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Explore Your Karmic Path: Discover the Power of Karmic Life Readings via Email

We often find ourselves pondering the deeper meaning behind our experiences and the patterns that seem to repeat. The concept of karma, a fundamental principle in many spiritual traditions, suggests that our actions and intentions in the past influence our...


Understanding the Power of Your Spiritual Body

In our life there are various aspects of ourselves that we often overlook or fail to explore fully. One of these aspects is the spiritual body, an integral part of our being that connects us to higher wisdom and consciousness....


Stargazing  Week of Sept. 4th through Sept. 10th, 2023

(Stargazing _ Week of Sept. 4th through Sept. 10th, 2023 The energies are shifting on September 3rd and 4th as


StargazingWeek of August 28th through September 3rd, 2023

Week of Aug. 28th through Sept. 3rd , 2023   As August comes to a close, its a time of serious thought and contemplation. World leaders are paying the price of poor rulership of the past. There will be a...


Virgo 2023

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st AFFIRMATION People inspire me. MEDITATION We give you a vision now of your brethren, kneeling around the altar in the temple of the Eight Pointed Star. With the body in the lotus position, they...


Stargazing  Week of August 21st through August 27, 2023

Dont allow your self-esteem to get discouraged as the week opens. Your strength will return on Thursday, once Mercury settles in its retrograde The week begins on a stressful note as emotionally painful energies can arise out of nowhere.