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Dec 22, 2015 | Monthly Astrology

Newsletter — CAPRICORN 2016

Happy New Year

2016Happy New Year


That which I need will be given or come to pass.


The Life That Makes All Things New

Amma-ovalAs you accept with patience and surrender the difficulties you encounter throughout life on a daily basis, so will you find flowing into you through the Crown Chakra, a light or life-force which will remove all anxiety and pain, making each day a new experience. This comes to each one of us gently, slowly, as we open ourselves from within to the gifts of Spirit. Occasionally you will become aware of a glow within your heart, or of a light feeling, and you will become aware of the harmony which is shaping your life right now through the power of the Divine.

If you direct the right thoughts to those around you, and begin to put the action of the Law of Love in front of any circumstances you may find yourself in, you will find that these troubles and upsets will gradually smooth themselves out. Events will begin to work more harmoniously for you and you will begin to feel, “God is very good to me.” You will begin to realize that within you, as you practice your daily meditations, there is a power building, a feeling of Love, which is helping you actively. This will guide you towards the desired balance of Love, Peace and Harmony within your heart.

This glow within your heart which brings to you such sweet happiness and joy may remain for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days – and then may disappear. Never fear for slowly this power and gratitude will increase in you. As your life continues, you will experience this renewing energy more often, for you are Ascending up a spiral of light and vibration which will eventually bring you, as a Daughter or Son of God, into the kingdom of eternal light and bliss.

Rose-handThink of Ammachi, and meditate on the yellow golden rose, the flower of God. You are looking at this rose from afar, as something outside of you. But it is within your heart, as is Amma, always! The petals of this divine rose are slowly opening as you chant your mantras to Amma, opening to receive the golden warmth of sunshine and power from above. There is a light within the heart as well music coming to you from the rose. The light from above and the light from the rose blend as one…as you swoon into the bliss of Divine Love.

Elizabeth Joyce — 2007

May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance.


The Sun has entered the sign of CAPRICORN

The sign of CAPRICORN, in many ways, is the most misunderstood and mysterious signs of the zodiac. Following the Winter Solstice and the full moon closeness to the earth, you can reach the summit of material achievements or suffer the pangs of myrterdom. As your mind opens to spiritual laws and teachings, apply what you learn in a pragmatic and businesslike manner and sidestep the isolation that afflicts many born under the earth sign signified by the determined Goat and the legendary Unicorn. Keep on relentlessly moving up your private mountaintop to worldly prominence. While conservative work methods are the golden rule, don’t get trapped in a crystalized lifestyle that prevents flexibility and invites emotional rigidity. When you take command of the dynamic thinking process and concentrate on objectives with clarity, executive leadership will crown your valiant efforts.

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.



COYOTE – You Devil
You tricked me once more!
Must I sit and ponder
What you did it for?

There are thousands of myths and stories about the Coyote. Known as a great trickster, or the spiritual equavilent of the EGO, many native american cultures call Coyote the “Medicine Dog”. With the Coyote as your Shamen Totem in July 2003 there is some kind of medicine on its way to you and it may not be to your liking! Whatever this medicine is, good or bad, you can be sure it will make you laugh, maybe even painfully. You can also be sure the Coyote will teach you a much needed lesson about your Ego and yourself.

Coyote has many magical powers, but they may not always work out in the best way, or in his favor. His own trickery fools him! He is the Master Trickster who winds up tricking himself. No one is more astonished than the Coyote at the outcome of his own tricks. He falls into his own trap. Somehow the Coyote manages to survive. He may be banged and bruised by the experience, but he soon goes on his way to even greater error, forgetting to learn from his mistakes. He may lose a battle, but Coyote is never beaten.

Coyote is scared. In the folly of his acts we see our own foolishness. As Coyote moves from one disaster to the next, he refines the art of self-sabotage to sheer perfection. No one can blindly do themselves in with more grace and ease than this holy trickster. Coyote takes himself so seriously at times that he cannot see the obvious. For example, the steamroller that is about to run over him! That is why, when it hits him, he still cannot believe it. “Was that really a steamroller? I’d better go look,” he says. Then he is run over once more!

