2019 Pisces

Newsletter  PISCES 2019


Knowledge is found within as I meditate and pray for my personal life answers.


Now withdraw into the rose center of your heart. Meditate on the perfect rose. The rose of twelve petals lies at the temple of your heart. It’s petals are opening to the Sun – every petal gleaming and glowing with the light. There is an ineffable Light in the heart of the rose.

Become enfolded within these petals, in a soft pearly light. You are within the temple of the rose, the Sun pours down into the heart with its glowing Amber Lightopening up the doorway to all empowering, unconditional Love. You are a part of this radiance and one with all of humanity, within the heart of the ROSE.

Allow the Light from the Masters show you how to live divinely and to rise above the dualities of this world and find peace within. Become a giver of peace and love to others. By dwelling on these higher energies and striving to emulate the qualities expressed, you will open your heart to absorb more deeply the Spirit manifested in all God-united souls. Let the strength that upholds the Universe fill your being with Light, joy, and everlasting love. Smell the fragrance emitting from the center of the rose and allow yourself to become Light with the radiance of the Universe.

May God grant me Health, Protection, and Guidance.


The Sun has entered PISCES

The sign of PISCES in March, 2019, reminds us of the entwined Fish, two spiritual energies becoming paramount, faith and compassion. Faith is the magical elixir that can vanquish hesitation, paralyzing anxiety and qualms. It can transfigure your life, offering increased psychic sensitivity, universal love and divine enlightenment. Compassion is essential now that you are in the final phase of the zodiac journey. Altruism must take precedence over egotism as empathy for all of humanity replaces individual pride and competitive tendencies. Understanding, as a broad comprehension of life’s mysteries, is the special gift of every Pisces. No matter what sign of the twelve you may be, this month can make you an imaginative visionary with the mastery to benefit others in a variety of ways.

(This information goes for PISCES Sun Sign  Moon Sign
as well as the Rising Sign.)

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.


Skunk  Reputation

SKUNK Tell me the story So I will know it well, Of how to attract, And how to repel.

Skunk medicine! Go ahead and laugh. This fury little animal has a reputation that contains a great deal of power. Due to its distinctive behavior, humans give this tiny, smelly creature a wide berth. The keyword here is respect.

Unlike other predatory animals, Skunk does not threaten your life but threatens your senses. You know this to be true if you have ever been in the vicinity of its spray. In observing the habit patterns of skunk, it is easy to notice the playfulness and nonchalance of its natural behavior. The “I dare you” attitude of this four-legged creature commands you, as the observer, to respect its space and mere reputation alone.

Skunk is teaching you that by walking your walk and talking your talk, with respect for yourself, you will create a position of strength and honored reputation. The carriage of your body relates to others of what you think about yourself. There is no need to bully, aggravate, torment, or overpower other people or things when your sense of “self” is intact. As with Skunk, the resonate field of energy around your body is relayed through the senses. Self-esteem permeates the body’s energy, and is instantly recognized on an extrasensory level by others.

Learn to assert, without ego, who you are. Respect will follow. Your self-respect attitude will repel those who are not of like mind, and yet attract those who choose the same pathway. As the odor of the skunk attracts others of its kind, it repels anyone who will not respect its space.

Skunk medicine people have the ability to attract others, and they are very charismatic. At the same time, the other side of their natural power is to repel those who seek to take energy from them without recycling the gifts they have taken.

Skunk medicine people also know how to use the energy flow to attract a lover. Some people call this sexual magic, as it is akin to the musk scent that animals excrete to attract a mate. It can be dangerous to leak sexual energy if you are not looking for a mate. It puts you into a games position that may feed your ego but not reflect how others feel about you. If you are attracting others who have an interest in you, then you are in fact saying, “I am available.” This will only cause hard feelings when the “truth” comes out. It also leaks energy that you could have used in a more constructive way.

When using Skunk medicine, it is best to learn how to handle energy flows. Modern psychologists call this “body language.” In tribal teachings, this is your personal medicine which you are revealing to others. Use your medicine well, and know that you are known by your reputation. How you use your energy will attract either honor or disgrace. You may want to examine what energy you are putting out that has created your present situation.

In March, 2019, you are being asked to notice the kinds of people who are attracted to you. If they emulate favorable characteristics, have enough self-esteem to recognize those characteristics within yourself. Walk tall and be proud of the accomplishments you have made. Bear in mind that what you believe about yourself is your ultimate protection. Project your self-respect!