a Lunar Eclipse as well as the second Full Moon of the month. This is a Blue Moon, a Supermoon and a total Lunar Eclipse. It’s going to be difficult to get much of anything done because everyone’s emotional levels will be off the charts!



Elements:  Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity:  Feminine
Planetary Ruler:  Saturn/12th House
Body: Knees, bones
Focus:  I use

The Sun has entered CAPRICORN


 Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

Prepare to have an open and honest conversation with an elder or higher up who has previously been unapproachable. Mid-month you will need to hang onto your purse strings. No matter how secure you may feel, one ripple in the water now could cause a hurricane down the road. Incorporate a “just in case” fund and pay attention.

 Taurus (4/21-5/21)

With five planets in Capricorn in your house of far-off places, you could be planning a trip or receiving visitors from another country. If there’s someone you’ve been missing for far too long, give them a call. With finances, well, you wrote the book Taurus. However, watch your plastic and bank account near month’s end. Impulsive Mars could urge you to overextend.

 Gemini (5/21-6/20)

If someone has been missing your intimate attention, early January is time to kick back and head for the hills. Take the time to spend this moment with someone special. Money matters have been confusing but begin to clear mid-month. Open you eyes and see that someone hasn’t been entirely honest with you at month’s end. It may not be easy, but if you care for them, knowing where you stand will help both of you move forward.

 Cancer (6/21-7/22)

If you’ve been thinking about settling down, don’t be surprised if your sweetheart mentions it first. Yes—you are both on the same page. Or you could be pining for the “one that got away.” Before you decide to reconnect, go over the reasons you separated in the past. If you want to open a new business or invest, this is the perfect time to consider it. If you worry about the fine print, be sure to consult a professional. The dramatic lunar eclipse in Leo suggests you prepare for a few financial fireworks. It could be a bumpy ride for awhile.

 Leo (7/23-8/22)

If you need to get away from it all as the New Year opens, mid-month is the time to do so. Take time to enjoy yourself and talk with your sweetheart. You may be getting into some intense emotional situations, but you may enjoy every sweet moment. Mid-month you may sit down with your boss or higher-up and explain how essential your job is and just what you contribute to the company. Don’t worry about being taken the wrong way. They’ll hear you, Leo.

 Virgo (8/23-9/22)

You may not do much partying in January, Virgo, but you’ll feel good about yourself as you see another, yet another project come to completion. You may need to postpone a weekend get-a-way or vacation plans, but you will be able to enjoy the freed-up days guilt free. January brings you an exciting aspect bringing together strategy and amazing good luck. If you are investing in an IRA or similar account, this will be a lasting situation for a good long time. Something you’ve been hiding or kept under wraps comes out into the open at month’s end.

 Libra (9/23-10/22)

Romance prevails most of the month, and you could meet that “someone special” and it would stick. The energies in Capricorn bring long-lasting commitment. Unexpected expenses arrive mid-month, Libra. You may need to call in a few favors or ask for a loan, but take care of this and don’t put it off. If you’re feeling testy at month’s end, put some distance between you and whoever you see as being especially irritating. It’s better than nasty words.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

You wear your heart on your sleeve as January opens on a Full Moon, Scorpio. You’re heart is full because of a caring gesture of a loved on. Hang on to this feeling for a long time. If your sweetheart seems erratic mid-month, don’t take it personally. Sit down with them and listen to their concerns. They will appreciate you for listening. It may get testy at month’s end on the second Full Moon of the month. An elder or boss could have you upset. Hold your tongue, Scorp!

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

Plans may change suddenly as January opens on a Full Moon. You’re adaptable, so just go with the flow. Don’t get attached to your agenda for the first part of the month, and have your Plan B ready. Mid-month someone new comes along proving that you haven’t seen it all just yet. You may have to put in a lot of overtime this month, Sag., but you will reap the benefits quickly. You will rise in stature with a promotion, raise, or bonus. Do yourself a favor just this once? Don’t spend it all in one place.

 Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

With Jupiter in Scorpio, Pluto’s own sign, you may decide to do a bit of detective work in January. Go ahead — dig, but you may be in for some serious surprises. With the New Year opening on a Full Moon you may discover something unbelievable about someone close to you. This could trigger a start or ending of a relationship, or both. Fasten your seat belt Capricorn. You may need to “break the piggy bank” mid-month to help a family member or settle an unexpected expense. Be sure you are financially prepared.

 Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

January brings hard work and a bit of romance. You may have a brain like a computer, Aquarius, but now and then computers need downtime and rebooting. You’re really not into the “mushy stuff” but every now and then the heart gives out a certain kind of a thump that makes you smile. At the Full Moon at month’s end, you may be reminded that you’re hanging on to a grudge. Don’t allow bitterness to crawl in. Forgive and let it go. You no longer need that baggage.

 Pisces (2/19-3/20)

With a Full Moon to begin January, you’ll plan New Year’s Day dinner at home, with heartwarming guests. You may also have news of a new arrival to the family, or news regarding a new home. You singles could meet someone charming whose just perfect for you, through a neighbor or family member. Some nice money comes along at month’s end; a raise, bonus, or inheritance. Make it a priority to get to a spa or enjoy a massage at month’s end.

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