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Newsletter — CANCER 2017



My own needs must be met before I can meet the needs of others.


The Life That Makes All Things New.

Amma-ovalAs you accept with patience and surrender the difficulties you encounter throughout life on a daily basis, so will you find flowing into you through the Crown Chakra, a light or life-force which will remove all anxiety and pain, making each day a new experience. This comes to each one of us gently, slowly, as we open ourselves from within to the gifts of Spirit. Occasionally you will become aware of a glow within your heart, or of a light feeling, and you will become aware of the harmony which is shaping your life right now through the power of the Divine.

If you direct the right thoughts to those around you, and begin to put the action of the Law of Love in front of any circumstances you may find yourself in, you will find that these troubles and upsets will gradually smooth themselves out. Events will begin to work more harmoniously for you and you will begin to feel, “God is very good to me.”  You will begin to realize that within you, as you practice your daily meditations, there is a power building, a feeling of Love, which is helping you actively. This will guide you towards the desired balance of Love, Peace and Harmony within your heart.

This glow within your heart which brings to you such sweet happiness and joy may remain for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days – and then may disappear. Never fear for slowly this power and gratitude will increase in you. As your life continues, you will experience this renewing energy more often, for you are  Ascending  up a spiral of light and vibration which will eventually bring you, as a Daughter or Son of God, into the kingdom of eternal light and bliss.

Think of Ammachi, and meditate on the yellow golden rose, the flower of God. You are looking at this rose from afar, as something outside of you. But it is within your heart, as is Amma, always!  The petals of this divine rose are slowly opening as you chant your mantras to Amma, opening to receive the golden warmth of sunshine and power from above. There is a light within the heart as well music coming to you from the rose. The light from above and the light from the rose blend as one…as you swoon into the bliss of Divine Love.

Elizabeth Joyce — 2007

 May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance.


The Sun has entered the sign of CANCER

Cancer, the first water sign, is the phase for personality integration and building an inspired home base in the world. Take the fiery independence of Aries, the fierce dedication of Taurus, the effervescent thinking of Gemini and weave them into a firm foundation for individual fulfillment. Represented by the armored Crab and the agile Cat, this sign reminds you to be shrewd and tenacious and to keep clawing your way to success. Old memories, a sense of history and family heritage provide a solid background for you to face the future with confidence. As you dispel the clouds of moodiness and emotional vulnerability, trust your feelings and your decision-making process and watch your psychic sensitivity grow in the process. A maternal, nurturing manner can be a comforting gift to relatives and colleagues over the Independence Holiday weekend.

July brings new beginnings with an eye toward a prosperous and successful future. Expect upsetting weather conditions and heavy electrical storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as out of control fires. July begins in a laid back, slow mode, but speeds up by mid-month. Many momentous decisions will have to be made, bringing you to a new plateau and by mid-September you’ll be well on the way to a brand new life style.

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.


Moose — Self Esteem

Help me honor
The gifts I can give
And recognize my worthiness
As long as I live

Moose is found in the North of the medicine wheel, as is the Buffalo. North represents the place of wisdom. Self-esteem is the medicine of Moose because it represents the power of recognizing that wisdom has been used in a situation and that recognition or a pat on the back is deserved.

Moose is the largest member of the deer family and has great strength. The call of the male moose is an awesome thing to hear on a musky spring night. His pride in his maleness and his desire to share his seed with a Moose cow are displays of his sense of self-esteem. The bellow of a male Moose can be viewed as a positive force, since it represents his willingness to  tell the world about his feelings.

This tell the world trait contains a joyfulness which only comes with a sense of accomplishment. there is no greater joy than a job well done. This trait is therefore not a seeking of approval, but rather an enjoyment of sharing because of the spontaneous explosion of joy that comes from the deepest part of one’s being.

The wisdom woven throughout this scene is that creation constantly brings forth new ideas and further creation. Moose is telling us that joy should be shouted with pride. The wisdom in doing this shouting is  that JOY is  catching.  In a sense, the bellowing is a way for us all to lighten up and give ourselves or each other a well done, bravo, well done!

