Ascension — The Spiritual, Invisible Energy

Mar 2, 2022 | Ascension|Special Messages


The history of the Universe
Is a huge and ongoing process,
Ever unfolding
As we grope and grow to the glory of Oneness.
We have discovered that false beliefs
Have limited us in the past
From enjoying optimum health,
Reversing disease,
And creating loving, lasting relationships.
The Universe is a giant computer,
And humans write the programming
With their thoughts and beliefs,
Creating their reality.
Ascend as you uncover those thoughts
That bring peace, love, and harmony.



To harmonize with one’s nature or Soul vibration is to become one with the primordial essence of the Universe. The invisible Spiritual energy is metaphysical, as you cannot see, smell, or touch this energy. However, the energy can be “felt” and you become aware of the energy and its essence the more you work with meditation and becoming centered.

This invisible energy known as Shakti, Chi, the Holy Ghost, is not a ‘name’ or a ‘thing’, but the underlying natural order of the Universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to hold down or understand.

The object of Spiritual practice is to become One with these energies, for by whatever name you choose to call them, they are one in the same. This is known as entering into the State of Being.

With all of the religions, the teachers, the books, and the Masters, the philosophy is one and the same. Spiritual practice is to become “One” with the Soul, to harmonize with your inner nature in order to achieve that which you have been born to do.

When you are walking your path, you innately know it because it becomes effortless. You think it, talk about it, plan it, and do it. This always involves meditative and moral practices.

In all its uses, Spiritual energy is considered to have ineffable qualities that prevent it from being defined or expressed in words. It can, however, be known or experienced, and its principles (which can be discerned by observing Nature) can be followed or practiced. Much philosophical writing focuses on the value of adhering to the principles of nature along with the Spiritual energies, and the various consequences of failing to do so. These are often explicitly moral/ethical arguments about proper behavior and usually refer to the natural and mercurial outcomes of action. This is comparable to karma and is intrinsically related to the concepts of yin and yang, where every action creates counter-actions as unavoidable movements within manifestations of these energies.

Your impact and connection to this energy force brings you a force field containing unlimited possibilities. How you access it and use it is up to each and every individual Soul.

Proper practice variously involves accepting, conforming to, or working with these natural developments. This website is an effort to lay it all out for you to embrace, comprehend, and begin to practice.


What I have learned from the Masters, both visible and invisible, I will try to relay and explain to you.

There are four qualifications to walk the Spiritual pathway:

    • Discrimination
    • Desirelessness
    • Good Conduct/Moral Actions
    • Love

