2020 Monthly Predictions

Aug 1, 2020 | Predictions

It’s time to rise above the limits imposed on us by others, unlock our inner perceptions, make our gifts useful to others, and begin to walk our new path in life.

2020 — The Year of  Transformation

 I want to express my gratitude to you for being loving reminders of what is possible when we raise our consciousness and focus, along with the help of Spirit.


Some important notes;

It is no surprise that the energy of the June 2020 Neptune retrograde. through November 2020, with be very powerful and important in “draining the swamp.” On June 23rd Neptune turned retrograde, and the following aspects were present on that day:  Neptune conjuncted Mars, and sextiled Jupiter, Pluto, and Pallas.

Capricorn is the ascendant for the chart at that day. Because the ruler for Capricorn is Saturn, and Saturn is now transiting back into Capricorn until December, 2020, the secrets revealed during this Neptune retrograde window will be regarding government laws, policies, and any authorities that have committed injustice. The next six months will not be easy, and the world will never be the same at its end. Any trials or investigations ongoing will bust wide open. Evidence that has been unobtainable or elusive to those who seek it will finally acquire what they seek.

More importantly this signature focuses on corruption, with Pallas in the mix. The truth will also come out about any recent abuse of power, as well as any past cover-ups. The information that will come out to will ultimately change the thoughts or perspective of the general public. Leaders and heads of state head’s will roll along with top Senators, Congressmen, Governors, along with respected people in many areas of our culture. All respect will be gone. This will change much, infuriate many, upset the powers that be, and bring ruin along with more riots, anger, and utter disbelief. This energy is guaranteeing irreversible changes. (Please hold tight to the Light and know that we must have destruction before we can have reconstruction.)

Expect the USA Presidential Election to be disturbed, postponed or whatever and someone drops out at the Conventions in August.

JUNE – JULY 2020




Moving across country – no time for predictions.

MARCH 2020

Saturn brings  a slow but steady change as it passes through each sign. It moves into Aquarius in late march through June, before slipping back into Capricorn for one last round until mid-December, 2020. When in Aquarius, Saturn promises to bring some hard earned, but progressive changes. This impact will last for the next three years, so take a look at your Astrology Chart to see where it will ask your you to let go and grow. 

Although the Corona Virus is causing a great impact, it will begin to let up a bit in May and will impact Japan, Indonesia, India, and China the most. There will be minimal problems in the US, Mexico, and Canada,

The Stock Market will rally back into a positive flow beginning at the end of March through October. many have predicted this reset of the market, but things will again move backward in 2021.

We can expect some new laws that bring the possibility of peace, tolerance, and tolerance, although it may be hard earned. Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius next year which will lift the “my way or the highway” aspect of the energies we have been experiencing. 

Hopefully these next few years will bring us the return of wisdom and self-reliance. 

There will be election upsets over the next few weeks, and three Democrats leave the race, one due to a serious illness. 


I know you may have lost faith in my Super Bowl predictions, but I see a win for the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, (Predicted Feb. 2nd, 2020.)

At Groundhog Day the animal will not see his shadow and winter lifts in mid-March to a complicated and volatile spring.

(The groundhog did not see his shadow and there will be an early spring. Morning of 2/2/20)

The election results are fluctuating – but try this on for size – Michael Bloomberg and Camila Harris on the Democratic ticket. Whoever wins the US Presidency will serve two term – to 2028.

This country will be in unrest for the next 8 to 10 years and there are some real struggles. The only way to be out of political discussions, which could prove to become dangerous and life threatening, is not to participate.

MARCH begins the volcanic activity of 2020, which promises to be a volatile year. Peru, Venezuela, and the Philippines are some focused targets.

An Earthquake comes to Northern California between May and July – the San Francisco area, but not too devastating.

The Stock Markets are up and down, causing everyone to over worry.  However they will hold stable until after the US Presidential election in November.

The President will be a Democrat with a Female VP – but the House  and Senate remain at opposite ends. Remember not to shoot the messenger.