Moose medicine people have the wisdom to know when to use the gentleness of the Deer and when to activate the stampede of the Buffalo. They understand the balance of giving orders to get things done and having the willingness to do things for themselves. The wisdom of Moose medicine is akin to the Grandfather Warrior who has long since put away his war paint and is now advising the young bucks to cool their blood.

Moose medicine is often found in elders who have walked the good earth and have seen many things on their Earth Walk. Their joy lies in being the teachers of children, and in being the first ones to give encouragement. This is not to say that Moose medicine people do not use their wisdom to warn as well as to give praise, because they do. Moose medicine people know what to say, when to say it, and to whom!

The elders are honored in tribala law for their gifts of wisdom, for their teaching abilities, and for the calmness they impart in Council. If you are wise beyond your years and have the gift of Moose medicine, use this gift to encourage others to grow. There are may facets to the wisdom of Moose medicine.

July 2017 brings Moose into the vibration for the opening of a new season, to remind us about strength and endurance in the coming months. If you have reason to feel you’ve accomplished something on your life journey then be sure to jump for joy. This may be a habit you have broken, a completion of some sort, an insight on a goal, or a new sense of self that you have fought hard to earn. This is a time for feeling harmonious pride, and of recognizing those who have aided you in this process.


Ruby-01-01 RUBY —  Aids in regeneration of the physical/spiritual heart. Is the 4th crystal in the seven lines of the Chakras. Enhances circulation and the life-force. Vitalizes blood and the entire mind/body/spirit system. Strengthens the immune system. Activates dormant conditions on the physical and spiritual levels. Refines lower passions. Helps to banish a sense of limitation and strengthens self-esteem. Creates courage, integrity, selfless service, joy, spiritual devotion, power and leadership.

bloodstone BLOODSTONE —  Strengthens and oxygenates bloodstream. Enhances physical/mental vitality. Strengthens the heart, spleen, bone marrow. Aids in balancing iron deficiencies. Reduces mental/emotional stress. Powerful physical healer. Stimulates movement of the kundalini. Links the root chakra with the heart center bringing inner guidance, altruism, idealism. A highly evolved crystal gem.

RUNE of the Month – Othila



Othila represents real property, acquisition and benefits. It seems strange to say, but the benefits you receive, the inheritance, may be derived from something you must give up. This can be particularly difficult when that which you are called upon to give up or abandon is part of your background and your cultural inheritance. For then you must look closely at what, until now, you have proudly claimed as your birthright. Whether it is your attachment to your position in society, to the work you do, or even the beliefs about your own nature, the separation called for now will free you to become more truly who you are.

Othila is the Rune of the separating of paths. Old skins must be shed, outmoded relationships discarded. This Rune has appeared in the Cancer energies for July 2017, advises us that a peeling away is now called for. This is the Rune of radical service!

The proper action here is submission, and, quite probably, retreat. Retreat in the sense of reserve in your conduct; for knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing that anyone can learn. Know when to retreat and have the firmness of character to carry it out.

Take pains not to be mechanical or unaware of what is happening around you. This is not a time to be bound by old conditions and old authority. When going through changes, release and letting go, ask yourself what feels right for you and act according to the Light you possess now in your life. Because you may be called upon to undertake a radical departure from the old ways, total honesty is required. Otherwise, through negligence or refusal to see clearly, you may cause pain to others, or damage to yourself.

Not rigidity but flow is the proper attitude at this time. And yet you must wait for the Universe to act. Othila – July’s Rune – reminds us that we do without doing, and everything gets done.


Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.


This has always been the section for Healing Requests. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world. With a prayer for the recovery of health, universal energy is sent out to any and all who send in their prayer request. What is needed is the name and birth date of the ill person, along with a diagnosis, if possible. What are you asking to be lifted? When you place your request in the Healing Circle of Light—located in our Prayer Room, – know that as soon as you make your Prayer request and Healing request – you will begin to see positive results!

(We have had thousands of responses. Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!)

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The July 8th Full Moon in Capricorn brings the possibility of spiraling out of control. You either jive up your creative juices or want to crawl under the bed and hide.