      StepOne:   Discrimination is usually thought to be the discrimination between the real and unreal. Understanding the difference between your ego voice, which runs constantly inside of you, and the small, little voices of your guides and angels. Realizing that there is a difference with these inner voices is usually what leads us to enter onto the Spiritual Path.Discrimination is this, but much, much more.It is to be practiced not only at the beginning of the Path, but with every step you take, every day of your waking life. One enters the Path because one realizes that on it alone can be found the knowledge and things that are worth gaining.Those who are blind or trapped in the earthly mentality of money, power, fame, and fortune do not realize that this will be only for one lifetime, the present lifetime, and is therefore an illusion.There are greater things than these, things that are real and lasting; once you have seen and tasted them you will desire the other no longer. You need just one drop of this nectar to melt into the arms of the love of the Divine.Throughout the world there are only two kinds of people; those who know and those who do not know. It is important to realize that what religion a man holds to, what race he belongs to, are not important. The true and important thing is knowledge, the knowledge of God’s plan for each and every thing upon the earth. God has a plan, and that plan is evolution. (Read Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension)Once a man sees that there really is a plan for his Soul evolution, and what his part in this Oneness is, he cannot help but work for the plan and make himself one with it because it is so loving, glorious, and beautiful. Once he realizes this from within, he is walking the Path of Love, standing for good, resisting evil, and always working for evolution, not individual selfishness.If he is on God’s side, then he is a part of the oneness of that frequency and vibration. It does not matter whether he calls himself a Hindu or a Buddhist, a Christian, Jew, or Muhammad or whether he is Indian, Chinese, Russian, American or English. Those who are on the Path, see their mission know why they are here and what they should do and are working toward this accomplishment. (Your mission is revealed in your Astrological birth chart, your Soul’s birth certificate – either Vedic or Western does not matter.)All others who do not know yet exactly what they should do often act foolishly and try to invent ways for themselves. They think these will be pleasant while not understanding that we are all One, and therefore only what the One wills can ever be pleasant or fulfilling for anyone. They are following the illusion of who they are, instead of the opening up to their real Self. Until they learn to distinguish between the two, they are walking a different path and have not aligned themselves with the energy of the Divine or their Oneness with all things.Even after you have made the choice to walk the middle road, the path of Love, you must become aware and remember that of the real and unreal, there are many varieties. Discrimination must still be made between the right and the wrong, the important and the unimportant, the useful and the useless, the true and the false, the selfish and the unselfish.Choosing between right and wrong may not be too difficult, and those who wish to follow their Soul Path have already decided to take the right action at all costs! However, the body and the Soul are two, and Soul’s will may not always be what the body craves or wishes for. When your body wishes for something, stop and think whether youreally are wishing for it. For you are a son or daughter of God, and you only truly wish for whatever God’s will is.To know the difference, you must dig down deep inside yourself to find the Divine Helper, the God voice within you. Everyone has this helper. Listen to this voice, which is your Soul’s voice. Do not mistake your body for your Self; not the physical, the mental/emotional, or the astral. (Many channelers work from the astral plane only, and not from the Light of the Divine. They do not know the difference but feel the false power of money and attention. Their intention and conceit is recognizable, and the Karma is great!) Each one of these voices will pretend to be the Self. In order to gain power over you and get what it wants. You must know them all and also know that you are their master and can recognize and manage them.When there is inner Spiritual work to be done, like your daily meditation practice for example, the body wants to rest, to go out for a walk, to eat and drink; and usually you do not recognize this. You may say to yourself, “I want to do these things, these distractions, and I will do them.” But the man who knows says, “This inner voice impulse that is wanting and craving is not I, and it must wait awhile.”Often when there is an opportunity to help someone, the body sends the message, “How much trouble will this be for me? Let someone else do it.”The Spiritual reply to the body is, “You shall not hinder me in doing good works.”The body is your earth animal, the horse upon which you ride. You must treat it well and take good care of it, for you, the Soul, have chosen to use the body for the period of this lifetime; do not overwork the body, feed it properly on pure food and drink only, and keep it strictly clean, always. Without a perfectly clean and healthy body you cannot do the arduous work of preparation and cannot bear this ceaseless strain. Accepting greater Light into your body and working with the new knowledge that comes with that gift takes focus, work, and dedication. This never stops, for the goal in life is to gain knowledge, raise your vibration, and merge more solidly into the Oneness of Love. To walk the path and complete your Soul’s purpose takes constant work.It must be you who manages and controls the body; the body should never control you. The astral body has its desires, dozens and dozens of them. It wants what it wants when it wants it. It wants you to be