2018 Monthly Predictions

Dec 1, 2018 | Predictions


The President is about to get sick, and may be laid up for about five months. He will have to drop out of office. Although this is not life threatening, he will decide that he, President Trump, will not be running for office again.

The RAMS will win the Superbowl and the PATRIOTS will not be in it.

Money exchanges will undergo dramatic new changes – I have been saying this for over two years now. No more paper money? I certainly hope not because then we will lose our freedom completely. We all will be at the mercy of what the computer says – and you know how that can go.

With Jupiter in Sag. for 2019 – it will be a good financial year, bringing gains from many areas, including the worldwide markets. Please be warned not to over-extend or have your eyes bigger than your pocket book. Selfishness and greed are impulses to avoid. Don’t push your boundaries because after the summer, or during, it won’t be surprising if the Market Bubble bursts. Please slow down – and take this wise advice, live your life within the lines of your budget.

2019 is the Chinese Year of the Pig – and is in an Earth Sign. With Uranus also in Earth, this indicates an abundant year – as I have explained above. However, if you become unmotivated or lazy, you will miss many great opportunities.

The three Supermoons at 0 degrees of their sign indicates complete new beginnings. This brings us three important changes to harmonize our material goals with our spiritual goals.

Wishing everyone a loving and peaceful Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year!



Many people have asked me about the results of the mid-term elections. Donald Trump is a one-term president. The democrats will win back the House of Representatives in November, 2018.  This is destiny, and will establish a lame-duck congress for the next two years.  The Affordable Care Act will be eliminated in 2018 or early 2019. In this case, if this does not happen, it gives us some indication of how much success is occurring in healing the energy which would cause these manifestations.  Continue with your daily meditations and prayers.  The intention still is to harm the ACA in some way and two months still exist in 2018. This would absolutely be harmful to the lives of many people. 


First there is the build up (aren’t you tired of all those TV and radio ads?) One example is the Nodes, our karmic challenges. In the long term, as Saturn effects the nodes, so it can effect long term contracts, especially in governments and other high place jobs. This particular election is occurring as the nodes change. So one can expect the government to change as well.  Such as a Democratic Congress and a republican Senate, creating a lame-duck environment for the President and others who want to pass laws to change what exists.

Uranus is moving away from its Venus aspect in November, and these conjunctions and oppositions produce rebellious activity and tends to have long-term ethnic and religious roots. The terrorists who have been gleefully disturbing the world will cool their heels just a bit. The end of November is a time for intelligence and law enforcement agencies to keep a closer eye than usual on any and all terrorists groups. There is a strong astrological influence at play beginning three days before November 30th and extending to three days after November 30th. This is your astrological weather report telling all of us that there is a chance that something is about to happen – but not a certainty.

When Jupiter in Sagittarius reached 15 degrees, the Stock Market will crash and take some years to recover. This happens in mid-January, along with the Saturn/Mars square, about the time of the State of the Union address. (January 20th)

(I am writing next years predictions (2019) and will post them New Year’s day — as usual.)


Although many of you don’t realize this, the most dangerous nation in the world for some time now has been Pakistan because of their nuclear threats and capabilities. I see that Donald Trump will create a financially rewarding “deal” that will be very helpful to Pakistan as long as they promise to drive out and eliminate all terrorists and extremists. This will happen and perhaps prevent a nuclear threat as well. Back into Afghanistan they go, causing more problems in that country.

The weather promises to be more fruitful for 2019 and perhaps a bit cooler. However we will have some serious earthquakes in 2019 along with more fires. The Sun will begin to fade and we will experience more and more gray days. This will last into the 2030’s.

Trump and Putin will begin to clash heads over Syria. This will be very disturbing on a global scale throughout 2019.

A new Moon Base will be created on our Moon with the combination of several nations. This will be useful and successful in our space research for many years to come. It will take at least five years to implement but begins in 2019.

Interest rates will continue to slowly rise. There will not be a great market crash at this time. Fuels and oil will prosper. The economy continues to remain strong.

Canada has a huge crisis that is felt in our country as well.  I believe it could be a horrific forest fire and loss of beautiful land.

Brett Kavanaugh will be able  to expose many white collar crimes while on the Supreme Court bench. The plan is to open many, many sealed cases. The Trump administration will replace five court justices on the Supreme Court over the next few years.