2020 Starts with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a 34 Year Rarity 

The January 10th Full Moon in Cancer brings a Lunar Eclipse that is doubly powerful and special. Although this energy is traditionally a time when you bring projects to a successful and positive conclusion, the eclipse suggests that it’s best to wait until the following week to celebrate an event or sign any papers.

On January 12, 2020 there is a difficult Saturn – Pluto conjunction that happens only once every 34 years. When this energy gets together it can be warlike because it begins a slow evolutionary process that destroys old foundations and creates new ones through economic change, downtrends, hardship, and loss. The saving grace of this powerful conjunction is that Jupiter (the planet of luck), will be joining these two mischief-makers, bringing you control, power, and success with focus and hard work. The best way to deal with it is to plan and build your house with bricks, not straw. Be prepared, use clear thinking and don’t allow yourself to drop into fear, then you’ll be able to face and handle anything the energies may throw your way.

The January 24th New Moon in Aquarius brings a time when it’s important to break away from the old same ‘ole same ‘ole and create a new focus or lifestyle. We will have more of that in our next article for the Aquarius cycle.

Never have the world-wide social organizations and institutions been in a more definitive state of collapse—simultaneously with the lines of battle being drawn. The United Nations, NATO, the Paris Climate Treaty are being challenged. The evidence of this is wide ranging as many nations are in great turmoil—Hong Kong and France join with a plethora of nations from Venezuela to Brazil to Syria Lebanon and Israel.

Global Conflicts on Rise:

In addition to the existing challenges of the past few years, I see great conflict brewing in Libya with Turkey. More upheaval with Pakistan and India. This is the area where the first nuclear exchange is supposed to occur.

The US will continue its circus about impeachment—and in the UK there will be ongoing issues with BREXIT, especially given Scotland does not want to leave the EU. These events will distract leaders so their governments do not spend enough time working on REAL problems. BREXIT will not go through until the end of 2020. Trump will not be impeached by the House.

Never in all of human history has there ever been such an arms race as the world prepares for war. Each of the leading combatants (countries) are adding to their armaments more destructive power than was used by all the nations in WWII.

Where before the nuclear powers took pride in saying that they would never be the first in a conflict to use nuclear weapons — NOW they have ALL announced that FIRST USE has become their policy. Trump, who before being elected said that the greatest threat/problem was nuclear weapons, just received approval by the US Congress to spend 3 trillion dollars on new nukes.  

Because of the focus and funds being spent on the arms race,  the Global economic/  financial / monetary system eventually will collapse, likely between 2023-2025. Many, including myself have thought that the collapse would happen long before now. As of November 2019, the US National Debt is a staggering $23,087,322,171,475.  

We will continue to be scammed left and right— by the taxes, banks, insurance companies, US medical systems, pharmaceutical companies, and corporations— and it just goes on and on UNTIL the consciousness comes to a place where it will no longer be tolerated. People will eventually decide they have had enough and take matters into their own hands.

Before the end of 2020, there will be a lot of HIGHLY DRAMATIC EVENTS in the world conflicts and the world economy – but sometimes other’s extremities can bring us our opportunities. 

Things to consider:

Politics — I see three presidents in one year – in 2020. In the fall a Democrat will be elected – Biden or Bernie with a female VP. (Elizabeth Warren)

2020 is a year of preparation and transition, it’s also going to be a year dominated by stress, discomfort, and many internal worries. We see a rise in verbal wars (Fighting – with nations, our friends and even strangers) and this will continue until people start treating others better.

The public is beginning to see the hopeful possibilities, as well as the real dangers in the years and decades ahead if things don’t change.

Not only will certain things of decade of the 2020’s be influenced by the year 2020, but THIS hinge YEAR will “open the door” to 2021-2026 and the events of the next 6 years—some of the most significant (and challenging) of this age of human concerns.   

Weather will change dramatically. There will be more weather destruction than we’ve experienced in the new millennium, which has been devastating.