angry, to say sharp words, to be jealous, to desire money, to envy others and their possessions, and to yield yourself to depression and self-recrimination. All these things it wants, and many, many more; not because it wishes to harm you, but because it likes violent vibrations and likes constant change. Think about the rides at an amusement park to gain an example. However, YOU want none of these things, and therefore you must learn to discriminate between what you want and what your body desires.Your mental body wants to think of itself as proudly separate, to think much of itself and little of others. This is the work of the ego, Easing God Out. Even when you have tried to turn it away from worldly things, just like a GPS, it tries to calculate back for self, to make you think of your own progress instead of your Souls work and of helping others.When you meditate, it will try to make you think of the many different things which it wants instead of doing the one thing that youwant. You are not of this mind, but it has been given for you to use. Here again, discrimination is necessary. You must wait and watch unceasingly, or you may wander off the Path.As for the difference between right and wrong, your Soul knows no compromise; be wary because the new teachings do not cover this and can be too allowing. At whatever the cost, that which is right you must do, and that which is wrong you must not do, no matter what ignorant people may say. Always follow the voice of your Divine Helper, your sixth sense, or however you refer to it. You must study deeply the hidden laws of nature; when you know them, arrange your life according to them, using always reason and compromise along with common-sense. (The Laws of Nature are the foundation of the Universe. They create the Universe, and without these “Laws” the Universe could not exist.)You must learn to discriminate between the important and the unimportant. Be firm as a rock where right and wrong are concerned, and yield always to others in things that do not matter. Always strive to be kind and gentle, reasonable and accommodating, giving others the same full liberty which you need for yourself.Try to see what is worth doing. Remember not to judge the size the project. A small action which is directly useful in God’s work has far more worth than a large thing which the world would call good. You must discern not only the useful from the useless, but the more useful from the less useful. To feed the poor is a good and noble work; yet to feed their Souls is nobler and more useful than to feed their bodies. Any rich man can feed his body, but only those who know can feed the Soul. If you are aware, if you know, it is your duty to help others to know.However wise you may be already, on the Spiritual Path you have much to learn; so much that here there must also be discrimination. In this lifetime, you must think carefully about that which is worth knowing. For example, with natural healing, some people take each and every course out there because it’s the new trend, not because it’s worth knowing. I have seen it over and over again. They do not stop and ask if it is for their higher good. It’s the same with psychic readings. My question to you is, exactly who are you allowing to touch your energy system? Do you know and trust them? Every contact leaves a vibration, an impression. Always use discernment.Yes, all knowledge is useful, but not energetic programming, which occurs with those who are not on the Path. One day you will have all knowledge; but while you have only a part, take care that it is the most useful part. Remember, God is Wisdom as well as Love. The more Wisdom you have, the more you can manifest the energies of the Divine.Study, but study first that which will be the most helpful for you to learn how to help others. Work patiently at your studies, not that others will think you are wise, not that you may have the happiness of being wise, but because only a wise man can be wisely helpful. However much you want to help, if you are ignorant, you will cause more harm than good.You must learn to distinguish, almost instantly, between truth and falsehood. You must learn to be true all through yourself; your aura field, mind, and body — in thought, word, and deed.Let’s take thoughts first. That is not easy, for throughout the world there are many untrue thoughts and superstitions, and one who is enslaved by them cannot make any progress. Therefore, you must not hold onto a thought just because everyone else does, nor because it has been believed for centuries, nor because it has been written in some book that men think is sacred. You must think over the matter for yourself, judge for yourself, as to whether it is reasonable or not. Remember that though a thousand men think a thought is true, if they know nothing of the subject, it does not matter. It has absolutely no value.The Soul who walks the Path must think for himself, and take full responsibility for his thoughts and actions, for superstition is one of the world’s greatest evils and one of the fetters you must utterly clear yourself from. Your thoughts about others must be true, and you must not think of them that which you do not know.Do not suppose that others are always thinking about you. You are not the center of the Universe. If a man does something that you think may harm you, or says something which you think applies to you, don’t think at once, “He meant to harm me.” Most probably he never thought of you at all, for most Earth Souls have their own troubles, and their thoughts revolve around those.If a man speaks angrily to you, do not think, “He hates me, and he wished to wound me.” Probably something or someone else made him angry; and because he happens to meet you, he turns his anger on you. Yes, he is acting foolishly, as most anger is foolish. However, you must not think untruly of him.When you become a student of a true Master, you can always test the truth of your thoughts by comparing them to the Master’s. For the pupil is One with the Master, and he needs only to put back