These are the most important mid-term elections
we have had in more than fifty years.

Are you ready for a RED Blood bath and BLUE sprinkling system? This is how the energies are set at this moment.

The Democrats may take back the house, but not the Senate. It will be a very close election in many states. Donald Trump will do surprisingly well. There are many new scandals to be revealed on both sides.

Donald Trump will not be out of power. The Democrats may try to impeach him, but they will fail. He will get through but will not fulfill a second term.

However, I do see the Donald getting sick over the next six months, causing him not to be able to fulfill his duties. The physical upset is not life threatening.

There may be a serious accident, perhaps a car or helicopter crash, within the Trump family. Someone could be badly hurt or killed.

Because of scandals, a famous couple may commit suicide. It will be a joint decision and very sad for all concerned.    (The Clintons?)

Oh yes – one more thing! Right after the mid-term elections, there will be massive arrests going on through the Holidays and into 2019. Crime, scandals, murders, and upsets hit the news with many of our political leaders in the state and government arenas. It gets so bad that Martial Law may be put into place throughout the United States. Be sure you have all of your papers in order before New Years Day, 2019.

And above all – please don’t shoot the messenger. This is not my doing – these are the energies that are present today in our atmosphere. I only read them to you. That’s what I do. Many of you have been anxious to hear what’s ahead. Remember Louise Hay, “I am safe, it’s only change.”


The South Node of the United States chart is now conjuncting Los Angeles and San Francisco. Expect earthquakes and fires in that area. Water levels increase in vulnerable areas – such as the mid-west and lower Texas.

The Hurricane Season can be very destructive with the Hurricanes whose first vowel is an O.  Florence, Gordon, Joyce, and Oscar.

Putin will move into the Ukraine because he wants it back – to establish the Soviet Union again as well as for the Plutonium. Trump turns a blind eye.

There will be an attempt to Impeach Donald Trump, which will fail. It will backfire and the public will begin to flow popularity towards President Trump.

Airlines fall and close in Germany and England.

The US Trade – the US loses its trade with China and Asia.

The Nodes change from Cancer/Capricorn to Leo/Aquarius. Toward the Fall Equinox the economy goes crazy. The Market and finances are under corruption. Creates a cataclysmic event. Saturn in Capricorn – aligns with Pluto – while Uranus opposes Venus, Causing a huge financial crisis.


August is the month to feed the Spirit. We all know that it may not matter how much we eat, how much we spend, or how much we exercise, if we don’t take the time to feed our Spirit, it’s all futile. That’s why I begin my Spiritual Counseling with a question, “What is your meditation practice?” You are going to need to feed and nurture that part of your body when Fall arrives, so begin now!

Stress is building as August opens and we advance towards the August 11th Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. If you have overextended yourself, your body will let you know. Since Mars and Mercury are retrograde, it’s time to pause, think things through, and proceed slow and easy. Jupiter lets you know that you may have taken on too much. Be sure not to say “Yes” when you really mean “No.” 

Allow yourself to move in harmony with the eclipse energies, releasing that which is obsolete, including your negative habits, while embracing new beginnings. When you allow your Self to release the old, worn out ways, it creates an opening for the Universe to strengthen your aura and energy, and eventually fill it with your new perceptions, new work, and new way of life.

The planet is in an uproar while on the verge of a huge transition. This strain will be felt at the August 11th eclipse. Those who have hold at this time, (the baby Boomers) do not want to let go. They think they have a stronghold. This shadow of the eclipse will last through October. Use August to meditate on the beach, or by a lakeside. Have your past decisions brought you your desires. If not, it’s time for the Mercury retrograde re’s:  review, revamp, and renew.

At August’s end you will not be in the same place you are today, or with the same mindset. Open your arms and embrace your future.

JULY 2018

The cold, hard truth comes out in July regarding shenanigans in government. Matters and events come to the surface for us to face and begin to heal. These issues have been hidden, denied, and not properly addressed. This is concerning both government and war. Michael Cohen, former attorney to Trump, and his FBI investigation will prove that President Donald Trump has been involved in criminal business activity for years. This will lead to major problems between October, 2018 and May of 2019.  Although Mr. Trump has had a rough road ever since he took office, it is nothing compared to what he will have to face beginning in October. The only reason he won’t be arrested and put in jail is because the American people are adverse to locking up a sitting President of the United States. He will be given a choice right after the first of the year in 2019. Either resign or we will prosecute and you will lose everything!

