2017 Monthly Predictions

Dec 5, 2017 | Predictions


2017 — The Year of Transition

EnlightenmentMany of these predictions for 2017 have been compiled through earlier 2016, and have been recorded on several Radio Shows.  Please feel free to comment, and ask me whatever questions about them you desire.

Happy New Year! We may be looking ahead with excitement or trepidation to whatever the future holds in 2017. One thing for certain, there will be a lot of necessary adjustment and changes in almost every area of our lives. 2017 is going to be a BIG year! Expect monumental personal growth, major relationship milestones, heightened intuition, especially for those with a meditation practice, new ways of energy healing, and a few cosmic surprises along the way.  Mysterious forces are at work as otherworldly aspects leak into the Earth plane to bring in new technology and ways of expression. Luckily, gravity secures our feet to the ground.

I want to express my gratitude to you for being loving reminders of what is possible when we raise our consciousness and focus, along with the help of Spirit.

With Love, Peace, and Harmony,
Elizabeth Joyce


As we come into the last month of 2017 – the energies begin to set for next year. 2018 is a monumental fated year. It will be the year of earthquakes, major shifts in government and Spiritual Awakenings around the world. I am writing my 2018 predictions now, and will post them on New year’s Day – as usual. Spiritually people will feel the need to be connected. Many groups and cults will emerge.  It’s time for others to learn about the intangible – and let go of their sense of fear and dread.

Between the second the third week in December, Uranus is almost exactly opposite Mars. This brings worldwide upheaval and earthquakes. I sense this will be mostly on the West Coast because of the testing and bombing in North Korea. The quakes will be North of Los Angeles and will travel up to the coast of Alaska. Vancouver and the surrounding islands are vulnerable. Many large and important buildings will be effected. 

Between the 7th and 21st earth passes through the energy of a Fated Destiny, A Fated Destiny is when something very specific occurs (such as the 9/11 events) that changes many lives and shifts awareness.

As  Mercury conjuncts Saturn and Saturn moves into Capricorn – between the 8th and the 21st, a serious and pensive mood will ripple throughout the world. This begins a year long major breakdown around the world pertaining to world leaders, laws, and restrictions. This could also bring the demise of a major leader (North Korea???) 

The epidemic of the flu I’ve talked about all year begins med-December and continues through 2018, bringing more new disease along with it as 2018 progresses. (There have been several news stories about why this year’s flu shot is ineffective,  (Check the Internet)

We could lose two past major leaders – Bill Clinton and Herbert Walker Bush.

Between the 18th and the Winter Solstice-Dec. 21st –  brings deep rumblings underground and underwater and deep within the mind itself. Earthquakes – major shifts – and inner awakenings.

This is also the month of mending and healing broken relationships. Relatives and people from out of the past appear – for you to rethink some issues, and reach deep within your heart for compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

I am calling for a day of meditation as we enter 2018. Beginning Dec. 31st at noon and ending on Jan. 1st at noon. This will allow you to strengthen your inner being and connection to all that is. You will be shown that you have your own power – your Inner Self – when you connect with the all-that-is. Over the course of 2018 people will be pulling against the old ways – the old rulership- to find the empowerment of Self. So – “gather together to seek the Lord’s Blessing.”




I am sorry to be late with the November predictions, but I have been down with the flu. Better late than never – here they are.  (Please read my recent article in Special Messages as well.)

Homebuilders: With wages rising and unemployment low, 2018 will be the year builders finally start building in earnest again.

Japan faces down North Korea and China –

In North Korea-Kim is removed from power by his own people.

North and South Korea becoming one country as Kim Jung-un is overthrown

More secrets are revealed about our leaders around the world-causing a change in leadership.

Donald Trump needs to watch his health.     Hillary Clinton resigns from politics.

2018 is the year when miraculous spiritual events will happen and come into the forefront.

There is a growing cultural and political upheaval that begins in 2018. A new more loving and caring way of existence is growing like grass roots.

A significant number of people will begin to live “off the grid.”

Life becomes more rural and the rush to get money will slow down and decay.

Expect to see migration into the New England States – upper New York State and the Great Lakes region.

Pakistan becomes a nuclear threat. However – these are wars and rumors of wars. I do not think we will actually have a nuclear exchange. Prayers and positive thinking works – so gather your groups and let the inner work begin.

Dec. 2017 – a new flu epidemic – almost as serious as the AIDS virus.

Because of strong and intense weather changes – Some people may get migraines or sneezing fits.



October is the month – for big happenings. here they are – our financial system is threatened and will be forced into a change – an asteroid is scheduled to pass between the Earth and the Moon – for sure, and we all could be forced into a new virtual money system ,which removes our freedom in all ways.

No US Government Budget – got kicked forward for two whole months, to December 1st. This will just continue to add pressure to the financial system.

North Korea has an anniversary date coming up for the 10th, as Jupiter moves into Scorpio, but no announcements have been made about it in the MSM.

Russia versus the US in Syria. These two are trying to cool it, but Iran is pushing hard with Hezbollah and Israel is responding. The real hassle is between the US somewhat supported Kurds  and the US / NATO Turkey ally.

Some big military drills and games around the world, seem to be winding down. Everyone has tested and threatened everyone – so may be time to take a breath.

All the great confrontations against Trump in the US Congress – don’t seem to be going anywhere; Obamacare, The Wall, The Budget, just continue to amble along on the ground.

So want can’t be avoided? The Full Solar Eclipse directly across the United States. Inclement and devastating weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The Obamacare Deadline, the Budget deadline…

Other things like NEO (Near Earth Orbits of Asteroids) or political party Congressional bill shennanigans.

Events in themselves are not usually the end-all, but in combination with others may have momentous effects. What is important for one – is not important for another. For example: A hurricane in Puerto Rico can hardly be allowed to change a golf game. What is important and what is not is better seen (or at least designated) by historians long afterwards. (What is happening to our value system? Whatever has happened to the Americans trapped on the Virgin Islands after the hurricanes? Is there any word? Not in the MSM.

Let’s begin with a look back at the important events of the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, which firmly established the U.S. Dollar as the global reserve currency. Then the events that led up to the 1971 Nixon Shock when the United States abandoned the international gold standard. Now consider what may be the most brilliant economic and geopolitical strategy devised in recent memory, the petrodollar system. If you have never heard of the petrodollar system, it will not surprise me. It is certainly not a topic that makes it’s way out of Washington and Wall Street circles too often. The mainstream media rarely, if ever, discusses the inner workings of the petrodollar system and how it has motivated, and even guided America’s foreign policy in the Middle East for the last several decades. It’s time to wake up and understand where things are and where we are going. The time has come, the Walrus said, “to think of many things.” exposing the petrodollar system. I have spoken about this topic all over the world. Suffice it to say, I believe that understanding the petrodollar system is very important to your financial well being. I encourage you to print this article out and read it carefully. When you are finished with it, I encourage you to share it with your friends and neighbors. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Help us get the word out so that the American public can stir from its slumber and begin preparing for what lies ahead.

And while Donald says the greatest threat is nuclear war – the biggest threat to him this month is the Deep State (The subsurface part of the iceberg, called the Deep State, the underground government, which operates according to its own compass heading regardless of who is formally in power) and the attempt to tie him to being in collusion with Russia. Add to that – Trump’s October 15th deadline about Iran – and history may forget to mention Puerto Rico when he gets hit with this oncoming hurricane double whammy of October 17th. It may be enough for lots of people to take a knee – and say – “Oh, Lord we are going to be no better off than the third world nations.” Donald continues to appease the Deep State  by letting the Generals do their thing – just as Obama did. Donald now as of this week has bombed – all seven countries for which he criticized Obama. But the Deep State is not appeased and the battle continues on. The battle continues on.

Oct 1st
The change in acceptance of the Petro Dollar for oil –
The new two month Trump budget begins – (that by itself is a killer.)

October 12th
Just trying to keep my dates in order here.
The asteroid TC4 discovered in 2012 will pass between the earth and moon at 1/10th the distance to the moon which is VERY close to the earth, on 2017-Oct-12 with a velocity of 7.6 kilometers per second and a diameter of 16 meters. It is unknown as to how this will effect Earth or its orbit.

October 15th
President Trump will have to certify to Congress that Iran is compliant with the nuclear deal it reached with world powers in 2015. If Mr Trump refuses to certify compliance, Congress will have 60 days to re-impose sanctions on Iran.

Oct 17th
Clearstream the IBS (International Bridge Settlement) system for the central securities of dozens of countries does the crossover to a new no delay ETF (Electronic Transfer of Funds) which will then be the international linkage between any two central banks. (The beginning of a worldwide virtual money system.)