his thought into the Master’s thought, to see at once exactly what the truth really is. Does it agree? If not, then the student is wrong, and he changes his thought immediately because the Master’s thoughts are perfect. The Master knows All.Those who are not yet accepted by the Master cannot do thought trade, or telepathy with the Master, but they can always stop and ask themselves, “What would the Master do in this situation? What would the master say or do under these circumstances?” Remember, you must never do, say, or think what you cannot imagine the Master doing, or saying, or thinking.The student must be true in speech as well and must never exaggerate the story. Never attribute motives to another, because you do not know what is in his mind, and he could have some thoughts that you have never dreamed of.If you hear an unkind story about another, never repeat it, because you do not know if it is true. Even if the story is true, it is kinder to say nothing. Think well before you speak lest you fall into the trap of inaccuracy.Be true with your actions. Never pretend to be other that who you are. All pretence is a hindrance to the pure Light of Truth, which should shine through you as sunlight shines through clear glass.You must learn to discriminate between selfishness and unselfishness. Selfishness has many forms. When you think you are finally rid of it, it will rear its head in another form as strongly as ever. Degree by degree, your head will be full of so many thoughts for helping others that it will have no room, no time, for any thoughts about yourself.Lastly, you must learn to discriminate in yet another way, the most important way. Learn to find God in everything and everyone, no matter how evil they may seem on the surface. You can be of help to your brother through that which you have in common with him, and that is a Divine Life and Divine Love. Learn how to stir up and appeal to that vibration frequency within him, and you will save your brother from wrong.This is discrimination — which is the first step.
    • Step Two:   There are many who walk this planet for whom the Qualification of Desirelessness is a most difficult one, for they feel they are their desires. If their distinctive desires, their likes and dislikes, are taken away from them, there would be no Self left. These are the people who have not experienced an inner awakening, who have not shared a deeply penetrating Spiritual experience. In the presence of this Light energy, or a Master teacher, all desire dies except for the desire to be like the Master. You can, before you attract a teacher to you, attain desirelessness, if you will it. One good example would be that of Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet.It has been said here that Discrimination has already shown you that the things which most men desire, such as wealth and power, are not worth having. When that is truly felt deep within, not mere claimed, all desire for them will cease.So far so good. It all seems simple. What is needed here is that you understand. There are some who forsake the pursuit of earthly gains only in order to gain acceptance to heaven, or to attain personal liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Hopefully you will not fall into this blindness and error.If you truly have merged with the energies of the Oneness altogether, you cannot be thinking of when the Self should be set free or what kind of heaven or what level you will be having. Remember that all selfish desire binds, no matter how high the level you have attained. Until you have gotten rid of this desire, you cannot be totally free to do the work of your Soul. You will not be able to be one-hundred per cent devoted to the work.When all the desires of Self are gone, there still may be the desire to see the results of your work. If you help anybody, you want to see how much you have helped them; and you may also want them to see it too, and be grateful. However, this is still desire; and what’s more lack of Trust.Natural Law states that when you pour out your desire and efforts to help others, help is received. Whether you can see it or not makes no difference. This is the Law, so it must be so. The Soul does right for the sake of doing right, not for the sake of reward. You do the work for the sake of the work, not for the hope of a result. You give your service to the world because you love it and cannot help but give your time and energy to it.Have no desire for Psychic Powers, for they will come when needed and when it is best for you to have them. To force them to come too soon often brings with it trouble. Often their possessor is deceitfully misled by nature-spirits, or the psychic becomes conceited and thinks he cannot make a mistake. In any case, the time and energy spent to attain Psychic Powers may best be spent in helping others. These powers will come in the course of your development. They must come as you become more and more multi-dimensional, and they will come sooner if that is best for you and your work. Your Blessed Higher Self, along with your Inner Helper, will tell you and help you to unfold and develop them safely. Until then, you are better off without them.You also must guard against certain small desires, which are common in everyday life. Never wish to be the center of attention or the leader, and have no desire to speak. It is best to speak little. Better still, say nothing unless you are quite sure that what you wish to say is true, kind, and helpful. Think carefully if what you are going to say has those three qualities. If not, don’t say it.It is good, as you start to walk this Path, to learn how to think carefully before speaking. When you reach Initiation you must watch every word, least you tell that which must not be told. Much common talk is unnecessary and foolish. When it is gossip, it is wicked. So prefer to listen rather than talk, do not offer an opinion unless asked.A part of meeting the Universal Spiritual Qualifications goes like this:
      • To know
      • To do
      • To dare
      • To be silent