These shifts and rumblings within our corporations and government will begin to become intense this month, as we experience the two eclipses in Cancer and then in Aquarius. This energy also brings more terrorism, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunami’s. It revolves around so much anger that is not addressed. People are “taking sides.” How can all of this be healed? It won’t be pretty because so many matters have been pushed under the rug or kept secret for so long!

The good news is that after processing and working through it all, which will be at least eighteen months, the world will be in a different place. We will achieve a balance again, along with healing through money.

JUNE 2018

The weather continues to be unpredictable with rain and storms cropping up unexpectedly. This is because the season calendar is changing, and our crop growing and long lazy summers will change as well.  Winter of 2019 begins in late January – early February. The Fall begins in October, not late August or September. Spring begins in May with snow and ice lasting through mid-April. This is because of a shift with our Sun, the “Boss” of the galaxy which is the creator and manager of all weather conditions on Earth as well as within our Solar System.  This summer brings average temps and rail to the North East and blazing hot weather in the South West and West.

Our money power is changing affecting large companies that are not built on solid ground. Some of them are Ford, GM, Deere & Co., Avon Products, Hovnanian Enterprises, Pitney Bowes, Sprint, SkyWest Airlines, Mellon Bank, Massachusetts Mutual Insurance, Merrill Lynch, AVIS Car Rental, Scientific Games, Regal Entertainment, Tesla, Community Health Systems, and many, many more. Keep watch as these stock investments begin to fall. Many American Banks will fail during this next financial crisis, but make sure all of you savings are protected by the FDIC to keep you safe. I see much of this happening  in the Fall months – October 2018, and over the next two years as we enter the new decade. Watch for my article and radio show about these events and the difficult 2020’s.

MAY 2018

“PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markel may split up before their wedding in mid-May. Prince William and Katherine will stand by Harry’s side and help him through this sad and heartbreaking time. He will meet a new love by the end of 2018.” This prediction from other sites is ridiculous and only attention getting. Harry and Meghan are very much in love. They are bonded and will enjoy great happiness and fulfillment in their lives. The wedding will be beautiful, blessed, and long remembered. Meghan will become a Mom within a year.  Can’t we join in and enjoy their rare happiness instead of trying to destroy it with prejudice and judgment?  Blessing to both of you.

This is the year the Queen will retire due to health problems and Prince Charles will take over. Theresa May will step down fro her post this summer because of terrorists attacks in London. Her character will be attacked after she vacates the Prime Minister office.

As I have stated often since November, 2017 – North and South Korea will join together and build their economy to become a strong Asia Nation.

There will be a strong attempt on President Trump’s life in Mid-May or sometime late fall. One attempt could prove to be fatal.

Weather conditions continue to spiral up and down – hot and cold – it could be a very hot and dry summer in many areas. Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions abound. The winds will be bothersome and unpredictable everywhere, causing fires, tornadoes, and disruption.

The good news is that the US economy remains stable through the summer months, while foreign countries face food shortages, lack of shelter, and disruption of their housing.

APRIL 2018

It has come to my attention that many of you are disappointed because I have not posted monthly predictions. No – I do not write predictions on a schedule. I write them when they come forth – and since, over the years, they have been extremely accurate, I trust the process. I just cannot write something because “I have to.” It doesn’t work that way. Last month – March 2018, we had five North Easters here and many people in my area had no electric for several days. No one asked “are you okay?” They just quit the magazine because they were not getting “what they wanted.” Now I ask you…..

Below are my predictions for April, 2018. Opportunities open up as April begins. The Libra Full Moon on March 31st brings opposites – endings and new beginnings. Mars and Saturn conjunct on Easter Sunday, bringing “hurry up but take your time.” As the month moves along and into May, Mars will square Uranus as it exits Aries. Mars simply hates the unexpected, which Uranus represents. April promises to me a hard working and difficult month.

Donald Trump is experiencing an internal crises that began in August, 2017. The tax cuts will fail, and many corporate investments will go belly up.