This event, rumored about on the Internet, but thoroughly hidden from discussion, may indeed be the unintentional trigger fired during the panic situation of collapse of the Petro Dollar, with at least five countries, (China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and others), as of Oct 1st no longer taking or requiring the US Petro Dollar, thus dooming further the US dollar in terms of its previous status of being the only recognized / accepted reserve currency for Central Banks; that change date having been decided in an IMF decision last October and now, on the one year anniversary of the decision / warning – taking full effect this October 1st. with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) having changed the basket of SDR (Special Drawing Rights) to further favor China and Russia.

It has taken years of study to be able to write, such what may seem to be gobbley-gook to many / most of my readers, and those who consider themselves experts in the matter  – will say that I am not qualified to make such pronouncements, but rest assured, that throughout history – the experts all have eventually been shown to be wrong – and that is when great systems fail. Time to stop yawning!

All this in conjunction with LIBOR which is both manipulated and made up. LIBOR stands for the London Interbank Offered Rate. It measures the rate at which banks lend to each other, and has much to do with that great fiction we call “Derivatives.”.

What we are talking about here is the collapse of the dollar and the International Monetary System, which will then be a major contributing factor to World War III. Comfort yourself in the fact that a psychic – probably does not know what she’s is talking about. She just looks for factors that support the Oct. 22nd date. I now return you to your regular programming.

Yep, I expect to see lots happen this month. Financial shakings and social racial unrest. Deep State dropping bombs on Donald — and I wonder if next month other people will see it more clearly than I do


There are many functions and messages of the Eclipse. When examined, they can seem more simple than we believed, in a Oh yes, I knew that kind of way.

One of the more physical messages of the Eclipse, is – the heavens hold wonders which we have yet to see, but each of the wonders which heaven has for us will be shared with us in time on this planet. As we all grow spiritually, or consciousness opens to new awareness, new creativity, while embracing the new discoveries.

One of the more mental side of the messages of the Eclipse is – even with an intellectual understanding of how things work, these events still inspire awe. You cannot stop an Eclipse, or the temperature dropping or the wild storms following, and the weather ripping through that which is decayed. Look around you.

There are many layers and levels to an event like this last Eclipse. Even though it is a normal event – the sun always casts a shadow on the far side of the moon, even if the shadow only goes out into space – that which is normal or ordinary is still a function of God and the heavens – even if is is so common as to be taken for granted or go unnoticed. However, the totality and it’s celestial path was not normal or ordinary. Energy was  moving to create finalities and long-lasting changes.

Japan initiates an arms race in the Far east – brought on by North Korea and China.

Kim Jong falls from power in late 2017 in North Korea, possibly at the hand of his own people.

A serious threat between India and China over the northern border of Kashmir – Pakistan may become involved and this could happen within weeks.

Sept Schedule:

Sept 9th,
North Korea’s founding date,the day Kim Jong Un last year did nuclear test (and other years other tests)
Nuclear test preparations reported to have been underway for the last month.
Trump said – “Don’t you dare”

Sept 14
Zapad 2017 starts – and the meeting’s outcome is doubtful, full of espionage and mystery. Could prove to be harmful.

Sept. 27th, The day the powers that be could shut down the government.

In between, raging, powerful and greatly dangerous storms. Look around you and begin the prayers.

(Somebody told me to go home, shut up, and lock myself in a closet because I was scaring everyone. I am only showing you the upcoming events – for you to prepare.)


August brings a time when major secrets will be revealed over the next four months. Triggered by the two August eclipses. Many of these will be Worldwide Politics affecting heads of state.

Stock Market will be up – but stays well placed until the August eclipse.

America’s West Coast and South suffers a hot, hot, hot summer again, with lots of rain in the Mid-West and East Coast

Pacific Basin fills up with warships and arms from the USA

Immediate deportation of ALL illegal aliens that are involved with gangs or convicted of serious crimes.

Automatic jail sentences for anyone caught entering the US illegally two or more times.

Create Legislation for automatic jail sentences for anyone arrested for crimes against Police and First Responders in the line of duty.

FOOD prices are set to rise over the next 2 years.


As of Aug. 1st – I’m hearing President Pence – I sense that Trump may resign because of his children. They’ve “had enough.”

Questionable secrets will be revealed about Trump and his opponents

Trump has to watch his heart – because of the stress and turmoil. He is insistent in getting his own way. Does not care for congressional authority.
Wants people to love, adore, and worship him.
Secretly harboring the desire to be Apollo.
He may be harsh – difficult – and beyond discipline by anyone.
Trump changes his mind a lot – and appears to be untrustworthy.
Could be a prophet of doom for our times.
The people who put him in power may no longer want him in power.

You’re going to see the greatest exodus of government employees in the history of our government either by employees quitting, or being fired by the President. The White House becomes a revolving door. (HAPPENED BEGINNING IN FEB. 2017)

Madrid – Prague – Paris – will suffer with serious food shortages

The first Fortune 100 company will jettison the office altogether. No more 9 to 5 jobs and the trend will continue. After all, why foot a hefty real estate bill when telecommuting is an option? People with children want to work from home. A backlash may be brewing, though.
I will be adding more as we approach the August 21st Full Eclipse – the Great American Eclipse.

(For information about this rare eclipse, go to BBSRadio.com/letsfindout in Station 2 – and listen to the three shows I did in July, 2017. The information could surprise you!)

JULY 2017

I am sorry I didn’t get to the predictions for July. I was traveling with the Hugging Saint, and also we were upgrading and updating the website. Also, my latest book was released on July 7th – “Unlimited Realities.” Thank you for your understanding.

JUNE 2017

In June terrorism will be on the rise, both overseas and here in the USA.  There is unrest and anger with our leaders. There is a new threat to the Social Security System. The leaders have spent every dime of money available, and now want to drain out the SS System.

As June opens – June 1st  – June 5th there is danger from the air. Could be cyber space or aircraft, or both. There will be problems with computers, machinery, clocks and GPS Systems.

Something comes to an end. It brings with it trouble and sadness. Expect riots in the cities.

Emotionally, some of you may find a new love. Remember — it will not be serious on one of the parties involved. Nice but short lived.

There is a change of direction coming globally, nation by nation, as well as personally. The USA change will have a major effect on the US economy. Nothing will be the same by mid-September, 2017.

Water, water, water continues. Flooding, lands disappearing, mud slides and beaches being wiped out. Continued rainstorms make people get out of control. Also – fires on the West Coast and in some cities are very destructive. Storms come with howling winds. Expect the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to come together as one, erasing large, built up areas. (Memphis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Jackson, etc.)

With Donald Trump – his office suffers tragedy. Expect many major world shake ups – North Korea, the Middle East, Germany and France.  There will be violence, anger, poor communication and power plays in leadership.
At the June New Moon on the 23rd the truth will come out about Russia and the election involvement. Action, anger, and uncovered lies. Tempers are at a peak. This brings irrational behavior. People are in a rage.be extremely careful when you travel.
Expect another rainy month. Also some shocks in the entertainment industry.
However, the good side is that there are lots of fabulous opportunities to advance your desires. It’s time to take charge of your destiny and create your idea, write your music, publish that book, and ask for your promotion.
The dust will settle by fall and we will all adjust and  move on.  


APRIL 2017

April is a positive and forward-moving month for most of us.

With the bombing of Syria, right or wrong, the International Laws have been broken and the world faces some real fears of wars and rumor of wars.

President Trump has provided the path for many new patents to be produced, which will help with disease and human mobility. This is a great step in the health and wellness department.

Cellular regeneration will become available and affordable, and the average life span will move to 110-120 years.

Education:  The battle over full funding of K-12 in our public education schools, and how to pay for it, will keep the Legislature in session through multiple special sessions during the summer months.

There are still many heinous events to happen to Africa, Europe, and the world but this is just a prelude for a Golden Age to come. This is time when money and power is put in the hands of the good people, and the world is guided by truth and compassion. Humankind will then embrace the human values of truth, peace, just, right action, non-violence and love. Terrorism, global warming or cooling, are problems that we can only solve by working together. This may in fact be the catalyst that, over time, brings world peace.


MARCH 2017

People are becoming more self-reliant and the DIY movement will build over the next year, so Home Depot and Lowes, as well as your local hardware stores, will boom. Also, classes in DIY techniques.

Food prices will rise over the summer months due to the weather changes and crop problems. The large corporations will rush in to try to satisfy this need, and many of the alternative products that are now available will no longer be allowed. (Like vitamins and supplements.)

Poor government actions and judgement directly impacting several factors will set the foundation for 6 years of reduction of government and state support to the majority of people. (THIS HAS ALREADY BEGUN)

Expect riots and demonstrations across the big cities of the USA and Europe – all of which will amount to nothing. As people move towards more independence, they will be in better positions to ride through the years ahead, because, after the 6 years, which end in 2022, there will be no turning back the tide of what is coming.