The coming 6 years, which 2020 will lead us into (2021-2026), will be darker because the sun has moved into its minimum (and doesn’t move out of this completely until 2038), so we will have less sunlight everywhere which means that humanity will experience a lower vibrational level, which can manifest as anger, unhealthy decisions, and physical distress and upsets. If we think we are polarized now with judgment, racism, and political divides, we need to prepare because of a more intense existence, and this darkness is more than just physical. The physical changing of the Earth poles will add to the situation — through storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and melting ice causing sea levels to go up. The shore levels could come in at least 5 miles.

The Royals, who have again captured the attention of the world, will see many changes. Queen Elizabeth will step down, opening the way for Charles to become king. Prince Phillip will die. Prince Harry and Megan will continue on as they are doing, with another baby coming at year’s end.

There will be scandals around Jennifer Aniston and Lindsay Lohan. Paris Hilton has a baby. Jennifer has a relationship with Brad Pitt that everyone disses about. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will be removed from the Prime Minister position.

Deaths – Many of the older film and television stars will pass away this year—Dick Van Dyke, Clint Eastwood, Betty White, Kirk Douglass, perhaps Ed Asner.

United Kingdom

Boris Johnson is a good Prime Minister for the UK and will be popular. People will warm up to him. He may marry Carrie Simmons. Scotland is a problem in 2020 pushing for independence. However, they will not be successful—and the efforts die down by 2021.  BREXIT will continue to be a problem until compromise is reached at the end of 2020.

The British industry develops electric trains and cars. They will do very well— and implement very quickly—and by 2025 most cars in the UK will be electric.

ET disclosure will be realized in 2020 and we will finally learn there are many other worlds besides ours. ETs will be televised!

Positive Advances in the New Year

People are focused on the environment and developing paper without using trees.

The economy holds okay through 2020, although there will be some problems in Europe because of the struggle against the American dollar.

Oil investments are good—but there is a difficult market with getting oil.

Property values grow in the US and Canada, especially in Detroit and other downtrodden areas. There will be NO inflation — all is kept in order.

Property prices decline in Europe as the Euro dollar value declines.

US medical and pharmaceutical stocks will increase in value because of some intense disease research. However, the cannabis market crashes. It’s reached its peak. Cannabis will still grow in use and popularity as a medicinal product because it helps!

The data collection with Google and Facebook becomes contested in Europe. These “big” stocks will decline over the next 3 years because of invasion of privacy issues.

Global Upsets INVOLVING THE United States

There will be a revolution in China—overthrowing the powers that be—is possible. China will be forced to make concessions—very difficult ones—over the next 5 years.

Ancient Tibetan and Chinese spiritual teachings begin to emerge. This will benefit society. 

In China the tariffs and the trade war will continue to escalate with the US, and other countries throughout the world.

There will be a war in Middle East at end of 2020 into 2021.

There will be riots in Iran because of conflicts with Saudi Arabia. Russia and the United States will be involved.

It will be revealed that Syria makes a terrible arms deal with US. They will sell oil land shares to Russia. Putin and Trump are involved.

Problems with North Korea continue. There will be earthquakes in the Pacific because of North Korea using explosives, threatening Japan and Alaska.


Trump will not be removed from office by impeachment. Someone close to him betrays him by actually telling the truth.

Trump talks about the Deep State and says they want to take down our democracy.

Trump tries to discredit Biden – something horrid and untrue is thrown out about Biden.

In the spring Trump collapses — some kind of blood illness — Pence steps in for a while.


Be prepared because tis all be one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record as we enter into a new decade of global cooling.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5th, The Election Day results bring in chaos and struggles, with several States fighting for honest results.

  • The impeachment scenario in December 2019 will be cascading back and forth legally to every possible venue.
  • There is a downturn ahead with Trump’s actions and health, and the public will react to those financial issues next month.
  • There will be a betrayal by the US concerning Foreign Policy of some kind and hard adjustments in policy with the potential for hostilities.
  • Obviously Trump did not handle the old failures in his business and personal life very well then. In that regard on those issues and in his capacity as President, he is not well equipped to handle the strains of the current circumstances. As consequence, I see a number of issues will manifest in order beginning with his marriage.
  • Some kind of marital pressure that will add pressure behind the scenes.
  • His position is in serious jeopardy with serious consequences. Impeachment will proceed and the drama will move to the Senate.
  • Expect Giuliani to ultimately provide evidence as his illegal back dealings are discovered, as the investigations peel back his duplicity like peeling an onion, and his associates point fingers at him to save their own necks.