      The last of these four is the most difficult of all.

      Another desire that you must sternly repress is the desire to meddle into other people’s business. What another man does, says, or believes is of no concern of yours. You must learn to leave him absolutely alone. He has a full right to his thoughts, words, and actions as long as he does not interfere with anyone else. You yourself have the freedom to do and act as you deem proper, and you must allow the same for him; When he exercises it, you have no right to talk about him.

      If you think someone is doing wrong, you can contrive a space where you can tell him why you think that way, not why he is wrong. You could be a good influence to guide him to change his mind. You may even be able to convince him, but there are many cases where even this is inappropriate behavior as well as interference. On no account can you go and discuss or gossip to a third person about this matter, for that is an extremely wicked action. Learn to speak only with the other person involved, if the Universe opens up the possibility for a discussion. Otherwise, keep still.

      However, if you witness a cruelty to a child or an animal, it is your duty to interfere. If you see anyone breaking the city, county, or country laws, you need to report it to the authorities. If you are a Spiritual Teacher, or are placed in charge of another person in order to teach him, then it may become your duty to gently tell him his faults.

      Except in these cases, mind your own business, and learn the virtue of silence.

      The Six Points of Conduct especially required to develop Desirelesness are:

      1. Self-control with the mind
      2. Self-control with your actions
      3. Tolerance
      4. Cheerfulness
      5. One-pointedness
      6. Confidence1.   Self-control with the mindThe Qualification of Desirelessness shows that the astral body and mental body must be managed and controlled. It relates to control of the temper, so that you can feel no anger or impatience, and to control of the mind itself, so that your thoughts can remain calm and unruffled. Also, through the mind, control of the nervous system so it is as little irritated as possible. This may be a bit difficult, because when you prepare yourself to walk the Path, or the middle road of neutrality, you become more sensitive; the nerves are easily disturbed by a sound or a shock and feel all pressure acutely (others thoughts, mental, and physical, as well as environmental disturbances). However, you must recognize this and do your best.Maintaining a calm mind brings out courage so that you can face without fear the trials and difficulties of walking this Path. It also brings steadiness so that you can make light of the troubles that come into everyone’s life on a daily basis. Avoid the incessant worry over little things, where people spend much of their time. The teaching state that it does not matter in the least what may happen to you from the outside world; sorrows, troubles, sickness, losses, — all these must be as nothing and cannot be allowed to disturb the calmness of the mind. They are the result of past actions. When they come to you, you must bear them cheerfully, remembering that all evil is transitory, and your duty is to remain joyful and serene. These experiences belong to your previous lives, and you cannot alter or change them. Therefore it is useless to be troubled about them. Focus on that which you are doing now, by staying in the moment. Realize that every action you take is in part, preparation for your next life, that you can alter now and prepare for.Never allow yourself to feel sad and depressed for longer than twenty-four hours. Depression affects others around you, and this energy can seep into others’ lives, making their lives harder, which you have no right to do. Therefore, when it comes to you, acknowledge it, and then throw it off.Do not allow your thoughts to wander. Whatever you are doing focus and fix your thoughts on it, so it will be perfectly done. Don’t allow your mind to be idle, and keep good thoughts in the back of your mind, ready to come forth when the mind is free and they are needed.Use your thought-power everyday for good uses. (For example, after your morning meditation, send that Spiritual energy into the Universe for wherever is needed, or to help create World Peace.) Become a force on the pathway to evolution. Think each day of someone who you know is in sorrow, suffering, or in need of some help, and send your loving thoughts in their direction. The energy will be received, I assure youHold back your mind from Pride, because Pride only comes from ignorance. An unevolved man thinks he is great and always right, that he has done this or that great thing. The Wise man knows that only God is great and all things are done through Him. All good works are done by God alone.
        1. Self-Control with your Actions

