Your willpower will be at work this week as the Sun aspects three major players. Two of these aspects will create some difficulty, but the third one is a gift.

The biggest conversation for this week is between Tuesday April 9thto Thursday, April 11th. Tuesday evening would be nice for a movie and some romance as Venus aligns with Neptune, a gentle and easy to get along combination. Relax and prepare yourself for what’s coming mid-week.

The Sun is making a challenging square to Saturn when most of the USA is asleep Wednesday morning, so not a good time to force anything. The Sun moves into a difficult square with Saturn, the task-maker, father, and law enforcer. It’s time to be patient and not get frustrated because things aren’t going the way you want them to. Another showdown is likely on that day because Jupiter turns retrograde and begins a four-month period that’s your opportunity to review your life and desires. It presents a time when you can reconnect with the virtue of faith, hope, and charity and make the philosophical adjustments necessary. This way you’ll be in the right place at the right time when Jupiter turns direct in August.

Then on Thursday morning, April 11th, enthusiastic Jupiter turns retrograde until mid-August.Things could get a bit out of hand now when Mercury squares Jupiter and exaggerates your perception that makes things seem better than they really are. The next several months has you reviewing big changes or cleaning up the past to prepare to move forward in bigger ways in the autumn and next year, 2020.

Another quick challenge comes at the end of the day Thursday, when your practical lower mind is in conflict with your higher philosophy. Since the Moon is in Cancer on Thursday and Friday, emotions can be heightened so watch your words.

Saturday April 13ththe Sun squares Pluto. This can set off some difficult power struggles that can’t be ignored and simply cannot be won.

Angel Messages with Elizabeth Joyce Just when it looks like all is lost, a Stargazing gift arrives on Sunday when the Light returns as the Sun trines Jupiter. As the lucky combination brings good fortune your way, solutions to any problems can appear out of the blue.