As  we into a more intense time for the next six weeks, the energies can stir up those deep-seated emotions. If there are any skeletons in the closet, this is when they may begin to rattle.

Have money matters been an issue over past months? If so, powerful Pluto forging ahead this week means things can turn to the positive through the end of the year. With Saturn already on its forward motion, the coming weeks could see a marked improvement in your pocket book and checking account.

Is Hillary Clinton preparing to run against Donald Trump? Although she has been “seen” everywhere lately, Hillary seems to be waiting for a decision before forgiving ahead. Could that be a decision to impeach Trump? 

The Aries Full Moon on October 13th, brings a situation to a point of no return, presenting you with pivotal life-changing choices and lucrative opportunities. It will mean relinquishing some control, but clarify your values and you can choose where you invest your time, money, love, and energy. This is the real start of a New Year. Make it positive for yourself by planning and setting on a new path.

As the sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, followed by the Scorpio New Moon four days later, you’re being freed from a situation, embarking on a new journey, and gaining a fresh perspective. Be prepared for an intense November.

Five candidates will drop out of the Democratic race by the end of October.



First off – PLEASE send out strong prayers for the India-Pakistan situation and Kashmir. I have predicted for the past several years that that would be the location of the first nuclear exchange. Things are heating up in that area and have begun to turn violent. Let’s hope that China can intervene and bring a close to the bombing threats. 

More and more military personnel and airline pilots are going to come forward with stories about their interactions with UFOs. This will contradict those who claimed flying saucers were rubbish and validating what believers in UFO’s have known to be true for decades.

More major Stars will be brought up on sexual harassment charges in the next two months. One Star is very famous, and this could ruin an entire life’s work and career. 

Elton John will not disappear after his final tour. He will still make smaller appearances that could turn into other concerts because of the demand for his music and style.

Porn is on the rise with younger people, becoming a serious issue. Impotency among young people, along with other sexual performance issues, will become common issues being found in the younger generation. The addiction will prove to limit the feelings of natural desire, and stunt the natural sex act. The feeling of intimacy and  physical contact will be lost, or seen as a waste of time. A coldness will evolve, erasing tenderness, caring, and after glow. This is usually found in older adults and is a very sad issue, causing procreation to almost come to a halt.

Additionally, researchers are going to find through a research project that many people think how relationships are portrayed in movies are how relationships are in real life. This research will reveal that relationships, marriage, and the divorce rate, are linked to people’s beliefs about the relationships they see actors having on the big screen. (Similar to the Porn problem/addiction.)

As for our weather – we will have a long, cold, and snowy winter season. We are into a time of Global Cooling, not Global warming. Over the next decade, winters are going to become longer and more severe. summers will start late, and become shorter and cooler.  Mexico, China, and other countries where air control standards are non-existent, will suffer the most and be hit the hardest.  (Check out Theodore White – he’s an excellent astrologer)

As I predicted last winter, Asia is going to become water logged. Hail, tornados, flooding, and other severe weather is going to flood the United States. Many homes will be destroyed or damaged due to these extreme weather conditions. The construction industry will boom during this next decade. Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Georgia, and Western Ohio will be hit the hardest.

That’s it for now – but listen to both my weekly Stargazing report on YouTube every Monday – and my radio show, “Let’s Find Out” on BBSRadio.com – Station 1 – at 10:00 PM Eastern and 7:00 PM Pacific.

JULY 2019

I am traveling with Ammachi and working on Her annual tour. I will give predictions in August, when I return.

JUNE 2019

This year will be the beginning of a most difficult ride that continues into 2030, as an outdated system grasps to hold power. Eventually they will be forced out, but not until much damage has bee done.  The dark and upsetting news is that we are going into a dark decade where our democracy and our freedom will be tested.   