Contained within this trickster is the humor of the ages. The cosmic joke is not just on ourselves, but on everyone else if they are following the Coyote or have Coyote medicine as their Karma. Someone like this may be able to convince us that a skunk smells like roses, but a skunk is still a skunk! Snooze time is over in July. It’s now time to face up to the coming world events and earth changes with awareness and preparation. Watch out! Your glass may crash to the ground at any moment. Your self-mirror may crash and you will have to face yourself! The divine trickster is dogging you, and you may trip. Coyote scratches under his arm. He does a crazy dance. He catches his tail on fire while playing with matches. He jumps in a fish pond running from wasps and almost drowns. Coyote seduces a concrete statue. Coyote thinks he’s found a bone, when it is indeed a rattlesnake. Everyone watches this comic scene. Coyote is you, me, booby traps, jet airplanes with toilets that don’t flush, uncomfortable blind dates and all the humorous and whimsical things we encounter along life’s way. Get ready for more laughs! Lots more.

Go immediately beneath the surface of your experience. Ask yourself what you are really doing and why. Is Coyote your medicine? Are you playing jokes on yourself? Are you trying to fool an adversary? Is someone tricking you? Do you want to give the office “geek” the phone number of the beautiful new secretary? Do you want to pull a boner on your best friend? When was the last time you did something because it was crazy and fun?

On the other hand, you may not be conscious of your own pathway of foolishness. You may have conned yourself, your family, your friends, or even the public at large into believing that you know what you are doing. But listen, Coyote, because you are balled up in your own manipulations. You have created a befuddling, bewildering, confounding trick. Pick up the juggler eyes from the ground and get them back into their sockets. See through the genius of your own self-sabotage. Find it amusing and laugh, trickster, laugh.

If you cannot laugh at your game and your own crazy antics you have lost the game of life. Coyote always comes calling when things get too serious. The medicine is laughter and joking so that new viewpoints can be absorbed into your belief system.

January is a time of winter, skiing, sledding, games, and fun. It’s time for stodgy old foggies to lighten up and add cheer to a party, or break up a “death grip” conversation with ease. Look at the positive side of sabotaging nosey questions about your personal life. Have fun telling that gossiper you just returned from St. Barts in your new Lear Jet!

January is a time to watch the people who enter your life. You may attract an all-knowing teacher, a scam-artist, a get-rich-quick scheme, a door-to-door salesman, a female fataile, a movie producer, a television evangelist, a politician, or any other person who wants you to follow their lead. Coyote is not the recommended business partner or lover.

January may be a time when everything you do backfires. All your jokes may be exploding in your face. Coyote signals a time to be aware of the intentions of others, and look for that boomerang which you threw out to another person come back in and hit you from behind. Someone else’s trick may be on you, or there could be deception in the wind. Whatever January conjours up, it could be coming from any direction. Remember, the joker is wild!


garnet  Garnet:   Strengthens, purifies, vitalizes and regenerates bodily systems, especially the bloodstream.  Has strong connection with the Root Chakra. Balances hemispheres of the brain. Aids tissue regeneration. Attracts positive energies into the Aura. Amplifies thought forms. Aids with your personal illumination. Solar energy, male aspect. Brings you self esteem and stability.

rosequartz  Rosequartz:  Aids the kidneys and circulatory system.  Has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra. Increases fertility.  Eases sexual and emotional imbalances. Helps clear away stored up energies of anger, guilt, fear, resentment, jealousy. Cools a hot temper. Reduces stress and tensions in the body. Helps to bring in forgiveness and compassion. Absorbs “Love Thoughts” and transmits them back to you with a higher purification. The Love Stone.

RUNE of the Month – Uruz



Manhood — Womanhood

This is the Rune of termination and new beginnings, as the year opens with January  2016. The Rune, Strength, indicates that this will be a time when you realize the life you have been living has been outgrown in its form, and so must die out to allow a new energy, bringing in a new birth, with a new form. Uruz is a Rune of passage and, as such, is a part of the cycle of Self-Transformation.

Positive growth and change, however, may involve passage into darkness as a part of the cycle of perpetual renewal. As in Nature, the progression consists of five parts: death, decay, gestation, germination, rebirth. Events occurring now may well prompt you to undergo a death within yourself. Since self-change is never coerced – as we are always free to resist – remain mindful that the new form, the new life, is always greater than the old.

Prepare then, for opportunity disguised as a loss. It could involve the loss of someone or something to which there is an intense emotional bond, and through which you are living a part of your life, a part that must now be retrieved so you can live it out for yourself. Now, in some way, that bond is being severed, a relationship radically changed, a death experienced. Seek among the ashes and discover a new perspective and a new birth.