China, Russia, and North Korea join forces, especially focusing on the international monetary standard as well as the areas in the Pacific – and World War III could begin by the end of 2018. North Korea will prove that it has a nuclear warhead capable of hitting the United States. China will have many destructive earthquakes in 2018 – in the pacific Ocean area there will be at least three volcanoes that erupt. One is under the ocean between Australia and New Zealand.

Europe will close its borders to any immigrants, causing chaos, riots, starvation, and homelessness for hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Our astronomers will be concerned about a large asteroid hitting the Earth, perhaps this summer.

Mount Vesuvius is a somma-strato volcano located on the Gulf of Naples in Campania, Italy, about 9 km east of Naples and a short distance from the shore. It is one of several volcanoes which form the Campanian volcanic arc. Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe, and has produced some of the continent’s largest volcanic eruptions.The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD was one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in European history.  Mount Vesuvius is one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes. The volcano has an eruption cycle of about 20 years, but the last eruption was in 1944. The volcano is rated as one of the most dangerous in the world with millions of people living close to the crater. It’s about to erupt again this year – and could at almost any time, wiping out over a 200 mile radius of land and ocean. (Somehow I sense October, 2018)

Expect an oil crunch in the summer months as prices rise again. An economic collapse is coming in the late fall months – and the rich will die – over and over again.The yellow will rule the white with the gold standard.

Expect to see new construction of new housing that can withstand the extreme cold weather. The houses will be round or elliptic and have new, stronger windows to handle the cold winds.

Advanced animal – human communication begins after June, 2018. Our computers will offer a program to enhance telepathic communication with your pet.

Life expectancy will improve over the next five years with the advancement of medicine. People can begin to live up to 200 years. We will find way to delay aging and death with the use of musical toning and meditation. This will be a part of us connecting with our Higher Self, Spirit Guides and other energetic beings. Connecting with Source brings joy, happiness, and contentment as well as working on our cellular structure.



The energies are set for next year. 2018 is a monumental fated year. It will be the year of earthquakes, major shifts in government and Spiritual Awakenings around the world. It is also a year for attempted assassinations.

Spiritually people will feel the need to be connected. Many groups and cults will emerge. There will be a major spiritual revolution like none we’ve seen before. This is has also been seen in Ageless Wisdom teachings since the late 1800s. It’s time for others to learn about the intangible – and let go of their sense of fear and dread.

The nation is going to turn upside down in the next few years. However, what I see isn’t that there is an extremism movement, but that people are tuning into their intuition, recognizing that their lives are dependent on their own actions, promises from any ‘outside-of-themselves source’ i.e., the government, are rarely going to happen, if at all. An important factor in this perception is not knowing the correct timeline for this self-reliance to be most needed. Try to remain self-reliant continually. Many people will drop off the “grid” in 2018 – moving out to country land to become self-sustaining.

All this is coming forth into our awareness, because it’s all going to be needed. But, don’t mistake this for living alone and relying only on one’s self. This is not what is needed. As human beings, we need one another. We need to rely on each other, as well. Neighborhoods and communities, which foster cooperation and helping one another, have been successful for millennium after millennium.

The timeline I see for these activities for 2018 are:

Food prices are set to rise significantly in the next three years specifically (2018-2021) at a greater rate of increase than average.  Starting in 2017, poor government actions and judgment directly impacting several contributing factors will set the foundation for 6 years of reduction of support to the majority of people, with support instead going to corporations and bigger business. This will affect millions and will be very painful to watch, as well as very sad.

This will push even greater reliance on corporations and bigger businesses to supply the needs of most Americans. In general, I see most people who run corporations seeking to maximize profits. However, in the U.S. with corporate level efforts to control more and more of consumer markets. Many of the alternatives to corporate products, which are available today, will no longer be allowed to be available. (Such as natural vitamins and nutrients) After the 6 years, which end in 2022, there will be no turning back the tide of what is coming.

The population is rising around the planet leading up to 8 billion people by 2020.

Great economic problems in Europe and others worldwide. These Economic troubles are caused by the energy of greed. The law of karma means that this will set up a situation that will fly back to us like a cosmic boomerang

The spiritual revolution will lead humanity, going into the 2030’s and 2040’s, to experience more sharing and helping our communities, similar to what was experienced in the 1930’s.

