Stargazing  Week of Sept. 12th through Sept. 18th, 2022

On September 10th there was a Full Moon in Pisces. The Moon is close to Neptune and in sextile to Uranus in Taurus, the Sun trines Uranus (exactly on the 11th). The essential things are happening now right in the hubbub of everyday life, and those who find access to the stillness within themselves can receive important impulses.

The middle of the week is bursting with high vibrations this upbeat steam quickly dissipates by the weekend. After a mellow Monday and early Tuesday, the Moon shines a stronger light thanks to an electrifying join up with Uranus trine Venus on Tuesday and Wednesday under a productive Taurus moon.

Its an auspicious time for group projects, art, and business negotiations. This energy is also good for beginning a new romance.

On Thursday, s stabilizing lunar Grand Trine in earth signs draws in the Sun (Virgo) and Pluto *Capricorn) making this an excellent day for personal pursuits and work endeavors as well as making a good impression on an existing job or for the search for new employment.