As we are now living in the energy of the decisions from two or three generations ago, the new generations will be living in our decisions that we make today. You will not be able to afford or obtain that which is available to you now.

Heads up – the years of prosperity are now through 2020, the years of famine are from 2020-2024, and the years of war are 2027-2034. Make your plans, move to your “space” and move into your desired reality.

I have been predicting for the last three years that Queen Elizabeth will give up her throne in the UK and that Prince Phillip would pass away. Also, the Queen will pass over Charles and have William crowned as the new King. This should happen in the fall months of 2017.

An earthquake is expected in California through the Silicon Valley and San Francisco between July and October of 2017. This will be big.

The February Eclipse we just went through will bring chaotic change and sudden deaths, like judges, world leaders, politicians.  (THESE CHANGES BEGIN IN APRIL 2017 AND COMPLETE BY DECEMBER 2017 – THEY HAVE BEGUN)

Powerful new technologies are about to come forth in medicine, energy, robots, and many other ways.

Another Supreme Court Justice passes away, bringing another appointee from Donald Trump. There will be lots of fighting and arguments about this matter, splitting the country far and wide. Expect public demonstrations and riots.

Syria’s civil war begins to calm down, bringing some positive changes to that area after such a destructive civil war. Slowly, people will begin to return to their roots.



February brings Valentine’s Day – Love – romance – people from the past come back into your life.
February brings a time when major secrets will be revealed over the next four months. Triggered by the first of the 2017 eclipses.

February brings ice – and ice storms across the US and northern Europe
We can expect flooding – storms – catastrophic water storms
More earth eruptions in Iceland and Italy — Both volcanic and earthquakes
Madrid – Prague – Paris – along with serious food shortages
A deep rumble under the ocean between Australia and New Zealand
Between now and 2022 – chaos – transformation and change brakes down corporate structures

Eclipse on Aug. 21st is at 29 degrees Leo – right on Donald Trump’s rising sign – both the Sun and Moon are sitting there. The stock market and economy are unstable then. Inflation – volatility – people at odds against people – eruption on the USA.


Trump could be a 2 term president
Questionable secrets will be revealed about Trump and his opponents
Trump has to watch his heart – because of the stress and turmoil
He thinks he’s a king
He is insistent in getting his own way
Does not care for congressional authority
Wants people to love, adore, and worship him’
Secretly harboring the desire to be Apollo
He may be harsh – difficult – and beyond discipline by anyone
Trump changes his mind a lot – and appears to be untrustworthy
Could be a prophet of doom for our times

The people who put him in power may no longer want him in power
You’re going to see the greatest exodus of government employees in the history of our government either by employees quitting, or being fired by the President.
Trump wants to negotiate prescription prices with the pharmaceuticals
He’s about to be a threat – Will bring down price gouging
He wants to tax the US Corporations for profits made in foreign countries
There will be many who have prior knowledge of events and attacks before they happen – from Computer hacking and leaks within the White House

New laws are placed – that seem drastic.   (Came true in Jan. ’17 – more to come)



2017 will be a good year for the Stock Market in the US – for the most part – until the end of August. (IT’S GONE TO THE HIGHEST POINTS IN STOCK MARKET HISTORY)

However, 2017 will be a year of economic troubles worldwide. There will be great social unrest, violent rioting, and great suffering, especially across Europe and Africa. Germany may file for bankruptcy, and Italy, Spain, and France struggle with ISIS and financial woes.

2017 Civil War comes to France as 2017 opens, along with more terrorist attacks.

Denmark and Italy will join the United Kingdom and pull out of the EU as the Euro crashes. However Germany is trapped in a painful and difficult situation.  Italy especially will have great economic problems because of the immigrants migrating in from Syria.

The UK is seen as a safe haven as the pound (Brexit) strengthens. Great Britain, India, and Australia join forces and for a positive economic alliance. (Brexit, a term coined in 2012 before becoming mainstream political currency last year.)

The Euro Dollar’s value will drop below the US Dollar in 2017.

The new US Dollars ($20 and $5 bills) will be rejected by the public. People protest over the Andrew Jackson prejudice as America shifts away from being politically correct.

Japan initiates an arms race in the Far East after provocation from China and North Korea. Kim Jong-un falls from power in late 2017.

There is a shocking conflict between China and the US as our satellite computers are hacked, using a new, far reaching technology. Our technology will explode in 2017-2020 – enabling more and more identity theft. The governments find it difficult to keep up with the fast paced technology changes.

The first war conflict Donald Trump has in in the South Pacific with China and the Philippines. They will pair with Russia to straighten out the situation.

Expect Naval Conflicts in the South Pacific between the US and China – as stated on my radio show, Let’s Find Out on BBSRadio.com, and my weekly astrology predictions.

ISIS will be all but defeated within eighteen months, through the efforts of President Trump and Putin. This will be the first sign that leaders of the world will be coming together over the next eight years, plus, to help solve the problems of the world. We may not have “The New Word Order” – as such – but the Earth can come into balance with the New World Unity that will bring us balance — as the outreach continues to learn and accept life in other worlds.

Russia is in the news claiming it has found proof of life on other planets

A serious threat between India and China over the northern border of Kashmir – Pakistan may become involved.

America becomes politically divided between East and West. Riots and gun fights in America over turmoil throughout 2017. Friendly, neutral troops from Canada are called in to quell unrest. Four Western states may try to leave the US Union. California, Montana, Alaska, and surprisingly, Texas.

These conflicts bring a simultaneous desire for spiritual growth. Good people come together to ignite a desire to see true purpose and potential in every human life. This new group could finally break the hold of the Age of Materialism. This leads directly to a shift in consciousness and a higher vibration.

As time goes by, many religions will fail and perhaps by 2020 millions of people will have forsaken established religions. Great technologies and spiritual awareness are soon to be revealed to this planet earth, mostly through the new children – Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, and Far-Seeing children.

If you haven’t already sensed it – most of the US is in for a very cold, windy, snowy, and difficult winter in 2017.

January looks like a “normal” month – but February becomes a block of snow and ice. Frozen solid – with no relief – the entire month. Also – nothing but cold, cold, cold

I’ve warned you about this type of winter weather – coming down the pike – for years, and now it’s here. We will all have to protect people – plants – roads – animals – and pipes coming into the house. – ALL ACROSS THE NATION

The weather begins to ease up as March opens. – but only in the Mid-Atlantic – South and South Western States. The North East and North will have a continued winter through the first few days of April.

Then the USA experiences drought throughout the summer months. The contrast between the heat and cold is drastic, effecting plant growth and our food crops.

Several people will resign from Trump’s staff within the first 3 months — because they want to hang on to the “status quo.” However, mid 2017 will be a really good time for investments as the economy takes off again and regains a lot of ground due to new investment opportunities, more jobs, and economic growth. (IT’S BEEN LIKE A REVOLVING DOOR IN WASHINGTON DC)

Land Line telephones make a come back because of the problems with cell phone technology. They will be deemed unsafe.

A serious illness or accident is seen around Shirley McLaine and Kirk Douglass shortly after the New Year.  Tom Cruise tries to sell his movie studios to a foreign country this year, but the deal is blocked by Trump, for legal reasons.

There is an accident or illness is around Rudy Giuliani as well as Bill Clinton in the next 6 months.

2017 shapes and creates new legislation this year. Trump tries to close down the United Nations, creating some much needed changes at to how they function. The new income tax forms for 2018 eliminated the 1040 form. The FCC instills sanctions on any New Broadcasting Company for “Fake News.” All news stories must be vetted or verified.

Mid 2017 will be a really good time for investments as the economy takes off again and regains a lot of ground due to new investment opportunities and economic growth.

International legislation bans plastic water and juice bottle since they do not disintegrate, threaten our plant and animal life, and turn to poison when left in the heat. In the fall months of 2017 comes a flu outbreak that attacks and destroys the immune system. Thousands will perish, especially in third world nations.

The first aggressive military act by Trump as President will be with China in a Naval blockade, as mentioned above.

In spite of all this doom and gloom, there are positive events happening. There is a spiritual battle going on, and will be for the next seven years. It is not being played out through political boundaries, but rather consciousness boundaries. Sometimes the future doesn’t progress until those that hinder progress die off. Our consciousness is in the process of rising, and will win out in the end.  (Read Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension)







The election is over and at this point, I can share what I see coming from here on.