Last August 2018 and January, 2019—I predicted rain-rain-rain in the Mid-West and Southern States.  I predicted late snow in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and North Dakota – into May 2019. It will continue with horrific storms – through June. July brings heat – both in the USA and Europe. Crops will be ruined and gardens will burn up badly, making future planting almost impossible. expect food shortages to begin in the fall of 2020.

The first half go 2019 will be better than the second half. The energy changes with the July eclipses, and we will go into a negative area for the next decade. Women become less respected, laws change to benefit the rich and powerful, and the middle class will struggle even more to keep their heads above water. 

Fires will rage this summer with the intense heat. Many areas will have triple digit temperatures through August and September. Our seasonal months are changing as the Sun goes into its minimal season – until 2018.

Predicted in August 2018 for the Spring of 2019. European farmers fear drought after dry winter, the crops are already suffering. This weather problem is continuing across the globe and will go on through 2021.

About Politics:

So much has been maneuvered that it’s difficult to see what the outcome will be. Not because the intuitive can’t but because the outcomes are manipulated from what the correct outcome will be. This is the struggle we will be experiencing over the next decade – fake news and more.

Also – I want to warn you about the rising crime of cyber space hacking and identity theft. Please take the time to be very cautious with your personal information.  Example:  My email began to act up just after I arrived in Austin. It was my iCloud account that was the worst. I received two phone calls where people claimed to be calling from Apple, and the called ID even showed Apple as the return number. However, sensitive that I am, I was on guard. The person on the phone told me my iCloud email was being hacked into by Russia. They wanted to know if I had been overseas in the past two months. When I said no, they switched me over to a supposed Apple tech who wanted my personal information to “fix” the problem. I quickly thanked them for the call and said I would call Apple back the next day. (The call came in on a Sunday.) When I called Apple they told me it had been a bogus/scam call and I had an extra amount of security on my computer. They also said they would never call a home about such a thing – but send an email. This technique will be used more and  more – as well as much worst; both in random phone calls as we’ll as with on-line games. Be cautious.

As I had mentioned on “Coast to Coast” last August, I “see” many, many candidates trying to gain the 2020 nomination to be on the ballot for the upcoming Presidential race. Many of these candidates will be women, and a woman could gain the VP Nomination in 2020.  (My guess is Donald L. Trump – running against Joe Biden.  Joe Biden may have the female running along with him. At this time – Trump seem to be the winner – but many things can change before then.)

Trump will not be impeached, and the Democrats could suffer a darkening time as they try to push that along.

That’s it for now – but listen to both my weekly Stargazing report on YouTube every Monday – and my radio show, “Let’s Find Out” on BBSRadio.com – Station 1 – at 10:00 PM Eastern and 8:00 PM Pacific.


Ever since my birthday in mid- March, I have been packing up a home of 20 years and moving to Austin, TX, from Bucks County, PA. Had no internet access, computer, or phones. It was a challenging decision and experience. Glad that’s finally over with. So here are the June predictions. Hope this makes it all up to my subscribers.

MARCH 2019

The best news for March is that China will successfully intervene between India and Pakistan. There will be no nuclear explosion, and both countries could resume peace talks. Let’s all pray that is the case.

The Stock Market will have it’s usual ups and downs, but seems to remail okay until the Fall months. Keep your eye out.

Expect a MAJOR Earthquake in March, possibly around the Korea, Japan area, as well as Alaska. Wherever it strikes will be completely unexpected.

As for Politics, March will be a very upsetting month worldwide. Jared Kushner:  Jared Corey Kushner is an American investor, real-estate developer, and newspaper publisher who is currently senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, the President of the United States. He will be accused of underhanded business dealings but will avoid any prosecution. He is secretive and appears untrustworthy because of his past business dealings.

Donald J. Trump, Jr. will face hail time in the next year and a half.

