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I strive for independence and a balanced life.


As you accept with patience and surrender the difficulties you encounter throughout life on a daily basis, so will you find flowing into you through the Crown Chakra, a light or life-force which will remove all anxiety and pain, making each day a new experience. This comes to each one of us gently, slowly, as we open ourselves from within to the gifts of Spirit. Occasionally you will become aware of a glow within your heart, or of a light feeling, and you will become aware of the harmony which is shaping your life right now through the power of the Divine.

If you direct the right thoughts to those around you, and begin to put the action of the Law of Love in front of any circumstances you may find yourself in, you will find that these troubles and upsets will gradually smooth themselves out. Events will begin to work more harmoniously for you and you will begin to feel, “God is very good to me.” You will begin to realize that within you, as you practice your daily meditations, there is a power building, a feeling of Love, which is helping you actively. This will guide you towards the desired balance of Love, Peace and Harmony within your heart.

This glow within your heart which brings to you such sweet happiness and joy may remain for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days – and then may disappear. Never fear for slowly this power and gratitude will increase in you. As your life continues, you will experience this renewing energy more often, for you are Ascending up a spiral of light and vibration which will eventually bring you, as a Daughter or Son of God, into the kingdom of eternal light and bliss.

Think of Ammachi, and meditate on the yellow golden rose, the flower of God. You are looking at this rose from afar, as something outside of you. But it is within your heart, as is Amma, always! The petals of this divine rose are slowly opening as you chant your mantras to Amma, opening to receive the golden warmth of sunshine and power from above. There is a light within the heart as well music coming to you from the beautiful summer rose. The light from above and the light from the rose blend as one…as you swoon into the bliss of Divine Love.

Ammachi comes to New York City on July 3rd and 4th, 2011
She will be at the Manhattan Center between 8th and 9th Ave. on W. 34th St. (Next to the Hotel New Yorker) Her programs are free. Prepare to welcome her and do your best to be in her presence at this time. She is a true Avatar and brings our hearts to the feet of God.

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The Sun has entered CANCER

The Sun is crowned with maternal power as the Summer Solstice ushers you into the mystical depths of Cancerthe Moon Child. Draw from the fiery strength of Aries, the dedication of Taurus, and the liveliness of Gemini to build a substantial foundation in 2011 into yourselfcreating an inner evolution. Strengthened by the first of the three Water signs, July is a good period to give your feelings full rein to open the doorway to the Sixth Sense or the intuitive part of yourself. Family, finances and the domestic scene will be crucial this month, but do not fall prey to excessive sentimentality or regressive behavior. We are all being tested and will be going through some very difficult times over the next five months or so. Regardless of your Sun Sign, this promises to be a transitional phase to emphasize your devotional and creative Spirit while nurturing yourself and your loved ones.

JULY brings drastic changes after three eclipses. It’s decision and organization time. Based on the Rune (Unknowable) and Animal (Owl) chosen as the vibration – July, 2011 brings decisions, travel, moving, and fast solutions.

RUNE of the Month – Unknowable

Blank is the end, blank is the beginning. This is the Rune of total trust and should be taken as exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true destiny which, time and again, rises like the phoenix from the ashes we call fate.

Odin can portend a death. But a death is usually symbolic, and may relate to any part of your life as you are living it now. Relinquishing control is the ultimate challenge for the Spiritual Warrior.

Here the Unknowable informs you that it is in motion in your life. In that blankness is held your undiluted potential! At the same time pregnant and empty, it comprehends the totality of being, all that is to be actualized.

With the Blank Rune appearing in July of 2011, the energies will bring to the surface our deepest fears as the problems and results of the lies and cover ups coming out of the White House. Will I fail? Will I be abandoned? Will it all be taken away? Will I make it through this upsetting time? Yet, within that blankness, within the center of our fears, is our highest good, our truest possibilities and all of our fertile dreams.

Willingness and permitting are what this Rune requires, for how can you exercise control over what is yet not in form? Whatever is coming can never arise from the known! Once again, this Rune often calls for no less than an act of courage to be willing to jump into the void of the unknown. July 2011 will surely be lived as an act of faith for many, as Pluto and Saturn wield their dark power to unveil whatever has been hidden.