Much of this has been in place for not just years, but decades. This election brought about some transformations for the United States and citizen awareness, for the better. The “better” doesn’t come from any political events, such as the events and accusations leading up to the 2016 election. The “better” has come from a very consistent, strong, and unstoppable spiritual level of energy forces moving us slowly through our evolution on this planet.

Politically, we’re seeing a seesaw effect – a cycling back and forth. This is normal at the “every-day” level of life. In the summer of 2008, and before the 2012 election, I was asked if Hillary Clinton would be president. At that time, I saw that it would be many decades before a woman would win the presidency. The day of this year’s voting, I did not see Hillary Clinton being president. (Although I kept hearing “Close but no cigar.” Most of the predictions were in favor of her election.) I also kept “hearing from January 2016 on –= the next President of the United States is not running at this time.  I stated this on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, the X-Zone with Rob McConnell, and many other radio shows.

In the summer of 2012, I was asked who would win in 2012. At that time, I psychically saw that Obama would win a second term and the Republicans would win in 2016.

With this, we can look back and see the seesaw as a regular effect happen over and over again. Rep/Dem/Rep/Dem/Rep.

Please be aware that there are always factors in play that are in play regardless of who is elected. These factors are with regard to entire world events and the world trends. The U.S. is not independent from the world or immune to world events and world trends. The U.S. is becoming one of many voices in the world – and no longer THE WORLD LEADER. It is not meant to be the world leader. No amount of venom spewed from the mouths of irate citizens can change that.

I want to repeat that the future can and will change. As early and before the Christmas Holiday. Many aspects of change are possible. The years leading up to now have been filled with change. The future we have coming to fruition today, while it may seem wonderful to many or horrible to many, has been changed for the better – and again, this is not about political matters. Like a road, this energy must have its twists and turns as it travels along the way of creating and bringing us a higher state of consciousness.

Hands w_Rainbow LightWhat has not been seen, by the billions of people that aren’t psychic, is that the future has been changed for the better already. For example: predicted forces which would have caused catastrophic physical Earth changes bringing death to millions if not billions, has been changed because of decades of prayer and meditation – bringing forth tremendous, yet “unseen” by normal methods – spiritual evolution. The alternate future that we had available (but have raised our consciousness away from) was so far worse that I don’t want to give energy to it – part of which would have been a third World War, worldwide devastation, and worse than that.

An understanding of vibrations and the metaphysical principles would help to bring an awareness of how and why this is true. (Read: Ascension—Accessing the Fifth Dimension)

While the timeline leading to today has been changed for the better, it doesn’t mean that all things are wonderful. It only means that we are in a better place from which to begin now-today. That which has been changed for the spiritual “better” cannot and will not be undone. So, we move forward from here on.

President Flag-wavingThe only bump in the road is Mercury retrograde December19-January 8 in Capricorn and Sagittarius. So do double check travel plans at the end of the year. This could signal a change in the election results based on the Electoral College on the 20th. Expect some surprising changes. How about a Republican President and Democrat Vice-President. Surprise!

This also doesn’t mean that the events in the world will align themselves with what individuals think should happen – the world looking like they think it should look. This idea will never happen. Many people in Jesus’ time believed along the same lines and instead of getting instant freedom from the “Roman demons”, humanity got challenged throughout many generations for individuals to face their personal inner demons, are still being challenged in this way today, and will continue to be challenged. This is the real path for us and it will continue for all Souls. This includes any inner demon of thinking “Other” people need to be the ones to change rather than ourselves with how we think and feel about them.

So, I’ll be adding predictions in the following months. These will cover mostly the next twenty years, which will be significant years – not without their own difficulties and challenges.

Please check back from time to time and don’t be upset when there are none for awhile. When the world is working through a state of confusion, along with using the lower energies, I just don’t predict. However, my predictions are respected for their accuracy and I work very hard not to cloud them with emotions and clouded energy.

My 2017 Predictions will be posted by New Year’s Eve.

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At this point, Hillary will be our next president, but changing forces are upon us. Expect much trashing, scandals, and demonstrations over the next two months.

Minorities and immigrants will use a much louder voice than any of you could anticipate. Never before has several groups of minorities pushed back so hard, beginning in Chicago and Detroit.

During the next four years. In the house (US Senate / Congress) There will be a multitude of great scandals, leading to legalities and possibly some changed laws. Congress people’s “perks” will be downsized. For instance, they will not get lifelong benefits unless they serve at least three terms, otherwise it’s cut back to five years after leaving office.

The big California Earthquake is scheduled six months after election day – that makes it May of 2017.

 President Al Assad of Syria is dead and many will celebrate his demise. He is a Butcher. (Coming soon)

A horrible famine comes to India. One of the worst ever. England and the USA will give aid.

Expect three category 4 to 5 hurricanes in the next two months. One crosses over NY City and Long Island.

A deadly multiple train crash in Germany killing hundreds from a sabotaged derailment.

I am seeing multiple attacks in the USA theme parks – all on the same day, This seems to be near.

A man points a gun at several people in an outdoor park, a child is shot. Salt Lake City.

I had a visual of another massive volcano eruption. The nation is on a peninsula or island – the smoke is so massive it can be seen by other nations far away. This is in Asia.  Perhaps Indonesia.

A black bag is sitting on a park bench – like a doctor’s bag – but looks suspicious.  It’s a strong/dangerous bomb.  Near a lot of apartment buildings. St. Louis??


We’re headed for some serious earthquakes in California soon and my prediction of an 8.3 earthquake from the Mexican Rivera up through the California coast affecting the Washington and Oregon coastline could take place in the next 60 days.

We will see more mass murders in the US in 2016, leading to stringent gun control laws. The vetting will get stronger when buying a gun, and the heavier artillery could be banned.

August brings a turning point for many of us. Expect turbulence on the 23rd – war – intensity – some kind of Worldwide explosive experience that creates critical change.  (We had the earthquake in Italy, and troop build up in the Pacific.)

Between August 23rd and Election Day, November 8th, the truth comes out, heating to a boiling point, and the people will change their opinion and thereby change the consciousness. This will create an enormous change in politics.

2016 is a transition year – as we move from the masculine into the feminine consciousness.

The Presidential Election  is coming  in November of 2016. At the beginning of 2017, the new president takes over from the old. US Presidents are elected over 4-year terms.  2017-2020, is the first term. The second term will be 2021-2024. The next US president elected will be the last president of the United States of America. The next president will be a Democrat. She will be as popular as John F. Kennedy in his first term. This president, because she is popular, will preside for 2 terms, which will be 8 years. That takes you to 2024.

We know we are in the years of prosperity from now until 2020.

The years of famine are from 2020 to 2027. (Unpredictable weather conditions, contaminated ocean life, and possible nuclear exchange.)

The years of war are from 2027 to 2034.

So, this president is going to rule in these  next 4 years of prosperity as well as 4 years into the years of famine.

There will be a time of the which will lead into anarchy which will lead into the civil war. This will be in the second term of the new president. The country could split into five parts.

During the next year, 2017, Putin will be forced to step down 2 years ahead of schedule because the average Russian cannot afford food. There will be hardship in Russia and nothing that Putin does will be able to prevent the crash. This will cause the whole of Russia to revolt and in certain places for a time major riots will arise, so much that they will be starving for quite some time. And he will not be able to quell the anger. There will be much rioting for Putin to step down because the people will be angered by him that he has so much and they have nothing. Putin will be forced by his leaders to step aside early. When this happens, a new leader will arise in Russia; and Russia will be pushed back. The ruble (their money system) will crash and become almost worthless.

JULY 2016

July is the month of disruption. This will prove itself out at the National Democrat and Republican conventions.

It’s the not so calm before the storm.

The Republican presidential candidate camp has people seething that Donald Trump’s actions are actually helping the Democrat Party gather more support. It seems the American public have been fooled and taken in by a charismatic business man who really doesn’t have full Republican support.

Some people in the USA want Trump to be the savior of financial issues and immigration as well as to return the USA of old. Donald Trump will not be victorious because the people in the United States don’t believe he has the necessary diplomatic qualities and could be too volatile and dangerous on the international stage to represent their best interests. The fall months of 2016 sees the Republican old guard trying to protect their turf, but the young voters have other ideas about the type of America they want. Hurray!

As we get closer to the November, 2016 elections, we will see more and more what we can term as bizarre behavior in our government officials.  It’s hard to describe what it will be, but the word – “bizarre” – will be used often in the news media. The Trump camp brings racism, white supremacy, and violence to the convention, and these sentiments are spreading throughout the Republican Party. The Republican Party could split in two, but it is already split apart at the seams. A very sad reality. Watch especially at the end of August and through the month of October.

Now don’t get mad – just listen and be aware.

The sentence I keep hearing is, “The next president of the United States is not running at this time”.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. It’s the year of the Monkey – anything can happen.

