Mar 31, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Predictions|Stargazing

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As April opens, it’s impossible to contain our excitement about the future, yet this enthusiasm only covers up our fear of the unknown. The pioneering Aries New Moon on March 30th was a turning point of cosmic proportions. Although we don’t want to look back, we can’t blast full speed ahead because Mars is still retrograde. Nevertheless, we’re eager to do something crazy as the New Moon joins explosive Uranus this week. In such a volatile atmosphere anything can happen.

The nine week conflict between Jupiter and Uranus leaves you either completely changed, or hanging in for dear life to the past. Get ready to experience the “new Normal”, which includes things that shift you out of your conventional pattern, such as erratic twists of fate, sudden opportunities, and unexpected surprises. Your status quo will change completely this month.

Eclipses, retrogrades and the Grand Cross energy on April 28th brings activity and attention to relationships. On the 29th the Solar Eclipse in Taurus will bring a focus on finances. Your patience will be tested throughout the month, because three planets are retrograde. Your mind will be on several different issues, as Mercury zips through Pisces, Aries, and finally Taurus. With Mars in partnership oriented Libra, you can expect activity in that area of your life. be sensitive to the needs of the people around you. Aim for harmony and equality in all of your alliances, whether they are emotional or professional. There are two very strong and challenging aspects in April—the 20th and 21st. Actually, this energy could affect the entire month. For many they bring stress, nervousness, a crisis, suffering, a dilemma, or other problems. BE SURE TO STAY ALERT! Avoid high crime neighborhoods and people who have been abusive in the past. Since the Grand Cross triggers the water signs, expect lots and lots of April Showers!

Although this is just a preview of the April energies, it is more like a preview of history in the making! Some serious changes and shifts in the Universe are about to take place, both worldwide and personally. While change can be uncomfortable, it can also be wonderful—all at the same time.

You’ll really be longing for a greater sense of freedom in your life right now. Many are feeling a little impatient, but you need to be careful about taking a few too many risks. Just make sure that you don’t end up spending too much money on things you really don’t need.

The Aries New Moon was on Sunday the 30th at 11:45 AM (10 degrees Aries). This began the strong build up to the Grand Cross on April 28th, as three of the four points of the cross are in place as the month opens. That means that you are getting pushed in the backside, moving you into high action. The New Moon aligned with explosive and inventive Uranus. You are about to have a personal revolution and step way outside your comfort zone.

So get out there! Meet new people, explore new options and activities, and bring out your eccentric weirdo within! At the same time, transforming Pluto in Capricorn is telling you to slow down and make, patient, long-term and lasting changes. The third point is Jupiter telling you to put more effort into that which nurtures your emotions close to home. As you can see, there is quite a lot calling for your attention now. The opportunity to create a fully integrated life where all the parts of you get to work as a whole, is coming into play. This may be a first for you.

In April, Mars continues to be retrograde, there are two eclipses, and the Grand Cardinal Cross pattern hits its peak for the fifth time. It will do so twice more between now and March, 2015. April is going to be a really interesting month, to say the least.

The Universe is teaching you to be a diplomatic warrior. If you are honest with yourself, you already know there are certain aspects of your life that either don’t work anymore, or that bore you to death. But sometimes we get stuck in a path of inertia, and it is difficult to change the routine you know into something new and scary. You must be assertive, yet gentle in how you push your ambitions. Libra is associated with all types of relationships, so your relationships are changing this Spring. The people in your life are shifting in and out of your life through July, so review who belongs and who needs to be released.

The Grand Cross pattern has been building strongly since late 2013 and reaches its peak on the days surrounding April 22, 2014; three days in and three days out. The purpose is to get you to make changes in your life based upon changing your inner values and ambitions. Sometimes this can be a hassle. This can range from dealing with a national health insurance direction, to upgrading your technology as well as shifting friends, groups, or romantic relationships. These changes can be costly, lonely, and even a bit frightening. However, it’s time to remember that change is a constant in life, and now is the time to buck up and allow the Universe to help you.

The Mantra for April is “Have courage.” Maintain a healthy prosperity consciousness. Be willing to explore new groups or activities. Allow the change that is coming to come, because it is coming whether you are willing or not. As Flip Wilson always said, “Don’t fight the feelin’!”

In all relationships, it will be necessary to be diplomatic. Look at the relationships in your life that are drifting away, or just plain done. Look at how you are balancing your relationship needs with your independent needs. Make adjustments to where they are out of balance. By mid-July, expansive Jupiter will begin its year long trek through heart-opening Leo. How can you open your heart and passions, be it on a personal, creative, or business level, if you are holding onto people or activities that are moving in a different direction, or perhaps, refusing to move at all?


Stay alert during this month, especially with movement and travel. Here is what the changes energies may bring to you.

ARIES: Be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, loved ones and associates. Avoid buying anything that will wear out quickly or something you could lose interest in. Be cautious with your spending to make your money go further.

TAURUS: Most people judge you by your manners and appearance, Aries. If you respect the dignity of others and always try to look your best, you can succeed in your personal and professional life.

GEMINI: Take a break and include quiet times in your daily schedule, so you can relax and review your recent actions and decisions. If you are always on the go physically and mentally, you run a high risk of burnout this month. Know that rest and relaxing are healing on many levels. They rejuvenate you, Gemini.

CANCER: Your nurturing nature attracts all kinds of people, especially those who are needy. You will need to set firm boundaries to protect yourself and prevent others from taking advantage of your fine nature.

LEO: Your strength, courage, confidence, and integrity make you an excellent leader and companion. Consider taking a more active role in your family, community, profession, social circle, or groups.

VIRGO: You see both good traits as well as the faults of every person and thing. Instead of calling attention to the flaws of other people, be gracious and praise their positive qualities. You may be inspired to take a trip or plan a vacation.

LIBRA: Your pretty face, kind nature, and charming ways attract people who want to be your friend, however some may want to take advantage. Choose your friends and companions carefully. Remember, they influence your thinking, values, happiness, and reputation.

SCORPIO: You are emotional and intense by nature, which adds stress to your life. Integrate some form of relaxation, such as yoga, tia chi, music, or meditation into your daily schedule. Protect your identity, as security could become an issue.

SAGITTARIUS: Your free and easy approach to life can cause you some problems this month, Sag. You need to give more thought to the possible consequences, and be more careful when taking risks. Someone may come into your life who will become a friend or help you to achieve a goal.

CAPRICORN: The best relationship for you is someone who is your equal on the moral and intellectual level. Choose partners and friends you’d be proud to introduce to your parents, boss, and your Spiritual guide as well.

AQUARIUS: You have a natural fondness for people and things that are new or unusual. Your ruler, Saturn, promotes tradition. You cherish your home and family. Aim for balance in all areas of your life.

PISCES: Let your life reflect your creativity and interests now, Pisces. Don’t waste any of your precious time, love, money, or energy on people who don’t respect you. The sooner you learn this, the happier you will be. You may receive some great news at month’s end.