        If your thoughts are what they should be, you will have little trouble with your actions. Yet remember that to be useful to mankind, thoughts must result in actions. There must be no laziness, but constant activity and good work. It must be your own duty that you do, not another man’s, unless with his permission and by way of helping him. Leave others to do their own work in their own way. Be ready to give help when asked for and needed, but never interfere. For most people the most difficult thing in the world is to mind their own business, but that is what you must do.

        While you are trying to develop yourself for higher work, you must not neglect your own duties, for until they are done, you are not free for other service. You should undertake no new worldly duties but those which you have already taken on. You must fulfill and clear all reasonable duties which you yourself know to be yours, not any that have been imposed upon you by others. Do your work and do it well for the sake of your Soul growth.

        1. Tolerance – Good Conduct

        You must feel perfect tolerance for all and have a hearty interest in the beliefs of those of other religions just as much as your own. For their religion is a path to the highest, just as much as yours is. Honor all different paths. To help all who are a part of the Oneness energy, you must strive to accept and understand all.

        In order for you to gain perfect tolerance you must begin to process your inner self in the sense that we all hold on to the past and our early training and learning system. For without it we feel unbalanced, fearful, and think we will die. When you first find out that your earthly reality has been an illusion, you can feel overwhelmed.

        The process begins with setting yourself free from bigotry, judgment, and superstition. Learn that no ceremonies are necessary, lest you think that you are better than others who do not do them. At the same time, do not condemn others who do ceremonies because it is important to them. Allow them to do what they will; but be sure that they do not interfere with you because you know the Truth. They must not force upon you that which you have outgrown. Make allowances for everything and be kind to everyone. This is a part of the “breaking away” process.

        Now that your eyes are opened, some of your old beliefs and ceremonies may seem a bit absurd. You could begin to feel some self-recrimination for having partaken of them in the past. Perhaps, indeed, they are absurd, but they are a part of what led you to where you are now. Begin to bless them, and let them go. Though you cannot partake of them now, respect and honor them for the sake of those good Souls to whom they are still important.

        Rituals and ceremonies have their place, and have their use. Think of them like the lined paper you used in school when you were learning to write. It guided you to write straight and evenly until you learned to write far better and with a freer hand without the lines. There was a time when you needed those blue lines on your paper to guide you, but now that time has past.

        When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.                                                                                                    —1 Corinthians 13:11-14:5 KJV

        Look kindly and gently upon all, and all alike.                                                                                               —Ghandi

        1. Cheerfulness

        One must work through and bear their Karma cheerfully, whatever it may be. Karma is an honor that comes to you because it shows you that the Lords of Karma think you are worth helping. However hard it is, be grateful that it is not worse. Remember, you are of little use as a Light Worker unless your evil Karma is worked through and you are free. By offering yourself up to the service of God, you have also asked for your karma to be hurried, so that now, within one or two lifetimes you will be able to work through that which may have taken hundreds of lifetimes. This is a part of Grace.

        In order to make the best out of all situations, remember that we bring all experiences to ourselves. Be glad, be cheerful, and know that when completeness comes, Self Realization, what is necessary, in part, melts away and disappears.

        Here is a very important awareness. Karma may take away from you the possessions you love. You must give up all feelings of possession, including family and children. Karma may take from you the things you like best as well as the people you love most. Even then you must be cheerful and be willing to give up anything and everything. There is always a reason!