The immigration issue in the US as becoming a mud wrestling pit.  There is no clarity and cleanliness to this issue.  The politics of this issue will increase the separation of the divided camps.  I see no worthwhile progress with this issue.  Congress will have another year of passing a low amount of legislation because the “rich” want to keep their illegal immigrants on as their servants. This issue has become another form of slavery.

On the Democratic side, battles over the platform have become more significant than usual. Sen. Bernie Sanders has effectively transitioned his presidential bid into a push for a more progressive platform, including a call for a $15 hourly minimum wage and a path to legalizing marijuana.

This will be a most interesting week, with the race confrontation between – “Black lives matter”-
and “Support your local police”. Many blacks are conflicted. Many blacks are police officers,
or have family members who are. Such was often the case in the US Civil War. Brother against brother.

If there is a MASS turnout of blacks in mourning at the funerals for the Dallas officers it may help temper what will become a terrible situation for the blacks – that is undoubtedly going to occur if millions of Americans like Joe Walsh, have their way. Unfortunately, while there are a great many conciliatory individual statements by blacks, there doesn’t appear to be any mass movement in that direction. Indeed, quite the opposite. The chants of, “No Justice – No Peace”, have grown louder – if anything.

The Next Two Weeks

While the present week – is a week of funerals, it is but a run up for the next two weeks and – The 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena July 18-21.

The 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Wells Fargo Center July 25–28.

If the funerals do not ameliorate the the emotions and attitudes then the line of demarcation between protestors at the conventions (while they may not carry placards making these statements) – will be between Black Lives Matter vs Support Our Cops

The confronting/opposing protestors will have those philosophies and feelings behind them and while those philosophies and meanings need not be in opposition and may differ from person to person the climate will be one of confrontation.

I am certainly not alone in this opinion. Nina Turner, co-chair of the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board, said the Dallas shootings and other recent violence have exacerbated tensions.

“I’m nervous as hell,” she said,
saying the convention “was going to be a powder keg all along.
This just puts more gasoline and dynamite
and the match on top of all of that.”

Oftentimes a blog, Facebook page, YouTube, Tweet, has gone viral in the last week reaching millions in the matter of a day. I participated in the events of the sixties. Actually even being on the convention floor of the Republican Convention in Chicago in 1960. The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 was much more confrontational between protesters and police with the chant “The Whole World is Watching”.

It would have been much different had there been at that time cell phones and the social media we have today. Can you imagine what it is going to be like at the national conventions this month? There have been suggestions that the conventions will have to be cancelled – even that the election will have to be cancelled. None of that would go well and is not at all likely to happen, but there have been tests and drills about dis-enabling the cell phones and other social media. That too would contribute to the mounting anger and confrontation.

Timing, timing, timing –
and the timing is Divine.

In my world these are all just necessary events leading up to the Great World Wide Catastrophe.

Whether IT will occur.
When IT will occur –
is not in man’s control.
We can pray to mitigate it –
but not to avoid it –
anymore than individual human death.
Societies too, die.
The current generations are the pall bearers.

To the coming events between 2017 and 2022

JUNE 2016

The prediction about the UK leaving the EU happened, just as I predicted. Some small countries tied to the UK are in the Euro, and their future is now up in the air. Also, Scotland will demand another vote to break their connection with the UK, unsuccessfully. However, the riots and dangerous demonstrations will be devastating.

This summer there could be another ISIS attack in the US.  This time in a theme  park, on a bright summer day, a very crowded park. I see machine guns, blood, and carnage. I do hope that this can be prevented somehow.

Expect turbulent weather all summer. Strange lightening strikes. It’s almost like the lightening is a live wire, chasing after you, as if it’s alive. Wind pockets in a circular motion that can sweep you away, not quite tornado strength. Forest fires and unceasing raid again.

The Summer Olympics in Brazil will have several disturbances. Rain, rain, rain, as well as problems within the country for protection, crowd disturbances, and upsetting invasions. many will wish they never attended.

MAY 2016

May brings average results for everyone because four planets are retrograde. While you may feel energetic and sociable, your mental disposition might be confused and scattered. Due to wavered decision-making ability, you could end up forming wrong choices and judgments. Any major decisions and changes are best avoided this month.  Rest, any life-defining changes need to be withheld for now. You will, however observe many positive changes and possibilities once Jupiter is direct on 10th May.

Donald Trump’s bid for the White House will be thwarted by illness.  The republicans win after a sudden last minute change of republican candidate, possibly the VP. It will be Trump on the Republican ticket.  It’s all over but the crying.

More terrorist attacks in  Berlin and London remain. It’s clear that all these places in Europe are ongoing targets and  the war on terror will escalate for at least another five years.

In 2016, India will become an extremely wealthy country with the fast-growing economy and probably surpass China. The signs are already here, and India vies to become the international currency exchange.

Around the 20th of May, one of the candidates’ life is in danger. This is a warning to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. These few days (19-22) is a very dangerous time world wide as well, with a possible ISIS attack (London? Germany?) and world leader’s lives.  As for you, be careful that arguments don’t escalate as well as watching your driving.

This summer expect a surge of climate events – storms, glacial melt, sea level rise, and drought. Lots of fires in the West and shore lines begin to change and disappear.

Japan loses more land due to earthquakes and tsunamis. Half of Japan could be under water by 2017 – if not more.

APRIL 2016

Some banking laws change in April, and there is a downward spiral with the stock market. They always have a knee-jerk reaction when anything changes that they don’t like or understand. Should straighten out by late June.

We are coming into a time of deep thinking, endings, and renewal. Have some patience please — but that’s usually in short supply.

The election – the election.  This month two men make big changes. Cruz is on his way out — shame on you Ted — and he will never politically recover. Sanders has to rest because of his health, and he takes a back seat for a few weeks.Trump becomes a bit discouraged and depressed and some things don’t go his way.  (I don’t think he would really quit.)

The weather upsets intensify with dangerous winds and tornadoes. Early spring is difficult as we vacillate between winter and a calmer spring. It all settles by mind-June and then it’s hot – hot – hot.

Expect to hear some positive news about scientific discoveries and changes. Cancer has a breakthrough as well as MS and Alzheimer’s.

MARCH 2016

Bill Cosby will have a miserable month of March, which is so stressful there is a risk of his passing at month’s end or some time in April.

Bill Clinton is in the news, and it’s not good. This scandal, which involves the Royals, could impact Hillary’s run for the White House. Shame on you, Bill.

Around the Spring Equinox, there will be a financial crisis based on the Euro currency. Take cover as the market falls to lowest levels in years.

Donald Trump — Triumphs on Super Tuesday as well as primary elections from here on in. However, one of his hotels hits the news. Could be a financial scandal concerning his tax returns.

I see a large earthquake in Egypt, and a bomb in a stadium in the US.  New York and London airports suffer a terrorist attack. Could be a suicide bomber in Spain, causing damage in Madrid.

A health crisis comes to Paul McCartney, Michael J. Fox, Mary Tyler Moore, and Burt Reynolds.

There will be Hollywood talk about a female James (Jenna) Bond.  Now, I know women want more power, but IMAGINE that!

March is a good, productive month – with two eclipses that change all life patterns in the next six months.  March 8th eclipse in Pisces brings us new, creative beginnings. The March 23rd eclipse in Libra brings us some final good-byes.


monkey-redFebruary 8th – begins the Chinese New Year – Year of the Fire Monkey

February is the quiet before the storm. Expect some worldwide changes by the end of May, 2016. Below are a few of them…

Donald Trump’s bid for the White House is thwarted by illness. The last battle is neck and neck between Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton. The democrats win after a sudden last minute change of democrat candidates. (They will draft Joe Biden when Hillary is shamefully removed from the running.)

Ted Cruz, who has staked much of his campaign on winning in Iowa, will lose to Trump next week in New Hampshire, seriously blunting the Texas Republican’s momentum in the rest of February’s primaries, and undermining his candidacy. Chris Christie has stumbled dramatically amid slashing attacks from Rubio’s super PACs, and comments from others about his past record. He is definitely a loser and finally drops out of the race.

The mining activities for extraction of gold will increase its yields in the US. Near an old gold field, an earthquake will open up a new gold field in New Mexico. There will be three large earthquakes in 2016, which will be eventful for Alaska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

The stock market continues to provide volatility, continuing through August.

After the two March eclipses, mayhem begins everywhere in the world. More ISIS attacks in Europe, more demonstrations in USA cities. A crashing market, crashing oil companies, and loss of jobs abound.  Both Exxon ans Shell take a nose dive, along with BP Oil. This continues in to the fall months, but turns around after the Fall Equinox,

There is definitely going to be ongoing concern for the safety of our communities and children. There will be a closer focus and action in the area of safe, high tech security, not just lip service.