Michael Dean Cohen (born August 25, 1966) is an American former attorney who was a lawyer for Donald Trump from 2006 until May 2018.. Cohen was a vice-president of The Trump Organization, and the personal counsel to Trump, and was often described by media as Trump’s “fixer”.  Cohen will do jail time because he actually lied to Congress and has admitted same. All of Cohen’s crimes are personal to him. Last August, Cohen pleaded guilty to eight federal crimes — five counts of tax evasion, one count of making a false statement to a financial institution, one count of willingly causing an unlawful corporate contribution, and one count of making an excessive campaign contribution. In November, Cohen pleaded guilty to perjury, having lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. Cohen is a disbarred lawyer. When he was practicing — by his own admission of his criminal acts — he was a terrible lawyer; he violated attorney/client privilege, and he recorded attorney/client conversations, without the prior knowledge of the client and without the client’s permission. He kept client records segregated, not to shield a client, but to use against his client if he felt the need.

Meghan has a first born son at the end of April or possibly May 1, 2019. (Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex — Meghan Markle is a former American actress and lifestyle blogger, who rose to fame after starring in legal drama Suits. The Californian beauty won Prince Harry’s heart in 2016 and after quietly dating for a few months, the couple went public with their romance. She is now expecting their first child) – a son.


In  the Spring, 2019, and some after, because of the greater political upheavals that begin next month, the Stock Markets are going to react with erratic spikes, both up and down. This intermittent spiking will continue through at different times of the year – end of March to April, midsummer, 1st half of October.  It won’t be as bad as we’ve seen recently (Dec, 2018), but it will happen too often for people to feel comfortable and/or confident. This world Market instability will affect the larger corporations who will pull back on risk-taking. There will be mostly a desire to “play it safe” and not expand at this time. Small businesses, in general, won’t immediately feel a drop in business, but over time in (as in the fall months) 2019, the slow down will start to be felt. Recessions are coming, but 2019 will only show some evidence of this during the second half of the year. When we move into the 2020s, we will be entering into a time of several years that a recession will develop, ultimately to 2023/2024.

Although temperatures are expected to rebound back closer to average during the middle part of next week, the long-range energies warn us that even colder air will follow as they did during the last few days of January and persist into February, especially around the 12th through 17th.

There is a corruption exposure that will rock the nation in the winter months. (Mid-February – around the 16/17 – as well as a winter storm covering the North – East Coast – the South and Mid-West – all at once.

There are three very dark “Shake-up Months in 2019 – February – July – and November. We need to be careful at these times because there is a lot of pent up energy that could lead to volcanic eruptions, road rage, more shootings, explosive uprisings, and possible terrorism and violence.

March brings eruptions in the political arena, uprisings, strikes, discontent and severe threats to our safety.

(Many of the psychics are not predicting what’s coming or are not getting the clarity because some of it is difficult to look at. Nonetheless, we are moving into the terrible twenties day by day. Try to see what you can do for your family and loved ones. Do whatever it takes to create a survivable environment. )


The 2019 New Year energies will contribute to the overall effect, which is a shift in human awareness that occurs when a life experience causes you to “see the big picture” whether we like it or not.

The opening of January, 2019, brought in a great awakenings, upsets, endings, sudden information (as we are experiencing right now) — experiences that brought out the truth.

Some of the unbalanced and harm-centered energy being manifested is being healed/dissolved/re-integrated at the Earth plane level into the Higher vibration energy. This is done through bringing forth into the Earth (people’s lives) that which has its source being the Highest Vibration – Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Patience, Persistence, Oneness, Mercy, and meditation and prayers.

There are three very dark “Shake-up Months in 2019 – February – July – and November. We need to be careful at these times because there is a lot of pent up energy that could lead to explosive uprisings and possible terrorism and violence.

There is a corruption exposure that will rock the nation in the winter months. (Mid-February – around the 16/17 – as well as a winter storm covering the North – East Coast – the South and Mid-West – all at once.

Beware of enormous winter storm in Feb 16 – 20th affecting Colorado to Maine.
Miami – New Orleans – Corpus Christi, Galveston, and Houston will be under water as well as parts of the St. Louis area. — more than likely the spring to summer months – “when the rain begins.”

