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Pisces 2024

    PISCES My NEW Path is Illuminated by the Light of Truth. I can see my destiny unfolding. As we all experience and welcome Spring, a new path and a new life begins! Meditation for PISCES 2024 [caption id="attachment_48505"...


Stargazing — Week of Jan. 29th through Feb. 4th, 2024

The week begins with the Moon in Virgo. Don’t get into perfection. With Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, you may hear, “Baby, I’m gonna make you a star!” This energy can take the second row chorus girl and...


Stargazing — Week of Jan. 22nd through Jan. 28th, 2024

A T square could have everyone on edge Monday, so try not to work with a team. People may not take criticism very well.  Fights and struggles begin that surround the recent findings in world politics. This will bring deep...


Aquarius 2024

Newsletter — AQUARIUS 2024   Chinese Astrology—Year of the Wood Dragon - Feb. 10th 2024 AFFIRMATION I am carefree and a risk-taker; I honor and love my uniqueness. MEDITATION The Life That Makes All Things New As you accept with...


Stargazing — Week of Jan. 15th through Jan. 21st, 2024

Monday is Martin Luther King Day holiday in the USA. This reminds us of the spirit within all who want to reach out to help and comfort others, especially within your own communities.  It’s a perfect time to act about...


Stargazing — Week of Jan. 1st through Jan. 7, 2024

Mercury turns direct as the New Year opens, putting an end to indecision, confusion, and miscommunication. You can easily focus and make out your New Year’s resolutions. 2024 starts off with the energy of being lazy as well as inspired....