Along those lines, there will be a heightened focus on homeland security, after a dangerous outbreak or something in some of our cities. Of course, we are aware already, but I’m picking up a focus on domestic, home-grown terrorism.  A loss comes from ISIS somewhere on the East Coast, not New York but elsewhere. I’m not trying to paint a portrait of fear, and we will see a crack down on it. (Possibly Atlanta or Baltimore)

There will be one major presidential candidate, a man, who will fall politically. When he falls, it will be a hard fall – a career-ending fall. He’s a Republican and is stopped in his tracks. Done! Finished!

WHEN IT ALL CALMS DOWN:  I wanted to bring some Sunshine to these predictions.

There will be a new industry, organization, or entity of some type being expanded, possibly out of India. This is a world class organization led by a woman. They are taking recruits to be “service leaders.” I am seeing people applying, and teams being assembled to really take on an issue. Much of this is volunteer service, but companies support it and the workers are paid in some fashion. (Could be health, research, or education of all of these.) It’s a problem that should have been addressed sooner. It’s part of a new initiative of the new administration. It will be something the is Uniting – like the name – United States. The idea is workable, brilliant, and very successful. A lot gets done for the good and upliftment of mankind. (It is not centered out of the UN but out of the USA)

Happy New Year

Written in Sept.-Oct. 2015


The big three Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune remain stable, with no sign changes in 2016. Pluto remains in Capricorn – creating changes in government and corporate structures, until 2023; Uranus remains in fiery and willful Aries until 2018; Neptune, the ruler of drugs, medicine, and mystery, remains in healing Pisces until 2015.

Saturn remains in Sagittarius all year, which emphasizes religious convictions and zealotry that has led to horrid violence. Those who were born in 1927-1929, 1956-1959 and 1985-1988, are in the middle of experiencing the joys and limitations of their Saturn return.

2016 is a year filled with constant change, especially with the US National Presidential Election. Expect lots of unrest worldwide, as ISIS takes hold of new areas. War and weather will be the main focus of 2016 – as well as world leaders. 2016 will be the year where countries team up and come together for the purpose of combating ISIS. There is cooperation with people’s health, unsettled and damaging weather conditions, the economy and food distribution as well as restructure of damaged areas, either by man or by weather conditions.


Politics – National News

Between January and March there is a shock regarding Obama – is he okay? Everything stops. Could be because of Marshall Law declared.

Because Donald Trump is really non-electable, many Republicans will vote democratic. Actually I see Rubio vs Hillary in the end. Hillary wins the 2016 election, but not before some scandals, health and life-threatening scares. (I’ll have more info in early 2016)

The Republicans will retain a majority in the House of Representatives, but the Democrats will retake the Senate, though fall far short of the 60 seats needed to enjoy a super majority. The result will be more gridlock, but that is a 2017 issue.

President Obama will continue to go around the Congress with a number of Executive Orders, but the Supreme Court will uphold the illegality of his Order on immigration. He will also not be able to successfully close Guantanamo Bay before his term in office is over.

The U.S. economy will continue to grow at a modest rate – in the 2% to 3% range, and inflation will remain tame. This modest growth will allow the Fed to tighten 3 times, but these will be small 0.25% increases and the Feds’s overall stance will be to continue keeping the rates down.

The continued strength of the U.S. dollar (as European and Asian Central banks remain accommodating in their monetary policies), and the continued weakness in the price of oil, aided by new supply from Iran coming on the market, will continue to hurt profits of U.S. companies and will put a cap on the stock market. The market will be down 2% – 3% for the year.

Food prices rise higher over the next three years due to poor economic decisions and weather issues.

April brings tears, as there is a passing of a President – possibly Jimmy Carter or H.W. Bush. A major religious leader also passes.

Congress passes a law to stop the sale of guns to people with mental disorders.

On Coast 2 Coast am – Dec. 2nd, 2015:

I predicted that someone would try to smuggle canisters – like big oil drums, into a city – and they would be filled with gaseous material intended to kill thousands of people. On Dec. 10th a group were stopped at the Mexican border trying to get these canisters into the United States. A group of these canisters were also found in a railroad yard in Seattle, WA.

I see Hillary Clinton headed for the White House, as long as she can avoid any attempted assassinations – and she probably will.

The fall months bring Nantucket Island in the news, a greater expansion of wi-fi as more and more people rely on computers. Family gatherings and values are emphasized. New family oriented TV Shows appear.

March-Chicago/Detroit brings mass marches and political unrest. (The Trump riots in Mid-March 2016)

There could be a foreign war brought to US Soil as well.

The Stock Market shows volatility in the summer months – partly because of the Russia-China activity and news from Greece.


ISIS will continue to wreak havoc in the Middle East and the world, despite increased bombing by the U.S. and its allies, and the U.S. will get drawn further into the battle. ISIS may lose land, but their global influence will increase, as will terrorist activities outside of the Middle East, including here in the U.S.

Berlin, Paris, London, Rome, Brussels and possibly Hong Kong will be areas of ISIS destruction and chaos. Also, keep an eye on Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. (Some of these events occurred in Nov.-Dec, 2015 – and more in March, 2016)

Russia’s global influence will continue to grow, as Putin aggressively props up the Assad regime and works to counteract the U.S. and its allies in the fight against ISIS. Tensions with NATO and Turkey in particular will increase, but Putin will stop short of provoking any military confrontations.

There will be no leadership change in Syria.

Syrian Refugees have a rough time of it this winter. No one wants them, trusts them, and they have become outcasts because of what we think is a small group of terrorists. With no clothing, shelter, food or health supplies, thousands will perish before Spring, 2016.

STOMP-STOMP – Bump, bump – Obama send a massive number of troops into Syria

Turkey is in the news and will eventually become the center of the Arab Republic. They invade the Kurdish areas of Syria. British troops are on the ground with massive drones to combat this attack.

Putin’s plan to take over Europe is exposed, as he marches forward to do just that.However, he will stop his aggression just short of any nuclear exchange. That will not happen.

Russia and China come together to help each other with building a stronger economy. As China’s economy collapses, Russia comes to the rescue. Together, they hope to become a stronger world power.

China conducts a massive environmental clean-up because of serious disease, costing millions.

As January opens, the focus is Africa, especially Central Africa and earthquakes. Expect some unrest, harm, and food shortages, A large criminal ring is exposed in Nigeria, possibly connected to ISIS.

India finds a new technology, enabling it to become very wealthy in 2016-17.

The Panama Canal continues expansion plans, and India completes construction on the Dibang Dam.


There is an unexpected death in the Royal Family, and the surprise is that it could be Prince Charles, thus fulfilling my 2003 prophecy that he will never become King of England.

Kate is pregnant again with another girl.

Another unexpected death is Pope Francis – and his prediction about his life-span proves correct.

Also – sorrow about a lost star. (February – Not Expected – a male.)

A great movie debuts in December, but is not included in the 2015 Academy Awards. Next year, for sure! This one becomes another classic.

SPOTLIGHT wins Best Picture in Feb. 2016, and Leonardo DiCaprio, receives the Oscar for best Actor, (The Revenant) but Spielberg is passed over again.

Amal Clooney births a son and George is ecstatic!

Matt Lauer is fired by NBC and looking for a new job.


A famous football player is shot and killed just before the Superbowl.

Spoiler Alert: The Patriots will make it two in a row, overcoming all of their injuries and beating the Cardinals in the Super Bowl. (Okay – written in October, the question asked was “Who will make it to the Superbowl playoffs?”  Guess one must be careful what they ask for – I got the two losing teams.  GO BRONCOS!)

Golden State will easily repeat as the champions of the NBA, and

Alabama will beat Oklahoma for the college football national championship.

The Rio Olympics will be plagued by problems, in part a result of the political and economic turmoil plaguing the Brazilians. It will go down as the most poorly run and executed event in the Olympic GAMES in history.


Mexico will suffer a colossal earthquake leading to total destruction of a major city.

There is a serious drought in Australia in January as well as upsetting cold and high    winds in New England and Canada. Australia has water problems during their winter, and a major city and several off coast islands vanish under water.

There is a lot of water and land disruption in 2016. Excessive flooding in Southern England with tidal waves causing extensive damage.

Snow begins in New England, Maine, NH and VT and continues into April, 2016.

The New England states will be hit the worst this winter, creating heating fuel problems. This will reach down to NJ, PA, parts of Ohio. Washington DC reaching down into VA and the Shanedoah Valley.

Expect many power outages and fuel shortages on the East Coast as well as Canada this winter. Lots of darkness. Prepare for emergencies.