A trend in the 2020’s will lead into the decade of the 2030’s where there will be an even tighter supply of food due to extreme weather conditions. People will go off the grid and start gardening to provide for their own needs rather than depend upon traditional methods we have grown to count on. 

It will be harder to afford what is affordable in today’s world. The hardships will fall on the vast masses of people. The government will be unable or unwilling to do anything to help, because this will have been set in motion many decades even before the results manifest.

Today’s decisions, whether left or right, good or bad, will begin manifesting now and continue for decades. Medicaid will be reduced. The revised health plan going through now will bring the closing of nursing homes, medicaid emergency rooms and hospitals. Prescription prices will be almost untouchable. People will mortgage homes and bring parents in to live with them. Medication will be unaffordable and many people will die in pain and illness misery.

What can we do today?

Educate ourselves, believe in ourselves. Rely on that which comes from within. Let go of thinking that someone other than our self will make our lives better. Let go of thinking that an elected official controls the quality of our own life. Allow yourself to entertain the real idea that there may be more to life than just a physical existence. Ask the spiritual world to come forth for the purpose of helping. This is a part of the great spiritual awakening and cosmic connection that is coming.

Remember, Spiritual help that goes unused or untried, accomplishes nothing.  Spiritual help only becomes practical – only works in helping us with our lives on the Earth – if it is practiced and put to practical and pragmatic use in our lives – by applying our Spiritual principles to the different parts of our everyday lives for the goodwill and benefit of others and ourselves.

The question is not who is in political power that will help the world. The question is who is in spiritual power that will help the world. Many groups and cults will evolve – some good and some destructive.

This Renaissance (the Spiritual Revolution) will be reflected everywhere – with radio – TV – films and advertising.


2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather. It is the year of earthquakes – the world will shudder and tremble. As I called 2017 the year of hurricanes and high water, so this year is the year of earthquakes and great buildings destroyed. The first one may be in the Upper Pacific – effecting Alaska – Canada – and Upper California. (The Vancouver Islands are threatened. This activity stems from the underground bomb testing in North Korea.)

Global Earth Changes

Thousands of Japan’s inhabitants will leave the country after a series of violent earthquakes permanently destroy the Northern region.


Saturn in Capricorn is significant, and in Capricorn, which Saturn rules, we are urged to restructure our lives and get serious about our development, either intellectual or spiritual, and perhaps to probe the degree of importance we give to the material world.

We will have the affordable gasless motor; and the perfection of a motor, which will develop power in its own action. The idea and the plans have been worked out in part along those lines that pull more of the power as produced in compression in the drum, with gather vibrations from the air as it is forced through drum, are the better application of the created energy. In the cams, have been used too much slack or play is allowed in their rotation. This is in the drum’s head action and these must be shortened in when active.

A Robotic android interactive sex partner will be perfected and sold in the US.

More drones! A network of low orbiting drones or satellites will connect to each other and map most global cities and feed/store real-time video that will help police solve most crimes before or right after they occur.

Medical/Psychiatric innovations we will develop in 2018

A non-invasive electrical implant device that can erase traumatic childhood memories and eliminate panic attacks is invented.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) will be eliminated after an electrical impulse device will monitor brain activity and will stimulate breathing when oxygen levels drop in the lungs.

A successful method of cryogenic suspended animation will be perfected so humans can be preserved until a disease is eradicated and resuscitated.

General Predictions for 2018

Prison populations will be reduced after many non-violent inmates will be fitted with tracking devices instead of being incarcerated as long as they remain employed or become social contributors.

Televisions will utilize touch screen technology like laptops, including two sided screens, and some TV’s will be as thin as a penny.

Vehicles will be the new computer platforms of the future much like cell-phone technology of today and commercial vehicles will be piloted without a driver electronically.

Levitation devices will be available through commercial outlets that will use it for mannequins and special events like concerts and public presentations.

The public will be introduced to computers that are able to read your mind and pull up files or surf the Internet by merely scanning your eyes while you’re looking at the screen.

Most professional sports teams will incorporate safety shock sensors in helmets and gear to measure the trauma that players encounter during a game that will be used to limit their playing time if they exceed a safety threshold until they get enough rest or seek treatment.