If Karma represents the full total of your soul vibration and lives thus far, everything you have ever done, the limits on what you are and will become, then it may be useful to see this Rune as the path of karma. Yet, from the spiritual perspective, even the very depths of old karma shift and evolve as you shift and evolve. Nothing is predestined! There is nothing that cannot be avoided. If, indeed, there are matters and secrets hidden by the powers that be, you need only remember, what beckons to you is always the creative powers of the unseen and unknown.

Whenever this Rune appears, take heart. It is the source from which flows the energies for self-change. Know that the work of self-transformation is progressing within the world and within you.

Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.

JULY CRYSTAL: Ruby – Bloodstone

RUBY: Aids in regeneration of the physical/spiritual heart. Is the 4th crystal in the seven lines of the Chakras. Enhances circulation and the life-force. Vitalizes blood and the entire mind/body/spirit system. Strengthens the immune system. Activates dormant conditions on the physical and spiritual levels. Refines lower passions. Helps to banish a sense of limitation and strengthens self-esteem. Creates courage, integrity, selfless service, joy, spiritual devotion, power, and leadership.

BLOODSTONE Strengthens and oxygenates bloodstream. Enhances physical/mental vitality. Strengthens the heart, spleen, bone marrow. Aids in balancing iron deficiencies. Reduces mental/emotional stress. Powerful physical healer. Stimulates movement of the kundalini. Links the Root Chakra with the Heart Center bringing inner guidance, altruism, idealism. A highly evolved crystal gem.


OWL – Magic, Omens,
Time and Space.
Does the truth emerge?
Casting out deception,
Silent flight.

OWLThe Sacred Medicine Bird.

Owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic, both black and white. Owl is called Night Eagle on several medicine wheels. Traditionally, Owl sits in the East, the place of illumination. Since time immemorial, humanity has been afraid of the night, the dark, the unseen – waiting fearfully for the first crack of dawn, welcoming the morning light. Conversely, night and Owl are friends.

Owl hunts its prey at night. Not only can Owl see in the dark, but it can also accurately pinpoint and identify any sound. This gives it a great advantage when seeking food. Owls are the night hunters. Some native people are fearful of the Owl and call its feathers “deceiver feathers”. An Owl’s feather is silent. You cannot hear Owl when it flies, but its prey definitely knows when it strikes, for its beak and talons are razor sharp.

Owl is oftentimes the medicine of sorcerers and witches. If Owl has come forth this month of July, 2011, you may be drawn into magical practices and perhaps beginning to explore the dark arts. After three eclipses in a row, there could be some strange world events, or silent but deadly and unexpected acts of aggression. You should be forewarned never to practice any black arts that may tap into and take away the energies of another person. Owl is the symbol for wisdom. Owl can see what others cannot. When others are deceived, Owl sees and knows what’s there.

Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, had a companion Owl on her shoulder which revealed secret truths to her. Owl could light up Athena’s blind side, enabling her to speak the whole truth as opposed to a half truth. So know that from now on, no one can deceive you about what they are doing, no matter how they try to disguise or hide it from you.

You may be a little frightening to be around, since so many others have ulterior motives which will be revealed to you. You can see right through them! You may frighten them and reflect their blindness, for you cannot be fooled. Owl medicine people know more about an individual’s inner life that that person knows about themselves.

This July2011 we are being asked to use our powers of keen insight and observation to look into some life situation. Owl is befriending youand aiding you into seeing the truth. Owl can bring you messages in the night through dreams or meditation. Owl is preparing you to be open, flexible, and aware as we finally enter into the preceding months before entering 2012. Pay attention to these signals and omens. The truth always brings us further enlightenment.

I consider this moment to be so profound that I would love to hear some of your personal experiences.
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The New Moon in CANCER on JULY 1st brings a partial Solar Eclipse. Your thinking will be clearer after this third eclipse. Areas that are spotlighted are women, children, and the housing market. Communications of all kinds will be heating up through August. Expect to hear some nasty newscasts.

The Full Moon in CAPRICORN on JULY 15th brings a high energy day. Good for sports and dancing. This Full Moon shines its light on work, duty, and responsibility. Capricorn knows that the way of achievement is a combination of ambition and hard work.

CANCER: Polarity: Feminine Sign: Cardinal – Element: Water- Planetary Rule: 4th House / Moon  Breasts and stomach – FOCUS: I FEEL