The Skiing industry is in a slump, and becomes a bit unpopular due to ice formations and danger on the slopes, as well as lack of snow in some areas.

April-May hold weather problems, rain, rain, more rain, and tornadoes. Expect several earthquakes, in the Pacific, Mexico, and Arizona-Texas. When Memorial Day opens summer, the beaches are empty!

Atlanta, GA needs to make sure they have good flood insurance and devastation from strong lightening, stronger winds, and tornadoes.

Because of fracking in the Dakotas, the seismic readings are off the charts. All eyes are on Yellowstone National Park.

Aircraft disasters puts travel at a standstill once again. This could also bring volcanic eruptions in California and Washington State.

August brings hurricanes and a cold, early fall. Hurricane Patricia was the second of three events, the first one being the Indian Ocean Tsunami. It has not become clear where #3 will erupt. But it promises to be the most vengeful and destructive hurricane on record. This could take up to two years to be fulfilled.

Increased Earth wobble – creating sink holes – mysterious booms – strange vibrating movement on the ground.

A surprise comet passes close to the Moon.   (Just happened on 3-16-16)

LIGHTS OUT – trouble with the Power Grid for several reasons…some weather…some sabotage.


As technology grows, new companies form, and the job market improves. Researching careers will grow, especially in IT. Finding a career is different from finding just a job, and in 2016 this becomes easier because more fields of learning as well as new firms create wonderful opportunities.

Second half of 2016—India’s first manned space flight.

India launches its second unmanned lunar probe.

The International Lunar Observatory begins operations.

China builds the longest undersea tunnel in the world. (Hopefully it will hold up.)

The world’s largest single-aperture telescope is completed in China.

Polymer banknotes are introduced by the Bank of England. They have become successful in Australia.

The Juno probe arrives at Jupiter sending out fabulous new information about our Solar System.

Apple finds new TV Digital screen that corrects for vision while you are watching TV. No eyeglasses needed.

The world’s first lunar tourist ship is scheduled at the end of 2016. A Hotel in Space is planned by Hilton.

A new invention proves that we can communicate with the other side.


In 2016-2018, radical new treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain tumors and other serious neurological conditions begin to appear on the market.

Scientists will develop a cure for Ebola!

More effective understanding and treatment for Alzheimers

More natural treatments found to cure serious ailments.

Weight disorders and obesity – food links found as causes (diet soda and some fast foods)

New treatments for arthritis and diabetes work very well.

New medical breakthroughs for Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis

Tooth regeneration changes dentistry.

First HIV vaccine becomes available.

A pill comes available to prevent sunburn.

New drug delivery methods for brain-related conditions.



In December, expect lots of unrest worldwide, as ISIS takes hold of new areas. War and weather will be the main focus of 2016 – as well as world leaders.

Berlin, Paris, London, Rome, Brussels and possibly Hong Kong will be areas of ISIS destruction and chaos. Also, keep an eye on Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Although Black Friday proved to be very lucrative, the Stock Market will dip in December, 2015, around the 8th, bringing in a dismal Christmas and Holiday season. It does recover, but takes awhile.

In December there is a shock regarding Obama – is he okay, and is all okay? Everything stops.
Could be because of Marshall Law declared.

Skiing becomes a bit unpopular due to ice formations and danger on the slopes.

Kate is pregnant again with another girl.


We have all been concerned with the worldwide financial situation. More disruption comes at the end of October. There is an attempted behind-the-scenes coup in China as Chinese currency collapses. Also, several countries will attempt to withdraw from the Euro federation. This will cause a tremendous market crash. I am warning all of you now! Get your money out of the market to a safer place.

The interest rate will rise at the end of September – at least one point.

Donald Trump leads the presidential race, but the uppity powers that be are afraid of his honesty and their exposure. There is an attempt on his life, but he survives it. However, this will cause a last minute change in candidates for the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton will run against Jeb Bush, and his VP will probably be Carly Florina. This is why I also see a woman running against another woman.

Turkey invades Syria, using an amazing number of drones. This will be so severe that Great Britain will put troops on the ground to support Turkey. Turkey eventually becomes the center of the Arab Republic.

India’s economy strengthens. There are new financial arrangements between India, Great Britain, and the United States, as China’s financial power diminishes.

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” Expect unusual flooding, storms, earthquakes, and tsuanmi surges this fall and winter in the Pacific, Europe, and the US East Coast. This begins on the Super Full Moon eclipse on September 27th – a very powerful time. Expect more snow and a longer winter by at least two weeks.

The Queen worries about Prince Philip and he undergoes life or death surgery, and Kate becomes pregnant with her third child.

This fall and winter will be a time of many earth changes. Another earthquake in Nepal, ice caps breaking up at the South Pole, islands disappear in both the Atlantic and Pacific. An entire Southern Japan island is taken, as well as parts of Bimini.

That’s it for awhile.


It has always been my policy never to predict just for the sake of predicting. This I have never done. Hence, no August predictions. On July 31st I suffered a bad fall. I rolled down my staircase and hit my head on the rug of the hard wood floor. Luckily, I did not break any bones, but pulled out a lot of muscles. The pain has been a problem so everything stopped as I took steps to heal myself. Since this is my third fall in a six month time period, I have to work on balance. This I am in the process of completing. Me the stage dancer from way back. I always thought my body was in great shape — and it is, just needs some balancing exercising.

If you go back and read my predictions, the one that stands out is the Stock Market fall at the end of August. I mean, how accurate can you get? I also stated that it would correct itself, but to expect another one at the end of October, around the 20th. It’s time to diversify folks. I am working on the September predictions now, and they promise to be powerful. Please accept my apologies for doing that which I had to do.  Blessings to all.  EJ

JULY 2015

Many countries may see terrorist attacks from lone terrorists, especially with chemicals. Berlin, Rome and Paris as targets for an electronic grid blackout, but a London attack with be thwarted. The EURO Union may near collapse and other countries follow Greece’s money woes. Keep a close watch on Spain.

Jeb Bush will gain popularity and could win the American Republican nomination in 2016. Carly Fiorina could be his running-mate. Serious family difficulties and illnesses for the Bush family this summer with both the older Bush’s. (Barbara and George W.)  Christie is out!

The US will be forced to intervene in the troubles that are growing across the Middle East this summer, especially in mid-August, but the conflict will be resolved without a full on US invasion. An unlikely alliance between Turkey and Iran will help to stop the troubles escalating out of control. Turkey will be the new center for the Arab Republic.

Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait will work together to help to build a strong New Arab League – a different confederation of Arab nations that ask for unity. There will be no unity with ISIS, as they grow stronger with their terrorism.

There will be internal unrest within Pakistan that could come to the point of a near collapse of the government. India will take advantage of a weak Pakistan  expanding their boarders. India offers Bangladesh the opportunity to become a part of India again. In the much longer term Pakistan, Bangladesh and large parts of Afghanistan will become part of India as well as Nepal and Kashmir.

Expect major problems with banks and credit card companies this summer — it will be the news topic for quite awhile.

Some favorite and established stars face problems this summer as well. Illness with Clint Eastwood, Joan Collins, and Betty White. Also, there is some kind of shock regarding Dave Letterman.

JUNE 2015

So sorry I had to skip May Predictions, but I knew it would be generally a quiet month, and I just was not available. Here are some predictions for June.

The earthquake off of the coast of Japan will produce major volcanic eruptions in both Japan and reaching over to Hawaii.

In December 2014 – and January 2015, I predicted that we would go right into summer with hardly any spring. This has happened here on the East Coast. Minimal rain, and it will be either extremely dry, or flooding in your area. No in-between. Canada may experience some extreme cold spouts.

This most unusual weather will spur on some scientific studies. They will find some strange fluctuations occurring in the Earth’s magnetic field. This is triggered because of asteroids and unusual solar flares.

I am feeling a national health care problem along with police strikes in London, as well as Prince Harry’s engagement.

Several countries will see terrorists attacks from a single entity. Not a part of any large group, like ISIS. Berlin – Rome – Paris – Barcelona – and one on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

Trouble comes to China in late August. This may affects all countries throughout the world, and especially the stock markets. Expect a significant market crash, but it will correct itself. October is the month to watch. Interest rates will go up in September in the USA.

A strong earthquake is coming to Mexico City and the California Coast during the summer months of 2015.

Russia and China will become very close allies in the Fall months of 2015, both with the military and economy; but India will surpass them with financial power.

APRIL 2015

As we go into the fall months, there will be a big financial shift, and not for the better. We will begin seven years of struggles with the financial dollar. Now that the new banking laws, signed last July, go into effect, many will withdraw their funds. Tighter laws have been created to put a hold on and track funds, It is more difficult to remove your money from this country. There used to be a ten-thousand dollar ceiling, now it’s five-thousand.

