Aquarius 2010

Jan 16, 2010 | Monthly Astrology

February Newsletter

JANUARY 20 — FEBRUARY 18, 2010
I look forward to growth and change.



Now withdraw into the rose center of your heart. Meditate on the perfect pink rose. The rose of twelve petals lies at the temple of your heart. It’s petals are opening to the sun – every petal gleaming and glowing with the light. There is an ineffable light in the heart of the rose.

Become enfolded within these petals, in a soft pearly light. You are within the temple of the rose, the Sun pours down into the heart… opening up the doorway to all empowering, unconditional Love. You are a part of this radiance and one with all of humanity, within the heart of the ROSE.

May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance

sunglow The Sun has entered AQUARIUS

Aquarius, you are the Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac. After the establishment and structure of the energies of Capricorn, it is your job to make sure that these structures blend, mix and are flexible with the needs of the people they are meant to serve. In the Northern Hemisphere, yours is the month of the deepest part of winter, which can be most unrelenting. The cold, dry air crackles with electricity. Yet the light of Spring is returning, most perceptibly, along with signs of life, although subtle, which stirs our hopes that Spring will arrive soon. In the Western Zodiac yours is the sign of the Water Bearer, although his jugs were more likely to be filled with air, which is your element. In early Babylonian times your constellation was called the “Giant,” suggesting a great being who knows all and sees all. You are likely to be aware of any political situation since you represent group dynamics. You may now value your role as a detached outsider, especially if you feel there is corruption with group leaders. However, you will be completely devoted to a group that fulfills its stated objectives—when the objectives are those you firmly believe in. Your beliefs generally center around the rights of individuals and the advancement of knowledge. You also tend to assert your own individuality, even if it means working against your own interests. (It is said that those with an Aquarian Moon are most cold and detached.) Your greatest shortcoming is an automatic reaction against any rules, even those that are for your true benefit. Above all, your strong freedom seeking instincts will force you to stand up for yourself as well as for the rights of others. Used wisely, this drive can serve both yourself and those you influence.

(This information goes for AQUARIUS Sun Sign – Moon Sign
as well as the Rising Sign.)

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Based on the Rune (Strength) and Animal (Dog) February brings decisions, travel, moving, and fast solutions. Also, signed contracts, new beginnings as well as final endings. You are dealing with life-changes that will alter your present circumstances. A new leader may arrive or an old one be removed in February. It’s time for a change folks so curl up with a cup of tea and reflect on that which you desire for 2010. The cold, snowy, and dark winter days stimulate you to attain that which your opening heart believes and wants you to receive.

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.

ANIMAL: DOG – Loyalty


Dog – you are so noble,
Until the bitter end,
Your medicine is the teaching,
Of true and loyal friends.

All of the Southwest and Plains Indian tribes had Dogs. These noble animals would often give warning signals of approaching danger. They helped in the hunt and were a great source of warmth on long winter nights. Since the canine tribe has many breeds, early Indian Dogs were usually half-wild. This wilderness, however, never divested the owners of their Dogs’ innate loyalty.

Dog has been considered a servant of humanity throughout history. If a person carries Dog medicine, he or she is usually serving others or humanity in some way. Here you will find the charity worker, the philanthropist, the nurse, the counselor, the minister, the soldier.

Dog was the servant-soldier that guarded the tribe’s lodges from surprise attack. Dog is a medicine that embodies the loving gentleness of best friend and the half-wild protector energy of territorial imperative. Like Anubis, the jackal dog protector of Egypt, Dog is a guardian.Throughout history, Dog has been the guardian of Hell, or when mothers were cooking or in the fields. Dog honors its gifts and is loyal to the trust placed in its care.

In examining dog medicine you may find that you have fond personal memories of owning and loving Dog as a pet. The message that Dogs are trying to give you is that you must delve deeply into your sense of service to others. Canines are genuinely service-oriented animals. and are devoted to their owners with a sense of loyalty that supersedes how they are treated.

If a Dog has been yelled at or paddled, it still returns love to the person who is the source of its bad treatment. This does not come from stupidity, but rather from a deep compassionate understanding of human shortcomings. It is as if a tolerant spirit dwells in the heart of every canine that asks only to be of service.

You can also see when Dogs have had the loyalty beaten out of them. They cower and cry at the slightest look of disapproval, but this is not their normal nature. Some varieties of Dogs have even been turned against their natures to become brutal and vicious. Out of a sense of service these breeds have adopted the attack oriented desires of their owners. They arcry an altered genetic memory of what service means if they are to be approved of by their masters.

Dog medicine in February of 2010 asks you to look at how readily your sense of loyalty is countermanded by your need for approval. There are several questions you need to consider, depending on the situation about which you are asking.

