STARGAZING  Week of February 11th through February 17th, 2019

Mental Mercury has entered psychic Pisces, the sign it will be in through mid-April due to Mercurys coming retrograde cycle. This extra-long cycle helps you raise your vibration, open to a higher vision and enhance your intuitive abilities, so be sure to keep up with your meditation practice this week, for sure. This energy also bursts illusions and fantasy-thinking to get you to that higher spiritual vision and open your creativity. The Moon moves into hard-working Taurus Sunday through Tuesday, so make tangible gains through concerted effort.


Mars and Uranus have been coming into alignment for a couple weeks now, and the exact line up Tuesday evening. This is a revolutionary energy that can bring upsets in government and country leadership or can bring brilliant insights, helping you to create new ideas that will set you free. On the flip side, avoid impatience, angry people, and confrontations with authority figures.