        Often God needs to use a human vessel as a servant to pour out His strength among others. He cannot do this if the servant yields to depression. Joy, Peace, Love and Harmony must be the pathway walked.

        1. One-Pointedness

        The one condition that must be set within your heart is to do God’s work, first and foremost. Whatever else comes your way, this condition needs to be remembered in the back of your mind and heart. However, nothing else really can come in the way because all work is God’s work, and you do what is asked of you cheerfully and with joy. Give all of your attention to the work you are doing in the present moment so you are not distracted and can do your best.

        And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;                                            Colossians 3:23

        Think how you would do a piece of work if your boss or parents, or your Master Teacher were coming to look at it. Those who know will understand the meaning of that verse. There is another one, and older one, with a similar message.

        Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do [it] with all thy might;                                                           Ecclesiastes 9:10

        One-Pointedness also means that nothing will ever turn you, even for a moment, from the Path you have chosen. You will be tested, that’s for sure.

        No temptations, no affections, no worldly pleasure ever must draw you aside. You yourself will become One with the Path, and it becomes so much a part of your nature that you follow it without needing to think of it. It becomes impossible to ever turn aside. You, the Monad, the Soul, have decreed it and have set a condition. To break away from this would be to break away from Self.

        1. Confidence

        You must trust your invisible Master and your Master Teachers on this planet, and you need to trust yourself as well. If you have ever seen your Master, in the flesh or through a vision, you will trust the law of Divine Right Action to the utmost through lifetime after lifetime.

        If your Master has not appeared to you as yet, you must try to “see” your Master, to realize Him and trust Him. If you don’t, then He cannot be of help to you. Unless there is perfect Trust and surrender, there cannot be a perfect flow of Love and Spiritual Power.

        Lastly, you must Trust yourself. Do you claim to know yourself well? If so, then you do not. You only know the outer crust, which will soon fall away into the mire. But YOU — the real you — you are a Spark of God’s fire. The fire of God flows within you, making you a son or daughter of God. Because of that, there is nothing you cannot do if you will it by “setting a condition.”


        That which I need shall be given or come to pass.                                                                                                   (eaj)

        Jesus answered them, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been granted.

        “For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him. “Therefore I speak to them in parables; because while seeing they do not see, and while hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.”                                                                                                                                   Matthew 13:12

        Your will must be like tempered steel if you choose to walk the middle road.

        4.     LOVE
        But now abideth in you faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.            1 Corinthians 13:13

        Of all the Qualifications, Love is the most important. If it is strong enough within you, it forces you to acquire the rest; and all the rest, without Love, would become insignificant. Love never dies but it grows continually.

        Often Love is interpreted as an intense desire to be liberated from the rounds of births and deaths and to feel closer to God. However, to think of Love in this way sounds selfish and gives only a part of the meaning.

        Love is not so much desire as it is will and determination. To receive the energies of Divine Love, this desire must fill your entire bodies, physical and universal. It must become a part of your nature and leave no room for any other thoughts or feelings.

        It is natural for our will and nature to desire Love, for as the spark of God fills us on a daily basis, so does the power of Love. Not in order that you may escape pain and suffering, but because of your deep Love for Him, you may act with Him. Because God is Love, you, if you become One with Him, must be filled with perfect, unselfish Love also.

        In your daily life, this means two things. First, that you will be careful never to hurt another living thing; and second, that you are always watching for an opportunity to help. To help strengthen you in these two requirements, begin and end your day with your personal meditation practice.

        First — do no harm to anyone

        The three ways there are with our thoughts and actions that work more harm than good; gossip, cruelty, and superstition. These are direct actions against Love. These three tendencies, you must watch out for and guard against continually.