Women will increasingly participate on several professional and college football teams.

Police weapons, preventing any criminal from using it on them, will use biometric gun safety locks.

The US will be mining, with other countries, rare gases and minerals on asteroids, comets, and planets with other countries.

A return to the moon by several countries will be for military purposes to install a relay station on the dark side of the landscape or for an International moon base.

Synthetic fuels will be introduced to the general public that can replace petro chemicals. (Will fossil fuel companies allow this?

Homing devices that can be implanted under the skin in Alzheimer’s patients will reduce the number of lost people since they can be tracked from a distance like a home alert tracking system.

Diseases will be easier to identify once a Nano pill (Electronic device) will be created that can remain in a patients system and record vital signs over an extended period of time reducing misdiagnosis.

There is conflict with China and the US as the satellite computers are hacked, using a new, far reaching technology.


The Dow Jones Stock market will surpass 35,000.

The revolving door in the White House continues in 2018. Many who cannot support Donald Trump’s view will resign or be forced out.

A trade embargo with North Korea will fail. The US military will strike at railway lines and bridges to disrupt NK imports.

His own people will depose Kim Jong-un. His body is not found and some claim that he survives and flees to hide in China. However, there’s a mountain in North Korea that Kim has to climb – and during this a nuclear explosion occurs underneath the mountain causing a minuscule altar to the Earth’s axis, which effects the rotation and weather.

America makes a big military commitment to Japan as the country’s pacifist mandate is withdrawn. Japan pays to hire American missile defense services. US will rent nuclear weapons to Japan.

Terrorists make an airborne chemical weapon gas attack by multiple drones on a European capital city. This could be Paris, London or Berlin – or all three.

An Italian Banking Crisis causes chaos in Italy and many lose their homes.

The dollar takes a tumble in February but will recover. US economy has problems with inflation and over-valued stocks. Google stocks fall.

The UK and USA will be hit by the weak Euro but their economies will bounce back quickly and the pound and dollar will be seen as safe havens for international money and investment.

Donald Trump will initiate a massive trade deal with the UK in advance of Brexit that will shake the EU. The deal will concern arms, high tech services and the motor industry.

Democrats will take back the Senate when three seats become available.

An attempt to impeach Donald Trump in mid 2018 fails. He becomes more popular as a result.

The Mexico border wall will not be built. It will instead consist of drones and sensors. ­­

The US will lose trade in the East as China and Russia form a military and economic alliance in response to the North Korean crisis.

Explosion causes a US warship to sink. This could be a mine or a terrorist operation.

Melania Trump together with the Trump grandchildren releases a song to help raise funds for a charitable cause. She may also become pregnant.

Keep a watch on the India Pakistan conflict. They could drop the first nuclear exchange,

Pollution kills a colony of rare birds.

Expect Cyber attacks worldwide – especially in the banking system.

At least two more males will be added to the Supreme Court by 2020 after one female and one male is lost.

We could have our first Hispanic/Latino male President or Vice President in 2020.

Organic foods will be highly controlled and they will ban the use of GMO foods in hospitals and schools.

Diet soda will prove to be a leading cause of Alzheimer’s and cancer.

A revolutionary accelerated teaching method will be incorporated in schools to help disadvantaged students learn faster and easier. This could involve music or dance in the curriculum too.

United Nations troops will be permanently stationed on US soil in case of riots and to preside over election auditing.

Most recyclable glass-based soft drink containers will start to be banned across the country. There is something in them that is dangerous to humans.

At least two more males will be added to the Supreme Court by 2020 after one female and one male is lost.

Consumers will be taxed on household trash by weight and carbon footprint content.

Water will be legally defined as a commodity that can be taxed, controlled, or governed exclusively by the state.

We will lose one or more of our 50 states as Hawaii, California, Montana, Texas  or Alaska secedes from the US after 2020.

Chelsea Clinton will run for a high public office (Senate) and win.

Proof of previous terrestrial life on Mars will be found.


One of the top rated shows on cable television will be about Psychic’s solving crimes.

One of Hollywood’s power, safe, couples will have a scandalous divorce.

Brad Pitt and Angelina as well as Jennifer and Ben Afflect could re-unite.   (Tom Hanks – the Obamas)

Kirk Douglass, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton could pass away in 2018.