The original meaning for this rune was the wild ox. When the wild ox was domesticated, a nearly impossible task, it could transport heavy loads. Learn to adapt yourself to the demands of such a creative time. Firm principles attach to this Rune, and at the same time humility is called for since in order to rule you must learn how to serve.  Write down some important changes that need to be made, and make them your New Year’s resolutions, then stick by them. For January 2016, will put you on notice that your Soul and the Universe will support the new growth.

Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.


This has always been the section for Healing Requests. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request. What is needed is the name and birth date of the ill person, along with a diagnosis, if possible. What are you asking to be lifted? When you place your request in the Healing Circle of Light—located in our Prayer Room, – know that as soon as you make your Prayer request and Healing request – you will begin to see positive results!

(We have had thousands of responses. Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!)

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The January 9th New Moon in Capricorn brings a pause. This is not a good time to begin anything new because both Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde. It’s time to take a good, hard look at the things we value most.

The January 23rd Full Moon in Leo brings a time for commitment about love and money. Although there aren’t enough laughs on the horizon, some powerful secrets can come out of the closet.

MERCURY retrogrades on January 5th through January 25th

CAPRICORN: Polarity: Feminine Sign: Cardinal Element: Earth
Planetary Rule: 10th House/Saturn  Body: Bones, Skin, Knees

FOCUS: I am pragmatic, ambitious and reliable.




Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

It’s time for travel and a great adventure. Your new experience might just include a lovely new admirer with a terrific accent, so if you’re single, keep an ear out. Expect a turning point in your career at month’s end.


Taurus (4/21-5/21)

Happy New Year Taurus, because early on in January an invitation could come out of the blue; an opportunity for romance and adventure. You’re about to be treated to an experience you will never forget. Don’t even think about refusing.


Gemini (5/21-6/20)

As January opens don’t plan on getting much rest, Gemini. Fortunately, you don’t need much and don’t mind yawning if the prior evening was worth it. You may feel generous with your finances, but if you need some guidance, help is not far off. Expect some tricky and mixed feelings with love relationships.


Cancer (6/21-7/22)

As January opens you singles will want to “get out there” and start looking. Dealing with joint finances will keep you on your toes. Be ready for any surprises and necessary readjustments. Someone dear to you may not like the time you spend on the job.


Leo (7/23-8/22)

Happy New Year Leo, and how you love to party. You’ll continue in your playful mood through most of January. Someone you haven’t seen in a long time may give you a jingle, or send a text. However, because Mercury is retrograde through the 25th, circumstances may keep you apart until next month.


Virgo (8/23-9/22)

Around the 8th an old lover could return asking for a second chance. Better think long and hard. Is this what you really want? Have you been able to work through the old problems? Go slow and find out. If you buy a lottery ticket, play the same numbers you always use. Who knows? You could be a winner around the 27th.


Libra (9/23-10/22)

It’s quite turbulent for you Libras as January opens. You won’t get a break until around the 12th. Prepare to meet someone new and different mid-month Libra. This could be unusual and love at first sight. It’s confusing about finances all month so hold off on big purchases and don’t sign anything binding.


Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

As January opens, the battles begin. You may not actually argue, but your encounters promise to be lively and quite passionate. You could get mad once or twice, but there’s nothing like the after-venting stage. Watch your money, as you could be more generous than your pocketbook allows.


Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

You may not have much time to relax in January, Sag, because you want to be out playing and having fun. Your social calendar promises to be full. New friends come your way and yes, they probably have accents and love the tropical music. If you’re negotiating for a loan or trying to work out an inheritance, better wait tile the end of the month. Mercury is retrograde through the 25th adding complications.


Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

Urgent business of either a professional or family-oriented nature comes with the new Year, Cap. You may not have the chance to let everyone know before you leave. If you have not been very nice about wanting to pay back a debt, this may be the month you sense it’s high time to do so. Only you may know the reason why.


Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

Happy New Year Aquarius. If you’re ready to do some traveling, get your bags packed. You won’t be lonely. You may attract someone from out-of-state to join you. Expect some surprising news, (good) around the 25th.


Pisces (2/19-3/20)

January brings fun, shared with that someone special. A trip or far away journey is on the horizon. You are lucky with promoting yourself on the job. Bonuses and raises are possible now. The Light shines on a financial matter that has been problematic of late. Very likely, things will settle and go well.

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