        Gossip begins with an evil thought, and that itself is a crime. Whatever you focus on with your thought strengthens it, feeds it, and so you are making your brother worse instead of better. At times the evil does not seem to be present, and you have only imagined an unsettling situation. However, energy travels, and you are putting your brother under temptation and he may do some wrong. This then becomes wicked. He is not on the Path. He is not yet striving for Spiritual strength, and the energy could cause him to do that which you have thought of.

        As for Cruelty, there are two kinds; intentional and unintentional. Intentional cruelty is to give pain to another living thing, on purpose. This is a great sin and is the work of evil, not of the Light.

        You may think that no one would do such a thing; but men have done it often, and it is still happening on a daily basis. The inquisitors did it, and many religious people did it and still do it in the name of their religion. Criminals do it, and many school teachers, students, and administrators do it habitually as well.

        Many people try to excuse these actions by claiming it is a custom: However, a crime does not cease to be a crime because many people do it. Karma takes no account of “custom.” The karma of lies, deceits, and cruelty is the worst karma of all. There can be no excuse for such customs, for the duty of harmlessness stands tall.

        There is cruelty in speech as well as in action. A man who utters words with the intention of harming another is guilty of a crime. This you would not do, but sometimes a careless word does as much harm as a malicious one. Always be on your guard for unintentional cruelty. This comes usually from thoughtlessness.

        Example:  A man is so full of greed and avarice that he never even thinks of the suffering he causes others by paying too little attention to them or his wife and children, or starving his family and refusing to pay the price for proper clothing or quality items.

        Another thinks only of his own lust and pays no mind to whose life or body he ruins by satisfying it or how watching constant porn neglects the marriage bed.

        Just to save a little, or to gain more interest on his accounts, a man neglects to pay his workers or crew members on time, thinking nothing of the difficulties he brings upon them.

        So much suffering is caused by your neglect, carelessness and forgetting to think how your actions will affect others. However, Karma never forgets and the Law of Karma is exact. It takes no account of the fact that man forgets or is careless.

        If you wish to enter and walk the Path, you must take into account the consequences of what you do so you won’t be guilty of thoughtless cruelty.

        Superstition is another mighty evil and it has caused horrible pain and suffering. The man who is a slave to it despises others who are wiser. He always tries to force them to think and act the way he does.

        Think of the treatment that superstition has given out to depressed classes, who are poor and homeless. See how this evil quality can breed heartlessness and cruelty, even with those of us who know the Laws of Brotherhood and Oneness. Many crimes have been committed in the name of God and Love, fed and moved by this nightmare of superstition. Therefore, you must be very careful that no trace of it remains within you.

        These three great crimes you must completely avoid because they are fatal to all progress and are sins (negative actions) against Love. Not only must you refrain from doing evil but you must continue doing good every day.

        You need to be filled with the intense desire to do service so that you are ever on watch to render it all around you — not to mankind alone, but also to your plants and animals. Render this in small amounts every day.

        After a while, the service habit will be formed so that you may not miss the rare opportunity when a great service offers itself to be done. If you yearn to be One with God, it is not for your own sake but so that this energy can flow through you as the Power of Love and reach out to mankind.

        He who is on the Path exists not for himself but for others: He has forgotten himself in order to serve others. (If you would like to experience selfless service, just travel with Ammachi when she is on her US Tour, or go over the Kerala, India, to Her Ashram and see the selfless service.

        The wisdom within you, which enables you to help and directs wisdom, knowledge, and Love, will inspire the will. Will, Wisdom, and Love are the trinity – the three aspects of the Golden Triad; and you — the children of God — who wish to enroll yourselves in service must reflect these aspects to the World.

        May this pen with which I write this book be dipped in the golden energies of the Divine, flow down and find its expression here, which, without a pen and blessed word processing, could not be done. At the same time I am sending a living plume of fire, spreading out upon the world with Divine Love; may this fill and enliven your heart.

        REMEMBER: There are three truths — my truth, your truth, and the Truth.                                                                        Proverbs

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