We start the year off with 3 super moonsJan. 13 – Feb 19- March 20- 2019 These three Super moons at 0 degrees of their sign indicates completely new beginnings. This brings us three important changes to harmonize our material goals with our spiritual goals. In April we have a moon at 28 degrees which means endings and completions. So whatever was loosened up and revealed, will come to end. Scandals, political events that have been building, etc.

January reflects a dark and quiet time to plant new seeds for your future. An eclipse conjuncts Saturn and Pluto creating a few stop signs; stop everything, go within and begin to reflect on your past and not be so anxious about the future. What do you have to say good-bye to before you can begin anew?

January brings the first of three rare Super moons – this one in Leo and is larger than usual. This is rare because the first three Full Moons in 2019 are at 0 degrees of their sign. This unusual activity signals that something new is coming our way.

Your intuition is stronger and higher and your emotions are running the show. With the Virgo Super moon we are reminded that matters have come full circle and we have to start over again in some manner or way.


The planets who have the leading roles in 2019 are Uranus in Taurus – Jupiter in Sagittarius – and Mercury as it passes through the signs in an orderly fashion.

2019 is the Chinese Year of the Pig — an Earth Sign. With Uranus also in an Earth sign, this indicates an abundant year. However, if you become unmotivated or lazy, you will miss many great opportunities.  (See Elizabeth’s Chinese Forecast for every sign in the Subscription pages.)

March puts the world in the hot seat. Uranus in Taurus focuses on security issues and will put money, banking, global economy and weather patterns in jeopardy. That is the astrology rule of destruction before reconstruction.

When Uranus harmonizes with Jupiter at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, it encourages freedom and independence. Some forms of this can be a new way of travel – and trips into outer space. This is a year that leads us into the “Terrible 20’s” and nothing will remain the same as it was. With this kind of powerful disruption, people will tend to hang onto the old, familiar, and status quo. But the changes will come – for sure.

CHALLENGES IN THE LATE 20’S INTO THE 30’S – SIMILAR TO THE GREAT DEPRESSION — but what’s happening now is more intense due to Pluto being in Capricorn, rather than opposing it, where it was in the late 1920s. As we entered the 1930’s Saturn was in Capricorn – as it is today, but more intense at this time because of Pluto’s placement alongside it. When Mars comes in and conjuncts them in January of 2020 – all hell will break loose – as they say. In the 1930’s Pluto was in Cancer and pulled against the dark energies. Now they will conjunct – or collide. This sets up a different, more intense energy.


The theme for 2019 is an economic revolution. After years of uncertainty, turmoil, we are now in the cusp of a major shift that will not only shake things up but get everything moving in a new direction. This new direction will influence the global economy as well as the weather and the USA Presidential Election in 2020. The market will bring gains and comfort – although a bit flexible still. It will rise about 3,500 points in 2019 – and then a possible crash in 2020.

With Jupiter in Sag. 2019 will be a good financial year, bringing gains from many areas, including the worldwide markets. Please be warned not to over-extend or have your eyes bigger than your pocket book. Selfishness and greed are impulses to avoid.

Money exchanges will undergo dramatic new changes — with cybermoney — we may no longer have paper money and we will lose our freedom completely. We all will be at the mercy of what the computer says – and you know how that can go. Watch out when the grids go down.

New ways of thinking and new money management will set us on a seven year course of a worldwide economic revolution.

From the Personal to Global

People have to develop a need and experience emotional depth. Spirituality and the desire for inner growth widens, as we learn how to handle the energies and co-create with the Universe. We learn how to manage our own personal lives and make them better.

Dysfunctional relationships will break apart and healthy relationships improve, as we reconnect with our feelings of love and acceptance. This will be from the personal to global relationships. We stay in unhealthy relationships because of being dependent upon money — families as well as countries.

The price of oil escalates throughout this extra cold winter, especially in Europe. Governments will be in more discord and the pricing shifts of oil with also shift the stock market. Sometimes it goes up – sometime it goes down.