  • Have I recently forgotten that I owe my allegiance to my personal truth in life?
  • Is it possible that gossip or the opinion of others have jaded my loyalty to a certain friend or group?
  • Have I denied or ignored someone who is trying to be my loyal friend?
  • Have I been loyal and true to my goals?
  • Reclaim the power of loyalty to self and self-truths. Become like the Dog, your own best friend.

    amethyst CRYSTAL: Amethyst, Citrine

    Amethyst A variety of quartz which brings to you spiritual awareness. Strengthens the endocrine and immune systems. Enhances right brain activity, helps memory and activates the pineal and pituitary glands. A powerful blood cleanser and energizer. Helps with mental disorders and creates a veil of protection. Physical representative of the Violet Ray of alchemy and transformation. Cuts through illusion. Enhances your psychic abilities and is excellent to use while meditating. Aids in your channeling abilities. Amethyst is calming, strong, protective and aids with healing. Brings Divine Love, inspiration, and strengthens intuition and telepathy.

    citrine Citrine Another variety of quartz. Good for the kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive tract, heart. Helps with tissue regeneration so is excellent to use after any type of surgery. Detoxifies the system. Enhances the body’s healing energies and diminishes any self-destructive tendencies. Helps with depression. Creates a powerful alignment to your Blessed Higher Self and Intuitive Guides. Brings lightheartedness, cheerfulness, joy and faith. Warning – this stone may attract abundance to you!

    RUNE of the Month – Kano


    Man – Womanhood, A Wild Ox

    This is the Rune of termination and new beginnings, as the Chinese New Year opens with February 2010. Strength indicates that this will be a time when you realize the life you have been living has been outgrown in its form, and so must die out to allow a new energy, bringing in a new birth, with a new form. Uruz is a Rune of passage and, as such, is a part of the cycle of Self Transformation.

    Positive growth and change, however, may involve passage into darkness as a part of the cycle of perpetual renewal, such as the dark winter month of February. As in Nature, the progression consists of five parts: death, decay, gestation, germination, rebirth. Events occurring now may well prompt you to undergo a death within yourself. Since self-change is never coerced – as we are always free to resist – remain mindful that the new form, the new life, is always greater than the old.

    Prepare then, for opportunity disguised as a loss. It could involve the loss of someone or something to which there is an intense emotional bond, and through which you are living a part of your life, a part that must now be retrieved so you can live it out for yourself. Now, in some way, that bond is being severed, a relationship radically changed, a death experienced. Seek among the ashes and discover a new perspective and a new birth.

    The original meaning for this rune was the wild ox. When the wild ox was domesticated, a nearly impossible task, it could transport heavy loads. Learn to adapt yourself to the demands of such a creative time. Firm principles attach to this Rune, and at the same time humility is called for since in order to rule you must learn how to serve. Write down some important changes that need to be made, and make them your 2010 resolutions, then stick by them; for February will put you on notice that your Soul and the Universe will support the new growth.

    Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.



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    The New Moon in AQUARIUS on February 13th brings in the Chinese New Year of the metal Tiger. Time to make some important strides forward. The Tiger year is considered lucky and contains energies that are assertive, couageous, and self-reliant. Do not give up in despair, but rather move forward using your new insight , as well as the beginning of a new decade, to figure out how to manifest your desires here and now.

    The Full Moon in VIRGO on February 28th brings time to dig into some research and have some important conversations with clients. Use the illumination of this Winter’s full moon to determine if your present actions will lead you to your future goals. If you feel you are not on te right path, now is the time to correct your course. It is a good time to bring projects to completion and reflect on what has been accomplished.

    AQUARIUS: Polarity: Masculine Sign: Fixed – Element: Air – Planetary Rule: 11th House / Uranus – Body: – Circulation, Ankles, Shins FOCUS: I know the Truth
    TheYear Ahead for Aqurius
    You’re set for a fabulous year with friendships, love, and money, Aquarius. 2010 brings the ideal opportunities for you to connect with people, widen your inner circle, and fill your address book with exciting new personalities. The more people you meet and get to know, the greater the benefits; some of them will be a link to luck. A club or professional organization will be an easy way to get acquainted with new people, or you might decide to get more involved with a group you’ve been associated with for some time. Either way, you’re likely to be offered a leadership role, which can increase your visibility and networking power. This year will bring you rewards for your past efforts, such as an award or a more business, a promotion, a new location, or raise. Early in the year is the time to review your personal and professional goals. Be selective and narrow your list to your top priorities rather than give in when Jupiter gives you the urge to do it all. This is a very positive financial ear for Aquarians, and you could buy property or inveest in a long-held dream. After a whirlwind year, you’ll be ready to take a breather when Jupiter moves into Aries on January 23rd, 2011. Your social life will get busier, and you will be in the car, on the phone, and busy with neighbors as well as your oldest son. You have just completed a twelve-year cycle. Now is the time to reap the benefits while you plan ahead for new beginnings.



    ram Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

    Your friendships are in focus. Not that you won’t enjoy your pals and socializing. Be especially wary in the days surrounding the 15th, especially with someone new. Someone may be less than truthful with you. Be skeptical. Your career goes better than expected with someone behind the scenes who promotes your talents. Don’t hesitate to ask for favors. Chances are they will be granted. Mid-month watch out for misunderstandings at work and home; keep your cool.

    bull Taurus (4/21-5/21)