The July 23rd New Moon in Leo brings the ability to fulfill your desires but be careful of selfishness, vanity, and conceit.

CANCER: Polarity: Feminine Sign: Cardinal Element: Water
Planetary Rule: 4th House/Moon Body: Stomach, breasts

FOCUS: I share through my mind and written word!




Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

Variety will definitely be the spice of life this month, Aries. It’s summer and playtime. Mingle, meet new friends, and reconnect with those you have lost contact with. New job offers and career changes are on the way.


Taurus (4/21-5/21)

One of your favorite places to be is home, Taurus, surrounded by those you hold dear as well as your favorite things. Passions have grown strong and it’s time to take the love relationship to a higher level. You upgrade your electronic entertainment center with only the best.


Gemini (5/21-6/20)

Life is a carnival in July, Gemini, fireworks and all. You steal the show with your wonderful wit and you’ll spend little time alone this month. If you’re looking for privacy, you may have to call in sick, or call in well. Having too much fun to work. Use self-restraint with those credit cards, as Jupiter and Mars bring the urge to spend.


Cancer (6/21-7/22)

It’s playtime Cancer! Find a way to nourish and amuse your brain. Brink a basket of books to the beach, or at least your Kindle. You’ll be doing lot’s of socializing and also find time for some private encounters with someone who fascinates you.


Leo (7/23-8/22)

Since you’re in the middle of new beginnings, it may be time to purchase a new wardrobe, get your hair styled while you adapt a new attitude. Be aware of finances because it’s all too easy for someone to take advantage of you now. Keep an eye on your purse, checkbook and wallet. Do you really have to carry everything with you? Put a twenty in your shoe—just in case.


Virgo (8/23-9/22)

A family gathering that feels mandatory is on your agenda in July, Virgo. The good news is, even though you are grumpy about attending, you’ll have a great time. Relationships that have been a bit sticky lately become more intimate this month. At month’s end, a family matter and someone who’s been trying to get through to you for some time can finally come to a head. Over the course of August and two eclipses, a secret you’re holding could be exposed.


Libra (9/23-10/22)

If you’re feeling bored in July, get out and mingle. Go to a class or community event and meet new people. You might find you’re suddenly more willing to listen to other point of view. Stay open, and you’re sure to learn something. If you’ve been juggling financially to stay afloat these past few months, there’s no need to worry any longer. Plan a negotiation, money making meeting.


Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

July puts you in the arms of your sweetheart for holiday fireworks, recreation and vacations. Just make sure you’ve got your work done before heading out. Intimate encounters may make it seem like it’s hotter inside than it is outside. Mid-month, if you’ve been thinking of investing, now is the time for it. The energy is ripe for wealth, and you’re wise enough to make the right choices.


Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

Time to set the plans for your vacation, Sagittarius. Groups and affiliations are enjoyed this month, as you meet many new people. Have you been thinking about remodeling, adding on a room, or perhaps moving to a new locale? You may not be able to swing it financially until next month. You have endless energy, but be sure to get enough sleep.


Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

Time to chill out, relax, and have some fun. Once your responsibilities are taken care of, turn off all your electronic devices and enjoy the company of your family and loved ones. At the July 9th Full Moon you draw the attention of the higher-ups. If you’re trying to make an impression, update your resume and make an appointment. If you’re feeling like a whole new person, well, put it down on paper.


Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

Someone with a dramatic flair could enter your life in July, Aquarius. You can plan on a booked solid calendar. Your attitude? Bring it up to a higher level. You may even work out a long-distance trip to be with a loved one around the 19th. A family member may have an unexpected dilemma and you may cut your vacation short to be of help. They will be relieved and grateful.


Pisces (2/19-3/20)

July brings partying and fun. Some of the gatherings could be at your place. A power struggle arises in early July. Most Pisces feel that family comes first. Inform your friends of that fact immediately. Your financial picture has been feast of famine for years now. Still, you prepare for those lean times, which arise again over July 4th. Don’t go too deep in the money jar, though.

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