It’s best to sell your property by late September, or you may never get your money out of it.

Big changes for everyone the last week in April as we all release the past, and begin our new lives. Stay positive because this is a strong astrological time for you to truly bring to yourself the life you want and desire. Write down that which you truly want to be, and then, watch it all happen. This goes for love as well as business. Good luck everyone!

MARCH 2015

Carly FiorinaWe have a woman who will be running against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. For more than a year now, I have been predicting that two women will be running against each other. Welcome Carly Fiorina! I think she has a good chance of making it.

 I have been writing so much about the intense energies of march that I find I have neglected my monthly predictions. After the above shocker, let me just say that early April brings sadness, horror and shame to the White House and the powers that be in Washington’s government.

In the Hollywood News – we need prayers sent out to Cher, Mary Tyler Moore, and Nicholas Cage as well.

Finances stay stable until May, then we will see some sweeping changes with banks throughout the world.


groundhogWELL, the groundhog saw his shadow and the East Coast is scheduled for six more weeks of winter. However, I feel there will be strange weather as well. Snow in late April upsets the crocus and daffodils. A severe and unexpected storm will up suddenly, come out of “nowhere.”

Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India will experience some strange, dangerous weather as well, between April and May. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and rain, rain, rain.

With the latest outbreak of measles, there will be a medical breakthrough — finally! This realization affects Autism in children. Finally the medical arena will realize that one of the main causes of Autism are vaccines, and will be much more responsible with their administration. Measles is an ugly disease, affecting the eyes and ears, as well as other vulnerable areas of the body. Vaccinations can be given, but NOT all at once. Vaccinate our babies and children, with one vaccine at a time – at least thirty days apart! Rubella, chicken pox, measles, over a three to four month time frame is safe. That way one can see if the child reacts to a particular vaccine. These facts have been known and recommended before, but generally ignored.

I sense the George W. Bush is having some health problems again, and we could have a funeral march down Pennsylvania Ave. to pay tribute to his life.

Prepare for more state and government corruption to come to the light, could be in mid-March. There will be marches and demonstrations across America on some new issues at that time.

Obama’s life is in great danger now through June, 2015. Obama has had more attempts on his life than all of the presidents in history, added up together. He has a fixation with Lincoln, and we all know what happened there. Send out your prayers and Light that he remains safe.

heartsBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may decide to leave the movie business and dedicate their lives to helping children and hunger across the world. A sudden life-style change is headed their way, for the good of mankind. Since February is heart month, perhaps each of us could find a way to help save the children from starvation and disease.



Christ-WorldNorth Pole and upper Alaska and Canada: Expect strange, extremely cold weather and more snow than usual. The Eskimo’s will be in trouble, and some may have to be rescued.

Financial markets will remain stable, for the most part until 2017. There could be a slight crash or drop in April, but not serious, and the market will rectify itself.

The presence of a Universal Spiritual leader will be felt and recognized worldwide as we enter 2016.

There will be an attempted peace resolution in Israel, and a worldwide celebration, similar to when the Berlin wall came down. However, this could be short lived. Please pray for peace, continually.

There is a power shift in leadership throughout 2015—from men to women. This occurs within nations, state, and local elections. Two women will run for presidential office, but may not make the final selection.

2015 is the year of healing and recovery. You will find that some of your losses between 2010 and now will begin to return to you. Sometimes we need to experience open anger, mobs, demonstrations, and public marches to create change. Expect to see a lot of this in Europe over 2015 — causing the higher-ups to revise, remove, and re-write the current laws.

We may experience massive fires this next year, as well as some unemployment, hunger lines, and single party shootings. Some here in the USA, and some overseas in Europe and Australia.

There will be more wars and genocide in the Middle-East before any peace arrangement can solidify.

Barbed wire fences will be installed on our Southern borders, with some protest. Hopefully this will stop the shooting of innocent people.

Many parts of Europe are upset and harassed by weather conditions, airplanes overhead, and the effort to use and control people. This leads to financial shortages and complaints. A corrupt organization concerning the Euro Dollars and distribution of tax funds will be uncovered. The countries will find they are being robbed by their elected and trusted leaders.

Expect to find no heat or electricity in parts of Europe over this winter.

The USA and European railroads will be revitalized as we enter 2016 – the USA election year.

Most airlines will suffer from financial problems as people abandon flying because of fear of disease and terrorism.

There is barren and unproductive land in Afghanistan — as the leaders lost control and strange weather produce dangerous sand and wind storms.

We come into a new generation with technology called the -SCORPION-and cars will be developed that drive themselves. Much like our GPS’s we will program in the destination, then sit back and be driven. Some of this could wind up backfiring. The key industry could be put out of business – as well as bartenders and other services.

Farming and gardening return as the latest fad. An English flower garden or vegetable garden becomes the Vogue passion. This is good because it keeps us away from processed and dangerous foods.

It is finally proven – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that the food a pregnant mother consumes causes autism of the unborn child. Monsanto Corp. is finally brought up on investigation. (Are ANY of you aware that Pringles has no potatoes in it? They are all chemicals, and diet soda should be banned forever. This is the main cause of obesity, and in every school soda machine. Shame on us!)

There is a horrid black cloud over the Capital building in Washington, DC in 2015. The government will seem to be disconnected from reality that becomes a full battle and not much will get accomplished. (More later…)

Proof of Aliens and other worldly creatures? Really – or am I crazy? People will film Aliens on their phone and pad devices, which will prove their existence beyond a shadow of a doubt, and nothing can explain it away. Look to Arizona, Nevada, and upper New York State as locations of sightings here, as well as Paris, London, and Stockholm for more.

Russia and China come to each others aid and form a pact, which threatens the United States and their allies. Actually the pact contract was signed last June, 2014. This union will grow in strength.

An unlikely alliance between Turkey and Iran will cause US Troops to be sent over to Turkey to protect our interests. This effort may stop troubles from getting out of hand, although Obama may resist the effort.

Russia takes more and more of the Ukraine, pushing the indecisive European Union to the breaking point.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and perhaps Egypt, form a new Arab League, to reconcile the division of branches of Islam.

The Scots see more political upheaval with the United Kingdom, but remain attached for the time being.

Europe faces an unprecedented terrorist wave, effecting Rome, London, Barcelona, Berlin and other locations, possibly including Venice.

Jeb Bush’s popularity grown as he plans to run for President in the upcoming USA election in 2016. A scandal with the Bush family may inhibit his efforts.


winter treesExpect many, many space weather problems as we move through 2015, including satellite interruption and fierce, disrupting, and life threatening storms and tsunamis. This will urge NASA to upgrade the current technology.

An underground or oceanic disaster occurs in the North East corner of South America. This could cause a category FIVE Hurricane as well as a tsunami. This event spreads out slowly and triggers several earthquakes, but the warning signs are ignored. The quakes affect: The Gulf of Mexico and Southern United States, disrupting roads, bridges, and trains. This event devastates many Caribbean Islands including Grand Cayman as well as Guyana, Venezuela, Cuba, and Southern Florida. Then the disturbance swings over to South Africa, and possibly Spain, Portugal, and parts of the United Kingdom. All of this activity causes an underwater volcano to erupt. (This could take place in the Autumn of 2015)

In the spring and summer of 2015 there will be serious drought in Southern Texas. The trees are in trouble because of extreme weather changes. The could be uprooted with the high winds and fly across the land sideways, becoming a threat to cars, drivers, buildings, and pedestrians.

Fires and drought in the South West forces people to migrate North, to the Great Lake Region, populating Chicago, South and North Dakota and Wisconsin. Upper New York State becomes prime real estate as well.

More flooding in New York City, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington DC causes desertion and relocation — this will begin in 2015 and progress over a number of years – through 2020.


George Clooney and wifeCars that start with a push of a button and drive themselves will become the rage in Hollywood.

Mustaches and bow ties are back in fashion. Oh fun!

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth could pass away mid-summer.

YES – Prince Harry becomes engaged, but it won’t be exactly what you expect. Be prepared for a shock and surprise in his choice for a mate.

Fergie will remarry Prince Edward, and they are very happy.

Carmella is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Joan Collins and two other stars pass away almost around the same time. One is an accident, one is an illness. and the other could be a suicide.

The Pope will not sanction women as priests. His tenure may be shortened – through 2016 and possibly the beginning of 2017. He is remembered that his efforts helped people to grow spiritually.

George Clooney needs to put strong, protective forces around his wife. She could be kidnapped mid-year for political as well as financial reasons.

There is an attack on the Saudi and Jordan Royal Families as the New Arab Union is formed. I sense it will be disrupted and foiled.

More next month —