    Life is mostly status quo now. Your career interests can cause conflicts at home. Strive for balance. February, love month, is a terrific time to look for a soul mate, as well as strengthening ties with your current squeeze. Relax with your family, children, or a favorite hobby. Or get motivated and stretch your muscles at the gym. Get a group together and plan an evening out, a day trip, or accept new invitations. Romance could come with someone you’ve considered a pal

    twins Gemini (5/21-6/20)

    Life is upbeat and right on track. Watch out for mechanical problems and mishaps on the road. Drive carefully. Avoid difficult people, especially relatives. Attend a conference or take a class to boost your skills. This knowledge pays off next month! If time permits, take some time away where you can relax, to prepare for the next few busy months. Family relationships are warm and close. Consider hosting a casual get-together with friends around the 20th.

    crab Cancer (6/21-7/22)

    Life rolls along for you now but keep a close watch on your finances, household budget, and hold off on any big expenditures until mid-March. Start thinking about a Spring vacation, either with your mate or the family. If you’re part of a couple set time aside to catch up with your partner’s life. You may be surprised by what you hear regarding your future. Someone at a distance brings you luck mid-month. The New Moon on the 12th could trigger a financial gift from a family member or a minor windfall.

    lion Leo (7/23-8/22)

    Relax and don’t frustrate yourself. It’s only natural that you feel like you’re spinning your wheels with Mars retrograde in your sign. You’re in a holding pattern, which will not change until mid-March, so take advantage by finishing tasks and fine-tuning your plans for 2010. The fast pace at work continues through the 9th. Budget your time, manage the many distractions, and take time to chat with co-workers. You may pick up some information through the grapevine, which will be useful to you later on in the year. Mid-month could bring a conflict with someone from a distance, perhaps a relative. You could realize a bonus or raise in pay at month’s end.

    virgin Virgo (8/23-9/22)

    February may be easygoing for the most part, but you can expect frustration and a rising temper at times. Put this energy to good use around the house by getting a jump-start on spring cleaning; organize closets, drawers, financial records, and make some easy money by selling some items on E-Bay. A Creative project is great for an ego-boost and you’ll gain new insights by listening to what your children have to say. Relationships are upbeat so take a chance on someone new or romance your partner on Valentine’s Day. Someone you meet mid-month proves to be a “Lucky Charm.”

    scales Libra (9/23-10/22)

    February promises to be a busy but easy-going month. The exception may be a friendship, dating relationship, or group endeavor. Tensions rise mid-month. Always be true to yourself, even if it means, “walk away.” However, always take time to listen to another’s point of view. Meditation is especially beneficial now, and can open the path to your inner voice. Make note of your dreams and hunches. Your social life is favored, especially over Valentine’s Day.

    eagle Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

    Expect delays and frustrations to continue off and on at work. Be cautious about voicing your true opinion, even with someone you believe you can trust. This can backfire in the coming months. Keep your opinions to yourself. The week of the New Moon is great for domestic projects, cleaning, and entertaining. Take some time off and re-do a room. Love month is a great time for dating and meeting a potential love interest. Children can delight you and there is much to celebrate!

    archer Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

    Life can become frustrating with some projects that stall, but don’t allow this to trigger conflicts. Consider February a month to learn and exercise patience, especially when you are behind the wheel. Home is where the heart is for love month, and you are spending more time there. Dust off the shelves and re-do a room. Watch for super discounts and bargains. Aim for the last week in February if you want to host a get-together. You are the center of the communication hub, and you have a way with words. You’re at your most charming at month’s end and can convince anybody to do almost anything!

    goat Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

    You have a terrific month ahead of you for the most part, with only minor hurdles and challenges. Be cautious with investments and take time to review insurance policies. Be sure your home, property, and possessions are properly covered. Plan a weekend getaway around the 28th or curl up with the latest novel in your favorite easy chair. Either will satisfy the urge for knowledge and adventure, as well as taking a short-term class. Money flows in but can also flow out, with unexpected expenses. Someone is likely to share good news at month’s end.

    water-bearer Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

    Life is on your side this month, bringing you many reasons to celebrate. However, last month’s relationship pattern continues, although the tension will be less pronounced. Instead, you’ll have difficulty connecting with people, and some will resist your efforts at partnership attempts. That is to be expected so allow people their space. On the New Moon, February 13th, make a vision board and express that which you want to accomplish in 2010. Concentrate on your goals and make a solid plan, then go for it! Strike up a conversation with a stranger and you could gain new insights into a problem or dilemma. Extra money, which is much needed, flows in at month’s end.

    fishes Pisces (2/19-3/20)

    February brings the time to take a look at your life-style: Lover, healthy diet, exercise, and rest and relaxation. Be honest with yourself and make the needed changes. When you do you will alleviate worry and concern which will boost your immune system. This can help to prevent a cold or the flu. Make a vision board and share your wishes and desires with the Universe. You can attract exactly what you want. With Jupiter now in your sign, results can come quickly. A relationship reaches a turning point at month’s end—upwards, downwards, closer, or at a distance.