Weather patterns will be fiercely up and down. And cause many changes in the way we live. Housing structure will have to be complete realigned, possibly round — one story housing — with new windows made of improved glass and other materials to strengthen them.

We will have more volcanic activity, fires and floods in 2019 – also unexpected illness. There is a new plague coming over from China that resists our antibiotics. The first breakout occurred in Nevada last NOVEMBER. The Klbesi Plague will kill thousands and there is no medical cure. However, Japan has developed a mushroom concoction that does heal this monster. Does anyone know that?

Scandinavia and the Netherlands suffer a great calamity – as the ocean waters rise.

Along 500 miles of the California coast, extending in Canada and up to Alaska – an 8.6 earthquake begins riveting into a 9.2 – it will be more than devastating – caused partially from the secret bombings on the ocean floor by North Korea. Before the end of August 2019 but more than likely earlier – timing is difficult .

Europe has to deal with flooding and hunger as well as Italy and the UK and the Netherlands.


This coming dark energy will pick up speed through 2019.  We will see a big difference between the start of 2019 and the end of 2019, then again to the end of 2020. I see greater poverty for a significant and noticeable number of people, loss of economic possibilities for people – in pocket areas. Getting onto the road to reversing this won’t be successful until 2026.


The Affordable Care Act will be eliminated, the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of this prediction will give some indication of how much success is occurring in healing the energy which would cause these manifestations.  As of this posting, the ACA has not been eliminated even though the current elected people have been trying to end it.  Meanwhile, the intention still is to harm it in some way. This would absolutely be harmful to the lives of many, many people, and could be in place as we go into 2019.

Health care also includes strong human mind-sets.

There will be good news in the advancement of technology and medical advances including sound therapy for Alzheimer’s and autism.


Many disturbing events happen in different parts of the Earth – individual events which act as anchors of the low-vibration (darker) energy. These events will be devastating to some masses of people. We are going to erase many things that were put into place in the past 70 to 80 years. For example: Roe vs Wade – ethnic prejudices – making women second class citizens – white supremacy rises – lack of health care in this country – closing our borders, among other things.


The RAMS will win the Superbowl and the PATRIOTS will not be in it. (Predicted in early November in Georgetown, Maine.)


Worldwide conflicts, which have been going on for the past several years will have major effects on our lives – beginning in March 2019.

There could be an explosive event that will bring the world together. WWIII could begin in a very unexpected way. India/Pakistan (Something in the Himalayas?)

President Trump will not be running again. He is a one-term president. Although the Democrats may work on impeaching Trump, it will not happen. Basically the government will not be working until the new presidential election in 2020. President Trump is ‘ill” and will have to leave office. It’s not a life-threatening disease, but debilitating. Pence will take over and finish the term.

The people running for President in 2020 will come out in high numbers for both parties. The ads will be ugly and sickening. We will have the worst political attack in this country than we have ever seen.

The US will see horrendous conflict between the 2020 president (Democrat) and the Republican Senate. There will be so much animosity – beyond what can be repaired — without great pain and prayers from 2020 to 2024 — diminishing through to 2026.

Beginning in 2026, newly elected officials will seek to find ways to reestablish working to find common ground.

Don’t expect anything to be the truth in the news.

There are political scandals in Florida – Georgia and Texas in Jan. – April – July – and Oct. of 2019.

We all will need a new identification process. A national ID? Passports will not be as easy to obtain.


Science has designed a glass bottom boat that bring us new wonders from the sea.

There is a new field of Science developing based on many accurate PSYCHIC predictions.

Extraterrestrials will make their presence known this year.

Scientists come together to learn more about life after death.


The Earth is now at a higher vibration, and will increase towards even higher vibrations as we continue our work here. This is not up for debate, and is happening without regards to any “belief or non-belief”.  The world as we know it now is not the world we will have – but we must create the new world through our spiritual efforts in all areas of life. With this transformation comes the awareness of – the MASSIVE Joy and Light, which lifts us beyond what we’ve ever known. Yet this is a process and will not be happening in full in just one day, or one week, or one year or even one decade.